tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTeacher Teacher Ch. 02

Teacher Teacher Ch. 02


Thanks for all the comments and suggestions for the upcoming chapters. If you didn't read the first chapter I would suggest it as it gives some background that would explain where we are. Thanks again to HMAuthor for her excellent job editing and making this story somewhat readable. As always feedback is encouraged.

Back Home.

It was now two weeks since the young teachers had returned from Mexico and they had yet to talk. In fact they hadn't talk on the way home either. They mostly slept and tried to keep a low profile. When Sandy went through customs, the agent looked at her in her club wear and she knew he thought she was a slut. Then he opened her suitcase. Sandy gasped as there were no clothes in it, and it was filled with all sorts of sexual devices. There were anal plugs, dildos, ball gags, cuffs, clamps, shackles, a strap-on, and everything you could think of to be used in a sexual situation.

However that wasn't the worst of it. Right on top of everything was a pile of at least 50 8X10" glossy color pictures of Sandy being fucked in every hole by many different cocks. There was a large selection of pictures with a "money shot" of cum on her face, tits, ass, and cunt. There was even a picture of Sandy literally covered in cum and she was scooping it up and licking it off her fingers. Sandy blushed all the way to her toes. She couldn't look the customs agents in the eyes. Here she was standing in front of them with a very sexy little black dress that left nothing to the imagination, entering the country with a suitcase filled with sex toys and pictures showing her being fucked by multiple men. She felt like a slut and looked like one too.

What surprised her was her arousal! I can't believe this I'm getting excited, she thought. Sandy quickly raised her arms to cover her nipples which had started to poke through her dress and stand out in plain view. I don't understand why my body is reacting this way. This isn't sexual it's embarrassing. Do I really get off on the humiliation? Am I that perverted? "I have got to get out of here I can't stand this," She muttered to herself as all these thoughts raced through her mind.

The customs agent closed her suitcase and looked at the blushing slut standing in front of him. He wondered if there was anything he could hold her with but nothing in her bag was contraband so he just motioned her through the gates with a smirk on his face. Sandy quickly grabbed her bag and rushed through the gate. Dawn was not searched and was quite a ways down the corridor from her. It's just as well I really don't want to talk with her anyways, Sandy thought.

After that each went their separate ways home. Sandy couldn't bring herself to face her friend. She didn't know what to say. She spent most of her time staying indoors and sleeping a lot.

Dawn on the other hand was worried that what had happened would get back to the Martinezes. She had heard rumors that they were ruthless whenever they had something on someone. Dawn had heard that a teacher had been caught in a compromising position and they had used that against her. Sandy knew of her and had seen her in the hallways occasionally. She thought she dressed very risque for teaching and then she had quit her job shortly after Christmas last year. Rumor had it that she had moved in with the Martinezes and was seen running around the grounds naked. Dawn couldn't believe that was true but she had left rather mysteriously.

Dawn thought back about that evening in Mexico and how all this had started. She was sitting on her couch in a tee shirt and slippers as she remembered what was going through her mind at the time. "I love dominating Sandy; I'm going to really push her tonight when we go to the club. With no chance of anyone knowing who we are only makes it easier for her to give in. I want to have her naked and on her knees doing whatever I want before the night is over."

The feeling of having such control over Sandy never failed to excite Dawn. She remembered the first time Sandy submitted to her. Having had her walk back to the dorm almost naked and leading her by a leash down the hallway to their room was a major rush. Looking into Sandy's eyes and seeing that look of submission, excitement, lust, humiliation, she haddn't known what it was, but she had absolutely gotten off on that look. Dawn was now completely rapt, recalling what had happened. "Strip slut I want you to crawl naked the rest of the way to the room."

Sandy's look when she had heard this was priceless! The fear of getting caught, the humiliation; it had sent a rush throughout her own body. She'd almost came right then. Sandy had quickly stripped her clothes off and dropped to her knees hoping to get this over as quickly as possible. "Slow down slut, or I will make you stay out here for an hour!" She had watched as a look of panic crossed Sandy's face and the whole top half of her body had turned red. Grabbing the naked girl's clothes and leash she had led her slowly to the door taking her time unlocking and opening it. She had watched as Sandy shook all over looking up and down the hallway expecting at any minute that someone would discover her. "Nervous are you slut? "

"Oh God, yes. I'll never live this down if someone sees me."

"What are you willing to do to get into our room?"

"Anything, I'll do anything you want just get me out of the hall," had come her desperate reply.

"Good answer slut. I'll hold you to that." Dawn had tugged on the leash and walked through the door. "What are you doing?" She'd said, as Sandy had started to get up from her knees.

"I thought I was done crawling."

"That's for me to decide. Just stay where you are, and while you're at it put your hands behind your head."

Dawn had quickly removed her denim skirt and top leaving her standing in front of the kneeling Sandy in only her thong panties. She'd reached up and started to tweak her own nipples savoring the moment and the rush of having someone naked, on their knees submitting themselves to her. "Take my panties off slave."

Sandy slowly reached forward and grabbed the side straps and slowly pulled them to the ground. Dawn lifted each foot so she could totally remove them. Dawn had known that they were soaked; she had been excited since she originally stripped Sandy several hours ago. "OK slave, put them in your mouth."

Sandy gasped! "Oh My God you can't be serious? Please don't make me do this."

"You have now earned your first punishment slave. You said you would do anything I want; now put those in your mouth."

Sandy had complied, slowly taking the panties, opening her mouth and shoving them in. Dawn had almost came right then and there. She had never felt so powerful in all her life.

"OK slave, time for your punishment. You better not hesitate again, or question my commands, or it will be worse for you. Now get up and lay across your desk facing the window. I am going to spank your ass till I think you have learned your lesson. You are not to rise up off the desk and you are not to move your hands or we start over. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Dawn, I do"

"I think you should call me Mistress from now on."

"Yes, Mistress., Came the reply.

Dawn slid one hand down to her pussy and the other to her nipples as the memories flooded back from that night. Her right hand slowly worked its way to her soaking wet pussy and lightly rubbed her clit, as her left hand pinched and pulled on her right nipple.

Dawn had reached down and caressed Sandy's ass before she grabbed a belt and swung it down across her left cheek. She'd watched as her new slave's eyes grew wide as saucers and a muffled scream escaped around the panties in her mouth. But she hadn't moved her hands and remained on the desk as ordered. Oh how she had enjoyed watching Sandy struggle to comply with her orders as she continued to spank her with her belt until Sandy had totally surrendered and begged to please her mistress.

Watching Sandy humble herself and crying uncontrollably had brought her down from her power trip as she gently reached down and pulled Sandy up from the desk, pulled the panties from her mouth and kissed her lovingly on the lips. "You did well my little pet. I'm proud of you. I know you will obey me from now on." She had looked into Sandy's eyes and seen a look quite different from the lustful look from before. She'd seen a look of satisfaction and joy knowing that she had pleased her mistress. "Now pet show your Mistress how much you want to make me happy. " She'd sat down on the bed and spread her legs. "Beg to satisfy me."

She'd loved the look as Sandy crawled between her legs and with a sad puppy dog look begged to lick her pussy. "Well done pet you may serve your Mistress."

As Sandy had tentatively started to lick her cunt the feeling of power rushed again from her mind straight to her cunt as she'd watched Sandy become more comfortable with her position and what was expected and licked with all her heart to satisfy her. What was the final submission was when Dawn ordered her to tongue fuck her ass. Remembering how she'd looked down at Sandy's eyes just above her cunt and the expression as her tongue was pushing further into her ass, Dawn dropped her left hand down to her cunt and pushed two fingers deep into the channel fucking herself with reckless abandon. Soon Dawn's climax washed over her body and relieved at least temporarily, forgot any thoughts of what had happened in Mexico.

That feeling didn't last long however, as the thought of the Juan and Christina Martinez finding out what had happened left a feeling of fear deep within her belly. Would they force them back to Mexico or use the information in some other way. The thought of either option, of being dominated by someone as powerful as the rich couple, or going to jail in another country frightened her. Dawn was afraid what happened in Mexico could come back to bite them in the ass if anyone found out. She made up her mind to avoid any member of the Martinez family if at all possible. She also decided to warn Sandy to do the same.

It was now the Monday before school was to start. The first day of classes was Thursday. Sandy was up and eating breakfast when she heard a knock at the door. She shuffled to the door in her robe and slippers and opened the door. There stood Dawn. They just looked at each other for a minute, and then Dawn rushed up to Sandy and hugged her. They both stood there hugging for a few moments when Dawn looked up at her friend and cried, "I'm so sorry about what happened. I had no idea."

Sandy looked at her friend with tears in her eyes and said, "I know. We were both stupid." The tension was suddenly gone and the two women started talking and soon they were making plans for the start of the new school year. Dawn stayed all day and the women never mentioned Mexico again. Both just wanted to forget it like a bad dream.

Thursday came all too soon. Sandy was very excited to start her new job. She arrived about two hours before classes. She wanted to make sure everything was perfect. Sandy was dressed in black slacks, with a white button down blouse. Her Blond hair was pulled back into a ponytail. Although she was trying to downplay her looks, you could still see that she was a beautiful woman. As her students filed into the classroom for her first class, Sandy was standing by her desk. She was a little nervous but she was also aroused. She didn't understand why but her pussy was getting wet. She hoped it was because she was so nervous.

As her day proceeded the arousal went away and everything went very well. At last the final class of the day was starting. It was a twelfth grade English class. As the students entered Sandy noticed twin sisters. They were beautiful; exotic you might say. They were of Hispanic descent, with long dark brown hair down to the middle of their backs and dressed impeccably. Each was wearing a halter dress that accented their figures and was a perfect fit. You could tell they were very well to do, very pretty, and they knew it.

Their names were Anita and Susanna Martinez; their parents owned the condo that Sandy and Dawn had stayed in while they were in Mexico. All the guys and most of the other girls followed their lead and did everything they were told. Sandy could tell these two were at the very top of the social ladder.

Sandy looked at the two and smiled, but when they looked back at her they seemed to look right through her. She felt as if they had stripped her naked. Sandy quickly looked away and dismissed the thought. As she introduced herself to the class and explained what they would be doing the two sisters watched her closely. Sandy felt as if she was on display and couldn't look them in the eye. They seemed to have such a dominating presence about them. It was as if they knew every dark secret about her.

She remembered her experience with the Divas in her last school and with Dawn's warning in mind made a decision not to cross these two. She didn't want to start out on the wrong foot. The class went quickly and soon the bell rang. All the students rushed to the door as Sandy turned to her desk and started to gather her things. She didn't notice the twins walking up behind her and when she turned around the two girls were right beside her. Sandy jumped and said, "OH, you startled me. I thought everyone had left."

Anita at 5'8" tall and wearing 4" heels towered above Sandy. "Welcome to our school Miss Hauser. I understand you are friends with Miss Reynolds."

"Yes I am, she is –"

But Anita interrupted her saying, "Did you enjoy staying in my parent's condo? Did you find everything to your satisfaction? I assume you had no problems?" The tone in her voice made Sandy nervous.

Her mouth went dry and she had trouble speaking and said "N... N... No everything was fine. Why was something said?"

Anita just smiled reached up and brushed Sandy's cheek with her hand and said, "No worries teach. We got you covered."

Sandy blushed and backed up till she was against the wall. Her insides were in knots. "Did they know about the police? What if they did? I need to talk to Dawn," were all thoughts that went through her head in rapid succession. The two sisters watched with interest at how the new teacher reacted and laughed.

They then turned and walked out the door, calling back over their shoulder, "See you tomorrow Miss Hauser, all of you."

Sandy was now alone in her room. She was shaking and her stomach was feeling nauseous. Sandy reached into her purse and grabbed her cell phone and dialed Dawn's number. She had to talk to her now.

Dawn's phone went directly to voice mail. Sandy left a message to call her as soon as possible. She was afraid the two young women, and possibly their parents, knew what happened in Mexico. What Sandy didn't know was that Susanna had arranged for Dawns cell phone to be stolen. They didn't want the two sluts to communicate just yet. Sandy finished gathering her stuff and rushed out the door to her apartment. She was so nervous and scared she couldn't think. As she stood in her living room she decided to fix herself a drink to calm down. That quickly led to another. and another. and another. About an hour later, Sandy, very drunk after all those drinks on an empty stomach, noticed something else. She was aroused!
Ever since the two Divas from her previous school had stripped her in her classroom and made her lick their shoes, it had become one of Sandy's favorite fantasies of being dominated in school. Particularly by young dominant women. Now at the new school the two most beautiful and powerful students could have something to dominate her with and Sandy was incredibly aroused. Maybe it was because she was drunk but her cunt was positively dripping.

As she lay on her couch she unbuttoned her top, undid the front clasped bra and exposed her tits. As she drifted off into fantasy land, dreaming of Anita and Susanna stripping her and dominating her in the classroom, her left hand started to caress her tits and pinch her nipples. The harder she pinched, the more the pain increased, the more aroused she became.

After a couple of minutes she couldn't stand it anymore and quickly removed all her clothes and ran to her closet where the suitcase was that had all the toys from Mexico. She didn't know why she hadn't thrown them out but right now she needed them.

As she opened the suitcase, she was fantasizing about the two Mistresses' ordering her what toys to select. Sandy was completely into her fantasy. She wasn't in her room; she was in her classroom, naked in front of the two beauties. Anita, looking at the case, ordered Sandy to remove a set of nipple clamps, shackles for her ankles and wrists, collar and leash, a ball gag, and an anal plug. Sandy quickly grabbed the items and dreamed of taking them over by her desk. Susanna then instructed Sandy to lock the collar around her neck, and put the gag on. Sandy did as she was ordered and also locked the shackles on her ankles and wrists. She was now completely restrained locked away by her own hands. Sandy then grabbed the remaining items and put the clamps on her aroused nipples. The pain, though intense, just amplified her arousal. All that was left was the anal plug. Sandy realized that in order to get this into her it was going to take some work. She hobbled to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of vegetable oil and proceeded to lube the plug and her ass. After inserting first one finger then two she was able to relax her sphincter what she hoped was enough to insert the plug. As she placed the plug at her ass, she fantasized Anita warning her that if she couldn't get it in she would be led out into the hall to find someone who could. Sandy then shoved hard and pushed it past the tight ring of her ass as the pain spread through her body. Sandy was now kneeling in her kitchen, naked, shackled, clamped, plugged, gagged and collared, dreaming she was at school in front of the two dominating women. Her arousal was through the roof. She took both hands and started to work on her cunt, one rubbing her clit rapidly and the other inserting two then three fingers into her cunt and fucking herself. Sandy was oblivious to the outside world. She was in her classroom submitting to the women. She could feel her climax approaching and pushed harder to move herself over the edge. When the orgasm hit, it was like nothing she had ever experienced. She collapsed onto the floor and her whole body shook violently. This continued for several minutes. When the effects of the violent orgasm began to diminish, Sandy couldn't move, she just lay in the middle of her kitchen floor and slept. About an hour later, Sandy woke from her stupor and realized what she had done. She looked at herself, bound, gagged, and plugged and cried in embarrassment. "What is wrong with me?" Then Sandy thought about her predicament. She had grabbed the shackles and collar and locked them on herself, but she didn't know where or if there were any keys. She jumped up and hobbled to the suitcase and began to frantically look for the keys. Sandy quickly turned over the case and dumped everything out on the floor. As she pawed through the many items there were no keys to be found. The longer she looked the more panicked she became.

Finally after about ten minutes and no keys, she inspected the suit case more closely. At first she didn't see anything, but then on the very bottom there appeared to be a zipper to a hidden pouch. She opened the pouch, and inside were several keys. Breathing a sigh of relief she quickly tried the keys till she was free. After removing the shackles and handcuffs, Sandy lay down on the floor amongst the toys scattered about. She still had the gag, clamps and plug on or in her body She fell into a deep sleep not knowing what was to happen and at the moment not really caring.

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