tagFirst TimeTeacher Wife Goes Black

Teacher Wife Goes Black


This story is about a married wife who makes her small dick husband a sissy slave, and eventually finds some real cock to fill what she has been missing but it comes from an unexpected source. If this type of story offends you fuck off and read the beano or something negativity I get daily, so it won't be new to me.


As I sit here writing this I am naked, my cock and balls are confined in a CB3000 chastity device and my wife is upstairs having her brains fucked out by her lover. I am a cuckold in every sense, shortly I will be summoned by her lover, Dean, to clean up his cum from her pussy or her ass, or from her body depending on where he wants to dump his load. How did I get to this stage? Well pretty easily really. I had always fancied seeing my wife being fucked by another man, but had never had the balls or nerve to broach the subject much like many men I suspect. Anyway, I had as most men do nowadays used the internet to source my fantasy of being a cuckold, reading stories downloading videos of wives cuckolding their men and big black cocks fucking tight pussies. I would always end up masturbating in secret to these lucky wives who got to experience a real cock, not a three-inch stiffy like I possessed.

Whilst our marriage was a good one we had no kids I assumed due to my premature ejaculation and possible lack of being able to dump my seed in the proper 'area' when I did manage to enter my wives juiced up pussy. My schoolteacher wife, Alison 26 years of age and a real stunner, never seemed to complain, so it never came up so to speak about her being unfaithful or wanting satisfaction elsewhere, well not until I got caught red handed my panties (I had put a pair of her sexy underwear on to help me masturbate to a good climax!) around my ankles and my cock spurting feebly into my hand as I came!

Alison stood open mouthed and dropped the bags she was holding at my den doorway, before her facial expression changed, and she yelled at me, I had never heard her come in or arrive home I had been so engrossed in self-satisfaction I was well and truly busted.

"What the fuck are you doing you sick pervert?" as she caught sight of the action on the screen where the black stud was fucking the young wife hard and calling her all sorts of filthy names.

She stormed in and slapped me hard across the face, as she stared down at the screen still playing out my innermost fantasy in front of us both, "Is this what turns you on you sick little weed? Eh is this what you've been doing behind my back? Watching this filth and wanking yourself off no fucking wonder I never get any satisfaction you useless little dickless prick!" ..." get yourself sorted out NOW!" and she stormed out.

I quickly shut the screen down and stood shaking at what might happen now, my cock still dribbling with my weak secretions onto her panties at my ankles. I stepped out of them and pulled on my jogger bottoms and gathered up her soiled panties before swallowing hard and going out to find her and face the music. I found my wife Alison pacing the living room floor, her face was like thunder, she had her hands rolled into fists in front of her god was she ever mad, I had never seen her this mad, I almost wet myself on the spot I realised I was in for the mother of all lectures and possibly being thrown out of the house. A lump formed in my throat and I felt tears well up in my eyes as I tried desperately to find the right words to calm her down.

"Have you any idea, any fucking idea how degrading and filthy that feels to me? Eh ehe? Nothing to say you worthless piece of shit!" she spat at me. Her eyes bored into my reddened face as I stood and looked at the floor trying desperately not to allow her to see my crying. It was all to no avail.

"You can stand there and sob like a baby as that's exactly what you are!... a worthless fucking cry baby, you don't deserve to have me as a wife I've a fucking good mind to walk out now or better still throw you out you perverted little worm! What do you think your pals and friends ...our friends would say if they found out my husband... my worthless little shit of a man was beating himself off at that filth? eh... eh? answer me you fucking retard!" she screamed her spit hitting my head as she stood inches from me her temper could almost be felt even from that distance it seemed to radiate from her in heatwaves!!

She stormed around thumping things down shouting obscenities at me, slapping my head my arms my body until her temper subdued enough for her to stand arms folded just glowering at me.

"Get out of my fucking sight go on get go and sit in the downstairs toilet till I can face speaking to you!"..." I mean fucking NOW!" she roared.

I quickly scurried away having cried almost all the way through her ranting I was shitting myself. I thought I was about to become a divorced husband, homeless and taken for every penny I had by this woman, this terrifying woman I had awoken before my very own eyes. I sat in the toilet sobbing wondering what the hell I was going to do? How was I going to save my marriage? What can I do to make her love me again? All the stupid things someone in my predicament surely goes through every time.

In the end it was taken out of my hands. I sat there for what seemed like hours before she pulled the door open and spoke to me. "Get out here your teas ready!" I walked behind her head bowed until she ordered me to sit. "Just sit there and say fuck all right. I am livid at you, I feel degraded and you made me feel disgusting at what I saw. But that's what obviously turns your perverted little mind on, so you can get on with it, you will move out of our marriage bedroom and into the spare room. I will be putting a lock on the door so don't even try to come in or I'll kick your balls half way up your back do you understand?... look at me when I speak to you!"

I looked up at her as she growled at me. "Yes, darling I understand!"

Don't call me darling your anything but my darling you little worm it's a real man I need not a fucking worthless little cock puller like you!"

The rest of the meal was eaten in silence, and then she told me to go and remove all my stuff from our bedroom and put it in the spare room. "And leave the laptop in our bedroom you won't be needing that anymore or the home PC I've set a new password on it and if I find you have been on it without my permission Ill cut your fucking balls off do I make myself clear?"

"Yes!" I mumbled

"Speak up so I can hear you little drip! And it's going to be mistress Alison from now on do I make that clear also! If you want to stay here there will be a lot of changes around here, I'll let you have them in the morning and once you agree I'll decide if you stay or not! NOW FUCK OFF!"

I scurried away but not before acknowledging her order by answering "yes mistress Alison!"

The next morning being Saturday, I awoke to find Alison gone and the house empty on the breakfast bar was a letter with my name on it I opened it with trembling hands and read it carefully

Little cock;

You really pissed me off this time and now it is payback time you will read this letter and when you have finished sign and date it IF you want to stay here. If not leave and do not be there when I get back in that event my solicitor whom I called last night and made him aware of our 'new' situation will be in touch regards my financial needs.

1)You will not be permitted to sleep with me unless permission is given prior to event

2)You will sign over all bank accounts credit, store and fuel cards to me forthwith

3)You will receive an allowance to allow you to buy lunch each day at your work no more.

4)I will see whoever I wish for sexual gratification, and whenever I choose

5)You will perform ALL housework duties, including yard work and car cleaning.

6)At no time will you be permitted to complain or moan any such issues will result in immediate dismissal from the house.

7)You will be made to wear a male Chastity device of my choosing always

8)I will decide when it can be removed or if it can be removed

9)You will refer to me as Mistress or My lady nothing else always

10)You will refrain from attending any male led outings including your golf and football trips from now.

11)You will be present at any and all times to serve my needs and wishes from this day on.

If you stay, you will greet me upon my return in a blouse and frilly panties wearing stockings suspender and a short skirt that I have laid out for you in the living room do NOT disappoint me or you will suffer.

Sign Here:... Date here:.../.../...

I looked at the list and realised she meant to cuckold me into staying. I swallowed hard and sat down even harder, what the hell had I done. I sat and cried again as I realised my fantasies had gotten me into this mess by reading and watching all that porn on the web, but I had no way out. I picked up the pen and signed the letter dropping it back on the counter top for her to find. I walked through to the living room and found the clothing as described. I took them to my new bedroom and dressed as told, as I looked in the mirror I realised I could easily pass as a short haired woman and that made my face blush and my small cock get hard almost straight away. I sat in the hallway awaiting my mistresses return as requested.

It was several hours before she returned and when she opened the door she gave me a stern look up and down before saying "I see you've decided to comply!.. well there are more bags in the car go and get them!"

I swallowed hard as I realised I'd have to go outside into the street to get them, but I walked out in my small heels and collected them even getting a few catcalls and whistles from a bunch of builders working across the street, that made me feel good and my cock got hard again. It wouldn't be long before him getting hard was something I didn't want to happen too often but that was still to come.

Once I returned with the bags my wife told me to sit down and take of my panties she had a surprise for me. I had forgotten about the chastity device, but when I saw it I almost froze it looked seriously scary! It had sharp points on the inside that were bound to hurt, I began to shake with fear at the possible pain I would feel for sure.

One of my friends suggested I get this for you. It's amazing how many of my lady friends have their husbands in similar devices for the same reasons as you she smiled at me as she approached. It's called mikes spikes and fits over your little balls!" with that she clamped them in and I felt those spikes for the first time I almost cried out but thought better of it as she glared at me.

"Now for the second part of your present as you have such a small cock it was difficult to get one to fit but Randy the guy at the adult store came up trumps with this little beauty it's a Solitary Extreme Confinement Chastity Cage perfect for your little cock!" she laughed as she snapped it shut over my tool. I looked down at it and felt a strange sense of sadness as I realised this was my new life.

"You wanted to be a cuckold get used to it wimp!" she laughed at me.

In her innocence she had no idea how true that would become and soon! It would truly change hers and their lives forever. Not nearly totally naive she knew that several of her senior students had a crush on her, she had caught many of them several times ogling her taut breasts and legs. But put it down to teenage youthfulness and lack of sex with girls of their own age.

Within two weeks that was all to change, she had continued to treat her husband with the contempt and disgrace she felt he deserved and had even thought several times about finding a man to really fuck her but had done nothing about it.

It was Friday afternoon when she was sitting marking papers at work when she suddenly felt that sexual frustration sweep over her again, she tried to switch it off but gave up and finally went to the teachers study to try and clear her head.

She pushed open the door to the teacher's lounge and got a drink from the machine, her eyes soon drifted to the football team practicing on the field. It was after three and most other teachers had gone home for the day, but she was a sexually frustrated woman with a useless prick of a husband at home so there was little interest for her to leave anytime soon so she watched as the football team practice as well as the young female cheerleaders as they too practiced all too soon she felt a need growing between her legs.

It had been awhile since she had sex, other than by her own hands, and she longed for a big hard cock, one much bigger than her husband's meagre three-inch dick. She saw the looks that the cheerleaders were getting, and was seriously envious of their youthful good looks and young fit bodies. But that wasn't getting the work done so she went back to work. She smiled when the door opened seeing Lorna her friend, as she bought aa drink for the road, "Night Lorna," as she flashed a smile,

"Night Alison see you Monday morning,"

When she finally grew tired of her work, it was gone five pm looking out the window she saw that the field was now clear of students as she packed up her briefcase and headed out down the hall. No one was around as she walked down the hallway slightly swaying her hips in a provocative way like she like to do when no-one was around imagining her new lover would be watching. As she turned the corner she opened her classroom door intending to pick up some things for the following weeks workload. She opened the door and just as she was reaching for the light switch, she heard thought she could hear voices and decided to investigate.

She could see a glimmer of light coming from what was the classroom store cupboard and marched in that direction. As she neared, she could make out several voices she seemed to recognise "Look at them titties on that one, "a voice said, and she stopped to listen,

"Yeah, but check out her friend's knockers and look at that clean shaved pussy she has," she wondered what they were looking at. She could hear movement, and little did she realize that they were pleasuring themselves while watching the cheerleader's shower, peering out her classroom store window into the girls changing rooms down below in the gym, .

She threw open the door, fumbled for the light switch, and her mouth flew open as hers and their shock at being caught realised on them. As the light bathed the room she saw their hard cocks in their hands, "What the fuck????" one of them said as they turned to see her standing at the door, "Just what do you boys think you're doing?" she sternly asked as they made no attempt to conceal their hard cocks as her face reddened and she tried not to focus on them. It was Dave, Tony and Roy, 3 black seniors that she had watched play football and they slowly inched towards her.

"We're just checking out the cheerleaders white pussies lady teach, what's your problem?" and she felt threatened as they all three stood in front of her, "Perhaps you'd like to show us that white pussy of yours baby," and that's when she grabbed for the door, but Tony's arm beat hers and pushed it shut again behind her, Dave grabbed her hands and pulled her away from it,

"You know that I can get you all expelled for this," she spoke firmly yet nervously, even though inside she was a little excited at the sight of all those hard-black cocks. She warily watched their eyes survey her body and a tight knot of nervousness grew in her stomach.

"What do you say Bro's, do we want to see this white bitch's pussy?" and they all looked at each other and then her, Fear gripped her, but with it came that all too familiar tingle of excitement, she had just been thinking about cock in the lounge,

"You wouldn't dare! ...you all end up in jail!...it would be rape!" she squealed.

Dave reached out and grabbed her small tits through her crisp white blouse, his grip making her bite her lip in pain and her hands shot up to try to pull his hand loose.

"She ain't got no big ones, but she does have some, shall we look at them?" they all laughed as Dave ripped her blouse open, her buttons scattering uselessly upon the store floor. She instinctively shot her hands shot up to cover her white lacy bra as it was exposed, she watched in horror as their cocks got even harder and they soon had her blouse ripped right off her,

"Please stop! If you stop now, I'll forget any of this happened," she nervously pleaded. They all laughed, all three of them and Dave said ,

"But, if we go on Miss, I can guarantee you won't forget any of this one Teach," and they laughed as she felt Tony release the catch on her bra and then jerking it fully off her as her hands tried to cover her perky tits and erect nipples.

Tony and Roy grabbed her arms and pulled them away from her body to uncover her small pert tits they then drew them behind her tying her wrists together with her own bra, as they stared at her now free pert tits, her nipples grew erect as the cold air worked on her, "Man, she ain't hardly got any tits, what you Bro's talking about?" Dave said, he grabbed at her titties and squeezed them between his fingers, she squirmed to escape, but Roy held her firmly in place. It had been several months since her husband had played with her tits, so they hadn't been touched, he was less gentle than she was accustomed too, but that didn't stop her feeling unusual stirrings deep inside.

"What do you say we see this white bitch naked brothers?" and they nodded at each other as she felt hands pulling her slacks off and then her legs coming up off the floor as they were completely removed and thrown to the side,

"Moment of truth fellas, these nice white panties are the only thing keeping us from her sweet, white pussy," and she vainly struggled to break Roy's hold on her, but hands gripped then ripped her panties down over her thighs as she struggled and wriggled whilst being held firm. No sooner had she felt her pussy be exposed than she felt a hand cup her neatly trimmed pussy as a finger traced her rapidly soaking slit.

Losing her balance, she fell forward, when she landed on all fours she found Dave's' cock was staring at her "Look Bro's, this white bitch wants to suck my cock!" and they stared at Dave's cock only inches from her face,

"Let the bitch do it then, stuff her throat!" they cried out as one. She jerked her head to the side as her feet found grip on the floor and Dave now had hold of her hair, pulling her mouth towards his monster of a black cock that twitched, wobbled and swayed in front of her

"Take it in your goddamn mouth bitch!! And if you bite me, your ass will bleed!!" he growled as he rubbed it over her lips, "Open up I said!!" and his cock slipped between her opening lips as his size began to stretch her small mouth out of shape.

"Damn man, looking at all that white pussy has gotten me so hot and bent over like this sucking your cock Bro, her tits look bigger, I want to suck on them puppies," groaned Tony as he crawled under her swaying body, his hands reached out and found her tits, he began working on them straight away. Soon she could feel his tongue flick her hard nipples before sucking one of her tits deeply into his mouth. She let out a stifled moan around Dave's cock that was being pumped deep into her virgin throat, tears filled her eyes stinging them as she clamped them shut slurping all over his thick blackcock like some cheap slut. His grip on her hair was hurting, but strangely she felt an arousal.

She felt hands prying at her crotch prying her pussy lips apart as fingers from Roy's hand rubbed her naked pussy. She fought to concentrate on everything that was happening to her as Roy's fingers kept brushing her clit and she felt her juices flow like a river. She had gotten somewhat accustomed to Dave's cock, and it didn't hurt nearly as bad as before, her mouth was stretched obscenely wide now as he fucked harder and harder at her mouth, Dave grunted at her as he fucked her mouth

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