tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTeacher Teacher Ch. 09

Teacher Teacher Ch. 09


I want to thank you for all the comments on this story. They have all helped, even the negative ones. I am working towards the end and will have probably only one more chapter. Thanks again for all the help I get from the volunteer editors. Please remember that this is fantasy, if you don't like it move on, if you do like it vote. All comments are welcome; it brightens my day when I see someone has taken the time to tell me what they think.

Julie lay in bed, she was tied spread eagle and naked. She was gagged, blindfolded and had a headset covering her ears. Her mistress had placed clips on her nipples and labia. She had also inserted something in her pussy. Now the headset started to play some music. But Julie heard something in the background. She strained to hear what it was. As she listened intently she realized it was a voice. It was telling her things.

"You are a slut. You must obey your mistress. You love to eat cum. You love to expose your body."

Over and over the voice repeated the same thing. Julie quickly tuned out the voice. "There was no way this was going to work on her," she thought. But now the vibrator started to buzz, then something started buzzing on her clit. As the vibrations increased, so did her arousal. Higher and higher she went till just as she was about to climax it stopped. Julie groaned as the buzzing stopped but her arousal didn't. What didn't stop was the voice. It was constant, continuous, never ending, and always the same message. Then she noticed her nipples and labia were getting warm and tingling. At first it was just noticeable but it was building, warmer and warmer, and the tingling was intensifying. It was now painful and getting worse. Her nipples and cunt were on fire, and it felt like she was being shocked, almost like she was being electrocuted. She tried to move away but she was tied too tight to escape the pain. Just as she thought she might pass out it stopped. But the voice continued, never stopping its messages.

Julie's body was trying to relax after the painful experience when the vibrators started again. "OOOOOHHH," came the moan out of her throat. Her arousal returned quickly as the process started again. Julie's body was not given a break. The voice, the pain, the vibrations, over and over again, nonstop, Julie was no longer able to ignore the voice. It penetrated deep into her mind. As her body succumbed to the torture her mind was surrendering to the voice.

The mind bender was designed to bring anyone connected to it to the brink of orgasm but never let them achieve release. Then bring on pain till the body was consumed by it but never lose consciousness. The voice commands were designed to penetrate the mind, deeper and deeper as the body's defenses were worn down by the pleasure and pain cycles.

Julie had lost all sense of time. Her body was exhausted as the cycles continued, never ending, never a break. Now the voice's message had changed. It still repeated the messages it started with, but now there were more messages.

"You desire your son. You want to fuck him. You want to be his slut. You love to expose your body to him. You want his cum, you are addicted to cum, you cannot come without permission, and humiliation excites you."

Julie was now thinking about her son fucking her as the vibrations pushed her arousal to even greater heights. As her body was about to orgasm the pain started. Her brain was watching her son walk away from her and the subject of her desires was fading the pain increased. On and on it went cycle after cycle, pleasure, pain, pleasure, pain, pain, pain, pleasure never-ending. It was a total assault on her mind and body penetrating her very soul.

By the third hour Julie was no longer resisting. Her body had surrendered as well as her mind. The voice was now placing its message deep within her brain, implanting each statement as gospel.

The message had now changed again.

"You are a slave to your lust. You desire to serve. Your body craves cocks. You crave cum in and on your body. You will obey your mistress. You will not refuse your son. You will submit to his every desire. You crave humiliation, cum satisfies your cravings."

By the time the fourth hour was finished, Julie's mind was filled with the commands implanted by the voice. Her resistance was shattered. She would do whatever she was told.

Susanna, after connecting Julie to the mind bender, left the room and went out to the living room. She looked at her slave and said, "Get your coat. We are going out for a while." She led Dawn out to her car and drove to her house. She wanted to visit her mom and give her an update.

When they arrived she stripped her slave and sent her to her dad to use while visiting with her mom. Three hours later, her dad carried the worn out slut up to the family room. She was covered in cum and her body was covered with stripes where he had whipped her body. Dawn was barely conscious and could hardly walk.

Susanna drove back to the apartment anxious to see how the programming worked. Dawn was in the back seat oblivious the world. Susanna looked in the mirror thinking, "I'm not sure she's gonna make it to school tomorrow. I'll guess I'll find out tomorrow."

When they arrived at Dawn's apartment Susanna noticed the smell of sex in the air. She had Dawn lie on the couch while she went into the bedroom. It was over four hours since they had left. Julie was moaning and thrusting her cunt into the air. She was trying to pursue that climax that was just out of reach. Her body was covered in sweat and the sheets were soaked. Between her legs was a large wet area and the room reeked of pussy.

Susanna turned off the control and removed the blindfold. Julie blinked her eyes as they adjusted to the light. Julie wasn't sure where she was. But one thing was for certain, she had to come. Her body was so sexually charged she would fuck anything to come.

"Mistress, Oh God please let me come! I NEED TO COME. PLEEAASE LET ME COME!!"

"Settle down slut, let me release you first."

Susanna then set about removing the clips. When she released the clips on her labia the vibrator shot out of her cunt.

"Oh no. Please put it back and turn it on. Please mistress."

Susanna had never seen someone so horny before. Julie was panting and humping the air trying to find some kind of release.

As soon as Susanna released her arms and legs, Julie quickly grabbed the vibrator, turned it on high and shoved it deep inside her pussy. Susanna watched as Julie rapidly fucked her cunt trying to release all that sexual energy that was build up over the last few hours.

It took only a minute before her body went ridged and a moan escaped from her mouth as the orgasm exploded throughout her body. Julie's eyes rolled back into her head and she collapsed back in bed, her entire body convulsing in pleasure. It continued for several minutes and each time it seemed to lessen, she would start fucking her cunt again and another orgasm would explode out from her cunt.

Susanna waited till her new slave collapsed in exhaustion and fell asleep. She walked into the kitchen and fixed herself a drink of water. She turned on the TV and decided to wait for a while before she woke her and took her home.

Susanna waited for about a half hour before she woke up Julie. Julie looked up at her mistress with half opened eyes as her hand slid down to her cunt. She started to stroke her clit, when Susanna spoke.

"Stop that slave, you are not allowed to come. Move that hand away from your slutty cunt."

Julie's eyes opened wide as her hand quickly moved away from her clit. "What have you done to me? I am so horny, I need to come."

"I just opened you mind up a little. You are a natural slut. This training session just brought this out. I also implanted a few thoughts in there while I was at it. You might find it hard to resist your son from now on."

"Oh my God," Julie remembered the voice and what it said. Just the mention of her son made her arousal skyrocket.

"Need some relief, slut? Do you want some cum?" Susanna said while grabbing her nipples and rolling them between her fingers.

"OOOHHH GOD YES, I NEED CUM. Please mistress please I need relief, I can't stand this."

"Well slave, there is a slut lying on the couch, covered in cum, waiting for you to clean her off. Make sure you lick her ass as I'm sure it's filled with the precious liquid you desire."

Julie quickly rolled off the bed and crawled to the living room. Seeing Dawn lying on the couch, naked and covered in cum was like a dream come true. Julie crawled to the comatose slave and spread her legs. Looking down at Dawn's bare lips just inches in front of her face sent her arousal to an uncontrollable level. As she lowered her head she noticed it leaking cum down to the plug sticking out of her ass. Julie's mouth was watering as she extended her tongue and lapped up the nectar leaking from the slave. As soon as it hit her tongue a warm feeling spread throughout her body. Julie plunged her tongue deep into the depths on Dawn's channel sucking the precious liquid out and down her throat. The more she swallowed the more her body craved it. It was no different than a junkie shooting a fix. Julie continued to lick and suck till there was nothing left. She then went to work on the dried cum covering her body, eventually working her way to the sluts plugged ass.

Julie pulled the plug and quickly pushed it into her mouth; cleaning off anything deposited on it. As soon as it was clean she dropped her head and inserted her tongue into the dilated sphincter as far as she could, drinking the tasty cum oozing out from deep within the sluts ass. When she could no longer taste the liquid of her desires, she inserted her fingers up her rear passageway in search of more. As she probed deeper into Dawn's ass, Julie used first two, then three, then four fingers working to get deeper inside the sluts bowels.

Julie would not be stopped. When at last she needed to go further, she folded her thumb and shoved her hand deep inside Dawn's body.

Dawn's was only semi-conscious when Julie started to lick her pussy. After Susanna's father, the soft tongue felt wonderful. Her body was reacting to the constant attention and was working up to an orgasm when Julie moved to her ass. When she pulled the plug and started to fuck her ass with first her tongue and then her fingers, Dawn was inches from a massive climax, when her eyes flew open as Julie shoved her entire hand inside her body. As she pushed it deeper Dawn's breath caught and her entire body was centered on the hand in her ass. As Julie moved her fingers and twisted her wrist, Dawn exploded with a massive orgasm. With her legs pushed up to her chest and her ass filled with Julie's hand, Dawn's cunt was pointed straight up at Julie's face. When the orgasm exploded, her cunt squirted cum and bodily fluids directly at Julie.

Julie felt Dawn's ass clamp down on her wrist and watched as the slut lying in front of her climax. When her juices hit her face she quickly covered her cunt with her mouth and drank in the only thing that would satisfy her craving. As spurt after spurt shot down her throat, Julie's arousal and craving diminished. By the time that Dawn's body was spent, Julie's body was glowing as if she had just had an orgasm.

Both of the women collapsed and lie there unable or unwilling to move, simply relishing the feeling of satisfaction coursing through their bodies.

Susanna watched in amazement as Julie almost attacked the semi-conscious slut teacher and ended up fisting her to get her fix of cum. Now the two slaves we lying on the couch, Dawn again almost out of it, and Julie with her hand still in her ass and mouth still attached to Dawn's pussy quietly moaning. Susanna went to the table and wrote out Dawn's instruction for the next morning. She then turned, walked back to the couch to rouse her new slave.

"OK slut, it's time to go home. Get your shit together and get up. Julie looked up at her mistress and slowly pulled her hand out the Dawn's ass. When her hand was finally clear, she brought it up to her mouth to clean any cum that was clinging to her hand. Julie couldn't believe she was doing such a disgusting thing, but the training she just experienced simply wouldn't allow her to stop.

When she finished cleaning her hand, she stood and walked to the door, picked up her coat and followed her mistress to her car. She held the coat closed but really wasn't bothered with exposing her body any longer.

As they drove to Julie's house, Susanna looked at her slave sitting beside her in the front seat, staring out the window.

"When you get home slut, remove your coat by the door. Go up to your room naked. Take a shower and go to bed. Tomorrow you know the rules on what you are allowed to wear, however don't get dressed till you get to your office. Make sure you insert your toys before you leave. When you get to your office you can dress. Remember you cannot refuse your son. If he wants you naked and kneeling at his feet sucking his cock you must do it. So you might want to avoid him for the next couple of days."

Julie gasped at the directions she was given. Being naked as soon as she walked into her house was asking to get caught by her son. If he caught her she would not be able to resist him. Just thinking about being in the same house had started her motor running. If she actually saw him she didn't know what she would do.

"Make sure you arrive at school by six am. I wouldn't want anyone to see you naked walking the halls. I will let you know what you are expected to do when I see you. Do as you are told and it just might be an easy day for you."

Susanna pulled into Julie's driveway and said, "OK slut, get out and do as you are told."

Julie looked at her house and was relieved to see almost all the lights off. Hopefully Alex was already in bed. She quickly got out of the car and ran to her front door. She slipped in the key trying to be as quiet as possible and slipped inside. Once inside she slipped off her coat and hung it by the door. Standing naked in the front hall she listened intently to see if she could hear her son. Hearing nothing she tiptoed up the stairs and walked into her room. Breathing a sigh of relief she leaned on the door, although she was scared out of her mind, her body was aroused beyond belief. If anything touched her cunt she would explode. Julie walked to the bathroom to take her shower and get ready for bed.

Sandy arrived at the adult emporium about 20 minutes after leaving school. All during the drive there all she could think of was getting her fix of cum. It had been almost 3 hours since her last taste and her body and mind needed a fix. After yesterday she knew there would be many men ready to satisfy her needs.

Sandy no longer cared if anyone saw her body, as she walked to the door she thought about the chains decorating Dawn's body. "I wonder when my mistress will decorate my body," she thought. When Sandy opened the door she was no longer looking at the floor. She walked confidently to the counter and handed her coat to the cashier. "Do you have my cup and vibrator?" She asked.

"Sure do slut, but today you won't be going to the room to suck the cocks. You are to walk to the open area just inside the door in the back. There is a plastic tray for you to kneel. You are going to be exposed to everyone who uses your mouth. You are to allow everyone to control how you suck their cocks. You are to fill as many cups as you can, but remember, only cum in your mouth can go in the cup. You can't leave till everyone has finished with you. Oh and by the way, there will be no vibrator today, if you need to fuck something, fuck one of the cocks."

Sandy gasped, the room and hole offered her some measure of privacy and allowed her to control how deep and how fast they fucked her face. Now being completely exposed she would have no control and easily recognized by anyone who knows her. Sandy grabbed the cups and walked, naked to the back room. Looking around the shop, there must be at least fifty men waiting for her to arrive. It was going to be a long night.

Sandy arrived in the back room. It was dimly lit. Sitting in the middle of the room was a three foot diameter plastic tray. Sandy walked to it and knelt down on it. No sooner than her knees touched the tray a line formed in front of her. She looked up at the first in line and almost gagged. He was disgusting; it looked and smelled like he hadn't bathed it a few days. He appeared to be about 50 years old and wasn't very tall. He had a large pot belly that hung down over his crotch. She wondered if she would even be able to find his cock. As she moved her head into position, she had to turn it sideways in order to get around the massive stomach. No sooner than when she found his cock and started to swallow it when she felt someone behind her. Knowing she had on choice in the matter she shoved the nasty cock down her throat and wiggled her ass for the man behind her.

Sandy was in full slut mode. Her head was buried under a large stomach, sucking a disgusting cock while being fucked from behind by a person unknown and she loved it. Sandy's mind was in a zone, the humiliation of being used, craving cum, and having no control had sent it to nirvana. At this moment there was no other place in the world she would rather be.

No sooner than the two men fucking Sandy had achieved a rhythm than the cock in her mouth exploded sending stream after stream into her mouth. Sandy worked to capture all the precious fluid in her mouth, but there was too much. Soon it was leaking down her chin and dripping on the tray. She turned her head and spit all she could towards a cup sitting on the floor beside her.

The disgusting fat man backed off and pulled his pants up. "Nice job Teacher." He said as her turned and walked away.

Sandy gasped as she heard his comment, the very first cock to enter her body and they knew she was a teacher. As Sandy's mind latched onto that comment; it sent her arousal into the stratosphere. As soon as the next cock stepped up to her mouth, Sandy opened her mouth and sucked it down her throat. As soon as her nose hit his pubes the cock buried in her cunt spewed deep inside her. Sandy moaned deeply and climaxed, her body shook and her throat pulsed as her waves of pleasure flowed from her mind to her toes.

Sandy was no longer aware of anything around her. Her world had shrunk to the immediate area in front of her face, and the cock inside her cunt. Soon her strength started to fade; the only thing holding her up was the cocks inserted at each end. When one was removed her body would collapse to the floor. The next man would pick her up and insert his cock into the opening in front of him.

The men realized that in order to get their turn something would have to be done. Soon someone showed up with a small bench. Several men grabbed the slut, picked her up and lay her on her back on top of the bench. It was the perfect height. There was no longer a need to kneel to fuck the slut. Sandy's head was just over the edge giving a straight shot down her throat, and the bench ended right at her hips. All they had to do was lift her legs to give them easy access to either orifice. Sandy now had the use of her hands as there was now four lines around her. Although almost unconscious when the two men on each side grabbed her hands and placed them on their cocks, Sandy, by instinct started to stroke each of them, and was soon in a rhythm as all four men were now groaning with pleasure.

As the end of the first hour approached Sandy was no longer trying to fill her cup. She had no control as most of the men fucking her face, shoved their cocks down her throat to cum. Her body was now covered with ounces of cum, and both her ass and cunt was leaking copious amounts of fluids from many cocks.

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