tagIllustratedTeacher's Best Lesson

Teacher's Best Lesson


There was only one problem with the extremely expensive private boys boarding school and that was there were no girls allowed on the premises, which was why Don and his friends were now in the home of the only exception to that rule, a temporary female teacher, who's son also happened to be at the school as well as being one of Don's recent friends.

Don becoming his friend happened to coincide with his finding out his mother was the only fanciable female he was ever likely to see before he left school in a few months, being still a virgin at 18 was very embarrassing.

So when some volunteers were needed to collect some things from the nearby female teachers house, he was there, together with her son and two of his other friends, his ulterior motives were to find any of her underwear and also to search her computer for any revealing photos.

The first reason for volunteering had been successful, having found 2 pairs of pantyhose and thongs, both smelling of delicious pussy, they would sell for a good price back at school.

As for the second motive, he was looking thru all the computers files, getting despondent until he tried looking for hidden files and there it was, a hidden folder called "My Photos". With rising excitement he clicked open the folder to find lots of image files inside, opening the first one to find a picture of her stood up in only her underwear, even better in that he was sure the pair of white thongs he had found was what she was wearing.

His friends clustered around, passing comments on the picture like, damn, what a body and urging Don to open the others. Don was more concerned about copying the hidden folder onto a memory stick; these photos would make him rich. He had brought his own camera in case there was anything of interest to photo, but he had no need of that now.

He opened up one more picture to keep his baying friends happy; it was noticeable that although her son was quiet, he was still having a good look at her pictures.

The boys growing horniness was interrupted by the sound of the front door opening, the son ran to see who it was and from the sound of voices it appeared his mother had arrived, the son had the sense to keep her busy while Don closed down the computer.

Don came out to see her, not caring that his hardon from looking at her pictures showed, he was finding the situation very horny, having her used underclothes in his pocket and pictures of her safely on the memory stick in the other.

He saw her glance at his hard cock poking thru his trousers, he discovered she had come back home to rest as the first few days teaching had been so tiring, she said she would go lie down in her bedroom and wouldn't get in their way from collecting up the things she needed at school, also not to worry about making a noise as once she was asleep nothing could wake her, why she joked, she even had three alarm clocks.

The boys busied themselves for awhile, collecting up books and equipment to take back, after ten minutes Don crept upstairs and quietly opened her bedroom door, to be greeted by the site of her laid curled up on the bed asleep, in just her underwear and surprisingly still in her black high heels, the pair that always made her legs seem even longer than they were already.

His friends clustered around as he opened the door wider and walked on inside, listening to their awed comments about her body, Don spoke out in a normal voice, no need to whisper, she said that nothing could wake her, if you think she has a fucking awesome body, come out and say it. It was just as well he had brought his camera; he now had something good to take a picture of, thinking how much each copy was going to sell for.

Time to prove whether what she said was correct, he ran his hand up her nylon covered calf, all the way up to the bare flesh above her black stocking, his friends watching, Don caught hold of her sons arm and pulled him nearer, encouraging and steering the sons hand onto her bare ass cheek, telling him to have a good feel, which after a moment of nervousness, he did, getting bolder and rubbing more firmly.

After seeing this, all his friends wanted a feel, they gathered around, some getting on the bed, feeling her all over, her thighs, ass and squeezing her tits encased in a sexy bra, after a few minutes of groping, Don, grasped her nylon covered calf and straightened her legs, laying her on her back, saying it would be easier to get to the tits, they were getting braver in their handling of her body as she was still sound asleep.

They scooped her tits out of the bra, telling her son that he could suck on the nipples first, he needed no urging even though it was his mom, they were still tits, he was delighted to find the nipples grow big and hard under his sucking mouth, pointing out to his friends how big they looked.

His friends had got their hard cocks out, rubbing them as they watched the son suck and chew on his mother's hard nipples.

The friends were waiting on Don to see what he did next, he assigned one friend to find a large towel, and her son to undo and take off her bra, another trophy for him to take back. He dragged her towards the edge of the bed, all of them lifting her and placing the towel underneath, for some reason her son had started to put her orange blouse back on, whatever, she was now ready, her mouth was even open, ready for a hard cock.

Don took off her sexy heels and peeled off her stockings, using one to tie her hands above her head and the other to blindfold her, no point in taking chances, anyway, it was much more exciting seeing her tied.

Her black thongs were next to come off, breathing in the scent of them before he pocketed them with the others, her son was staring awestruck at the first real live pussy any of them had ever seen, not shaven as they expected, but nicely trimmed. Don steered the son's head in between her legs, telling him to get on and eat out that cunt, to get it nice and juicy ready for them all to use.

He dived in, going mad eating and licking, making loud slurping noises. While Don moved up the bed, kneeling over her head and pushing his long thick cock in her mouth, stretching it, he had a nickname of Donkey back at school, after he was first seen in the showers, for the size of his cock, he was now putting it to use at last.

He was watching her move her hips as her son enthusiastically ate her out, presumably having an erotic dream, it was exciting to see her grind her pussy against her sons face, buried between her legs, as Don started to fuck her mouth, using it like a pussy, pushing in and out, as deep as he could get, not finding any gagging reflex from her as his thick cock head hit the back of her throat.

His two other friends were getting impatient, it reminded Don that he had to be back at school soon, so he had to hurry things up, telling her son to stop eating and get on and fuck it, but he had better not cum inside as he didn't want a sloppy cunt to use after him.

The son pushed his cock inside the hot wet hole, amazed to find her hips moving up to meet him, with only a few thrusts he was cumming, he pulled out quickly, leaving a small amount of cum inside her, the rest spurting over her tummy.

Don relinquished his position over her mouth to another of his friends as he moved down for his turn at the pussy, he didn't care it had already been fucked, with the thickness of his cock, it helped to have already been well lubricated, even so, it wasn't that easy getting his cock in, having seen it been done in porn movies was one thing, for real was another.

It was a real tight fit, he had to use some force to get it in, with a huge thrust he got in all the way, still inches of cock left outside, but as deep in the pussy as he was going to get, pulling back , he started to pump away hard and fast, groaning as he enjoyed the tightness of his first pussy, pumping so hard that she moved up the bed on every stroke, his friend was trying to keep up by pumping his cock in and out her mouth, but had to give up as Don was so forceful fucking her pussy, making do with jerking his cock off over her face, seeing her eyelids twitch as they were cum splattered.

I think she is waking up, he told the others, Don just pumped harder, not wanting to give up so soon on his first pussy, telling the others to get going while he finished up pumping this hot cunt, she may well realize it was them who had fucked her, but what with being blindfolded, she could not be totally sure.

Feeling her begin to struggle under him, made it feel even better, he put his mouth over a hard nipple and clenched his teeth over it as he rammed his huge cock in and out, biting hard as he started to cum, delighting in having had his first pussy, thinking that he would hopefully be having it again soon, depending on how well the photos he had taken looked, he doubted she would want the other teachers seeing them, the other students were going to see them though, depending on whether they came up with the money first, in the back of his mind was the thought of wondering what the going rate was for using the only available pussy, he was putting all those years of business studies to good use.

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