tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTeacher Teacher Ch. 10

Teacher Teacher Ch. 10


I want to thank everyone for their comments and suggestions. They have helped even if the suggestions are not included. As I have said before, this is my first attempt at writing anything let alone an erotic story. Posting this and getting the comments make my day. Even the negative ones, as this means at least someone has read my story. Many thanks for the volunteer editors helping me get through this.

Dawn read her instructions and quickly completed her tasks and went to bed. She was glad not to have to go to school. She didn't consider herself a teacher any longer. "I am a slave, I obey my mistress, I love cum, I need to fuck, I am a slave..." Dawn kept repeating over and over in her mind. The more she repeated the phrases the deeper her submission. As Dawn drifted into off to sleep her mind was filled with erotic thoughts. She was dreaming of standing in front of her class. Then Susanna arrived and commanded her to strip and drop to her knees. Dawn was mortified at the thought of exposing her slavery but was unable to resist. Just as she finished stripping and stood naked for the first time in front of her students her body and mind exploded with arousal and humiliation. When she dropped to her knees and bowed her head Susanna grabbed her hair and pulled her head up. She was forced to look at her shocked students faces. As Susanna turned her face to look at each student Dawn was struck by the many expressions. Several of the girls in the class had shocked expression, but an almost equal amount had a look of lust. The rest of the girls simply scowled at the submissive teacher.

Looking at the boys was, as expected, ninety percent typical male behavior. Openly ogling her tits and chains, the rest were split between shock and what could only be described as evil. Just as Susanna commanded her to crawl down each row asking to serve each student, Dawn woke with a start.

Dawn was out of breath and sweating. Her cunt was soaked and there was a large wet spot on the bed. How could this humiliation be such a turn-on, or was it just submitting to her mistress that was so exciting.

"I am a slave, I obey my mistress, I love cum, I need to fuck, I am a slave.....

Over and over erotic scenes passed through her dreams. Always in front of her class, always being commanded to do degrading things and always the same result, intense arousal followed up with:

"I am a slave, I obey my mistress, I love cum, I need to fuck, I am a slave.....

When evening finally arrived, Dawn was totally drained; her body was quivering with excitement. There was nothing she wanted more than to obey her mistress to get that feeling of total freedom, to have no responsibility to make any decisions, only to do as told and to satisfy her mistress.

Dawn rose from her bed and padded over to the bathroom. She took a quick shower and waited for her mistress by the door. Dawn was not concerned about what to wear as her mistress would provide everything she needed.

Sandy was lying on the table still blindfolded when Jack pulled the chains through her rings. The feeling of each link crossing each of her sensitive buds was driving her mad. With the drug induced arousal and her mind craving submission her entire body was trembling with excitement.

"Pleash mashster, pleash tathe meth," Sandy tried to say as the ring in her tongue made it difficult to talk clearly.

Jack chuckled at her speech and reached out and pulled the chains. Sandy gasped as the chains pulled her sore nipples and clit further and further from her body. The effect was dramatic on her brain, the erotic situation of being bound to the table, blindfolded, in a public place, followed by the pain emitting from the piercings was sending her mind ever the edge.

"Osh mashster, pleash fush mesh, pleash tash mesh any wathe youse wansh." All she desired was to be used.

Jack smiled at her then pulled over his tattoo kit. He started to first work on her tits. The pattern was fairly simple, but if you looked at it for more than a minute it came into focus. The word "SLUT" was clearly visible placed on her right tit about an inch above the nipple. Then it was the word "TEACHER" on the left tit in the same place. Even if at a glance it was not obvious, it only took a second for anyone to understand the message.

As soon as he finished her tits, he moved down her body to just above her bald cunt. Placed directly above her slit was a picture of a little devil with the words "Fuck Me!" forever embellished on her groin.

With her tits and cunt now tattooed he rolled her on her stomach and started to work on the QR pattern that would allow anyone with a smart phone to scan the profile of her servitude. When he finished she would forever be marked as an owned slave. She would never be able to escape her owner as anyone who scanned it would know who was her master.

Jack, when finished, checked to see if it would work and scanned the tattoo with his phone, sure enough the cum slut profile popped up on his screen. Included in her profile, were pictures of the slut fucking on her desk in her classroom as well as pictures from her adventures at the glory hole. There was even a link to a website that had videos going all the way back to Mexico. Sandy of course had no idea of what the tattoo was or what it meant. She had no idea of the existence of the pictures or the website. When she signed all the papers she also signed a release for any and all pictures giving away all rights to them. Her owner could use them in any way they chose.

Jack then went to work on her ass. Here is was nothing more than a small target on her butt right above her sphincter spreading out about four inches on each hip. Above the target was an arrow pointing to her ass, and the words on each side saying "BULLS EYE". When finished her rolled her on her back again and admired his work. She was going to be sore for a few days, but that didn't matter. By early next week who knows where she would be or who would own her.

Jack reached over and pulled the blindfold from her eyes. Sandy blinked at the bright lights and looked into his eyes. She opened her mouth and extended her tongue. The silver ring glistening in the light as Jack stood and dropped his pants. Flopping out in front of Sandy's face was his erect cock. There was nothing more beautiful in her eyes than his rod.

Sandy quickly enveloped it deep in her mouth not even taking time to moisten it first. She needed his seed to fill her mouth.

Jack watched as the horny slut sucked his entire unit down her throat. The feeling of the ring and stud was fantastic. As she continued to shove his cock down her throat he reached down and grabbed her head and held his cock deep down her throat. Knowing he was about to climax, Jack quickly pushed her off his cock.

Sandy looked up at her master and tried to pull him back into her mouth, but Jack would have none of it. He was in control and he wanted to fill each of her holes and watch her beg for more. He then released her bonds one at a time and pulled her legs off the table. She was now lying on the table face down with her ass and cunt completely available. He then roughly shoved two fingers into her love canal. Sandy screamed but quickly pushed back and shoved the fingers deeper into her box. What came next was a guttural moan as she started to hump his hand.

"Pleash morth mashter, pleash gith mesh morth." Jack smiled and inserted another finger joining the other two now being fucked by the out of control slut. Just as she was peaking he pulled the fingers and replaced them with his rock hard cock, pushing it deep inside her cunt. Sandy's body convulsed and gripped it hard as her body was racked with an amazing orgasm. As he watched her body tremble he started to pound his cock rapidly in and out taking her orgasm to another level.

Sandy convulsed as Jack kept ramming his rod like a piston deep inside the horny slave. Just as he was about to climax he stopped and pulled his cock from deep within her cunt. Sandy screamed from the loss as she pushed herself closer to his tool. But Jack had other plans, he quickly grabbed his tool and aligned it with her brown ring and pushed.

"A-A-A-A-HHHH," Sandy screamed as his massive cock entered her ass. Jack pulled back an inch or so and shoved again hard as he bottomed out, balls deep.

Sandy felt no pleasure only burning pain, but instead of bringing her down it only fulfilled her craving for pain and humiliation. Her mind exploded and every nerve in her body screamed as the orgasm flowed down her body to her toes and back again. The last things Sandy remembered were the waves and waves pulsing through her body over and over again.

Jack continued to pound her ass as he felt her sphincter clamp down again and again on his cock as her orgasms coursed up and down her body. Jack trying to prolong the feeling could not deny his body and released his spunk deep in her bowels. Jack, still enjoying his orgasm, slowly fucked her ass as his cock softened and popped out of her rear passage.

Knowing that he wanted to humiliate her, he walked around the table and pushed his cock at her mouth. "Clean me up cum slut. Open your mouth and wash the slime off my cock. You are nothing more than a possession now."

Sandy, now only semiconscious, opened her mouth and extended her tongue with its new jewelry and started to lick from his balls to the tip, making sure she cleaned it all. As the words slowly sank into her brain, something clicked in the back of her brain.

"A possession? I'm a possession? What happened to my life?" Sandy thought. "Was it only seven days ago my life was normal, now I'm nothing more than a cum slut." As those thought ran through her mind, her body felt the familiar craving starting to build.

Jack pulled his cock from her mouth, looked down at the slut and commanded, "Get up slut; it's time to get you ready for your mistress."

Sandy still in a daze slowly rolled off the table, her head down, only looking at the floor. Jack reached out and pushed the slave across the room towards the triple mirror against the far wall. Once he had her directly in front of it, he reached up and grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head up and pointed it towards the mirror.

Sandy's mind started to clear as she shuffled across the room. When Jack stopped her and pulled her head back what she saw shocked her. She expected the chains, but she expected chains like Dawn's chains. Her chains, bracelets, anklets, and collar exposed her servitude to everyone. There was no way to hide her shackles. When her eyes made it to the charms and tattoos and read their inscriptions her knees gave way and she dropped to the floor.

"Math thith lothly thlave havth herth coath pleathe?"

"Sorry slut, you have no coat. In fact you have nothing, no job, no apartment, no possessions, no clothes, nothing. You only have what is on your body. You are totally dependent on your mistress, and she can do anything she wants to you and with you." Jack snarled as in spite of how beautiful she was, he still thought of her as a dumb slut. Anyone who allows someone to do this to them deserves what they get.

Jack pulled a leash out from his back pocket, reached down and pushed his finger in her mouth. He hooked the ring and pulled the tongue out of her mouth. Sandy didn't resist as she didn't understand what he was going to do. Jack then clipped the leash on the ring and pulled.

Sandy's eyes grew wide as she suddenly realized what the ring was for. She couldn't resist in any way as her tongue was still very sore. Jack led the slave over to a wall and reached up threw leash over a clip attached high up on the wall. He then pulled the end and forced the slave to stand on her toes to relieve the stress on her tongue.

"God you look sexy, strung up by your tongue slut." Jack commented. He then walked over and opened a bag. Inside were four veils. They were red in color and almost transparent. He then grabbed the first of which was a long triangle. It started at the top with a ring, extending down about ten inches. It was only 3 ½ inches wide at the bottom. Attached at the bottom two chains with clips, about eight inches long from each corner.

Jack took the top and hooked it to her collar; he then pulled it down over her tit and attached the chains at the bottom to her waist chain. He then grabbed an identical veil and did the same to the other side. As he stepped back looked at the slut, he smiled. Although her tits were covered, they were in plain sight along with all her decorations.

Jack then grabbed the remaining two veils; each was a small rectangle about eight inches wide by ten inches long. On two of the corners were small chains about four inches long with clips on the end. He then clipped each veil on her front and back covering her ass and cunt. He then grabbed the clit chain and pulled it up and over her waist chain letting it dangle in front of her cunt. With the red veil as a background, the silver charm, with "SLUT" in two inch letters, shone like the sun confirming to anyone exactly what she had become.

Sandy was now standing on her toes attached to the wall by her tongue, wearing nothing more than thin transparent veils covering her tits, and veil loin cloth which hid nothing. Just as she started to reach for the leash, Jack grabbed her arms and quickly attached them also to the waist chain. Her hands could now only reach about three inches from her waist. He then knelt down and attached a short, twelve inch hobble chain to her ankles. When he pulled out a pair of six inch stiletto heels and locked them on her feet, his work was done. He stood back, pulled the chain attached to her tongue up tight again, took out a camera and admired his work. These pics are going to be worth a fortune. Jack then turned and walked to the front of the store.

Julie was sitting at her desk when school finally ended. Yes the day had been easier for her. Susanna didn't do anything to her, only making her strip each hour and masturbate for 15 minutes before let her dress again. When the bell rang signaling the end of classes she breathed a sigh of relief. Hopefully Susanna would show up soon and give her some relief. Her body was a bundle of nerves. Each hour she was more frightened she might be caught naked in her office. The masturbating only increased her arousal making it impossible to get anything accomplished. Julie waited for her mistress to arrive, sitting at her desk with her skirt up around her hips, gently stroking her clit.

God I need cum! I hope Mistress Susanna shows up soon and allows me to feed my need. At least let me have some cum!

Just then her door opened and in walked Susanna. "Wow slut you have been busy. It smells like a pussy in here. Stand up and get out of those clothes."

Julie jumped up and quickly stripped out of her blouse and skirt and stood naked in front of her mistress.

Susanna looked at the excited slave and noticed that her legs were wet from her cunt to her knees. She glanced at her chair and there was a wet spot at least ten inches in diameter. "Is my slut horny?" She asked.

"OH GOD YES MISTRESS. I need to cum so-o-o-o bad. Please let me cum mistress," Julie answered.

"Oh no, I don't think so slut. You are not to cum before Saturday. Unless of course you seduce your son, but even then you will have to Facetime it to me when you do it. I want to save the event for prosperity."

Julie's shoulders slumped as she didn't think she would be able to handle waiting so long to climax.

Susanna watched Julie's reaction and smiled, she knew that the woman/slut standing naked in front of her was breaking down. Soon her body would overwhelm her brain and she would do any degrading thing to be allowed to orgasm.

Susanna reached into her bag and pulled a coat, collar and leash out and handed it to her slave. "Put these on, and let's get out of here."

Julie gasped, school had just let out and there were still lots of people still in the halls. If they left now everyone would be able to see her, as the coat would not cover her pussy when she walked. Let alone wearing the collar and leash. "Please mistress, we can't leave right now. There are too many people still in school. If you lead me with the leash, dressed in only the coat, I will get fired. I can't do you any good if I'm not working here. Please mistress, can we please wait awhile?"

"Slut, you are not to question my demands. You are to do as told. Take off your shoes and give me your vibrator and belt off your coat."

Julie cringed as Susanna looked so angry, as she quickly grabbed the vibrator out of her desk, slipped off her shoes, and removed the belt off the coat.

"Pull the coat up and spread your legs slut." Julie did as commanded and watched as Susanna took the vibrator and inserted it deep in her cunt. Just as it bottomed out, Susanna turned the knob on the base to high. The effect was immediate, Julie's eyes bulged out and her mouth opened in a silent scream. The vibrator was pushing all the right buttons, but her mind remembering its training would not let her body climax without permission.

Susanna then took the belt and looped it down between her legs and around her waist before tying it off holding the vibrator in place. Julie was now using everything she had to keep from dropping to her knees succumbing to the toys embedded in her body. Now her coat was no longer tied closed, if she wanted to keep from exposing her body she would have to hold it closed. Susanna then grabbed the leash and pulled the barefoot, nearly-naked slave out her office door.

Julie could not look around as she was led by the dominate teenager down the hall by a leash. Her coat was just covering her body in spite of her holding it tightly closed. Being barefoot only increased the humiliation as the vibrator was working its magic deep inside her. Julie thought about her son, his last class was down this hall. God I hope he has already left. I can't let him see me this way.

As they reached the door to the parking lot, Julie started to relax. So far they hadn't passed anyone; she might be able to get out of this after all. Just as they got to the door, out of the shadows stepped one of Susanna's girlfriends.

"Carrie, thanks for meeting me here. I'm just taking my slut out for training. Is everything set for later?"

"Absolutely, I'm meeting Alex later and we are going to his house to study. Isn't that his mom?"

"Why yes it is, she is a closet slut. She loves it when I make her do embarrassing things. She gets off on it. Why else would she be standing here almost naked with her holes plugged at school?" Susanna answered as she pulled the coat open exposing the toys filling Julie's holes.

Carrie gasped at the sight, but then deep inside she felt a tingle in her cunt as the thought of dominating a grown woman was exciting her.

"OK slut, we are going to the apartment for some training for a couple of hours. Carrie here is going to go home with your son. She will keep him occupied till you get home. Who knows, maybe when you get there you might be able to watch him fuck her. Wouldn't that be exciting?"

Julie groaned and blushed down to her knees. Now there was another person who knew what she was. Susanna grabbed the leash and pulled the slave out the door to the parking lot. When they got to Julie's car, Susanna demanded her coat. Julie panicked as she looked around hoping no one noticed as she slid her coat off and handed it to her mistress. Susanna smiled an evil smile and decided to push it just a little further.

"Drop down on your knees and lick my shoes slut and you better make it quick if you don't want to get caught."

Julie, standing naked in the staff parking lot, quickly dropped to her knees and dropped her head down to Susanna's shoes. Praying nobody walked out the staff door, she quickly started to lick her mistress's shoes. Instead of making her sick, her body's reaction was to ramp up her arousal to an extreme level. Her cunt was now gushing around the vibrator still deeply embedded in her pussy. The more she licked and the longer she stayed on her knees, the more aroused was her body.

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