The day had droned on and finally the last group of students had exited and I was finally able to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet until students began filtering in for tutoring. I teach history and while not as complicated as some other subjects, some students really struggle with the amount of material in college-preparatory classes.

I sat at my desk and Janice, the teacher who works in the room next to me, poked her head in and asked how the day went. I sighed heavily and said I was glad the weekend was here and looking forward to a couple of days of sleeping late and doing little in the way of work. Janice nodded in agreement and came fully into the classroom.

I perked up because she looked good and because there had always seemed to be an undercurrent of sexual tension between us. She was dressed in a pantsuit with the jacket and the shirt underneath providing plenty of vantage points. She was about 34 and had short, blond hair. Her most impressive assets were her breasts. She had large ones - she recently had a child - and while she tried to downplay them at work, they were difficult to totally conceal.

She seemed overly concern about my day - "overly" used only because she did not know me that well but she was easy to talk to and probably just trying to show she was interested in my day. She sat across me from, crossed her legs and leaned forward as she told me about her day and listened to mine.

I absently rubbed the back of my neck, telling her that it was not good to feel this wired at the beginning of the school year. "Hey, would you like me to give you a shoulder massage? I'm not that bad. Did a bit in college as part of our kineseology classes."

I shrugged, "Sure." Who would turn down a shoulder massage from a beautiful woman? I was not going to be the first and motioned her to come behind my desk.

"Wow! You're so tight back here. What are you doing throughout the day? These kids are not worth this much tension." She laughed as she said it and her laugh was something to hear - clear and warm. "You gotta learn to relax. This massage should do the trick."

As she continued, it seemed she moved closer, leaning into my back and I felt her body close to mine. The massage was doing its job - I slowly began breathing slower and deeper, risking falling asleep in my chair. Meanwhile, I picked up on her breathing and it grew shallower and a little raspy.

I was now completely alert and aware of not only her body but also the way it was pressing against me. Why would she be interested in me? She was married, apparently happy enough to have a kid but she was pushing into me. Her breath grew even shallower as I reached around to stroke the back of her legs. I'm not sure what made me do it but it felt right. I was hard as a rock and a bit shy about turning around but I fought off the embarrassment.

I twisted around in my seat and look her in the eye. Her face displayed lust as I stood up and undid first her suit jacket and then the button down white shirt. Her breasts, wrapped in a white lace bra, came into view and my breath was taken away. Her hands wrapped around my head as I released the hooks between her breasts. They came free with a gasp from both of us. Her breasts were large, swollen, milky white and her nipples were set inside large areolas and stood erect. The nipples were some of the largest I had ever seen as I bent down and began licking them. As I sucked, milk came out. I was first surprised but soon, was turned on by the fact that we were both getting hornier but an act that was suppose to be natural and asexual.

She muttered "Baby" as her hands ran through my hair and I sucked harder, intermittently and lightly using my teeth on her. She gasped and shook from the attentions I was paying to her nipples. I moved her around so that she was sitting on my desk in front of me. I sat back down and slowly unbuttoned her loose-fitting suit pants. As soon as I opened up her pants, the smell of her sex filled my nostrils and I quickly yanked them off, as well as her panties. Below the desk, I took out my cock - it was hard as a rock and desperate to be inside of her. Her pussy was bare and soaking wet, opened wide in anticipation for what was to come. I buried my tongue as her legs wrapped around my head and her hands pushed me deeper into her. I licked up the folds within her and occasionally drifted my tongue down to her asshole, which drove her crazier, her pussy leaking over my face. Her hips moved, as if she was silently directing my tongue to her favorite spot.

That is when I heard the click of my door being opened. I had just enough time to bring my head up when I saw one of my seniors, Maria, walk in without knocking. Janice and I were both too shocked to do anything right away, as was Maria. Maria looked gorgeous. She was a little shorter than the 5'8" Janice with dark hair, dark complexion and large breasts that were common among many of my Mexican-American students. She wore tight jeans and a fitted white shirt that showed her off-white bra and nipples erect from the cold outside.

"Oh my God...I'm so sorry." With that expression, she bolted from the room. Janice quickly got up, put on her pants (sans panties) and her blouse and ran out to find Maria. Meanwhile, I sat in my room that reeked of sex and memories of something I thought I would never get back again. I also thought about the consequences.

I was sure to lose my job. "Yes, Mr. Principal. I was engaged in a bit of flagrante dilecto with another teacher and was about to slam it home when Maria popped in. Sorry." I was sure to be suspended and how easy would it be to find another job with this type of incident in my background.

Just as I was mentally redoing my resume, Janice popped back in with a bit of a smirk on her face.

"What's so funny? That was not funny! What if she says something?"

Janice giggled. "Dave, she was right outside the portable trying to figure out what she just saw. I had her in class last year and we have a pretty good relationship. She's next door in my room now."

"What? How is she?"

Janice said, "Oh, she's fine but I have to tell you something. Last year,

she told me that she had a crush on you and had dreams about you. When I saw her outside, she just looked at me and said, 'Remember what I told you last year about him? God that was something what I just saw.' I just took her to my room and told her to wait."

Ok, my fear had turned my brain to mush. I thought I just heard that Maria had a thing for me and was turned on by what she saw. I looked at Janice and asked, "Are you for real? I'm 45 years old. She's 18."

Janice walked towards me and replied, "Yes, dear and I'm 34. Now that we have all of our ages down, do you remember where I live?" I nodded yes. "Meet me there in about twenty minutes."

Twenty minutes never lasted as long as the time I waited to get to Janice's house. She did not live too far from the school and after packing my things and closing down my room, I had time to drive to her house.

When I knocked on the door, she answered in her athletic shorts and a t-shirt. God, she was hot. She stepped aside, planted a lazy, sensual kiss on my lips and took me by the hand towards the back of her house. We walked into her bedroom and on the bed was Maria in the same outfit as Janice. I looked at Janice with hesitation as she pulled me closer to the bed to join our student.

Janice looked at Maria and said, "Maria, I think it is time you tell Mr. Walker what you told me."

You might as well have told Maria to walk naked in front of her priest and parents. She seemed shocked and looked at Janice with a pleading look but Janice held her hand and said it was ok. "Mr. Walker understands. Just tell him."

After several false starts, Maria, in a weak voice that gradually grew stronger, said, "Remember when I seemed to be out of it last year in your class? Well, I was having intense dreams that I could not understand. They dealt with you and me and I had difficulty being in your classroom."

"What kind of dreams?" Oh please, let them be what I think they are.

With a pause, she continued, "My dreams were about you and I together, like a couple. I would get so excited being in your class and watching you that I could not concentrate." As she was telling her story, Janice was slowly stroking Maria's hair in a way that seemed unusually intimate.

I was shaken out of my thoughts and asked Maria to repeat herself. "I want you. We both do." I looked at Janice and then Maria. Janice slowly leaned forward and kissed me. Right behind her, Maria leaned forward too with hesitation. I asked her if she was sure and she responded by kissing me, her lips lingering and sticking to mine in a beautiful and sexy moment.

Janice took off her shirt to show no bra but those incredible breasts. Maria, taking her cue from Janice, did the same. She too wore no bra and her breasts were accentuated with puffy nipples. I could not help myself but leaned forward to those dark skin breasts and gently sucked on her puffy nipples. I smelled sex everywhere as a motion to my side showed Janice taking off her shorts that showed she had no panties on. She gently separated her pussy lips as juice poured out of her, down her leg onto the bed.

I laid Maria down on the bed and continued to suck on those incredible nipples as she worked her shorts down and grabbed by cock through my pants. Janice came behind me and took off my shirt and pulled my pants down. She dove between my legs and beginning sucking my balls and rimming my asshole while I worked on Maria's nipples.

Janice got up and moved to kiss Maria while I worked my way down my student's body towards a beautiful pussy with a small strip of hair leading to her sex. It glistened and was swollen. As Janice began kissing Maria and sucking her puffy nipples, I worked my tongue between the folds and tasted the sweetest nectar I have ever devoured.

"Oh God, Mr. Walker, oh God. That feels so good. Ms. Smith, he feels so good with his tongue."

"I know sweetheart. Let me make it feel better for you." With that, Janice moved down with me to share in this delight. We lifted Maria's legs up as I sucked on her clit and Janice's tongue licked in and around her asshole.

"Oh jeez. Oh shit." Maria began to tremble, her legs shaking in the air while Janice and I gave her as much pleasure with our tongues as we knew. Her head shook from side to side, her moaning emanating from underneath her black hair. "Oh God, please stop. I'm going to pee! Oh shit, ahhhhhhhhhhh."

Her whole body shook violently as her screams became louder. Her hips rocked off the bed and her pussy shoved against my face while Janice backed away and watched the ecstasy while playing with her clit. Soon, as Maria began calming down, Janice got on all fours with her right hand snaked underneath her and strumming her clit. I got up and aimed my throbbing cock towards her pussy. I needed her right now in front of Maria so that our student would know what was to come next.

I positioned myself behind Janice and slowly sank my cock deep into her pussy, its lips grasping onto me and warm liquid surrounding me. As I began to piston in and out, I inserted my finger into her ass. "Oh, fuck. Fuck me Dave. Fill your cock into my wet pussy. Show Maria what a man can do. Stick that finger in my ass. God it feels so dirty."

I slipped out of her pussy and, coated in her juice, I slipped into her asshole. "Oh fuck. Yeah, fuck my ass. Fuck my dirty ass."

Maria lay along side of us and fingered her pussy, every once in a while dipping her finger into her ass.

I was moving faster into Janice's ass. My hips made loud slapping noise against her ass cheeks as the bed shook. I was cumming. My cock grew larger in anticipation.

"Oh shit. You're cumming. I feel your cock getting bigger in my ass. Fill me up, split me open. Come on! FUCK MY ASS YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!!"

I could not have stopped if I wanted to. I breathed in as I felt the cum rising. I exploded into her ass.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. FUCK ME DAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" My cum shot into her ass and I grabbed on tighter to her hips. I made several more thrusts as I came and I began to slow down. Janice was moaning loudly the name of various deities. I collapsed on Janice's back, our sweat mixing and breathing matching. I withdrew and asked Maria to join me as I bent down towards Janice's ass.

I held Maria's hand and asked her if she saw my cum slowly leaking out of her teacher's ass. Maria nodded her head numbly but was drawn to the scene. I bent down and ran my tongue along the crack of Janice's ass, scooping up my cum and her sweat in the process. I leaned in on Maria and we kissed. Her tongue and mouth was inexperienced but she was eager to learn and moaned when she tasted my cum.

"It's salty. Does it always taste like that?"

"It depends on the guy. What do you think?

She lowered her head and gazed at my cock that was coated in both Janice and my cum. "It's not going down. I thought the boys' thing went down after he cummed. God, I feel funny."

"Normally it does goes down but with you here, it has other ideas."

She looked me in the eye. "I want to do what you two just did. I want to lose control. I want to surrender to you. Please, Mr. Walker, fuck me." Her voice was small and reminded me of a little girl. But she was not. She was voluptuous and enticing. Her large breasts and puffy nipples heaved up and down while her pussy leaked on the sheets of the bed.

She lowered her head and her pink lips slowly surrounded my cock, moaning as she tasted her two teachers' cum. Janice, more or less recovered, positioned herself behind Maria and began licking her pussy and ass. I felt the vibrations of Maria's moans on my cock and it drew me closer to where I was not willing to go just yet. She was inexperienced but the sight of her bent before me with her ass in the air, sucking my cock more than made up the difference.

I slowly pulled her off and laid her down on her back. She wiggled on the bed in anticipation as I positioned myself in between her legs. My cock raged in wanting this young girl's pussy. Her dark skin as the backdrop of my white cock shown as I slowly approached her entrance.

I could not believe the sensation as my cock entered her pussy. It was so tight and warm. I almost came at the moment I entered. Maria's eyes grew large as saucers while Janice, who had moved from behind her, began sucking her breasts. Her puffy nipples were as enticing to Janice as they were to me.

I slowly began stroking in and out. "Oh, Mr. Walker. Oh my goodness. Please Mr. Walker. Don't stop. Don't ever stop fucking me."

Her arms wrapped around my back and her legs around my hips. She drew me deeper into her. Her fingers dug into my back and she encouraged me.

"Oh, Mr....Walker...God...please don't stop. Show me what it can be like. Make me a woman...oh fuck. Right there...God you're so big." She turned her head towards Janice. "Is it suppose to be this big?"

Janice lifted her head from Maria's breasts and smiled in a maternal way. "Baby, it is only beginning."

After a short time, I accidentally slipped out of Maria and my cock lowered into her ass. Maria's eyes flew open and she screamed. At first, I did not understand so I began to pull out but her legs and arms grew tighter around me and screamed, "NO! Don't move, don't stop." Her fingers scratched my back and I felt small trickles of blood running down my back.

Maria panted, "Please, let me on top. I want to ride you...see your face."

I flipped over onto my back and Maria never allowed my cock out of her ass. She began bouncing on my cock. Her tits were magnificent as her puffy nipples, seemingly heavier than her breasts, bounced even greater. "Oh fuck. I have your cock in my ass. Come on...fuck me...fuck your baby. Fuck your little student."

She was in a trance and she was out of control - just as she wanted to be. I was mesmerized by her body bouncing on my cock and then, Janice, who I had forgotten in my attentions towards Maria, straddled my face while facing Maria. Janice's beautiful, bare pussy was grinding on my face as she slid back and forth, making sure to go far enough so that I could taste her ass.

Janice moaned, "Oh Maria, you look so beautiful. Your fantasy is coming true."

"Oh his cock. It is so far up my ass...oh fuck...oh God..." she moaned while she breathed through her teeth. "It's getting bigger...oh it's not possible. Fuck me Mr. Walker, use your cock on my asshole."

I was out of control myself because I wanted this to last forever but I could not hold on. I felt my cum rising for a second time. I grabbed onto Maria's hips and rammed her down quicker and more violently. Meanwhile, I was lapping Janice's clit and tonguing her faster. All of us seemed on the verge. Then it hit.

Maria's knees tightened around my waist like a vice while Janice's thighs squeezed my face and her pussy rammed even further upon my face. I made one final huge trust into Maria's pretty asshole and I began cumming. She screamed, convulsing on my cock and Janice began squirting her cum down my mouth, screaming at the top of her lungs. Three people, all screaming, shaking and cumming.

Maria collapsed off my cock and onto her back. Her legs spread; I could see her open asshole - what an incredible sight. Janice did the same, leaving me covered in the cum of two beautiful women. I got up slowly and made my way to Maria's ass. Janice, sensing my desire, moved with me. We slowly began licking the cum that was leaking out of Maria's ass. Maria was close to tears as she felt our loving tongues on her body.

"Can we do this again. Oh, please tell me we can." Janice and I looked at each other, our faces covered in cum and sweat and we began licking each other's faces. We then looked at Maria. I said, "Baby, this is only the beginning."

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