tagFirst TimeTeacher, Teacher Ch. 03

Teacher, Teacher Ch. 03


I slept well Wednesday night, my first threesome having exceeded my wildest expectations and building my sexual confidence to a zenith I would never have thought about two weeks ago. My anxiety about the night was now gone and my muscles had been quick to relax and allow me to fall into a deep sleep. I don't remember dreaming but I awoke Thursday morning with full-blown erection and was humping the mattress. This was not just morning wood or a piss hard-on. I was already in a state of full arousal with no recollection of why.

I thought back to last night and how easy it had been to pick up Tina and set her down on my eight-inch monster. I remember the charge going through my dick while I watched as Tina and Linda were kissing like lovers who had been apart for weeks. It was so sensual watching two beautiful women kissing that I had hated to interrupt it. But I was glad that I had been a part of that magical night.

I thought about jerking off, but then I never knew what to expect when I went to school now, so I didn't want to waste a load. I threw the covers off and rolled over onto my back, allowing the cool air to help calm down the wooden pole between my legs. As my prick began to shrink, I could feel a large amount of precum ooze out the softening head and I reached down to capture it.

I thought back to Lori after she had played with her pussy in class and then rubbed a finger across my lips as we were leaving, teasing me with the delicious nectar of her pink orchid. I brought the large dollop of my own juice to my lips and tasted it, letting it float on my tongue for a few seconds before swallowing. It was a little salty but not an unpleasant taste and my cock started to rise again. I quickly put the thought out of my head and got out of bed.

I turned on the light and looked around my room, still slightly disoriented. It was earlier than I normally got up, but there was no going back to sleep now. I pulled on my bathrobe and decided to shower and get ready for school. The house was quiet and I was doing my best to keep it that way after having run into my scantily clad mother a few times recently.

I felt a little more refreshed and clear-headed after the shower and was looking forward to going to school and hopefully attending every class. I looked in the mirror one last time, now more concerned about my appearance than I had ever been before. The face looking back at me seemed older and more serious than the young man that looked back at me just a couple weeks ago. Was I growing up too fast?

Hell no! I was having fun and growing up, not growing old. I thought I was keeping my head on straight and making mature decisions about my relationships, even if I hadn't really had any relationships before. The three girls my own age that I had sex with were all friends that I had known for several years at least. And the teachers were older and wiser than me, I thought, so why question their judgment about our relationship. I wasn't looking for love from them. I was happy to be their fuck-toy.

I smiled at my reflection as I thought about fucking all these beautiful women in the last two weeks and I started to get a rise again. I stroked it a few times and looked at the reflection again, amazed that such a large, firm cock actually belonged to me and using it came so natural. After that first incident a few years ago when I lost my virginity, I thought I would never be able to control this monster that created the uncontrollable urges in me. It was still hard to control, erections happening without any help from me, but around the right women, I could be a man among boys.

My mind now occupied again, I exited the bathroom with my robe open and of course, there was Mom again, almost bumping into me as I walked out with my head down in thought and a shit-eating grin on my face. She was wearing a long, light-blue negligee that was totally transparent with the bathroom light streaming onto it. Her large round orbs had very little sag to them and the dark brown areolas seemed to glow as my eyes feasted on them. Needless to say my swelling manhood began to stiffen even more and my mother was watching in fascination.

"Good morning sweetie. I think we need to have a talk," she said, taking my hand and pulling me into the bathroom with her. She was so nonchalant, like she was going to ask me what I wanted for breakfast.

Her entire body was now clearly on display as the bright bathroom lights illuminated her skin through the sheer blue material giving an angelic sort of glow. The stretched skin around her nipples glistened like brown velvet. I could see her well defined bush and the swollen lips peeking through the blonde jungle.

"I do have to pee first sweetie," she said, raising the gown and spreading her legs as she sat down.

It gave me the briefest unobstructed view of the glorious opening from which I came into this world. And then I heard the light spray followed by quiet tinkling as the steamy droplets fell into the cold water of the bowl. Through it all her eyes stayed transfixed on the monolith between my legs, the head now engorged and a deep purple, aching for some action. My penis didn't care if the woman before me was my mother; my penis only cared that the woman before me was beautiful and desirable and obviously attracted to it.

"You know honey, there is nothing wrong with a boy your age masturbating so that you don't go around with that problem all day. If you're not sure what to do, I can teach you a few ways to relieve yourself," she stated quietly as she reached for my tool and began to softly stroke it, her electric fingers running from the head to the base and back again.

"Mom, I know how to take care of this. I'm not a ...." I paused, thinking twice about telling my mother that I wasn't a virgin. Besides, her hands felt so good on my prick, I wasn't sure I wanted her to stop. There was a charge building in my stiffened member, partially from my previous thoughts, but mostly because of the delicate touch of my mom's soft fingers as they continued to stroke me.

I remembered the feeling of those same soft fingers as they would gently rub my back when she put me down for my nap. There was something different in the feeling of her fingers gliding gently up and down the sensitive skin of my hardened shaft. All those years of love were channeled through her fingers now. That is what was different from every other woman who had touched me. They may have liked me or lusted for me, but my mother loved me and I could feel that difference in her touch. It wasn't just about the sex. She genuinely wanted to help me feel better.

Her thoughts seemed distant as her eyes remained glued to the monolith before her. As a large dollop of lubricant escaped the engorged head, she easily spread it the entire length of my prick. Her delicate touch suddenly becoming a tight grip as the lubricant allowed her to speed up her stroking with the reduced friction. It started feeling more like fucking than a hand job as her fingers wrapped tighter, her left hand now coming up to cradle and then gently tug on my balls. She was a pro at this, probably from doing it the last twenty years with my father.

"You know honey, your father and I did a lot of sexual experimenting when we were younger, even after we were married. We did some swapping and enjoyed sex. You shouldn't be afraid to get out there with some young women and try sex as long as you are careful and smart about it."

Her voice was soft and sweet like she was reciting poetry instead of seducing her son. Could I really be seduced if it was something I had craved my entire life? I grew up listening to that soft, sexy voice emanating from this goddess that I called mom.

She continued to stroke me as we both started breathing deeper. Young women, older women, even my own mother, I wanted sex with all of them. I couldn't believe how incredible her hands felt as she continued to stroke and caress my swollen cock and sensitive ball sac. I was about to blow my load on my mother and wasn't even thinking or caring about any consequences. I was fairly sure the forbidden nature of our act was responsible for the increased sensitivity of the nerve endings in my swollen rod.

I had fantasized about this since the first time I had seen her in a bikini and rubbed suntan lotion on her soft, pink skin, but I had told myself that it could only be a fantasy and never really expected my dreams to be realized. Now I could feel the cum churning deep within me as my mind fought the battle between fantasy and reality. Up, down, and around she stroked my over-stimulated pecker never breaking her rhythm as she sought to satisfy the needs of her son.

I was mesmerized by how beautiful and sexy my mother was as I stepped closer to her while she slowly stroked my burning rod. It was like I was watching a movie as she leaned forward and sucked the glistening purple head between her full moist lips. She slowly swallowed half my length while her hand squeezed and I felt that last sudden expansion in my cock as I exploded, feeling the burning hot liquid as it travelled the long road through my monstrous prick until it splashed against the back of her throat. She continued to suck and swallow and I continued to spurt forth more seed, my head spinning as the lights flashed in my brain and the nerve endings tingled from my cock to my toes and back again.

Her hand tightened and nostrils flared as she searched for air, her mouth full of cock and cum. Her skin turned pinkish and her left hand was digging into her thigh like she was trying to stop any stimulation she felt. I found out later that I had read her reaction wrong. She finally released me after swallowing the entire load, a small smile forming on her lips as she felt she had done her motherly duty by helping her son through a 'hard' morning. She calmly grabbed a wad of toilet paper and dabbed her pussy dry, standing and flushing the toilet. She looked back at me and down at my still hard member, and the smile slowly faded.

"Don't worry mom. It seems to be normal for me. He'll calm down at some point." I paused, bringing my right hand to her cheek. "But thank you. That was fantastic." And I leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. I could feel the electricity again as she kissed back with a passion I hadn't expected. She reached for my prick again as if she was the one now mesmerized, her delicate fingers sending that same charge the length of my steel rod.

My nostrils flared as I tried to suck in more air while my tongue slid between her lips. My right hand came up to cup her ample breast, rolling and squeezing the mound until I felt the nipple elongating, begging for attention. The sheer material of her gown reminded me how it had felt when I ran my fingers along the red nylons leading to Linda's thighs. I wanted nothing more now than to make passionate love with my mother, but she came to her senses and broke the kiss.

"We need to talk more about this, but not now. There is a lot I have to tell you and it's hard to explain and may be hard to hear, but you're old enough now to hear it and make your own decisions. I hope I haven't scarred you and I hope you will understand when I explain everything to you. Now go get ready for school." She reluctantly released my hard-on, her eyes staring down at the burning red flesh, afraid to look me in the eyes.

I closed my robe, taking one last, longing look at my mother in all her beautiful slutty glory. The outfit was obviously chosen for my seduction. The dense but light colored bush couldn't hide her now very swollen pussy, the long wings spreading it open, a sign of how sexually agitated she really was. I wanted to return the favor and give her release, but I knew it wasn't what she wanted right now. Dad could take care of her after I left for school. I turned and left the room, shutting the door behind me to give her time to compose herself.

Well, if I wasn't sexually confused and fucked up before, I certainly was now. My mom had just given me a blow job and I felt like it was the most natural thing in the world. The woman who had given birth to me and nurtured me, who had cuddled me when I was afraid, who had taught me reading and arithmetic when I was four, was now one of my sexual conquests. She said I would understand when she explained it so I would just have to trust her judgment and wait for "The Talk". Being around the other beautiful women in my life at school might help keep my mind off my mother for the rest of the day.

I didn't eat breakfast, just dressed and headed to the bus stop. I was early of course and the first one there. The crisp morning air felt good as I tried to clear my mind and the visions of my lovely mother and her shapely, womanly body. Those long wings that had spread open her blonde forest were far larger than any of the girls (or women) I had been having sex with these last two weeks. I was pretty sure that a boy's sexual attraction to a beautiful mother was not uncommon, but consummation of those feelings was considered deviant behavior. I thought I should feel guilty, but it had felt so right that I had no feelings of guilt.

I didn't have long to dwell on it as another vision of loveliness approached. Ione was also early and her gorgeous smile and bouncy walk quickly chased away thoughts of my mother. She was wearing a short, navy blue skirt with no stockings and a tight, light blue pullover top and short white jacket. Obviously wearing the sports bra, her boobs were large but fairly still, yet those hips were bouncing from side to side in exaggerated fashion as she approached me. She hopped the last step up to me and planted a sweet, warm kiss on my lips.

She wasn't wearing any lipstick and had just a light amount of eye make-up knowing she would just mess it up in first period gym class. Her full red lips looked just as kissable and she tasted just as sweet as our first kiss. Her 18-year-old skin didn't really need any make-up but I knew she would put it on after gym class anyway just because that's what girls do.

"Hello beautiful. You're here bright and early this morning," I said, trying to sound as normal as possible after what happened to me this morning.

"Well, I wanted to make sure we had a few extra minutes. I have an away game this afternoon and then I have to clean the house and do homework tonight so I won't see you again after lunch." Her hand was on my waist as she pulled me close for another kiss, a little more passionate this time.

My rise started immediately and I wrapped an arm around her as well, pulling her close enough to feel the bulge as it expanded in my pants. I ground my hips into hers and she pushed back, anxious for her pussy to make contact with the swelling in my pants. She then broke the kiss, looking around to see if anyone was watching as she realized we were out in the open where anyone could watch us.

"I guess I better calm down," she said. "I have a big game today and I need to stay focused. They're the number two team and we can lock up the championship and go to the states if we beat them today."

"Hey, you guys are a lock. You have Betty pitching today. Nobody hits her. And when you make the states, you'll play on a weekend so I'll be able to come and watch you play. You're right. You just stay focused." I backed up a little bit and smiled, looking deeply into those emerald eyes and thought about our plans for the weekend.

As the other kids started showing up, we just continued talking about today's game. It was the same on the bus with everybody excited that the school could have its first championship team. The school had only been around 5 years and the closest we had come before was the boy's basketball team finishing third two years ago.

When the bus got to school, she went right to the gym while I sat around with George and Jeff and talked sports until we went to the computer lab. It became a typical mundane Thursday start and then I headed off to English class, visions of last night with Tina and Linda quickly coming back to me. Mom and Ione had temporarily pushed the visions and actions of last night into the deep, dark recesses of my mind, but they were now front and center as I stared at Tina in her black leather outfit. The clothes and her demeanor seemed to scream "I am sex. All bow down to the queen of debauchery."

She had a look of control in her eyes today. She had taken control last night and orchestrated our every move even though she was the younger female. The smallest one in our group also had the most dynamic personality and she reveled in that control that she wielded over us. The devious grin she shot at me said that she enjoyed last night and I had no doubt that I had missed out on quite a bit of action, but I had been sated and knew that I had to be alert for classes today.

Her expression changed as Ione came into class and plopped down in her chair next to me. Her hair was slightly damp from her after gym shower, but it only added to her sensuality. Tina's eyes were smoldering as she openly stared at Ione, and I could see the slight intimidation on Ione's face as she eyed the sexy nymph standing in front of her. Their eyes locked and I knew then that the lioness had selected her next prey.

I didn't know if I should be jealous or turned on at the possibility of these two beautiful women having sex. Ione had a hungry but confused look in her eyes, almost like Linda had that day in the school parking lot when Tina first started the suggestive glances and intimate touches. I placed my hand on top of hers and squeezed, breaking the trance she was in and eliciting a slight frown from Tina.

Tina's voice was terse as she started the class and the irritation in her voice lasted the entire class, as if she was mad at the world now. When class was over and she dismissed us, she asked to see me up front. I told Ione to wait outside and I would walk her to her next class. As I approached Tina, that seductive smile I had seen last night returned to replace her frown.

"Did you enjoy last night, Joey?" she asked innocently. "You left rather early." There was a bit of sarcasm and teasing in her voice now, as if she was treating me like a little boy she could bully. I didn't know how she could change intonations so easily.

"It may have been early for you, but I have a test today and need to be alert. Besides, you seemed to want some alone time with Linda." It was my turn to sound irritated.

"Don't be jealous," she smiled. "I'm not trying to steal anybody away from you."

I wasn't sure if she was referring to Linda or Ione now. That sexy, impish face could hide so much and at the same time bend you to her will. I didn't know how to respond so I just turned and left. Ione was waiting for me.

"Everything OK?" she asked, obviously concerned about the look on my face.

"Sure sweetie," I said, giving her a soft peck on the lips as a smile returned to my face and masked my true confusion about the situation. "She just wanted to be sure you were feeling okay for the big game today."

"She's one of our biggest fans," she beamed. "She hasn't missed a game all year. Coach lets her ride on the team bus with us and she even helps clean up the locker room after games."

If she had been a man, she would have been locked up as a pervert. But being a bi-sexual woman gave her free access to all the lovely naked, young bodies in the girl's locker room without raising suspicions. She could easily pick out her prey based on their reactions to her innuendos. She had easily been able to read the desire in my eyes, a desire that all men had for her. But recognizing and fostering that desire in an older woman like Linda said that she had been doing this for a long time now in spite of her young age.

I didn't know if she was really a predator looking for conquests, or was like me, someone with an overactive sex drive that was looking for like-minded people to enjoy it with. I knew I would have sex with her again no matter what I thought her motives were. The sex with her and Linda last night had been fantastic, the excitement partially fueled by the kinkiness of my first threesome, but also by my desire for her and that petite body that hid the sex-hungry woman inside her.

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