tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTeacher Teacher Ch. 06

Teacher Teacher Ch. 06


Just a word to the readers:

First let me apologize for taking so long to get this chapter submitted. I know where I want to go with the story line and how I want to finish it. But getting there from here will take a little while. I want to thank those of you who commented and suggestions help, even the negative ones. I want to hear from you. However if this fantasy is not for you, move on. There are much better authors and certainly every type of story and or fantasy on this website.

Second I want to thank the volunteer editors that have been working with me to make my story at least readable. But the key word here is volunteer. They have lives outside of helping hacks like me with my writing. So thanks to Whordinarygirl and hmauthor for all their help and putting up with me contacting them while trying to live their real lives. If you ever write a story for this site make sure you use an editor. You will be surprised at how many errors you make no matter how many times you proofread.

Third chapter 7 is at the editor and should be submitted soon and I am currently finishing chapter 8 so hopefully your wait will not be as long as it has been this time.

Synopsis: Two young teachers are enslaved by a powerful couple and given to their twin 18 year old daughters. The two teenagers took control of them on the second day of the new school year and proceeded to force them into increasingly depraved acts to eliminate any resistance and deepen their submission. Over the course of the next couple of days, the teachers were forced to endure the total loss of any control of their lives. They finished the weekend in a basement dungeon enduring a gang bang by five men who were very well endowed. Now it is Monday and they return to school as slut slave teachers, totally submissive to the two teenage student mistresses.

You should read the previous chapters to get a handle of their adventures so far.


Sandy woke to the alarm clock. It was still dark and she wasn't sure where she was or how she got there. She looked over at it and blinked her eyes trying to focus on the numbers. She rubbed her eyes scrapping off the crust coating them making it hard to focus. It was five thirty. How she got in her bed was a mystery. The last thing her foggy brain recalled was lying on a table and swallowing the largest cock she had ever seen. She slowly sat up on the side of the bed but couldn't sit straight. Her ass hurt too bad, it felt like she had passed a bowling ball. Her body felt like she had been run over by a truck and her pussy was on fire. She looked at her wrists and ankles, seeing bruises from the cuffs. As she stood, her legs were barely functioning as she staggered to the bathroom.

When she turned on the light and saw herself in the mirror, she started to cry. Her body was covered in dried cum. Her cunt was an angry red color and she wasn't sure if it would ever be the same again. She turned around and spread her cheeks and looked at her ass. She grimaced as there was dried blood in the crack and her rosebud was swollen and very red. She turned and looked at her face. Her hair was plastered to her face and her throat was raw. She turned on the water and started to splash her face to clear the fog, but then she remembered to check her instructions. As the fog started to clear, yesterday was slowly coming back to her. Sandy's memory was returning; her visit to the Martinez' mansion and most of what had happened was coming back to her.

Sandy walked out to the kitchen and on the table was a note, along with a large butt plug and Ben-Wa balls attached to it with a wire. She sat down and grimaced as the pain in her ass shot through her body. She picked up the note and read:

Good morning slut, here are your instructions for this morning.

  1. You are not to shower or clean up at all.

  2. You are to insert the plug in your ass and the balls in your slutty cunt.

Your breakfast is waiting in your bowls. Eat and use the bathroom.

  1. Put your coat on and drive to school, make sure you are there by six o'clock.

  2. Go to the boy's locker room. Your clothes will be in locker 100, along with anything you will need to get ready.

  3. Take a shower and stay naked and plugged while drying your hair and doing your makeup. Make sure you look as slutty as possible.

  4. When you finish, dress and go to your classroom.

  5. When you get there, strip and kneel by the door and wait on my arrival.

Hopefully I won't be late. I would hate for you to be discovered naked on your third day on the job. By the way, don't be late, the boys have early morning practice and start showing up around 7.

Sandy looked at the time; it was already 5:45. She would have to hurry to comply with her instructions. She quickly grabbed the plug and balls and walked to the bathroom. She sat down on the toilet and tried to go, but when she started to pee the pain was severe. When she started to shit, her ass screamed in pain. How was she ever going to put the new plug into her ass? It was at least twice as big as the last one. After she finished going and the pain lessened, she reached over and grabbed the lube and started to lube her ass. Even though it hurt like hell, she had no problem inserting two, then three fingers. Her ass was no longer tight after yesterday. She wondered if it would ever be the same again. With her ass greased, she took the plug and pushed it against her rosebud to slide it in. Surprisingly it went in without much resistance. She then took the balls and shoved them into her sore cunt.

Sandy stood and took a couple of steps getting used to the intruders inserted in her body. Her mind was now taking over as the humiliating tasks ahead started to arouse her abused body. Her cunt started to moisten and her nipples hardened. Sandy's humiliation training was taking hold and her mind was starting to crave the feeling.

She walked to the kitchen and knelt down and ate her breakfast of kibbles and drank some water. Everything tasted like cum even though there wasn't any on her food this time. She quickly finished her breakfast, stood, picked up her coat and walked to her car.

Dawn heard her alarm and woke from a sound sleep. She turned over and looked at the clock. It was five thirty; she remembered her instructions and got up. She padded to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Her hair was a mess and her lips were swollen. Dawn's body hurt but it wasn't as bad as she expected. Other than a sore throat and a very sore asshole she felt OK. She wished her mistress had given her permission to brush her teeth as all she could taste was cum. Hopefully when she got to school, she would be allowed to then. She walked to the kitchen and grabbed the plug and egg. The plug was noticeably larger than the one before. Dawn wasn't sure if she would be able to get it into her ass. She walked to the bathroom and grabbed the lube. She squeezed a large amount on her hand and rubbed it on the plug and egg. She then proceeded to spread it over her sore asshole. Although it burned, she was surprised her fingers easily inserted into her backdoor. Her ass was well stretched after yesterday's fuckfest. Dawn bent over and placed the plug at her opening and pushed. The plug pushed in almost halfway on the first push. She pulled it back a little and pushed again and it popped into her anal opening. Dawn started to breath as the intruder took some getting used to. She then grabbed the egg and gently pushed it into her cunt. As she walked out of the bathroom, she had a little trouble standing and walking as her body adjusted to the larger items inserted into her orifices. She grabbed her coat and headed to her car.

The drive to school took about 10 minutes. Dawn was fine sitting in the driver's seat even with her coat slightly open exposing her cunt. As soon as she turned onto the street and saw the school, the anxiety and gravity of her situation hit her like a ton of bricks. She was about to enter her school naked except for a coat that barely covered her. Her holes were plugged and she didn't know what she would be allowed to wear to class. She started to hyperventilate as she turned into the parking lot. Luckily there were only a couple of cars there. Hopefully she would be able to get to the girl's locker room without being seen. As she got out, her coat flew open and exposed her to anyone who happened to be looking. Dawn blushed, quickly wrapped it back around her body, and ran to the door.

Once inside, she realized that the locker room was on the other side of the school. She would have to walk past the main office and down the hall to reach it. Dawn tightly held the coat around her body but it did little good. Every step it parted and exposed her pussy. As she approached the office, she didn't see one of the assistants coming out of the break room.

Julie saw Dawn and noticed how she was dressed. She immediately noticed that she wasn't wearing anything under the coat and thought she saw something shiny dangling down her body. The last time she saw a teacher dressed like this she quit a few weeks later. Julie was surprised it was Dawn Reynolds, the 11th grade math teacher. Dawn was one of the prettiest teachers in the school. She knew that over the last few years there always seemed to be one teacher that pushed the dress code and there were always rumors about some of their actions. She also noticed that they always ended up in the principal's office and whenever they left, they seemed to be a little flushed. Julie made up her mind to keep an eye on her.

Dawn quickly hurried down the hall and entered the girl's locker room. She found locker 1200 and opened the door. She gasped when she saw the clothes she was expected to wear. Hanging there was a white scoop neck tee shirt that was very short. She looked at the size and it was an extra small. She normally wears a medium. Hanging beside it was a short, black, latex skirt. It was only about a foot long. On the bottom of the locker was a pair of 6" stiletto heels to complete the outfit.

Dawn was starting to panic. How was she going to be able to cover her chains attached from her tits to her cunt and teach her classes? She quickly took off her coat and ran into the shower. Dawn was worried that a student would walk into the room and catch her naked and plugged. She took probably the fastest shower on record. She looked around and there were no towels to be found. She realized that she would have to air dry or get dressed wet. She walked back to the locker and grabbed the cosmetic case and went to the sinks to put on her face and dry her hair.

Ten minutes later, she was back at the locker and started to dress. With no underwear, she slipped the top on and realized it was very tight and barely came down to her bellybutton. Her nipple rings and chains attached to them were easily noticeable. She then grabbed the skirt and slipped it past her hips. When she zipped it up and brought it up to her top, it ended up only a couple of inches below her cunt. If she pulled it down to make sure she didn't flash everyone her ass, there was a two inch gap between her top and skirt. That meant that her chains were in plain view. She slipped on the shoes and sat down on the bench and started to cry.

The humiliation came crushing down on her like a ton of bricks. The realization of her situation crushed her spirit. The thought of disobeying never entered her mind, but standing in front of a class or students dressed like this and exposing her slave chains was overwhelming.

She placed her coat in the locker and walked out the door. As she walked down the hall she passed a few students and staff. Dawn couldn't look them in the eyes. As she walked past them she heard whispers and giggles. She was in a constant state of embarrassment. But what was more humiliating was she was very excited. Her cunt was dripping and starting to leak down her thighs. Her nipples, already prominently displayed, were now fully aroused and threatening to poke holes through the thin top.

When she reached her room, she shut the door and dropped to her knees and cried. How she was going to survive the day was beyond comprehension. She sat there on the floor and waited for her mistress to arrive, hoping that she would bring her a more reasonable outfit.

Sandy arrived at school ten minutes after six. She was late, hopefully her mistress wouldn't find out. She parked near Dawn's car and rushed to the door. By the time she entered the schoo,l the Ben-Wa balls were working their magic. Sandy's cunt was drenched and starting to leak down her thighs. As she walked down the hallway past the office and turned the corner, she ran into Julie one of the office assistants. Sandy almost jumped out of her skin as she didn't expect to see anyone.

Julie looked at the nearly naked teacher walking barefoot through school wearing only a coat and gasped. "Miss Hauser! Why are you dressed like this and what is all over your body? You smell like, like sex!"

Sandy didn't know what to say. She stuttered and blushed down to her toes. "I - I - I was out late last night and decided to shower and dress here."

"But where are your clothes? You don't have any with you. And is that dried cum covering your face?" As she reached out and pulled open Sandy's coat, Sandy was panicking. She quickly pulled her coat closed and looked down at the ground. The humiliation of getting caught naked and covered in cum by Julie was overwhelming. Her mind was now taking over her body as the craving for humiliation and the accompanying arousal was peaking. She felt her pussy pulsing around the balls and her nipples were so hard they hurt. She looked at Julie and said, "I have clothes in a locker to wear, Miss Julie." As she tried to push past the stunned coworker to continue down the hall.

Julie was surprised by how Sandy Hauser addressed her. Something in her mind clicked and she decided to push the cowering teacher some more. "Stop right there, your classroom is in the other hall and this hallway leads to the boy's locker room. Why would you have clothes in there?"

Sandy stopped dead in her tracks. Time was getting away from her. Soon there would be boys showing up and she still needed to shower and dress. She needed to get away from this woman. "Please, I have to go clean up and dress. May I stop by after that and talk about this? Please?"

Julie walked around the panicked teacher and grabbed her coat. Sandy started to stop her but Julie slapped her hands. "Keep your hands down by your side." Sandy dropped her hands as Julie opened her coat and pushed it off her shoulders. As it fell to the ground, Julie gasped as she looked at the naked teacher. "Turn around and let me see you."

Sandy didn't think she could ever be more embarrassed than she was at this moment. She slowly turned around and displayed her body to her now dominating coworker. Julie laughed when she saw the large anal plug inserted in her ass. "What do we have here?" Julie grabbed the plug and moved it around in her ass.

Sandy moaned as Julie started to fuck her ass with the plug and said, "it's my anal plug, Miss Julie."

"You know, only a slut would report to work in this condition, SLUT." Sandy cringed at the words, but her mind was craving the attention. Her body was now beyond control and the whole world centered on her cunt. Sandy was about to orgasm right there in the main hallway, naked, in front of a coworker.

Julie released the plug and bent down and grabbed her coat. "OK slut, here is what is going to happen. You are going to go take your shower and dress. You will then go to your class and complete your day. After school you will come back to my office and we will continue what you will do to keep this private. Understand slut? I will give you your coat back then."

Sandy moaned as she realized she now had to make it to the locker room naked. She nodded her head and took off running down the hall to the locker room.

By the time she reached the locker room, the balls in her cunt were bouncing off her "G" spot and she experienced a massive orgasm. Sandy dropped to her knees as it coursed through her body, leaving her lying on the floor trembling. After what seemed like forever, but in reality was only a couple of minutes, she regained her senses and looked around her. She was lying on the floor just inside the locker room door. Sandy stood up and noticed that locker 100 was right beside her. If anyone entered, she would have no time to cover herself and getting caught was even more likely.

Sandy quickly opened the locker and grabbed the clothes, shoes, and cosmetic bag and ran to the showers. She threw everything on the counter by the sink and rushed into the large bay showers to clean up. She knew the time was getting short as the water cascaded down her body, but she couldn't drag her body away from the warm water. Five minutes later, Sandy strolled out and realized she had no way to dry her body. Sandy reached over and grabbed her dress and dried her face so she could apply her makeup. With nothing to dry her hair with she pulled it back and put it into a pony tail.

As she looked at her body in the mirror her shoulders slumped. Sandy no longer had any hope of escape. Even if her mistress released her, she had been caught naked in school by Miss Julie. In spite of this, Sandy's mind was wallowing in the humiliation. It was receiving what it needed and filling her body with the arousal and it craved more.

Sandy looked at the time and jumped. It was almost seven o'clock. There would be students arriving any moment. She was still naked and soaking wet. She grabbed the dress and looked at it. It was a lightweight halter dress. There was no back and the top had two very narrow strips that would cover her tits. When she slipped it over her head and it dropped down over her body, she realized it was very short, stopping just below her crotch. If she pulled the ties up so her tits were covered, it was so short her ass would stick out. When she dropped it down to cover her cunt, the back was below the crack of her ass and the strips barely covered her tits. There was no possible way she could teach dressed like this. But right now she needed to get out of the locker room. But she had little choice. She grabbed the cosmetic case, ran to the locker, threw it inside and ran out the door. Just as she stepped outside the locker room, she ran into two large black students. Sandy gasped as she ran into the nearest student and almost fell off her stiletto heels.

Jason and Thomas were just reaching the locker room door. They were there for morning weight training. Jason played middle linebacker for the football team. He stood 6' 4 tall and weighed 240 pounds. His body was sculpted and he was very handsome.

Thomas also played and was the starting running back. Thomas was only 5' 10 and 210 pounds he also was in great shape. Both young men were seniors and were noted players with the girls at school. Both had reputations for having large cocks and knew how to use them.

Thomas was holding his smart phone about to show Jason a new feature he just discovered with the camera feature on his phone when Sandy came rushing out of the locker room.

Jason grunted as Miss Hauser crashed into his chest. The last thing he expected was Miss Hauser running out of the boy's locker room. Before Sandy could move, he grabbed her and kept her from falling. In doing so, he grabbed her tits and they spilled out of her dress. Both boys broke out in wide grins looking at Miss Hauser's tits. Sandy blushed and spluttered a quick moan before she pushed his hands off her tits and put them back into her dress. Thomas with his phone out and ready quickly snapped a couple of pictures of the blushing teacher with her tits spilling out of her dress.

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