Teacher, Teacher Ch. 04


She took the cloth and rinsed it in hot water and then passed it back to me. I rinsed off her pussy and she turned around so I could do her ass. The hole was red and looked sore, giving me slight feelings of guilt for what I had done, but I placed the warm cloth against the brown bud and she sighed. I handed the cloth back to her and stood up. She kissed me and then rinsed it off again.

She bent over and slowly ran the cloth up and down over both legs, enjoying the show she was putting on for me. She patted herself dry and then quickly slipped the blouse and skirt on like nothing had happened.

"You better get dressed. You're going to look pretty silly walking downstairs naked in front of two teachers." She turned and went back to the bedroom.

I quickly pulled my clothes back on and went back to the bedroom to find her sitting in front of the mirror and applying make-up. She added a little pink lip gloss and then picked up a bottle of perfume from the table and placed a drop behind each ear and then up under her skirt. She paused and then added another drop around her navel before placing the bottle back.

I came up behind her and kissed her on the neck, the powerful aroma exciting me even more. My hands came around and cuddled her breasts while I softly kissed her neck. But she gently grabbed my hands and stood up, turning to face me.

"Come on Joey. It's showtime."

We got back downstairs as Tina sat on a loveseat with Mary and handed her a glass of white wine. Tina had a hungry and devilish look in her eye as they tapped glasses and sipped the cool liquid refreshment. There were two bottles of beer on the coffee table in front of the sofa so Ione and I each took one and sat down across from them.

"It's about time you kids got down here. I thought I was going to have to start this party without you."

"I didn't realize this was going to be a party," I lied. "I thought it was just going to be friends having a couple drinks." My smile told Tina I knew exactly what she had planned.

I gazed at the women across from me curious about the combinations that might occur this evening. Tina had her legs up under her on the loveseat, but with such a short skirt, her ass was in plain view, albeit covered in black pantyhose. All but two buttons were undone on her shimmering blouse and her right nipple was in clear view from this angle. Her heels were gone and her small delicate feet looked very sexy encased in the sheer black hose.

Mary looked refreshed and had obviously touched up her make-up as well. Though she still had plenty of cleavage exposed, the breasts seemed to be sagging slightly until I realized she had removed her bra. Her wide nipples were just beginning to push against the soft material of her dress. The bottom of her dress had ridden up slightly when she sat down, bringing the tops of her stockings into view as well as the straps on her garter belt. It looked very sexy but my eyes continued upward until I saw what looked like hair.

She must have removed her panties while cleaning up and given how wet they had been,that shouldn't have surprised me. She obviously didn't trim her pubic hair at all. A little twist and most of her hairy mound came into view. Ione began to rub my leg and I could tell she had the same views I did.

"I thought we could start out by playing a little game. Who can find the weed? You ask questions and I'll answer. Joey, you go first."

"Okay, is it in this room?" I asked.

"Yes," she nodded. "Next question."

"Is it in a piece of furniture?" I continued.

"Nope. Mary, it's your turn."

"Well, is it in a jar or vase of some kind?"

"Oh no. Way off. Ione, sweetie, it's your turn." Tina looked excited now as she sat upright and placed her feet on the floor.

"Hmm, it's in the room but not in furniture or a container. Is it on your body?" she smiled quizzically.

"Oops. Yes it is. Now you just have to figure out where."

Tina was absolutely glowing now as she stood up and Ione got up and walked over to her. With both girls in bare feet, Ione towered over Tina. She stood just inches away as she stared at her beautiful teacher, her cheeks turning red in embarrassment at having to undress this lovely little sprite with her eyes. Her fingers started to run through Tina's hair but quickly pulled away.

"Well, you're not wearing a wig so it's not in your hair."

She walked slowly around Tina getting ever so close. With her nose just millimeters from Tina's neck, she inhaled her perfume and her eyes closed, enchanted by the sweet scent. She was biting her lower lip like she had before when she had naughty thoughts. She came back around front, her fingers undoing the last two buttons and opening the front of her blouse just enough for her to see the tiny tits with their hard little nubbins.

"Well," she coughed, "nothing hiding in here. Everything is in plain sight."

As she kneeled in front of Tina, my cock started to throb again. She placed her hands on Tina's hips and smoothed them down the short skirt until she reached the pantyhose. She placed both hands on Tina's right leg and ran them slowly down the entire length, even caressing the tops of her feet. We could hear the bristling of Ione's fingernails as they softly raked over the nylon.

"Well, I didn't think this was going to be a police search," Tina smiled nervously, more than a little turned on by Ione's actions.

Ione just smiled up at Tina, her eyes obviously looking up underneath her skirt while doing it. She moved her hands to the top of Tina's left foot and then slowly ran them up her leg only this time she didn't let the skirt get in the way. Her hands continued up underneath the skirt until Mary gasped at the direction this search was going. Ione just smiled at her staying in total control of the situation.

"Tina, didn't you once tell me you had done gymnastics in high school?" Ione asked innocently.

"Well, yes darling but what does that have to do with the game?"

"Well, you should be able to do a handstand then. Or maybe a headstand if that's easier."

Tina barely hesitated as she placed her head on the floor and positioned her arms, kicking her legs straight up. The skirt came flopping down and her blouse toppled down now that all the buttons had been undone. Her ass looked perfect encased in the black nylon with no panties on underneath it. Mary seemed more enthralled by the tiny tits that were now totally exposed to her gaze.

Ione was still on her knees, her face just above Tina's crotch as she stared at the swollen pussy lips in front of her. Without being asked, Tina did a split, lowering her legs and opening her pussy even more. This time the gasp came from Ione. That gasp also seemed to break Tina's concentration and she started to lose her balance.

Tina quickly raised her legs again trying to regain her balance and Ione grasped her by the hips to make sure she didn't fall. Her mouth was now just inches from that mouthwatering pussy and her nostrils flared as she inhaled the womanly scent. Her eyes closed briefly but then her hands went back to work.

She started to slowly roll the pantyhose from Tina's hips while she held her up. We all watched intently as an inch of flesh was exposed. Then another inch and her navel was bare. Slowly she revealed slightly more flesh, my cock pounding at the tease. It was too late to stop now and Ione knew it.

She rolled another couple inches until the edge of Tina's dark pubic hair crept into view. Since Tina hadn't said anything, we could only assume that Ione was on the right trail to finding the weed. She rolled the pantyhose a couple more inches, still trying to hold Tina up as she was now having extreme difficulty focusing on her form. Plus she had been upside down for several minutes now.

That swollen, glowing red pussy was now in view and I moved closer to get a better view of the action. Mary moved over to my side to watch as well. I looked at Mary and cocked an eyebrow towards Tina's hips and Mary read my mind and moved into place on her other side. We each took a leg and continued to roll up the pantyhose while Ione focused on the juicy red meat in front of her. She was taking deep breaths now as the pussy slowly opened wide to her view, the glistening droplets of moisture evidence of her lustful need.

Losing our patience, Mary and I removed the hose completely and this allowed Tina to do another split her pussy opening wide with nothing to confine her movements anymore. A smile came over Ione's face as she leaned forward ever so slowly until her mouth was just an inch away from contact with that juicy morsel.

Tina was gasping and I wasn't sure if it was from the exercise or the erotic excitement of what was happening. She said nothing as there were no more clues needed. Mary and I watched in amazement as Ione kissed the lovely pubes and then stuck her tongue inside. Tina let out a deep, low moan at the contact and appeared to lose all her strength as Mary and I held her up.

As Ione began to slowly rise up, a small plastic bag between her lips was oozing out of the tight pussy. She met with some resistance until Tina relaxed her cunt muscles and the baggie popped out with several joints already rolled inside. Ione sat back with the bag in her mouth as she tried to suppress her shit-eating grin at having solved the mystery.

The baggie was wet with Tina's joy juice and Ione began to move it in and out like she did with my cock. She was sucking up all the fluid and apparently enjoying it very much. I grabbed Tina by the waist and then picked her up and flipped her around so she was upright. Her legs were wobbly and she reached for me to steady herself. When her hand glanced over my turgid member, she looked down to see the outcropping in my slacks. She blatantly placed her hand back on my tumescence and grabbed and stroked it while Mary looked on. Ione was still preoccupied with giving the bag of pot a blowjob.

With her blouse wide open and a skirt so short it no longer provided protection, Tina removed her clothes and plopped her nude body in Ione's lap. Ione gazed in admiration at the naked beauty before her, her hand naturally coming up to fondle the tiny breasts presented for her approval. She tweaked the nipples and smiled but said nothing. Tina leaned in and started a slow, sensual kiss and Ione returned the passion as she wrapped her arms around her.

From our vantage point, Tina's ass was now angled up in the air and beads of excitement were dripping from her pussy. I looked at Mary who was blushing bright red but couldn't take her eyes off the scene in front of her. I slipped my hand around Mary's waist and pulled her towards me. She looked at me totally confused about what we should do next. I kissed her deep and hard trying to get her attention off the girls and back on my needs.

She kissed me back, meeting my passion, then ran one hand up my chest while the other stroked the bulging member in my slacks. But she caught movement out of the corner of her eye and had to turn and watch the lovely ladies. Ione had leaned down to take a stiff nipple between her soft lips and was sucking it gently while making low guttural sounds. Tina was breathing deeply, having waited all year for her chance to bed my buxom friend.

I took Mary's hand and led her to the stairs, having her sit on the second stair. I sat down behind her on the third stair and we now had a side view of the sexy nymphs even though we were several feet farther away from them. As they started kissing again, I slipped my hands down the front of Mary's dress and massaged the mammoth globes beneath. The nipples were as wide as quarters and now elongating from my touch.

This was probably my first childhood sexual fantasy. At first it had just been about kissing her, but then I had become enamored by the soft, bulging cleavage that was always exposed and I would dream of what it would be like to lay my head on those soft pillows of flesh. Now many years later, I was getting a dream come true by actually caressing the gigantic melons. They were more than I had ever dreamed of as I softly rubbed the huge nipples between my thumb and forefinger.

Mary watched in awe as Tina stood up on the sofa and offered her dripping crack to Ione's waiting lips. As Ione sucked on an outer lip, Mary moaned softly and leaned back against me, her back now pushing on the encumbrance in my pants. She watched as Ione's tongue came out and lapped up the juices flowing from Tina's pussy. Mary placed her hands over mine and squeezed hard signaling her need for something not so gentle.

The effect of our little voyeuristic escapade now evident, I unzipped her dress and she numbly stood up and let it fall to her feet. While some sagging of her breasts was expected from this middle aged beauty, there was quite a bit less than I had expected. While there was no question you could hide a pencil beneath them, her boobs stood out firm and proud with the largest nipples I had ever seen, including in any of the girly mags I had viewed.

The garter belt didn't hide her flat tummy but her overgrown bush completely obscured her pussy lips. The pale white skin on her thighs led down to the sexy stockings which only enhanced her long, athletic legs. For a woman with so little self-esteem, she kept herself in fantastic shape.

Still standing on the stairs, she began to roll her back against my bulge as I roughly grabbed her ample flesh and tweaked the enormous nipples. She was breathing hard and was losing interest in the two women on the sofa as I nibbled her ear and the nape of her neck. She turned around quickly, her boobs ripped from my hands, and undid my belt and snap. I thought she would tear my slacks as she ripped down the zipper and pulled out my sticky cock. A large spot of goo had leaked through my briefs and the engorged purple head was now glistening with this same lubricious fluid.

She swirled her tongue around it capturing the salty liquid and relishing the taste. She took half the length in her mouth and sucked hard while her hand squeezed the base. I lay back on the stairs and watched as this lovely woman from my childhood fantasies gave me an experienced blowjob. There was a hunger in her as she voraciously attacked my rigid tool, milking me like a horse in heat. I no longer cared about losing Ione to Tina. I wanted to bed this woman and feed the hunger that had evidently been building in both of us over the years.

I regretfully removed my cock from her luscious lips and stepped out of my pants. I pulled down my briefs and pulled off my shirt, taking her hand and leading us upstairs to Tina's bedroom. I yanked the covers off the large bed before taking her in my arms and kissing her hard and passionate again. She seemed to want it rough so I was trying to change my style and get down and dirty with her.

I lifted one of her gigantic breasts and planted my lips over the enormous nipple. I sucked hard for a few seconds before biting down on it and she gripped my head and held it in place, thrilling at the ache it caused inside of her. My boner now straight up was sandwiched between our bodies and I began to shift my hips up, fucking her surprisingly taut belly. With all the juice escaping from that little eye, it felt liking fucking a juicy pussy. I turned to look at the mirror and she followed my gaze. She was stunning in nothing but the lacy, white garter belt and taupe nylon stockings.

She wanted more and started to reach for my cock, but I evaded her grasp and knelt down for my first close-up of her hairy bush. This was a pubic area that was rarely trimmed if ever at all. The hair was still damp so I knew she had washed it clean when she was in the bathroom removing her panties. I spread the hair until I could find her opening, that sweet aroma now wafting towards my nostrils.

My tongue found the opening and dipped in to taste that heavenly elixir concocted by her mature vagina. Again I thought of the sweetness of honey as it flowed over my tongue and into my mouth. I sucked and drank, ramming my tongue deep inside her bottomless tunnel. I brought my thumb up to find her clit and was not at all surprised to find it proportionately large. I pushed hard on the long nub and then flicked it back and forth while my tongue continued to slide in and out of her.

She grabbed my head forcing me to remove my hand to gain back my balance. She rammed my face with her hairy twat, my nose now taking over the job my thumb had had. As I licked and sucked the large opening, my nose was being crushed against her clit and I was afraid she might break my nose as her hips slammed into my head. She was moaning loudly now and her breathing was clearly labored as her orgasm approached. Until tonight, it had been months since she had gotten off, and now she wanted to make up for lost time.

I was intoxicated from the sugary substance emanating from her body but focused now on making sure she got a climax to remember for all time. I abandoned her elixir of love and moved my lips to her clit, sucking it and slapping it with my tongue in rapid movements. She was grunting now and obviously close, so I took her clit between my teeth and clamped down instead of gently nibbling.

Her body went rigid and her breathing stopped as the ripples of ecstasy coursed through her body. Every nerve ending quivering in delight producing a high that she had never experienced before. Her eyes were glazed over and her body still trembling, but as soon as she started breathing, I sucked her clit again and another orgasm ripped through her body. Her moans could probably be heard by the neighbors, but I was sure they were used to the noises that came from this house of pleasure.

Copious amounts of her sweet cum now dripped down her legs and I captured it with my fingers and rubbed it on my cock. As she collapsed on the bed, her body slid along the black satin sheets. She reveled in the feeling, her hands roaming across the silky smoothness.

I slipped a little myself on the soft sheets but climbed on top of her and began to fuck her loose hole. I moved the angry purple head back to her clit as I had done at the bar and used it to diddle her to another quick orgasm. Her heightened sensitivity was going to bring her dozens of orgasms tonight.

With her body now physically drained, I moved my cock to her soft taut belly and began to fuck it as I tried earlier. Our two bodies together could produce a tighter feeling than I had felt when fucking her pussy. I did this for about ten minutes while we kissed like teenage lovers. Tongues danced between lips as we sucked the excess saliva from each other. I could feel my cock starting that final swell that signified I could no longer hold back.

Mary sensed it as well and grabbed my hips and pulled me higher on her body until my cock was nestled firmly between those soft, generous melons of flesh. She squeezed them together as I humped, the exquisite feeling very similar to fucking a tight pussy. She pulled on my hips until my cock met her mouth and then let me fall back between her breasts. I slowed down until we got a rhythm going where I could slip between her lips on every third plunge. In a matter of minutes the roiling liquid exploded from my cock like lava from a volcano. The milky liquid shot up to her mouth and then her boobs, before I settled back down to fuck that creamy, fleshy tunnel she had created with her melons.

As we both calmed down, she seemed embarrassed by what we had just done and pushed me off her while she rolled to her side afraid to look at me.

"Are you okay?" I asked, with true concern in my voice. "That was fantastic."

"You're just a child. I shouldn't have done that," the guilt now obvious from her tone of voice.

"I'm a man. My age didn't seem to bother you at the bar," I said placing my still hard cock between the soft round cheeks of her ass.

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