tagGroup SexTeacher, Teacher: The Morning After

Teacher, Teacher: The Morning After


Ron Wilson squirmed, subconsciously startled by his own moan. 'Dreaming . . .' The thought passed slowly through his mind as he shifted his body, trying to recapture the deep, peaceful sleep.

But it happened again. 'Just a dream . . .' Again the thought drifted through his mind. Somehow he was aware of something happening, something pleasant. But he couldn't quite figure out what.

Slowly, deep in his subconscious, the vagueness began to solidify into thought. 'Not dreaming . . .' The thought crept slowly through his mind, and as it did, the cobwebs began to clear.

Something pleasant was happening to him, but it wasn't until the cobwebs cleared a little more that he realized where the pleasure was emanating from. Down there!

'What . . .' he squirmed as he struggled to form intelligent thoughts in his head. And then it started coming back. He wasn't home. He was with a woman. His body stiffened instantly -- he was with a student! 'No, a former student,' he realized, and he began to relax again.

He lifted his head, trying to open his eyes, but it was too bright, so he dropped his head back to the pillow. But the pleasure was still there. He moaned again, aware now that it was her mouth that was causing the pleasure as it traveled slowly up and down the length of his pole.

But there was more. His balls. She was fondling his balls. He realized he liked it, and he moaned again.

Now he was squirming beneath her, awake enough to clearly know what was happening, yet too groggy to do anything other than lay there and accept her gifts.

He could sense the pleasure growing, aware now that his hips were rising off the bed in time with her thrusts. He moaned again, very much aware that something good was about to happen. He felt his body shaking slightly before it tensed up and began shooting his sperm into her mouth. Instinctively, he reached for her head, holding it against him while he strained to maintain the pleasure. But even so, it eventually faded and he released her and collapsed onto the bed.

A moment later he felt her lying on top of him, nibbling on his ear. "Good morning, Mr. Wilson. Did you sleep well?"

Finally, the cobwebs were gone. He blinked his eyes open, adjusting to the light until he was finally able to focus. He smiled. "Don't you think you can dispense with the 'Mr. Wilson' stuff now?"

She smiled at him, suppressing a giggle. "Nope," she responded. "It makes me feel naughty, and I like feeling naughty, Mr. Wilson." With that she bit down on his ear, barely jumping to freedom as he yelped, grabbing at the air she had just vacated.

He looked at her standing there, wearing nothing but his half-buttoned shirt. "Get up now, sleepy head. The coffee's already made."

* * *

For several minutes, Ron lay staring at the ceiling, reliving the events that brought him there. What had started out as a simple Christmas shopping trip had turned into the most erotic experience of his life when he'd run into Jenny Roberts, a former student of his at the local high school. They'd talked for a while before he'd offered her a ride home. It was an innocent offer, as was his carrying in her shopping bags. But what she'd done to him later was anything but innocent.

With a heavy sigh, he rolled to the edge of the bed and sat up. He looked around the room, searching for a clock. Nine o'clock Sunday morning. Slowly, he eased himself to his feet and looked for the remainder of his clothes. He found them quickly, the pants and underwear in a tangled mess in one corner, his shoes and socks in another.

He quickly slipped on his underwear and pants, ignoring the shoes and socks. He took a quick look in the mirror over her dresser, ran his fingers through his hair in a useless act of vanity, and headed for the door.

"Well, good morning, sir," Jenny greeted as he entered the kitchen. She slid into his arms easily, stretched to her tiptoes and gave him a quick kiss. She let him hold her for a brief moment before she backed away. "Would you like a cup of coffee?"

"I'd love one, with a little cream, if you've got some," he answered. "Mind if I use your bathroom?"

"It's at the end of the hall," she informed him as she grabbed a cup from the cupboard. He watched for a second, admiring her figure as she scurried about the kitchen. Damn, but she looked hot wearing nothing but his baby blue oxford shirt.

He returned from the bathroom a few minutes later to find her sitting at the kitchen table. He sat down across from her and took a slow sip from his cup. They stared at each other for an awkward moment, before they both started to talk at once.

"I'm sorry," she giggled. "What did you say?" But before he could answer, they heard the front door opening.

"That must be Cindy," Jenny said as she turned to face the door. A moment later Cindy Young entered, looking pretty good for someone who'd just spent the night away from home.

The first thing Cindy saw was her roommate, sitting at the table wearing a man's shirt. The next thing she saw was the man the shirt belonged too, naked from the waist up.

"Oh shit," she gasped. "Am I interrupting?"

Jenny giggled, smiling broadly, but didn't answer as Mr. Wilson's face turned a bright shade of crimson.

Then suddenly, Cindy recognized the man. "Oh my God. Is that you, Mr. Wilson?"

"Hi, Cindy," he answered somewhat nervously. "How're you doing?"

"Not as good as you are, I'm guessing," see said, her glance flitting from him to her roommate, and then back again. "Are you sure I shouldn't leave?"

"No way," Jenny responded, jumping out of her chair. She grabbed Cindy's arm and pulled her toward a vacant chair at the table. "Sit down while I get you some coffee."

Cindy and Ron sat nervously while Jenny fetched the coffee. She set the cup in front of Cindy and sat down. "You'll never guess who I ran into at the mall last night," she gushed out.

Everybody laughed, and the tension eased.

They talked for a while as the girls relived their high school memories, sharing a lot more details with Mr. Wilson than he'd previously known, a few of which he wished he still didn't know. After about 15 minutes, Cindy rose to her feet. "More coffee, anyone?"

"I'm fine," Jenny replied.

"I'll have some," Ron said.

As Cindy stood by the counter pouring the coffee, Jenny rose quietly to her feet. She gave a devilish look at Mr. Wilson as her hands moved to the front of her shirt and quickly unbuttoned the garment. Then, with a sly wink, she allowed the shirt to slide to the floor. The now naked young woman turned away from the once again dumbfounded teacher and quickly crossed the floor to where her roommate stood.

Cindy turned just in time to be engulfed by Jenny's arms. "Oh my," she said quietly after Jenny released her kiss. She looked into the lust-filled eyes of the woman who was not only her roommate, but her playmate, and knew instinctively what was in store.

She allowed her eyes to shift to Mr. Wilson - the same Mr. Wilson she'd idolized and fantasized about in high school. And she wondered, could she? Could she really do this? She turned quickly to Jenny, who just stood there naked, with her arms still wrapped around her. She turned back to Mr. Wilson, unable to deny the dampness that had been growing steadily in her pussy since the moment she realized exactly what had happened last night. But still . . .

She turned back to Jenny, unable to mistake the wanton look in her lover's eyes as her hands reached out to the bottom of her tank top. Cindy took a deep breath, closed her eyes and eased her arms over her head. A moment later her top was sliding up her braless torso and floating to the floor.

And then she fell into Jenny's arms. Her own hands worked quickly, taking Jenny's head and pulling it to her own. As their lips mashed together, their tongues attacking each other hungrily, her hands released the head and moved down to her naked buttocks. She squeezed the buttocks roughly, pulling them tightly against her. And still their tongues attacked each other.

Ron Wilson watched in stunned amazement as Jenny abruptly broke the kiss and slid down to her knees. He felt his cock straining painfully against his jeans, begging to be released. But when he pushed the chair back from the table and started to rise, both girls looked immediately in his direction.

It was Jenny who spoke. "Uh, uh, Mr. Wilson. This is girl play. We'll let you know when it's your turn." And with that said, she returned her attentions to her playmate.

Cindy looked down, running her fingers through Jenny's hair. She could feel Mr. Wilson's eyes boring into her as Jenny slid her hands up to her breasts. She heard herself moaning as the fingers began squeezing and kneading her tits, and as her lips began kissing her stomach. Soon, the hands slid off her breasts, moving purposefully down her tummy until they reached the waist of her pants and began unhooking the belt. A moment later both the belt and the snap was undone, and the pants were sliding down her legs. Without any prompting, she stepped quickly out of the dungarees and kicked them across the floor, leaving her clad in just her pink thong panties.

She raised her head slowly to look at her teacher, while she raised her hands to her breasts. She locked her eyes on his, paralyzing him with her lust. But when Jenny's hand slid between her legs and began stroking her pussy through her thongs, she gasped, releasing her tits as she leaned forward to rest her hands on her lover's head.

"Oh Christ," she muttered, sucking in her lower lip, yet still looking into Ron's eyes as she gyrated her hips against the pleasure hand. And then the hand slid out and, with the aid of her other hand, grabbed her thong and pulled them purposefully down her legs.

She stepped out of the tiny garment and watched as Jenny picked them up, turned and tossed them towards their audience. "These are for you, Mr. Wilson," Jenny purred. "Now you have two pairs."

A moment later Jenny was on her feet, sliding behind her lover. She pressed herself up against Cindy's backside and slid her hands between her arms. Her left hand slid up to her lover's heaving bosom while her right slid down to her neatly trimmed pussy.

She moved her mouth to Cindy's ear and whispered in a not so quiet voice. "Okay, babe. Let's show Mr. Wilson what a slut you really are." And she felt Cindy's body jerk as she put her hands to work.

Cindy stood on wobbling legs facing directly at her former teacher. She watched him as he examined her nudity, the excitement of displaying herself so completely to him almost more than she could bear. She gasped slightly when Jenny squeezed her right breast roughly. She eased her backside closer still to her roommate as the other hand went to work on her clit.

And then the left hand moved to her other tit, and the fingers of the right dove deeply into her pussy. "You like this, don't you?"

Cindy nodded her head jerkily, no longer able to utter intelligent sounds. By now, her emotions were in total control, her mind nearly complete mush. She could hear her own moans growing louder as the hands squeezed her tits and stroked her love button, as they pinched and pulled on her excited nipples and jammed themselves deep into her pussy.

And as she stared at Mr. Wilson, she came, screaming out as waves of pleasure washed over her, the man in front of her now only a blurry image barely discernable through glazed over eyes. And then she came some more.

She leaned against Jenny, trying to compose herself as the feelings of pleasure slowly faded. Finally, she smiled at Mr. Wilson and stepped uneasily out of her lover's embrace.

The two women melted into each other's arms. Their lips came together slowly, tenderly, as their hands wandered gently of each other's body. Ultimately, it was Cindy who pushed the other away.

"Okay. Now we'll see who the slut really is," she said. She took hold of Jenny's shoulders and turned her so she was facing the counter and her back was towards Mr. Wilson. She pushed her upper body downward until her elbows rested on the counter and her ass, posed enticingly above the slightly parted legs, was pointed directly towards the man.

Cindy dropped to her knees, took a cheek in each hand and spread her wide. She turned back to the table. "What do you think of this, Mr. Wilson?" she teased, squeezing the cheeks as she held them apart.

And then she released her right hand, drew it back, and slapped back at the exposed buttocks. It wasn't a hard slap, but it was enough to cause Jenny to jump. And when Cindy turned back to Mr. Wilson, she couldn't help but notice his hand rubbing his crotch.

"You like this, don't you?" she smiled. And then she turned back to Jenny, leaned forward and kissed first the right, and then the left butt cheek. She withdrew just a little, hesitated, and returned her mouth to the rear end, only this time reaching out with her tongue and stroking her roommate from pussy to asshole.

"Oh, yes," Jenny moaned. "Show Mr. Wilson how you lick my ass."

Cindy obliged eagerly, licking tender little circles around the dark hole, squeezing the peachy cheeks as she did. Finally, she slid her right hand between the parted legs and buried her fingers deep into the anxiously waiting pussy, even while her tongue shot in and out of the forbidden hole.

"Oh, shit," Jenny gushed out, slamming her hand onto the counter. "Oh, yes."

But just when Jenny could feel the onset of her pleasure, Cindy stopped. "Nooooo," she called out desperately.

But it was too late, as Cindy was already back on her feet. "Okay, slut," she said as she grabbed her hair roughly and pulled the girl upright. "I'm not ready to let you cum just yet." With that, she pulled her by the hair over to the table where Mr. Wilson sat, positioned her directly across the table from him but facing the other way, and pushed her down until her upper body was lying prone on the table.

Mr. Wilson looked down at the prone body, the head just below his and the torso stretching away from him. Then he looked at Cindy as she spread Jenny's legs wide and knelt down between them. And then Cindy's eyes met his. "She's got beautiful breasts, don't you think, Mr. Wilson?"

He nodded, speechless.

"You can touch them, if you like."

He let his eyes wander up the naked body until he was staring upside down into Jenny's hungry eyes. Slowly, tentatively he reached out for her golden globes. He took one orb in each hand and kneaded them, inching his fingers slowly towards their excited tips. Then he pinched the extended nipples, eliciting a small yelp from the woman.

And then Cindy rammed her fingers deep into her roommate's pussy.

Jenny gasped again, rocking her pelvis to gain the most pleasure from the intruding fingers. She reached above her, grabbed Ron Wilson's head and pulled his lips to hers, where she devoured his tongue even as Cindy and Ron continued their assault on her pussy and breasts.

Jenny's body went suddenly stiff when Cindy's free hand began rubbing her love button while her other continued to pound in and out of her pussy. She pushed Mr. Wilson's head away and moved her hands to his, helping him attack her tits while Cindy kept up her relentless assault on her pussy.

And then it hit her, suddenly and powerfully, sending her body into violent convulsions as wave after wave of orgasm laid claim to her body. She tried to encourage her lovers, but nothing intelligible came out of her mouth, only moans and gasps. And still her body shook.

When her body finally quieted down enough for her to function, she opened her eyes and looked around. What she found was Ron sitting on his chair behind her with Cindy on his lap facing him, her legs straddling his. She could hear her moaning softly as his hands wandered slowly over her body.

After taking a few deep breaths and regaining some composure, Jenny sat up slowly, slid off the table and onto her feet. She looked at Mr. Wilson and her roommate and smiled. "I think we'd be more comfortable in my bedroom."

Cindy looked at her roommate and then at the man. Grudgingly, she raised herself off of his lap and stood up, grabbing his hands and pulling him up behind her. "Come," she said simply, and started off down the hallway with her former teacher in tow and Jenny bringing up the rear.

* * *

When they entered the bedroom, Cindy pulled Mr. Wilson forward, pushing him onto the bed back first and immediately following him down, ending up with one leg between his legs and her body draped partially over his chest. She immediately lowered her lips to his, snaking her tongue into his mouth to give chase to his. She writhed slowly over his naked chest, rubbing her bosom against him as he squeezed her ass and pulled her close.

Then the bed shook slightly as Jenny plopped down beside them. Cindy broke the kiss, rolled off to the other side of Mr. Wilson and looked at her roommate. Both girls broke into soft little giggles and turned back towards the man.

"Now I've got you where I've always wanted you," Cindy cooed as she ran her fingers over his chest.

Ron lay there with one naked young woman on each side of him. Despite everything that had transpired, he still couldn't bring himself to fully accept that this was really happening. His eyes darted dizzily from one woman to the other while their fingers played together on his chest until at last he succumbed completely and closed his eyes.

Soon, he felt Jenny's hair brushing against him as she lowered her lips to his nipple. A moment later he felt Cindy on his other nipple. He shivered a bit as the hair from both beauties tickled his skin. And he jumped as first one, then the other bit down on his nipples.

He could feel hands wandering slowly down his stomach, bumping into his jeans. And then he felt two hands working clumsily together to unbutton and unzip his pants. When they finally succeeded in their task, he felt one hand - Cindy's hand - slide quickly under the band of his shorts, diving straight for his cock. When she got it, she lifted her head and smiled.

"My, my, Mr. Wilson," she said as she squeezed him gently "You certainly do seem to be excited by something."

As Cindy spoke, Jenny was lifting her head and flipping her hair over her shoulder. She moved quickly to her knees, grabbed both sides of his pants - underwear included - and began pulling them down. Mr. Wilson's response was automatic as his hips arched above the bed, allowing the pants and underwear to slide easily over his hips. A moment later Jenny was on her feet at the end of the bed, pulling the garments over his feet and tossing them aside.

She stood there and watched as Cindy stroked the erect cock tenderly as she kissed her way slowly over his stomach and around his belly button, inching ever closer to the giant phallus. And she watched as, having finally reached her goal, Cindy's tongue reached out to slowly lick the sides of the pole while her hand slid down to its base.

Not to be left out, Jenny eased back onto the bed, slid up Mr. Wilson's other side and leaned her head towards his cock.

Ron gasped when the second tongue touched his cock, sliding its way up and down in opposition to Cindy's tongue. And then, for the briefest of moments, both tongues abandoned the cock. It was the lips that returned, one on either side as between them they encircled the aroused pole, completely surrounding it. He reached down and grabbed a tusk of each woman's hair and moaned as they worked their way from the base of his erection to the tip, where their lips came together in a brief but impassioned kiss. And then the lips slid down to the base and started the trip again.

The two women continued their game for a minute or so before Cindy pulled away abruptly. With a gentle nudge, she pushed her roommate away, climbed to her knees and swung her right leg across Mr. Wilson's body. As she hovered above his anxious body, Jenny reached in and began massaging Cindy's clit with one hand while her other grabbed hold of Mr. Wilson's cock. Then slowly, Cindy lowered herself onto her prize while her roommate continued to massage her clit.

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