tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTeacher Strips For The Team

Teacher Strips For The Team

byGeorge VI©

Disclaimer: This is a fictional story. In real life, the author does not condone non-consensual sex in any form. All characters are over 18.

It had been a long time since Borman High School had any kind of a winning athletic team, but going into the final game of the season, the basketball team had a good shot at the league championship. Still, head coach Bill Dark was wracking his brain thinking of ways to motivate his team.

What could he promise his young players that would make them play that much harder? He remembered when he was in school. His team won a championship, and his coach took the team out drinking. That's a possibility. He remembered another story he heard about a coach that hired a stripper for his winning team. Hmm, that appealed to Coach Dark's lecherous side, he would enjoy that, too. Who could he get? There weren't any strip clubs around this small town. Someone in the school? Maybe some of his players knew a real sleazy slut that he could bribe or blackmail. He decided to approach Joe and Rick, his team leaders, on the subject.


Joe and Rick were hanging out in the hallway outside the locker room watching girls, when Coach Dark joined them. "Who's the one with the firm ass?" he asked, nodding to a petite brunette.

"Some Junior," replied Joe. Coach Dark had been coaching Rick and Joe for a few years, and they were used to his frank talk about girls.

After commenting on a few more girls, Coach Dark approached them with his motivational plan. "If you boys win Friday night, I want to give you a special reward. I'm thinking about getting a stripper.

Joe and Rick looked at the coach, grinning. "That would be real cool," commented Rick, and Joe agreed.

"Trouble is, I'm not sure who to get. I just might be able to persuade the right girl. If you boys could see anyone in this school naked, who would you pick?"

Rick was staring down the hall while listening to the coach. "Here she comes now, Coach."

There were several girls coming down the hall, but Coach Dark knew whom Rick was talking about. Mrs. Carlson, the buxom blonde English teacher, was bouncing in their direction. She was wearing a tight sweater, and as she hurried down the hall, the teacher's breasts rose and fell with each step. Ba-boom ba-boom ba-boom! All three males kept their eyes glued on the jiggling pair. When she had passed, the two teens moaned, and Coach Dark chuckled.

"Coach," said Joe, "If you can get her to strip, every last player would give a hundred and ten percent, or die trying."

Coach Dark nodded. "I'll give it some thought, boys. Good choice."


That big-titted bitch Marilyn Carlson was going to be one tough nut to crack, thought Coach Dark. Married, in her 30s, tenured, stuck-up, considered herself better than the gym teachers. He'd seen a few faculty members flirt with her, only to get ignored or rebuffed. Hell, I'm one of those, he recalled.

But Coach Dark had been at Borman for many years, and knew a lot of people. The first thing he would do is use his friendship with the principal to look at her teaching record. The next thing would be to have a chat with the police chief. The Chief owed the coach a big favor for starting his son a few years back.


Marilyn Carlson had seen the two boys, and Bill Dark, leering at her out of the corner of her eye, but refused to acknowledge them. Dark was a typical crude, aggressive jock. When she first started teaching at Borman ten years ago, he used to flirt with her, put his arm around her, and even kissed her on the lips at a faculty Christmas party. She once gave one of his star athletes a poor grade, and he got the principal to intervene and make her raise the grade. To this day he has a condescending, "little lady" attitude with her.

His star guard, Rick, is one of her students, and a poor, ill-mannered one. Earlier this year, Mrs. Carlson was walking through a crowded hallway between periods, when a hand from the other direction suddenly reached out and gave her breast a quick grope. Mrs. Carlson turned around and saw Rick look back at her, but she could prove nothing, and never approached the popular, good-looking athlete about the humiliating incident.

Joe, the big stocky forward, was another student of hers. The girls love him, but to Mrs. Carlson he's just a cocky kid that tries to look up her skirt and gawk at her breasts. She hated it when these children stared at her breasts, and ignored the tingling in her puckering nipples such sexual attention caused her, or denied it was happening.

Mrs. Carlson was in her classroom grading papers during her free period, when Bill Dark entered her room. She presumed he came to ask her to give one of his athletes a break.

"Hey, Marilyn," he said.

"Bill," Mrs. Carlson replied. "Are you here to have me give one of your students a break?"

"Better than that, Marilyn," Bill replied. "I'm here to tell you how you can help and inspire my whole team, and give pride to the entire student body, and the community."

"Wow, how can I do that?" Mrs. Carlson sarcastically asked.

"Are you aware of how popular you are among Borman's male student population?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." Mrs. Carlson really wasn't, and didn't have any idea what the coach was getting at.

"I took an informal poll among the athletes, and not only are you considered the number one babe teacher at Borman, but many would choose you over any female in the entire school!"

Mrs. Carlson didn't have time for Coach Dark's flirting. "Bill, I have to get these papers graded."

"I'm dead serious, Marilyn, the boys think you are very sexy, and you know that I agree with them."

Mrs. Carlson still thought he was making this up. "What do you want, Bill?"

Coach Dark sat on Mrs. Carlson's desk, glanced at the door, and quietly said, "Did you ever see the movie 'The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas?'"


"Remember when the coach took his team to the prostitutes for winning the championship?"

"I guess,"

Well, sometimes us coaches need to reward our young men when they win championships. And if my team wins the championship Friday night, they deserve something special."

Mrs. Carlson still thought the coach was joking around. "You're going to take the team to a whorehouse?"

"Well, Marilyn, not exactly. But, uh, the boys were sort of told that the staff would throw a party with a stripper if they won, and you, uh, were their very first choice to be the stripper,"

Mrs. Carlson felt her face getting flush. Of all the nerve to come in here and joke about something like that! "How dare you come into my classroom and talk to me like that! I know you have friends on the board, but if you don't leave now, I'm filing a complaint!"

Coach Dark opened up the manila file folder that was attached to his clipboard. "Well, Marilyn, before you get all high and mighty, I kind of stumbled across a skeleton in your closet."

Mrs. Carlson looked at the first page of the folder. Her heart sank when she realized that it was a copy of her police record! In college, she had been arrested, along with a carload of girls from her dorm, after the bars had closed. The police found a small bag of pot in the car. It wasn't Marilyn's, but all of the girls were charged with marijuana possession. Marilyn never even smoked the stuff, but the public defender recommended that they plead guilty, and were charged a small fine.

Mrs. Carlson sat speechless. "Marilyn," the coach said, "We all had our youthful indiscretions in college, but you lied about this in your job application, and with the district's zero tolerance policy today, your teaching future wouldn't be worth a plugged nickel if this got out."

Mrs. Carlson sat with her head in her hands. He was right. Her job, her career, her standing in the community, the embarrassment this would cause her kids… "Why are you doing this, Bill? What do you want from me?"

"I told you what I want. I want to be able to tell the boys that if they win Friday, that you will do a striptease at a private party. You're the one they want."

Mrs. Carlson's head was spinning from all of this. The boys really want to see me naked? Was he making that up? "Bill, I'm thirty-six years old, and I've had two kids! Why would they want me?"

"Marilyn, you know how these boys get hard for a mature, adult woman. They sit in your class every day and have dirty thoughts about you. Don't worry, you'll be great!"

Mrs. Carlson was speechless.

Coach Dark knew Marilyn's attitude had been deflated, and he could get bolder. He stood behind her, and put his hands on her shoulders. "They stare at those large hangers of yours every day, and just go nuts for you."

Mrs. Carlson was overwhelmed with different emotions. Anger, fear, anxiety, but she also felt a strange erotic stirring, thinking about all those boys lusting for her.

"You're gonna do it, aren't you, honey?" whispered the coach.

Mrs. Carlson, fighting back tears, nodded her head.

"I'll give you more details later." The coach moved his hands down her chest and squeezed her breasts. "And I'm gonna look forward to seeing these myself." Marilyn silently pushed his hands off of her chest, and the coach left the classroom.


More than once on the way over to the restaurant, Mrs. Carlson considered turning around. She still wasn't sure she could go through with what that bastard Bill Dark was making her do. Her heart sank when she heard that the team had won, and this morning Bill called her and gave her instructions for the evening, which he warned her to follow explicitly.

At ten o'clock Saturday night, as directed, Mrs. Carlson entered the rear door of the restaurant. It was past the grill's regular closing time, but the coach told her that the owner was a friend of his, and he booked the back room for a private party. She waited in the kitchen while the owner went and got The Coach. Mrs. Carlson stood wringing her hands, still praying that there was a way out of this. She looked at herself in a mirror above a sink. She had spent a long time getting her hair and make-up and clothes just right, although she wasn't sure why. Her shoulder- length golden hair was full and shimmering. Her long earrings dangled from her lobes. She still worried that the woman in the mirror would be a disappointment for the teen-aged boys used to seeing teen-aged girls, or nude models in photos. Fifteen years ago, maybe…

The Coach entered the kitchen, smiled at Mrs. Carlson, and ordered, "Take of your coat." Mrs. Carlson unbuttoned her coat and took it off. The Coach ran his eyes up and down her red blazer covering a white turtleneck, her tight black mid-thigh skirt, and black hi-heels. She looked pretty conservative, but the sweater and skirt were specifically requested by the coach. "Yea, that'll work. Nice! Give me a minute to announce you, and then come out when you hear me call you. You're gonna be great!"

"Who is out there?" Mrs. Carlson nervously queried.

"Just my team, and coaches, and a couple of other people. I gotta go, be ready!"

Mrs. Carlson could hear Coach Dark get everyone's attention. "We have a little entertainment planned, that I'm sure you boys are gonna enjoy. So lets get on with it. Come on out, Mrs. Carlson!"

Before she even stepped through the door, she heard the teen boys cheering. Then when she entered the room, they really erupted. The twelve players were sitting around a long folding table at the head of the room. The Coach was standing on the table, waving her up to join him. There was a chair against the table, and Mrs. Carlson stepped up onto the chair in her tight skirt, and onto the table. She looked down at the cheering teens, each with a can of beer in front of them. That was unnerving enough, but what shocked her were the people behind them. Much of the male faculty of Borman was sitting and applauding her. They included the principal, all of the gym teachers, the janitorial staff, some of the senior English teachers that she had worked with for years, and her current young student teacher.

The Coach stepped off the table, and suddenly rock music started to play over the PA system. Alone above several dozen males, Mrs. Carlson started to slowly dance, bringing more cheers from the crowd.

She danced in place for a minute, still hoping someone would come to her rescue, but when she saw Rick and Joe yelling, "Take it off!" she knew she was defeated. She pulled her red blazer off of her shoulders, and dropped it, to the cheers of the crowd. The sweater that Bill had requested she wear was sleeveless, and tight.

As The Coach had told her earlier, she tried her best to make it look like she was enjoying it. She put her hands up as she danced, and her big breasts started to bobble under her tight sweater. She tried to force a smile. She got some polite applause, but the crude teens again yelled "Take it off, Mrs. Carlson!"

She crossed her hands, grabbed the edges of her sweater, and started to lift it.

There was more cheering as she pulled the sweater up over her bra. The turtleneck was not the slickest choice for stripping, and she awkwardly pulled it over her head. Dropping it, she danced in her white bra, per The Coach's prior orders, the sexiest bra she owned. It was a low cut, push-up bra with lace along the top of the cups, that she had to purchase for a formal dress once. It exposed ample cleavage, and her breasts jiggled in and out of her bra.

Mrs. Carlson forced another smile, but she felt more like crying. This was like some bad nightmare. She looked down at the young, grinning students surrounding her, staring at her bra, and looking up her skirt. Then she looked out at her peers and superiors, and they also were leering and applauding. Mrs. Carlson felt further humiliated when she heard Joe yell, "Look you can see nipples poking out!" Still, she realized that she was feeling an involuntary wave of arousal. She suddenly had a flashback to when she first grew her breasts. She was so proud of them, and once had a fantasy of proudly dancing topless for her male classmates. Damn, why did she have to remember that now?

The boys were yelling, "Take off your bra!" but Mrs. Carlson was prolonging that moment. She stalled by slowly working the button and zipper on the side of her skirt. There were cheers as she did, and when the zipper was down, she slowly, reluctantly, started to slide her skirt down her hips. The coach had said not to wear pantyhose, to wear garters and stockings. Mrs. Carlson didn't own any, so she was bare-legged. She did find a fairly tight, skimpy, flattering pair of white silk panties that her husband had purchased for her, and that was what was being exposed as her skirt dropped.

Mrs. Carlson kicked her skirt away from her feet while still dancing. The crowd whistled and cheered as she stood in her bra and panties and hi-heels. Her silk panties were pulled tight over her pubic mound. They were a bikini-cut, and scooped down slightly in front. The thirty-six-year-old mother's thighs, and even stomach, jiggled as she danced, but it was still her cleavage bouncing in and out of her bra that was revving up the crowd most. When Mrs. Carlson nearly fell from her hi- heeled shoes, she bent down and removed each of them. As she leaned over, her cleavage hung way out of her bra, causing more noise from the crowd.

There were more calls of "Take of your bra!" from the barely-changed voices of the teens, and when it became a chant, Mrs. Carlson lowered her left bra strap off of her shoulder. There were more cheers for that, as well as when she lowered the right strap. The busty teacher reached behind her with both hands and unclasped her bra. She meant to hold it up over her chest to prolong her fate, but didn't catch it, and it floated to the ground. Her large white breasts fell out of the cups and immediately started jumping about as she danced. The roar of the small crowd was like a jet plane to Mrs. Carlson, who actually felt a wave of dizziness with the realization that she was dancing topless before dozens of males that she knew.

She looked down at the boys, who were laughing and pointing at her bobbling tits. Their eyes were glued to her round white breasts capped by dark pink areola, and hard pink nipples. Mrs. Carlson couldn't smile now, the humiliation being overwhelming, but she gamely tried to put on a show. She raised her fists in the air, with her elbows bent slightly, and thrust her breasts in and out.

While looking out at the faces of her faculty co-workers, Mrs. Carlson was aware of her growing arousal. She tried to suppress it. But as she danced topless, she heard one of the teens say, "Look at her panties, she's wetting herself!" Others pointed and made comments. Rick yelled, "Getting turned on, Mrs. Carlson?" She couldn't see the stain spreading over her tight panty crotch, but she knew it was there, and it only increased her shame.

"Take your panties off!" shouted the boys. Mrs. Carlson ignored them, thinking she had gone far enough, but soon from the men in back came cries of "Panties, panties!" She didn't want to show her pubic hair. Her bush was very hairy, and Mrs. Carlson considered trimming it before her strip, but that would have clued her husband. She was sure the crowd would be grossed out at her hairy puss. The distraught teacher stalled by turning her back on the crowd and shaking her ass at them. With more cries for her panties to come off, she pulled up on the sides of her panties to give the appearance of a thong. She shook her naked white thirty-six-year-old ass to cheers and lewd comments by the boys. Finally she slowly lowered her panties down her hips. She bent over to pull them down farther, and the crowd could see a patch of pubic hair between her legs. The young boys, and most of the older adults, had never seen a woman's ass shake like that.

Finally, Mrs. Carlson turned around and displayed her full- frontal nudity. Her pussy was indeed a very hairy dark- blonde triangle of fur sticking way out from her body. She looked down and saw one boy wearing her bra on his head, and another boy sniffing her panties before passing it on to the next.

Finally, the music abruptly ended, and Coach Dark stood below her, coaxing her down off of the table, to thunderous applause. He put his arm around her naked body, making her face the crowd.


"Boys, I'm glad you enjoyed the show," announced The Coach. "But Mrs. Carlson isn't done yet. To further reward your fine efforts this season, Mrs. Carlson wants you to know that, right here right now, you can do anything you want to her, and she will do anything you want. Go to it, team!" Mrs. Carlson gave a wide-eyed, open-mouthed, incredulous look to the coach, but immediately Rick was on his feet and groping her left breast, and Joe was grabbing her right breast, and the rest of the team were right there with them, competing to get their hands on any part of their English teacher that they could. Mrs. Carlson squealed loudly as hands groped her tits, ass, pussy, and thighs. As she was jostled around, she saw Bill Dark and many of the other teachers watching and laughing. But mostly she was surrounded by twelve of the tallest boys in the school, grabbing and fondling her.

After the initial shock, the groping was having its effects on Mrs. Carlson. As much as she tried to fight it, the rough grabbing and pulling at her breasts and nipples, as well as her pussy, were arousing her. Her squeals were punctuated with whimpers and moans. Rick clamped his lips around her breast, and Joe did the same to the other. They were the two popular, attractive students, and had some sexual experience. Rick gave up Mrs. Carlson's tit to a teammate, and rubbed her pussy mound. When he inserted a finger into her, he yelled, "Wow, this is the wettest pussy I've ever fingered!" He inserted two more fingers, and slid them easily in and out of the well-lubricated pussy. He moved his middle finger up, and diddled his pretty teacher's swollen clit.

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