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This is my first attempt at writing a erotic story. I would appreciate any feedback you could provide. I would like to thank HMAuthor for her help in editing and making the story readable. I have other chapters but will wait till I get some feedback before submitting them.

Chapter 1: The Condo

Sandy Hauser was sitting poolside on a condo lounge chair soaking in the warm Mexican sun, as she enjoyed the beginning of her getaway vacation. Beside her was Dawn Reynolds. Sandy and Dawn had been best friends since they first met at college. It was as if they were destined to be soul mates. Sandy was twenty-five years old, blond, five-foot-six, very pretty with a complexion that glowed. Her long legs flowed into a perfect ass, which Sandy thought was her best feature, complimented by her moderate 34C breasts. She was reserved when in unfamiliar situations and didn't open up or show her emotions easily. Always an overachiever she had trouble letting loose and enjoying life.

Dawn on the other hand was a petit fireball, also twenty-five, with straight dark-brown hair down to the middle of her back. Although only five-foot-two her personality was much larger. She had a dark complexion, trim waist and magnificent 34D breasts, which with her small stature seemed larger. Dawn was perfect for Sandy. Being outgoing and adventuresome she pushed Sandy to open up and enjoy life. And that is exactly why Sandy loved her.

They had come down to Mexico to reconnect and relax before the start of the new school year. Both Sandy and Dawn were schoolteachers, Sandy taught twelfth grade English and coached volleyball, while Dawn taught eleventh grade Math.

Sandy sipped her cocktail, looked around the pool then started to doze off. In that dream state between consciousness and slumber she reminisced back to college when she first met Dawn. Both were education majors and met at the state university the start of their sophomore year. Sandy was in the administration office trying to arrange for a new roommate. Her current roommate had suddenly dropped out because of a family emergency. While still trying to work something out she saw Dawn walk into the office. Dawn couldn't stand her room or roommate and wanted a change. It seemed like destiny. Dawn was vivacious and Sandy was taken with her humor and outlook on life. They were inseparable for the rest of their college years.

Sandy stirred and looked at Dawn. The sight of her lying next to her on the lounge in her bikini brought back memories from the spring semester of that first year as roommates. Dawn had rushed into their room full of enthusiasm. The midterms were over and it was time to let go. Sandy was reading at her desk when Dawn said, "Okay girlfriend, close that book and let's go. We need to get drunk and maybe even laid." Sandy looked at her friend and laughed. It was going to be one of those nights. Sandy wasn't always comfortable going out cruising bars but always enjoyed being Dawn's wingman.

Both ladies quickly started going through their closets looking for the perfect outfits. Dawn had on a short denim skirt with a scoop neck sweater that buttoned down the front, showing lots of cleavage, and four-inch strappy heels. Sandy on the other hand had on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. When Dawn saw her she immediately screamed, "That just won't do girl! You aren't going anywhere looking like that." She then grabbed the bottom of the tee shirt and quickly pulled it over Sandy's head. Then before she could do anything Dawn pushed her down on her bed and pulled off her jeans. When Sandy started to complain Dawn quickly started to tickle her until Sandy surrendered laughing uncontrollably in just her bra and panties. But Dawn wasn't done yet; she looked at Sandy's underwear and exclaimed, "Where do you buy your lingerie? Goodwill? Those look like Granny panties. Just for that you are going commando tonight!" She quickly rolled Sandy over and unhooked her bra and pulled down her panties, leaving Sandy naked on her bed. Sandy was mortified, although she had been naked in front of Dawn before, she had never been stripped by anyone. And now she was lying on the bed naked, with Dawn almost on top of her. Sandy had never been dominated like this and was confused as she felt a tingling down below and realized she was very aroused. Her pussy was becoming very wet and leaking down the crack of her ass. She didn't think she had ever been this aroused.

Dawn went to her own closet to pick out an outfit for Sandy to wear. She selected a very short skirt and crop top. She tossed them to Sandy and ordered "Put those on before I change my mind and pick out something even more revealing." Sandy quickly did as she was told and dressed in the outfit Dawn provided her. Sandy didn't understand why being dominated by her friend turned her on so, but couldn't bring herself to resist her roommate.

Dawn then went to Sandy's closet and picked out her highest heels and tossed them to Sandy ordering her to put them on and follow her out the door. Quickly putting on the heels Sandy followed like a puppy following its master.

Sandy peeked at Dawn lying next to her still sunning herself, snoring lightly. She was getting aroused as she remembered that night. Her pussy was soaking wet as she relived how Dawn had dominated her that entire evening. Sandy slowly slid her hand down her stomach and into her bikini bottom and started to stroke her clit. Her breathing quickened as she continued to recall that evening so long ago.

Sandy quickly caught up with Dawn as she was strutting down the dorm hallway. Sandy had never gone out in public without underwear before. In fact she rarely went without underwear even at home alone. Now she was walking thru the dorm in an impossibly short skirt that barely covered her ass and a crop top that came down just below her breasts. Her nipples were hard as rocks and were threatening to poke holes in the light fabric. Her pussy was positively soaking and starting to leak down her legs. She was so excited she was shaking.

As she was about to turn around and head back to the room, Dawn stopped, turned round, reached up and grabbing Sandy's nipples saying, "Tonight you will do exactly as I say, no questions asked. If you disobey I will spank your ass till you can't sit down for days! Tonight we are going to loosen you up."

Sandy yelped as the pain from Dawn pinching her nipples spread thru her body and straight to her pussy, increasing her arousal to new heights. All thought of returning to their dorm room vanished. Dawn then leaned in to Sandy's ear and whispered, "Don't worry honey, I'll keep you safe. I won't let anything happen to you that you don't want. Just be a good girl and do what you're told. You are about to know what it's like to let go."

With Dawn's assurances Sandy relaxed and decided to go with the flow. Trusting her sexy roommate to take care of her and keep her safe. The tension in the air evaporated and both young women started to giggle as they continued down the hall and out the door.

Although Sandy had never dressed like this in private before, let alone out in public, she felt liberated as she subconsciously removed her guilty feelings since she was only doing what she was being told. Unknowingly she sank deeper into submission to her dominant roommate.

As they arrived on High Street, which bordered the campus, the pubs that lined the street were already packed with students all partying, celebrating the end of midterms. Walking down the street Dawn grabbed Sandy's hand and pulled her into the first pub. The pub was a converted house, with a porch lined with coeds dressed to impress and jocks showing their abs. Sandy calmed a bit as she realized that her clothes fit right in with all the other girls. Looking at the boys in her aroused state all she could think of was sex as she looked at their crotches. She wasn't alone. Dawn nudged her and pointed out one particular jock that had a massive bulge in his shorts. He of course had several coeds hanging all over him.

Once they were in the pub, Dawn grabbed Sandy's ass and said, "Wait here I'll be right back." She quickly went to the bar and returned with four Jell-O shots. She handed two of them to Sandy and said, "Down the hatch." And so it started, a whirlwind of shots, dances, groping and flirting. Three hours later both were very loaded, but had not found any viable candidates to take back to their room.

Sandy stirred from her daydream; her fingers were now working faster on her clit as she was nearing her climax. Sandy looked over again at Dawn and pushed two fingers into her honeypot and moaned as she became increasingly aroused. Her other hand slid up to her top, under the small bikini top pinching her nipple. She closed her eyes and continued her thoughts about that night.

Both women were very drunk as they staggered back to their room. It was very late and very few people were around. Sandy remembered how Dawn started to order her to do things as they crossed campus. Things like pulling her top up to her neck and walk across campus with her tits exposed. She couldn't believe she was letting herself be dominated but the thought of being spanked convinced her to follow orders. Sandy remembered how it felt following each order, as each time she did so her excitement increased tenfold.

As they neared their dorm they approached a small grove of trees. Sandy gasped as Dawn grabbed her skirt and pulled it up to her waist. Exposing her, cunt and all, to the world as well as her tits. She was now standing amongst the trees, effectively naked. Dawn walked around her prey and removed her belt, made a loop and slipped it around Sandy's neck. Sandy almost came when Dawn ordered her to drop to her knees and crawl after her, almost naked and being led with a makeshift leash.,

Sandy was furiously pumping her cunt as she recalled her submission to her roommate. She didn't care that she was poolside at a condo complex. All that mattered was the approaching orgasm.

Sandy looked up into the Dawn's eyes from her knees and saw a look of lust she would never forget. She watched as Dawn walked behind her and stroked her ass and pussy with her fingers. The touch was electrifying sending chills up her spine to her brain ceasing all thoughts of resistance. The first smack of the belt on her ass caused a moan from deep within as she almost climaxed right there in the trees on her knees, virtually naked. The next memory was Dawn telling her to stand and cover herself. She was almost having an out of body experience. She could see herself slowly standing and pulling down her top and skirt. As she started to remove the makeshift leash she was order to leave it. Dawn then quickly walked off heading for the dorm with Sandy following closely behind humiliated at wearing a leash and both legs soaking wet down to her knees from her dripping cunt.

Luckily they didn't pass anyone as they entered the dorm and made it to their room. However just as they got within twenty yards from the door, Dawn turned to her and said, "Strip slut I want you to crawl naked the rest of the way to the room."

Sandy remembered the fear of the potential humiliation; of crawling naked in the hall of her dorm, being led on a leash by her roommate. As those memories flowed thru her brain an orgasm consumed her body, curling her toes and soaking her hand buried deep in her cunt. As she came down from her orgasmic high she opened her eyes and realized where she was and climaxed again. She wondered if she could resist submitting to Dawn while working at the same school. This would be a very exciting year she thought.

Sandy quickly removed her hands and fixed her bikini and brought her fingers to her mouth and licked her juices from her fingers. Looking around the pool she was relieved no one was around to have seen her masturbate. Dawn was still sleeping as Sandy recalled how she ended up where she was and how it came about.

Chapter 2: After College

The last two years had been a rollercoaster ride to say the least. After they graduated both found jobs quickly, but not anywhere close to each other. They remained close however, calling every week or so, filling each other in how they were doing. They also visited during the breaks when they could. Always with Dawn dominating Sandy and pushing her limits whenever they were together.

Sandy started working at a prestigious private girl's school in Pennsylvania. Dawn however found a job at a public school in Indiana. That school system was not as prestigious and was more inner city than suburban but had a nice mix of students from all backgrounds and financial means. That was a couple of years ago.

The first year things went well for both of them. Sandy became an assistant coach for the volleyball team and taught English. Dawn was teaching Math. Both were adjusting well in their new jobs and were well liked at their schools. At the start of their second year Sandy had some problems with some girls on the team. In particular, two seniors who were the queen bees of the school and thought they didn't have to work in class. Heather and Monica, both had just turned eighteen, were the two best players on the team and both were in Sandy's English class. Sandy had several problems with the two Divas, as she called them, and finally had to threaten to sit them out if they didn't start doing their classwork. Things finally came to a head near the end of the season when Sandy insisted the head coach bench the two stars.

Heather and Monica were furious and vowed to get back at Miss Hauser. They quickly went to work on a plan to bring their teacher down. After about a week everything was set. The Divas had enlisted the help of one of the other senior teammates. One must understand these two young women controlled everyone on the team. If you crossed one you were doomed to humiliation, one way or another, in front of the whole school. All the team members were scared to death of the divas. Their plan was to get some compromising pictures of Miss Hauser, use them to humiliate her and get her fired.

One day after practice Sandy was walking thru the girls' locker room and heard someone crying. When she got to the shower she found Susan, another senior who was also eighteen. She was sitting naked and crying in the corner of the large shower room. Unbeknownst to Sandy it was a setup. Heather and Monica had hidden cameras around the locker room to get pictures and videos of Sandy in a compromising position. When Sandy ran over to Susan to comfort her and find out what was wrong the trap was set. Sandy helped the naked Susan up and took her to her locker and tried to find out what had happened. As they stood at the locker she had her arm around the crying young lady and was trying to get her to tell her what had happened. Susan, suddenly turned and looked at Sandy, reached around her, pulled her to her naked body and kissed her deeply. Sandy was so stunned she didn't know what to do. She was so caught off guard, and just a little bit aroused she froze. Susan took Sandy's hands and placed one on her tit and pulled the other onto her bush. When Sandy realized what was happening she tried to pull away but Susan, who was almost six-foot tall, overpowered her and held her close and kissed her again. Sandy, after being dominated for the last couple of years by Dawn, melted and returned the kiss. Suddenly Susan screamed and slapped Sandy's face and grabbed her clothes and ran out of the locker room. Sandy was confused, aroused, and scared. She knew this was bad but she didn't know what to do.

The next day Heather and Monica confidently walked into Sandy's classroom and closed the door behind them. Sandy was sitting at her desk gathering her things to go home. She heard the Divas enter and looked at them with apprehension. It was not normal for these two to stay after school, and certainly not normal to visit her room. The girls walked up to the nervous teacher and Monica said, "Miss Hauser, we have a problem."

Sandy looked at her and asked, "What are you talking about Monica?"

Monica looked over to Heather and smiled a confident smile, then looked back at Sandy and said, "It appears that we have a teacher that can't keep her hands off the students."

Sandy tried to show no emotion but she was sure it was about the locker room incident. She replied, "What do you mean?"

Monica reached into her notebook and pulled out an envelope and tossed it onto Sandy's desk. Sandy slowly picked up the envelope and pulled out the pictures. She gasped as the first picture clearly showed her with her arm around the naked Susan. The next one had them kissing, and the one after showed her with her hands on Susan's tit and crotch. She quickly shoved the picture back in the envelope and looked at the two smiling Divas.

Sandy didn't know what to do; she slumped into her chair and asked, "What do you want? I don't have much money."

Monica simply said, "Revenge bitch! You are about to learn what it's like to fuck with us. Here is what's going to happen slut, you are going to get out of your chair and crawl over to us and beg for us to forgive you. If you hesitate or refuse it will only get worse for you."

Sandy couldn't believe what she was hearing. She looked at the Divas and said in a very quiet voice, "Please don't do this. You know nothing happened. Susan took advantage of me not the other way around."

Monica just smiled an evil smile and reached across the desk and smacked the teacher across the face. She then said, "You either do as we say or our next stop is the principal's office and you are out of a job and possibly in jail."

Sandy slowly moved from her chair to her knees and started to crawl to the girls, but as soon as she hit the floor Heather shouted, "You didn't do as instructed so now you have to do it naked. You have 30 seconds to get naked and over here begging or we're out of here."

Sandy had a look of panic on her face and rapidly removed her clothes. Monica laughed and started counting down the time, "twenty seconds; fifteen seconds." Sandy realized she wouldn't have enough time taking her clothes off normally and started to rip her pants and panties off. She grabbed her blouse and ripped the front open sending buttons all over the room. "Ten seconds; five seconds."

Sandy was sitting on her ass trying to get her panty hose off but now her legs were now trapped with her pants, panties and pantyhose around her ankles. "Time's up slut," said Heather as her and Monica started for the door.

Sandy shouted and crawled as fast as she could to catch up to the dominating bitches that controlled her future. "PLEASE WAIT, I'M SORRY FOR HAVING YOU SUSPENDED FROM THE TEAM! PLEASE FORGIVE ME!"

As the defeated teacher cowered at their feet and sobbed, Monica and Heather looked at each other and gave a high five as they knew they had won a major victory. When they had originally walked into the room all they were planning was to have the high and mighty Miss Hauser begging for their forgiveness. But that had now changed. Their teacher was now cowering naked at their feet. The feeling of power washed over them and without saying a word each now knew they were going to see how far they could push the slut before they had her fired.

"OK slut, bend down and lick our shoes off, and don't forget the soles."

Sandy couldn't believe her ears. The thought of licking their shoes was revolting but she couldn't let them go to the principle. So she slowly lowered her head and began to lick Monica's shoes. Starting on the top and working her way around to the bottom as Monica raised her foot to let her lick the bottom. Heather and Monica were laughing so hard watching what was happening all the while calling their defeated teacher all kinds of vile names.

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