tagMatureTeacher Taught Us...Everything!

Teacher Taught Us...Everything!


I am kneeling on the bed in a seedy Motel room where my new husband has left me. We just got married an hour ago, and before our honeymoon, he insists on stopping here.

Rodney and I graduated from school this week, and after loving one-another for four years (limited sexual activity), we have certain things already planned out. This Motel is not something we planned together!

I still have on my full wedding dress attire except for my heels . My long white dress is bunched up over my creamy brown rump, hanging from my waist. My pink panties are pulled down my stocking covered legs, dangling from my ankles. Before leaving me this way, Rodney literally shoved a half stick of butter between my raised asscheeks and against my pucker.

Also from his bag came whip cream, now melting in my crack. And then there is the bag of cherries, one ripe red cherry is sitting at top the whip cream that lathers my butt crease.

I feel deliciously wicked like this. I know that Rodney loves and respect me a great deal. But I can't help loving the way he has made me feel like his slutty little whore. He's gone for a few minutes without an explanation, giving me time to wonder why I'm letting him take my anal cherry, at least this early. We're not even an hour into the marriage!

The key to the Motel's one room is turning the door open, and I am begging for it to be Rodney. My body is begging for it, and I want to be just the way he left me. But what if its housekeeping? Management? God I'd die! To be seen this way!? I'd be so embarrassed!

The turning of the door has me so excited, I'm getting terribly wet! My pussy is swelling and perfuming the room, and I haven't even touched myself!

The jingling of his keys also brought me out of my thoughts, thoughts that could explain why my throbbing bunghole, mushy and slicked with sticky foods, is awaiting Rodney's long stiff fuckstick!


It was my freshmen year at Cirrus college, a college so small that it had fewer students than the average high school's senior class. In fact, it had the feel of high school. I was not a good student in High School, but Daddy has money. So I enrolled here, and met Rodney, a stunning young sophomore. I was an average looking girl with big brown eyes and a shy smile. Very slim at 5'3," 110 lbs. But I was always ashamed of my 34D-cup breasts. I covered them up snugly all of my high school years. That was until I met Rodney. He gave me such confidence in my body that I began to wear tight skirts and low-cut blouses. That's when I got into trouble with the English teacher.

"So that's what my low test score is about!? You want me to where longer skirts?" I fumed, needing to justify my bad grades. "Well I am going to wear what I want anyway! You want me to dress like you unh? Your frumpy little skirts down to your ankles, and sweaters buttoned up to your chin. Why you're just a...a...frigid old hag!"

My final words stung Mrs. Goodings as I slammed her classroom door on the way out. I lacked humility to care about her feelings, I was more worried of being expelled from school.

I skipped my last class to find Rodney, and inform him of my having to go back home and live with my parents. It was killing me inside. But I couldn't find him the whole time. Why wasn't he in his class!?

Ten minutes 'till school's out, I would go to our meeting place where he'd be sure to show. But I felt him on my back, giving me a big hug. He walk with me up a flight of steps, telling me how hot I looked, and how much it effected him. Once up stairs he trapped me on some lockers and kissed me like never before. I was so turned on! He groped me for a while, before turning me around and goosing me to a door.

The door to the faculty room was locked but Rodney somehow had a key. He pinned me against the door as he unlocked it, his big dick was hard against my spine. It made me so hot for it that I let him shove me into the room without question.

He locked the door and dragged me to the couch, where he sat down while urging me forcibly to my knees. I was so afraid when he ripped open his pants and popped out his huge stiff cock!

"Oh shit!..." I murmured, on my knees, between his legs, and face to face with that monster. Rodney and I had made love before and I loved it! My second Male lover, my first real man. But I had never done what he had positioned me for.

My heart raced as I begged him to not make me do that. But my mouth was moving with no sound coming from it. I was shaking like a leaf.

To my surprise, Rodney reached beneath my blouse and deftly undid my bra. By the time my mind caught up with him, he had shoved his long dick under my shirt and was fucking my big titties with it!

"Ooooh Rodney! No!...I never done this!..."

Even as I objected, I saw and felt his huge cock crown surge between my boobs and nudge under my chin. As I spoke to deter him, I noticed that my hands were holding my outer tit-melons, squeezing them urgently against his meat! It felt so exquisite!

"Ohhh! Rodney...NO!" I remembered crying, my legs over his shoulders. 'When did he take off my...'. I had never intended allowing such lewd indiscretions like...eating my pussy! How depraved!

"Rodney!...No, please!" but my juices were building. And in the Teacher's lounge even! "We have...You can't...Unngghhh! Ooohhh! fuck."

I had cum very hard in my boyfriend's mouth! I felt so ashamed. I felt very good as well. I hoped he was happy, now he could let me up and be done. In my mind I was straightening my skirt and heading for the door. But as I noticed the door handle turning, and I wasn't turning it! I was on my knees with my face on the sofa cushion.

She had come in the lounge and swiftly locked the door behind her. She stood a foot away from my kneeling frame, and I have never been so frightened. I couldn't tell if I was held down by Rodney, or if I ever tried to get up. But here in her full length skirt and conservative cotton sweater, Mrs. Goodings stared down into my soul.

"I told you this would happen Patrice, I told you that skirt would get you in trouble" she solemnly preached, hands on her hip. "Tell me young man, you couldn't help it could you? The way her legs look so sweet and firm. And her breasts, I bet you fucked them didn't you?" she guessed, while picking up loose buttons that popped from my blouse.

I couldn't believe her language! And why wasn't she stopping us?

"So go ahead young man. Young girls who dressed this way must make you very excited" she said without emotion, tapping a ruler in hand and patting her foot to the floor. "So show her what men do when they get so exited."

"Ooohhh Rodney! So big!" I moaned feeling that long dick between the folds of my juicy cuntlips. It slid right in, but easily fatter than it was during our other encounter. He was actually turned on by the English teacher being there.

"Please no Rodney...Not here...She hates me." Tears were streaking my face. Not because of Rodney. His cock was so deliciously hard as it politely coursed through my pussy. It was already in tremors, soaking his bone lavishly, sloshing around my honey pot. But I cried at the way Mrs. Goodings spoke down to me. As if she knew me.

"You love his cock Patrice, and right here in the teacher's lounge" she taunted, pity implied.

Rodney was a quick study on satisfying my pussy. We hadn't the time I wanted, or the privacy. But he was making me cream all over his cock despite the situation. To this day, I am horrified by having done so in front of an audience.

"Unnggghh, Ohh shit! Do it! Please stop!" I hated cumming while Mrs. Goodings was watching.

"You see what I mean Patrice, its not good to go around teasing young men. I mean, I bet the lad wants his cock sucked now. He's made you cum, and I bet you didn't know men liked their cock sucked after he's made you cum." She was now patting me instructively on my butt, causing Rodney to pause. The Bitch. He has cum in my pussy before, and I know he liked it. What is this about...sucking his cock!?

I had a really nice cum and I wanted my boyfriend to enjoy it as well. But Mrs. Goodings messed things up. He pulled his cock out, all wet and gooey, from my cunt.

"Tell her young man, tell her that she has to suck it now. Look! Its all wet! And your balls are so full of cum. Tell her that young girls in tight little skirts will suck cock and eat your jizz." She said this while leaning in very close to my face. I could feel her hot breath against my cheek. Why was she doing this to me?

She had made her point. She was getting back at me for speaking to her with disrespect, when I left her classroom. Now she was taunting me to do such a disgusting act.

Mrs. Goodings had a way to prevent my boyfriend from re-entering me, and I knew that he wanted to cum very bad. She was going to make me humiliate myself, or frustrate my Rodney. I wanted to help him but I couldn't do the things she had mentioned.

"NO! I...can't!" I cried, assing my leaking pouch back onto his cock. "Cum...cum in my pu...vagina, Rodney.

Mrs. Goodings spoke condescendingly to me.

"I always liked you Patrice. But your boyfriend can have pussy from nice girls if he likes, but he wants blowjobs from girls that dress like you. Just this one time honey, I help you out." She turned Rodney, raised her skirt above her knees, and looked up at Rodney. "Tell her that you want your cock sucked Rodney. I'm going to do it for her if you don't mind sweetie, but tell her what you want."

"Suck my cock! Make it cum" he said, looking at me. My head and eyes dropped, knowing that I'd surely lose him now. I was mad as hell when I looked at Mrs. Goodings. I expected her to gloat with a smirk, but she didn't see my angry glare.

Mrs. Goodings was bobbing her head at Rodney's groins, seemingly trying to eat his long shaft each bob. I was disgusted by the lewd sucking sounds she made, pumping her lips down my boyfriend's cock. I was disheartened by the constant moans escaping his lips as he spasmodically jerked his hips.

'Plop' came his shiny cock from her mouth.

"Mmumm, so big! Rodney, I'm going to make you cum in teacher's mouth now" she said between kisses and tongue swabbings, against his throbbing cock. "But only to teach Patrice a lesson. I don't go around putting nasty cocks in my mouth. I taste her hot pussy juice all over it!"

She was back to sucking, puckering her cheeks and shoving several thick inches down her gullet. I could see her tongue working his shaft and curling about his mushroom-crown. She hissed around his dick on her down-stroke, holding it as deep as possible to mouth the meaty slab. How disgusting! His fat cockhead must be at her tonsils!, I thought.

'Plop' came his cock from her sucking mouth. A lurid stand of spit hung from his cocktip. It had to be spit because there was no more traces of my cunt cream. She is deplorable! She looked up at him with a blank face, but I could see from body language that she masked her excitement. Her body trembled a lust I hadn't known, and her mature pussy had filled the room with aroma. She is excited by something this disgraceful!

"Rodney dear, I can taste your cum already. You have a big wad of jizz to shoot don't you? Son, you should never put your cock in a lady's mouth, but we have to show Patrice what it could be like. Rodney, I want you to grab my hair and fuck your long black cock in my mouth. I know that's disgusting, but I want you to do it as hard as you can Rodney. Don't stop for anything sweetie, until you burst your balls and made me eat your cream!

A definite excitement coursed through her as my boyfriend shafted her mouth. And like she requested, he held her head to his cock. The long fat tip began clogging her throat, choking her.

Mrs. Goodings' whole body would jerk as she tried to align her throat to his hard long shaft. At times she coughed up spit, it slinging from his cock to leak down her lips.

"Grrgllrr! Ulmp! Mmllpphhh!" she choked, holding his thighs with her hands. Despite what she had asked, she still had involuntary reflexes.

Other times she was gurgling around his huge cock as the plump head had forced passed her tonsils.

"Ahhggg! Ullmmppp! Ulmp! Unnggghhggg!" she fought, but now caressing his heavy nutsack with her hand.

I was on my backside on the couch when he toppled her over into my lap. Her hair was tickling my mound as Rodney crouched over her, his cock still deep in her throat. From this position, he could fuck his shiny black cock pass her tonsils on each stroke. She fought against it and loss, as more and more saliva squirted from her lips. Rodney's balls were drenched in spit.

"Ohhhh! Fuck!... gonna blow! Suck my fucking NUTTs!"

Rodney's balls exploded on Mrs. Goodings chin. His cock seemed to stiffen even more as she struggled to accommodate it.

"Ullmmp! ulmmp! Ulmp!, Gulp!" Simply shocking for me to see it. She was guzzling down load after load of nutt juice from my boyfriend's balls. Nasty sucking sounds muffled her cries, choking out repeatedly.

"Ullmmpp, *choke*!, Ahhggg!" Choking sounds turned into gurgling sounds, and then into hissing sounds, as thick white bubbles of nutt emerged from her lips. What was not bubbleling, was cascading over her lips as Rodney continued to rocket his shaft deeper into her throat.

'Plop' came his cock, sticky with layers of cum and spit clinging to his meat. And even in mist of coughing up more cum, Mrs. Goodings managed to grab the pulsating cockmeat and rub it back and forth across her radiant face.

I was appalled at this shocking display, but my pussy was burning up from it nevertheless.

"You se...ulmp, see what I ...*cough*, mean Patrice?" Mrs. Goodings was sputtering, "You have to do dirty things to big dicks, when you go around wearing tiny little skirts."

Her point was well made, she going the extra mile by licking his long rubbery cock between words.

Rodney hadn't said a thing to me that evening, and was heading to breakfast the next morning without me.

And I was mad at him for enjoying his 'blowjob'. But he wouldn't have needed it from her if I would have done it. I wasn't sure if I did anything wrong, but I sure missed his company that night.

I had to flag down his car early the next morning on his way to breakfast. He was going without me.

We drove in silence down a short-cut back road we always took. There had never been a car on this road since we had taken it.

This morning was different.

A old van was on the abandoned road, and Rodney pulled just behind it. He got out without saying a word, and headed to the van. I followed behind him to show some form of loyal servitude, since I couldn't show it sexually.

Once at the sliding doors, they opened to reveal a most beautiful woman. A low-cut halter displayed braless breasts, about 34c's. A short hemmed skirt barely covered her butt, and her thighs looked years below her age. Maybe 50 years of age, Mrs. Goodings looked spectacular. But I was stunned at her attire. What was going on here.

"I didn't think you could get her here Rod," Mrs. Goodings said. I was angered at her calling him 'Rod', as if he was a stud for older women. Rodney was more teenaged-love.

"Well honey, I see you have covered your body today. You mustn't want to have to give blowjobs to Rod," she said.

"Don't start with me today Mrs. Goodings. You got what you wanted yesterday. You're mad about what I called you" I said, ready to take it back.

"No need to be sorry about that dear. In fact, I called you to explain, but you were out last night. I called Rod to find you," she said.

"Did you!?" I mused.

"He told me not to worry, that he really enjoyed it. Rod here told me that he loves you very much, and he wants you more than anything in the world." Her words eased my feelings and lightened my spirits. I still didn't understand this meeting, the way she was dressed and all.

"Well what are you..." I started.

"Rod also told me that he wouldn't make you do anything that you haven't already done for him. But...he really liked what I did for him. He wonders about other things that he's heard about, that you're not going to do," she explained.

"He knows that you might leave him for this, but maybe if he can experience things before you two get too serious, he can get it out of his system. He really loves you a lot but..."

"I get it. Rodney thinks I'm a prude unh!? And now that I'm dressed like a 'lady', you're parading around in tight little skirts. And let me guess, Rodney is here to show you what 'Gals in skirts' are really looking for!?"

And Mrs. Goodings crawled into her van, assed up, and looking back at us.

"I won't call you a prude, if you don't call me frigid" she said, with a wicked little smirk.

Mrs. Goodings amazed me even more when she hiked up her skirt above her mature backside. She had on full garter and stockings, and a pair of purple panties. I was admiring her knee high boots when I double-took to the panties.

Mrs. Goddings looked like a French whore, with the panties she wore. They were crotchless, and I seen that before. But these had a hole about her crinkly red anus, highlighting a lewd poutiness of her butthole. Furthermore, it glistened in some sort of gloss, the crease between the mature sag of her asscheeks dimpled ruby-red.

Rodney stood beside me, I think purposely, to let me know how aroused he was. And damn! His cock was as hard as ever against my arm. He crawled up behind the kneeling English teacher and tugged on his pants. I felt betrayed but showed reluctant understanding as I reached for him. He then placed his hands on her hot looking bottom while I slowly lowered his pants. I stroked his long hard cock to help prepare him for his lesson.

I began wondering if I had been fooled by them both, after all, I would gladly let Rodney fuck me. What was so different about fucking her?

But then...

"Please Rod, I'll give you an 'A'! Just don't fuck my tiny little asshole!" she whimpered, while helping him to spread her asscheeks.

I was stunned. Even the extra highlighting of her puckered anus did not prepare me for this. In fact, like a loyal little maid, I had directed his stiff boner to her pussy.

Mrs. Goodings reached back with her free hand and directed it to her glossed-over anus.

"Its too big honey, please let me suck it for you. I promise...Ooohhh!" she whined.

Rodney was forcing his swollen glans into her...butthole! The large cockhead snaked around the resisting hole, and then parted the snug ring and 'popped' through.

"Agghhh! Rodney...slow!" she hissed, shaking her mature pretty ass onto his cock.

The head was fully imbedded, shocking me to no end. God! Its going in!, I thought.

An inch of his shaft just behind the head went in immediately. But I seen her anal ring constrict.

"Ooohh! There! Too biiig. Please don't fuck it hard. Don't stretch my asshole with your big black cock!" she said, and with conviction in fact.

Inch by inch, I saw his long thick cock vanish into her butthole. It took several moments however. Rodney was delicate but forceful, despite her hips wiggling unbelievable encouragement.

"Unngghhh! Aggghhh! No! Please Rod, take it out! You're going to fuck my tight little ass aren't you. You naughty boy you" she urged, in her own subtle way.

My boyfriend's huge cock went deeper into her asshole. The clasping of her ass ring would allow so much cock, and then snap shut. Rodney waited until it pulsed open to shove, and then waited when it constricted. Mr. Goodings, however, was humping her ass back, stretching her own constricting butthole onto his cock.

"It's so big in my asshole! I guess if you are going to fuck me there, I'll have to lay here and take it. You're going to make my hot tight shitter suck off your big prick!"

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