tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTeacher Teacher Ch. 12

Teacher Teacher Ch. 12


This is the final chapter of the teacher's adventure. I hope you enjoyed the series. I am not sure if I will do this again. I have for now, satisfied my urges to write. I am interested in your comments on the ending. Please let me know what you think.

I want to thank HMAuthor for her assistance in editing all the chapters. She really make this story readable. Please vote.


Anita walked over to where Cindy and Susan were kneeling. "So Cindy, who's your friend, and why are you sticking your nose in our business?"

Cindy looked up at the towering teen. She was scared as ever; since they had dominated and stripped her at school she had avoided them at all costs. Now she was naked and cuffed, cowering at Anita's feet.

"Anita, this is Susan; she's my roommate at school. Miss Hauser was her teacher last year. She just wanted to visit with her."

Anita scowled and slapped Cindy across the face. "You're lying, slut. You're trying to take all of them away from us. And you never call us by our names. You're nothing. You will only call us Mistress. DO YOU UNDERSTAND SLUT?" Anita shouted and slapped her again across her face.

"Yes mistress, I'm sorry."

Anita turned her attention to Susan, kneeling next to Cindy. "Susan huh, what makes you think you can stop what we're doing? We own this town and we own these sluts. Now we own you. When we're done with you, you'll worship us and do anything we want."

Susan looked up at the twins, her expression was of contempt. "You're finished. You just don't know it yet. You don't scare me. Go ahead and take your shot. I can take anything you can dish out and more." Susan said as she knelt proudly in front of the two teens.

Anita leaned over and grabbed Susan's chin, pulled it up and looked directly into her eyes. "You have no idea of what I can do to you. But you will. Your life just changed and it didn't change for the better. I will break you slut." She then spit in her face, followed by a vicious blow.

Susan gasped as the pain shot through her brain, but she didn't cry. She glared right back and smiled.

Susanna joined her sister and the two of them grabbed Susan's arms and dragged her to the bedroom. Susan tried to resist but with her hands cuffed behind her back, she couldn't stop them. Once they had her on the bed, Anita held her down while Susanna grabbed a flogger. With Anita sitting on her chest and Susan's head between her legs, Susanna raised her arm and brought down a vicious blow right on Susan's exposed pussy.

Susan howled as the pain shot throughout her body. She struggled to free herself but with Anita sitting on her and her hands trapped beneath her she could only wiggle a little. Susanna laughed at the helpless woman and started to rain down blow after blow. Susan screamed as the pain increased as each blow struck her body.

"Anita, take this gag and shut the slut up. I don't want the neighbors calling the cops. Anita grabbed the gag and quickly shoved it into Susan's mouth. Susan breathing heavily around the gag still struggled, but as the blows started again she was soon crying uncontrollably.

Susan's entire body was on fire. Her arms and her wrists were burning from the cuffs. After the long night at Julie's house, she didn't have the energy to resist any more and was now just accepting the punishment. Anita smiled an evil smile and smacked Susan's face, first one side then the other. "Are you going to be good slut? Are you going to do what you are told?"

Susan quickly nodded her head as the pain was too much for her to endure any longer.

"Good, now spread your legs." Susan quickly complied and spread her legs wide. They were splotched with dark red markings from the flogger. Susanna quickly tied her legs to the corners of the bed. Anita leaned over to the nightstand beside the bed and grabbed a collar. She buckled it around her neck and tied it to the headboard. Susan was now helplessly restrained. Anita slid off her and grabbed the flogger from her sister.

"Go get Cindy slut and bring her in. I want her to watch as I beat this slut's tits." Anita told her sister.

Susan's eyes widened as she heard what was said. But there was nothing she could do. Just then everything went dark as a blindfold covered her eyes. Susan started to panic as Anita then placed a headset over her ears. Susan now couldn't move, see, hear or speak. She was now totally helpless.

Susanna had now dragged Cindy into the room. Cindy looked at her friend and started to panic. Susan was lying helpless on the bed. Her entire lower body was covered in ugly red blotches from the flogger, and now Anita was viciously beating Susan's tits, raining blow after blow down on the helpless woman.

Cindy was crying and cowering on the floor. She knew she was next. "Please mistress, please stop, she can't take any more," Cindy implored.

Anita stopped momentarily and looked down at Cindy begging her. "You want me to stop? OK I'll stop and you can take her place."

Cindy tried to get up and run away but Susanna smacked her across the face. "Settle down slave and get on the bed."

Cindy exhausted and still under the influence of the drugs, slowly crawled to the bed. Susanna grabbed her cunt and shoved her ass up on the bed. Cindy lay next to her friend with a look of panic, knowing that she was going to be beaten.

Anita smiled and started to tie her legs to the foot board as Susanna buckled a collar around her neck, securing her head to the headboard. Cindy heard Susan's moans and wondered if they would survive the day.

Once she was securely tied down, the twins began to finish the process with the gag, blindfold and headset. Now both of the rescuers were now ready to start their training.

Anita looked at her sister and smiled, "I know, let's get some more of the special water and make sure they are excited before we start the program."

Susanna smiled and pulled the gags from the helpless slut's mouths. Anita walked to the kitchen and grabbed two bottles of water. She then poured the drugged water down each of their throats. Both girls eagerly drank the water, not knowing it was laced with drugs. Susanna then replaced the gags and said, "It won't be long till their bodies will be totally out of control. This might drive them out of their minds. Do you really think we should do this?"

"As I said, they will never be the same again. I want them totally under my control."

Anita then walked over to the controller and started to program the voice commands while Susanna attached the clips, plugs, and vibrators. When they finished the process, Anita started the voice programming. She wasn't going to start the rest till she finished beating Cindy. She wanted her body tenderized before she started the rest of the program.

Both of the two bound bodies were quickly experiencing the effects of the drug. Both were getting very aroused and their cunts were leaking and spotting the bed. Just as the drugs were starting to peak, Anita grabbed the flogger and started to beat Cindy's tits and cunt.

Cindy screamed into her gag as each time a blow struck her body it sent a shock wave through her straight to her brain.

I am a slave... I am a slut... I serve my mistress... I love cum... I can't cum without permission... I love cock... humiliation excites me... pain excites me... I am a slave... I am a slut... I serve my mistress...

Cindy heard the commands and ignored them as Anita covered her body with blows from the flogger. After too many blows to count, Cindy's brain started to shut down. The pain was intense, but instead of eliminating the arousal it only increased it. Suddenly the blows stopped and the vibrators started. The sudden shift from pain to pleasure took her by surprise. Her mind started to hear the commands. She was still resisting them, but now with all her senses hyper alert, ignoring them was becoming difficult.

Susan's mind was totally confused. The pain from the beating was still pulsing through her, but now the drugs were taking her arousal levels to new heights. Her senses now centered on the pleasure from the vibrators. She felt her friend beside her and felt the blows but instead of fearing them she was starting to crave the attention. She was exhausted and the constant stimulus was wearing her down, making resisting the commands echoing in her brain exceedingly difficult.

I am a slave... I am a slut... I serve my mistress... I love cum... I can't cum without permission... I love cock... humiliation excites me... pain excites me... I am a slave... I am a slut... I serve my mistress...

Pain, pleasure, pain, pleasure over and over, Susan's body and brain began to break down. The last coherent thought that went through her brain was "I hope I survive."

Anita finally stopped beating Cindy's body. It was dark red from just below her neck to her feet. Cindy had long ago quit fighting and was now just taking the blows. Drool was running out of her mouth and running down her neck. The program was now fully in control of her senses. Anita was sweating from the exertion. She looked at her sister and smiled, "Let's go play with our slaves."

When Alex woke everything was dark. His head felt like he had been kicked by a mule. He tried to move but couldn't. Panic quickly set in as he struggled to move but couldn't. He realized that he was blindfolded and gagged. His arms were stretched above his head and his legs were spread wide and tied to something. As his mind cleared he felt a chill and now noticed he was naked. He had no idea of where he was or how he got there. As he shook his head suddenly he felt as if his nuts were on fire. He screamed in agony but could do nothing to stop the pain. Just as quickly as the pain started it stopped. Alex was breathing heavily around the gag when he heard a voice.

"Alex, I'm glad to see you are back. I hope I have your attention. Let me tell you how this is going to work. My job is to train you. When I finish with you, you will be a cock sucking, ass licking, sissy boy. The only woman that will excite you will be your mother."

Alex tried to struggle again, but just as quickly the pain reappeared in his nuts. Just then a picture appeared in front of his eyes. It wasn't a blindfold but some sort of headset. The picture was of a large cock. It appeared like it was right in front of his face. But something was wrong; the feeling in his nuts was pleasure. In spite of himself he was getting aroused and his cock was getting hard. As he watched the cock grow larger and larger the more excited he was. Just as the cock spurted cum, it was gone but Alex's erection was not. He wanted to cum in the worst way. Just as the cock disappeared it was replaced by a sexy naked woman. As he watched the woman come closer to him the pain started. The closer she got the more intense the pain. His erection disappeared almost instantly.

Alex felt a prick on his arm and he felt a warm glow come over his body. He was no longer tired but his whole body was very sensitive. Everything touching his body caused him to moan with excitement. He then heard the voices.

You love cock... You love cum... You love to be fucked in the ass... You will obey your master... Sex with women makes you sick... Only your mother excites you... You love to suck cock... You crave humiliation...

Over and over this played in his head, never stopping. All the while pictures of cocks dominated his vision. Pain, pleasure, voices, pain, pleasure, voices, relentless, over and over.

You love cock... You love cum... You love to be fucked in the ass... You will obey your master... Sex with women makes you sick... Only your mother excites you... You love to suck cock... You crave humiliation...

Suddenly everything stopped. The voices, the pictures, the pain and pleasure nothing, Alex, still under the effects of the drug, now craved the stimulus. He felt someone removing the headset over his eyes. Now for the first time he could look around him. What he saw scared him. He looked down at his body and saw several wires leading from his nipples, cock, balls, and feet. The wires led to some sort of contraption sitting on a table in front of him. Around his ankles were shackles and chains leading to rings on the floor. His legs were spread so wide he was standing on his toes. Alex looked up at his hands and they too were chained and stretched to the ceiling. He tried to move but all that accomplished was to realize that his ass was plugged and connected to something behind him. Panic started from deep within as he suddenly felt more helpless than at any time in his life. He started to hyperventilate around the gag when the pain started again in his nuts, followed soon by his nipples, ass, toes and fingers. As the pain built he stopped breathing all together. Just as the world was turning black it stopped and he started to breathe again.

Alex was regaining his senses when he was lowered to his knees. Just as his knees hit the floor, someone wrapped shackles around them attaching them to the floor. He looked to his right when he heard a noise, when in walked two men. Both were naked and sporting very large cocks. Instantly Alex felt pleasure in his groin. His cock reacted and was soon hard as a rock pointing out from his body. The closer the men got to him the more his arousal increased. "How is this happening? I'm not gay. This can't be happening." He thought. But just as the first man arrived at his face and the cock touched his lips, Alex erupted into a massive orgasm and spewed his come all over the floor. The man then simply removed the gag and inserted his cock into Alex's mouth. In spite of wanting to bite it off, he simple could not organize his thoughts to do it. Instead he started to suck and lavish his tongue over the ever hardening cock. What surprised him was that sucking the cock was exciting him. The more he sucked the more aroused he became. The pleasure pulsed throughout his body in waves. His cock was harder than at any time before in his life. Deeper and deeper the cock pushed till it reached the threshold of his throat. But instead of choking, his throat welcomed the intruder, till he had the entire cock deep inside his mouth. Alex's mind was confused as somewhere deep inside his brain was telling him he should be repulsed, but his entire body was lavishing in the pleasure of sucking his first cock.

Just as his body was peaking, the cock pulled out from his throat and pumped his mouth full of come. At the same time his body convulsed with a massive orgasm.

During all this the voices continued: You love cock... You love cum... You love to be fucked in the ass... You will obey your master... Sex with women makes you sick... Only your mother excites you... You love to suck cock... You crave humiliation...

No sooner had the cock finished filling his mouth, it was gone. Just as Alex was regaining his senses, he felt a prick on his arm. He looked to his right and saw a beautiful young woman giving him a shot. "What is that?" He moaned.

"Oh not much, it's just enough Viagra to keep you hard for the next day or so." She said and smiled.

Alex groaned and dropped his head. He then heard a noise and in walked a very beautiful young woman. She was wearing only a string bikini and very high heels. Alex's body instantly reacted and his cock started to harden, but instead of pleasure he felt pain. The closer she got to him the intensity increased till he could not stand it and screamed, "Get away from me." But she kept coming and coming till she grabbed his soft cock and started to stroke him. The pain was mind numbing and coursed through every pore on his body. Just as he was about to pass out she stopped, only to be replaced with the other man. As soon as he touched Alex's cock, the pleasure replaced the pain and his cock instantly hardened. Alex moaned as his body betrayed him. Just then a cock appeared in front of his face. Alex's mouth opened and it slipped inside. The pleasure sensors in his brain were out of control. What Alex didn't know was that while he was unconscious, they had pumped him full of drugs that made manipulating his body very easy. With just a little electrical current in the right places, they could give him extreme pleasure or pain.

This procedure continued for the next two hours. Alex was exhausted. When he started to pass out they shot him full of speed, keeping him wide awake and fully alert.

At the end of the initial training, a couple of men released him and tied him to a bench. Alex was now fully cooperative. He had no fight left. Now his hands were tied to the legs as well as his feet. The wires were still connected and a new type of visor was placed over his eyes. Alex could not see anything, but his body was very sensitive to anything touching him.

Alex lay on the bench scared as he didn't know what to expect. Suddenly someone was touching him. His body reacted instantly and his cock shot up like a rocket. Just then the visor opened and he saw the same woman as before. Alex screamed as his body immediately reacted with extreme pain as his cock dropped like a rock. The visor closed and the touching stopped. Then it started again and his body reacted the same way, instant arousal. As the visor opened all he saw was a large cock right in front of his face. Alex moaned as pleasure exploded everywhere on his body. His cock was like a rock, but before he could climax the visor closed and the touching stopped.

Over and over they did this, sometimes it was a woman over and over, and sometimes it was a cock. Each time it was pleasure or pain, pleasure or pain. All the time the voices kept repeating: You love cock... You love cum... You love to be fucked in the ass... You will obey your master... Sex with women makes you sick... Only your mother excites you... You love to suck cock... You crave humiliation...

Hour after hour they continued till Alex's brain and body gave up and he lost consciousness. They then carried him to a cell about the size of a closet and chained him to a cot. The wires were still connected and the voices continued. Soon you could see his cock harden and soften over and over as they kept pushing his buttons over and over. Whenever the voice was a woman it was pain, a man pleasure. Always the same commands: You love cock... You love cum... You love to be fucked in the ass... You will obey your master... Sex with women makes you sick... Only your mother excites you... You love to suck cock... You crave humiliation...

It had now been over six hours since the training had started. At first it was Alex sucking cock after cock. He must have drunk a pint of come. For the last couple of hours Alex was tied to the bench with his legs pulled up around his head exposing his ass. His head was turned to the side and his mouth was wide open and he was drooling. He had just finished sucking another cock, when he felt something pull the plug out of his ass. It was soon replaced with a cock. The pleasure was intense as he accepted his first anal fuck. Just as his orgasm was about to peak a cock was inserted in his mouth. With both of his orifice's filled with cocks, Alex exploded with a massive orgasm unlike anything he had ever experienced.

You love cock... You love cum... You love to be fucked in the ass... You will obey your master... Sex with women makes you sick... Only your mother excites you... You love to suck cock... You crave humiliation...

Alex's mind could not process all the stimuli and everything went black.

Alex suddenly woke with a start as ice cold water cascaded down his body. He was shivering from the cold and the residual effects of the orgasm.

With the visor closed he no longer knew where he was of how long he had been there. Then it started again. This time instead of the visor opening there appeared a picture of his mother naked, crawling towards him begging him to give her his cock. But instead of pain his cock started to grow. Confusion clouded his brain as he expected pain, but it was pleasure, intense pleasure. Just as his mother got to his cock, everything went black. But his arousal didn't diminish it only increased. He felt a hand on his cock and knew it was his mother. Then the visor opened and standing in front of his was a sexy woman. Instantly the pain returned with such intensity that his whole body convulsed. Over and over the training continued.

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