tagLoving WivesTeacher's Blackening

Teacher's Blackening


Dee Rogers' life was in a rut! She was a beautiful 34B-23-35 blonde, 37-year-old fifth grade teacher whose life was stuffed with routines. She had married Pat just after graduation from a prestigious Southern university. Pat was a contractor and was away for days on end.

Reggie Jackson was Dee's student. He had barely finished high school and went to work in the ghetto with other black young men. But Reggie had plans. He rounded up a stable of hoes and started pimping.

Dee was concerned about one of her bright girl students. She would go and talk to her parents.

After wandering around in the drab ghetto neighborhood, she realized she was hopelessly lost. Dee decided to pull over and look at a map. No good. She was lost and confused. Then Dee spotted a sleepy bar, The Court. She was a little reluctant, but she had to find her way. The bar was dark. Only the lights behind the bar led her to the bartender.

Then she bumped into something.

"What? Oh! Excuse me!" Dee told the black man she had just stumbled into.

"That's OK!" his confidant voice replied. Dee look at the young man. He was 22-years old, tall, black, with broad shoulders and large tattooed arms.

"Hi teach. What are you doing here?" Reggie asked.

"Reggie! I recognize you!", Dee exclaimed.

It was a relief to find someone she knew. Reggie looked at Dee. His elevator eyes started at her ankles. Dee legs were long and white. Her wrap around skirt stopped about four inches above her knees. Her white blouse was buttoned up the front to her neck. Dee noticed Reggie's eyes and was a little embarrassed to know a former student was looking at her with such lust.

Reggie had seen his former teacher several times during high school and wanted to hit on her.

"I'd like to fuck her," he thought.

Dee sat down at the table Reggie was occupying. Reggie ordered two drinks and pushed one to Dee. She was feeling a glow even before the alcohol began to hit her. They chatted about their lives. Reggie ordered another and then another. Dee felt giddy and her pussy has beginning to get wet when Reggie touched her hand. He took her hand and led her to the dance floor. Dee was mesmerized by Reggie.

He started to dance. She tried to follow the movements. Reggie moved closer and placed his hands on her hips and guided her through some sexy movements. Then as the music bacame slower and more sensual, his hands moved up to her waist.

Dee felt Reggie pull her close. "I've always wanted to fuck you," he whispered in her ear. It was the alcohol or perhaps the lustful taboo of being with a black man, but Dee could only moan. They continued to dance with Reggie's hands roaming all over her hot body. Reggie slipped both hands over Dee's tight white ass and squeezed both cheeks. Then he slipped his hands under the wraparound skirt and squeezed her bare butt.

Dee felt a shutter. A feeling, starting at her clit, swept up her abdomen and spread out all over her body. She bowed her back and pressed her firm breasts into Reggie's chest while her first orgasm held her in its clutches.

Reggie sensed that Dee had had an orgasm. His hands quickly unbuttoned her blouse and one hand reached in to gently squeeze her left tit, rolling her hard, red nipple between his index finger and thumb. Dee moaned and staggered backward. Reggie caught her and helped her regain her balance.

Reggie could not believe it. This was the white bitch teacher he had wanted to fuck; and now, she had just had her first orgasm in his arms! Reggie took Dee's hand and led her out the front of The Court to a car parked on the street. He opened the back door and pushed her inside.

Dee sat down. She noticed her skirt had slipped up and was above the lacy top of her thigh-high hose, revealing her pink thong. Reggie slid in beside her and closed the door. The dark windows keep the light out creating a surreal darkness.

Instinctually, Dee reached for Reggie's crotch and pulled his zipper down. She wanted to see her former student's black dick. Suddenly, Reggie's tool sprung out. Dee gasped! Reggie placed his head on the back of her head and pushed her mouth down to his dick. She could sense a musky, manly, sexy smell as she rolled his uncut foreskin back to reveal his dark dick head.

Dee's full lips were wet as she felt the dick slip into her mouth. She began the up and down, in and out rhythm of love. Dee's mouth was watering and leaving a slick trail on Reggie's dick.

"Hey teacher. I used to fanaticize about you sucking my black dick," Reggie whispered.

Dee moaned as Reggie's dick slipped over her tongue and darted down her throat. Her throat muscles contracted sending Reggie over the edge. Dee felt the first spurt of cum squirt down her throat. As she pulled off, the next load squirted over her tongue. It tasted slightly salty. She gulped the second and third loads hungrily.

Dee was surprised that Reggie's dick did not get soft like her fucking husband, Pat. He would cum in her, roll over, and go to sleep.

Reggie pushed Dee back and reached down and pulled her thong off. After pushing Dee's legs back against her chest, he paused to look at her blonde bush and red, wet cunt. "That's right, teacher-bitch! You're hot! I bet you never had a 12-inch black man's dick in that white pussy," Reggie sneered. His dick pushed her labia aside and enter Dee's hot cunt.

"OH GAWD!" Dee moaned.

Reggie's dick started pumping in out. On each thrust his dick went deeper and deeper... further than Pat's sad four-inch weenie had ever gone. Dee felt so fulfilled. This was the sensual feeling Dee only fanaticized about. This was the fulfillment of all the pleasures Dee had ever felt. Black cock was what Dee was needing!

Reggie felt like a conqueror! The hot teacher he had drooled over was under him with her cunt wrapped around his dick and cumming on his manhood.

"That's it bitch! Show me what a ho you really are!" Reggie whispered.

HO! The words almost stunned Dee. Before she could consider the impact of the word, she felt another orgasm rise up in her loins and grip her mind like a steel hand. Reggie felt his dick going over the edge. He could feel the semen rushing out of his balls and down his dick, and explode against Dee's cervix.

Dee felt that cum hit her cunt walls. It shocked her into reality. Reggie was bareback! She never used contraceptives. The next two cum loads felt so good Dee forgot the reproductive issue before her. The taboo relationship, the bareback sex, the extra-marital sex, and the specter of a pregnancy only heighten Dee's pleasure!

Reggie slowly withdrew his cock, leaving Dee gaping wide open. "Look at that cunt, bitch! You a ho, now!" Reggie said with a big grin. Dee was stunned! It was that word, "HO". She had never been called a ho although she had heard that word from students time and time again. Now Dee Rogers, the prim and proper school teacher and wife of 15 years was being called a ho! All she could think of was Reggie's black dick and the feeling of fulfillment with it inside her.

"Get up! Get up, bitch and turn over!" Reggie ordered. Without hesitating, Dee did as she was told. She wanted to please Reggie more than anything in the world. She was feeling slutty and being called a bitch only heighten Dee's pleasure. She was turning into a black cock whore. Reggie placed Dee in the doggie position and put his dick at her gaping, sloppy pussy. His dick slipped in easily this time. Dee's cunt was stretched by her first black fucking and was taking Reggie's monster much easier.

It was too dark for Dee to see anything, which heightened the sensual nature of her rear entry fucking. Reggie thrust his dick balls deep in Dee's pussy making a sloshing sound. It was the previous cum load.

Reggie's pounding dick was pushing Dee forward. With each thrust against her cervix, air rushed out of her lungs. She could only grunt, but the pleasure was immense! She felt her cunt walls squeezing Reggie's dick as she pushed back against her black master. Dee was becoming a black man's ho. She was bonding to her black man in a way that no white woman could bond to a white man. This was Dee's new world! It was there to explore and take pleasure.

Reggie withdrew his dick and placed his thumb and then his two fingers in Dee's sloppy wet pussy. He withdrew his cum-coated hand with his own black baby seed sperm. Placing his cock back in Dee's pussy, he reached over and placed his thumb in Dee's inviting ass. Dee took a deep breath as she felt his thumb easily slide past her puckered sphincter. It was quite unexpected. Pat her wimp hubby had never tried anal sex before. Reggie continued pumping his cock in Dee as he replaced his thumb with two fingers and twisted his hand. The sensations were too much for Dee as she had an orgasm again. Soon Reggie had three fingers deep in Dee's now slackening ass.

Reggie withdrew his cum lubed dick and positioned it at Dee ass.

"I'm going to fuck your ass, bitch. You'll love it like you love my black dick in your cunt," Reggie whispered. Reggie's dick easily slipped past Dee's sphincter as the white, virgin-assed teacher gasped in pleasure. His cock slowly slid in balls deep.

"That's right, bitch. You ass-fucked now, bitch. You a black man's slut ho," Reggie's whispered words were mesmerizing to Dee.

She could feel Reggie nut sack slapping her cunt as he pistoned in and out of her ass. Reggie stopped and slowly withdrew. He slipped his dick into her cunt and began fucking her harder. He pulled out and slipped his dick back in Dee ass and resumed the fucking.

For 10 minutes Reggie's black fuck stick switched back and fourth between Dee tight ass and wet pussy. Soon each stroke was longer and longer until Reggie started to alternate on each thrust between Dee's ass and cunt. The sensation was so intense Dee could not tell which fuck hole that Reggie had entered. She went over the edge!

"OH My!" Dee moaned.

Reggie suddenly thrust and froze. A load of black baby making seed shot into Dee's ass. Reggie squeezed off his dick, withdrew, inserted it into Dee's cunt, and shot two more loads. Before Reggie had dumped his entire cum load, he shot four loads into Dee cunt and five loads into her ass. She collapsed on the seat. Reggie withdrew and sat back. The white teacher bitch had taken all his loads in all her fuck holes.

Dee knew this was just the beginning of her blackening. She could never be satisfied with Pat's pathetic four-inch weenie. Reggie knew that Dee, his former teacher, was now his hot bitch and black cock ho. What was in store for her? The black pimp and user of women knew the answer to that question.

What about her wimp husband? Dee thought of Pat. Could she tell him? Would she continue to see Reggie and not tell him? Would Pat find out? Dee could feel her wedding band on her finger of her left hand.

Reggie pulled out a cigarette. He lit it. He inhaled deeply and exhaled. Handing it to Dee, Reggie said, "Smoke!" It was not a question. It was a demand. Dee had never smoked. She took the Menthol Kool and put her lips to it. She tried to draw in a drag and exhale, but it was a pathetic effort.

"Hey bitch. Take a drag on it... now open your mouth and take in some air... that's it baby... now hold it... now exhale." Dee did as instructed. She felt like coughing at first. But soon the smoke filled her lungs and a warm sensual feeling spread out over her body. She exhaled and looked at Reggie for approval.

"Take another. You need practice," he said. Dee took several tokes from the cigarette before she began to feel better.

"Methol Kools! Get some. Next time show me how my ho smokes!" Reggie commanded.

Reggie dressed and opened the door even before Dee was ready. Two black dudes passing by stopped to watch Dee slip her clothes on and get out of the car to cat calls. She did not feel embarrassed at all. She told herself she was a ho now and looked seductively at the two young black men. She looked at their tenting pants and wondered if their dicks were like Reggie's.

"You want some of that?" Reggie asked the two brothers. Money was exchanged and one the brothers slid into the seat beside Dee. Reggie watched the car rock and roll. He took a drag on his cigarette and exhaled. He smiled at the thought of pimping out his fifth grade teacher. What a night!

Dee sleepily glanced up at her second john. He had just cum in her cunt, and Dee had cleaned her customer with her hot mouth. Black dick... beautiful black dicks! That's all Dee wanted now. She was a black cock ho. Dee looked down at her body. Creamy white cum was leaking out of her cunt and ass.

"Hey bitch! Get out of my car!" Reggie's voice brought Dee back to the present.

Dee pushed her wrinkled skirt down and stepped out. Dee realized she was barefooted. She dove back into the car to retrieve her shoes, leaving her cum smeared ass and puffy, red cunt exposed to the three black men on the street. Dee slipped on her three -inch pumps, got out of the car, and stood up.

"Here. This is your cut," Reggie said as he pushed $40 into Dee's bra.

"Gimme your cell number," Reggie said. The two lovers exchanged numbers. "Now, get your ass home. I'll call you," he said.

The teacher had been transformed. She had forgotten about her student. As she started her car, she remembered that she was married! What about Pat? Smiling, Dee knew what to do. She felt empowered by her new-found sensuality.

FACT: Pat was a wimp. He had come to grips with that reality long ago. As a construction contractor, Pat was constantly put down by customers, co-workers, and bosses alike.

"Shit rolls down hill, and I'm at the bottom of that hill," Pat rationalized to himself. However, Dee was the only person who respected him. Dee had shown her loyalty by propping up Pat's ego throughout her marriage.

With beer in hand, Pat sat down to watch CSI on TV.

Walking in, Dee looked like she had been through a wringer. Her skirt was wrinkled. Cum was dribbling out of her cunt and ass and down the inside of her thigh. The "river" of cum could clearly be seen on the inside of her thigh below her hem line. She reeked of sex and manly scent.

Dee not even bothered to straighten her hair. She walked up to Pat and announced that they had to talk. Almost to her surprise, Pat agreed to talk.

Dee explained she had found a new sensuality. Her libido was freed and her mind was working on the instinctual level. The words came pouring out of her head almost without forethought. She told him about black sex and Reggie. She even flashed the $40.

"I've got to have black sex outside of our marriage. Do you want to share me and be apart of this or do you want to split?" Dee asked, but it was more of a manifesto. Dee's manifesto was overwhelming to Pat. Dee stalked off to the shower and to bed.

Little did Dee know that Pat often sat at his computer and surfed the porn sites including Blacks on Blondes and Dark Cavern. He had fanaticized about a cuckolded relationship for years. He had been too much of a wimp to bring it up to his wife.

Pat followed and crawled in bed beside his beautiful wife.

"Are you going to fuck me?" Dee said. Dutifully, Pat crawled over Dee and started his same old staid love making routine. To his surprise, Dee was more animated. She thrust her hips up to meet Pat's pathetic thrusts. Dee's cunt strained to squeeze Pat's pathetic pencil dick. It was a fantastic turn on for Pat. He could not help himself. He squirted a small amount of white baby seed in Dee, and rolled over.

It was the best sex Pat had felt in years. He liked Dee's new persona!

"Get Over here and clean me out," Dee ordered her hubby. Pat had never tasted pussy. Dee had to hold his head and explain where to direct his tongue action. Pat tasted tastes he had never experienced. The sexual scent of Dee's cunt was enough to cause Pat to soil the sheet. Both lovers went to sleep.

The next day, Dee did not wait for Reggie's call. She called and excitedly told Reggie how she felt about him and black sexing. She related the events after she went home and how Pat had agreed to be a cuckolded participant in their love lives. Ever the entrepreneur, Reggie could see the financial advantages in a new white ho with a cuckold hubby.

That evening, Dee and Pat walked into Reggie's lavish condo apartment. As soon as Dee saw Reggie the two embraced and began sensual kissing. Pat was surprised to see his wife kissing a black man. He was shocked by the contrasts in their skin. Pat's teeny weenie started to stir. Dee continued her kissing and taking Reggie tongue deep in her throat.

Reggie expertly undressed his new ho and pushed her back on a leather sofa. Dee's alabaster white legs wrapped around Reggie bare black ass as he mounted her saddle. His dick sank balls deep in one thrust. Dee's moans told his he was pushing against her cervix with each thrust.

Pat took out his pathetic dick and begin frantically stroking it. Watching his wife being taken by a black man was causing new sensations to well up in the white boy wimp. Reggie ordered Dee to turn over. He quickly inserted his dick in Dee ass, grabbed he butt with both hands, and started pounding. Dee had her first orgasm. Pat's pathetic cock shot its first load of the evening.

After five minutes of ass fucking, Reggie said, "Get over her wimp and suck my cock." Pat was surprised but he was too for into the sensuality of the moment to refuse. He got on his knees and sucked Reggie's dick the way a good cuckold hubby. Pat could smell and taste Dee's ass and Reggie's black dick as it worked in and out of his mouth.

Reggie put his hands on Pat's head and pushed his dick down Pat's throat. Pat was shocked and started to choke, but Reggie would not turn him loose. "You're my bitch now. Deep throat my dick!" Reggie ordered.

The black master withdrew and then plunged his dick into Dee's ass again. The white blonde ho's body contorted into another immense orgasm. Reggie withdrew and plunged into Dee's pussy. After 20 minutes of alternating between Pat's mouth and Dee's cunt and ass, Reggie shot his load into Dee's unprotected pussy. Gobs of black baby making seed poured out of Dee cunt as Reggie withdrew his still-hard dick.

Without being told, Pat eagerly cleaned Reggie's dick, savoring the tastes and aroma of Dee's cunt and ass and Reggie's sperm. Reggie ordered Pat not to swallow. Pat was directed to position his face above Dee's and let the cum dribble into her eager, open mouth. After the transfer, Reggie bend Pat over and roughly thrust his dick in the white cuckold's asshole. It took Reggie five minutes to cum. He pushed Pat off and looked down at the pathetic white cuckold hubby with cum dribbling out of his ass. Pat started to cum.

Reggie was prepared for Pat.

"Cucky! Come here!" Reggie ordered. The black man produced a box and brought out a black leather collar with chrome studs and a metal loop. He buckled it around Pat's neck. Then Pat was fitted with a shoulder harness that included metal loops in the front and back. It looked much like a doggie harness.

Next Reggie fitted his new chucky-boy with a leather thong that, once buckled and locked, made an effective male chastity belt that prevented masturbation or coitus.

Dee watched intently as Pat was fitted with cuckold paraphernalia. It made her pussy wet. Her hand moved to her clit. She began to masturbate. "Dee's cunt is for black dick only," Reggie told Pat. Pat bowed his head and acknowledged Reggie's superiority.

Nevertheless, Reggie's cuckold manifesto to Pat made his little teeny weenie cum in his leather thong. Reggie bent Pat over and placed his black dick in Pat's ass.

"This ass is for black dick only. Get that cucky?" he said. Reggie withdrew his dick and and replaced it with a wireless remotely controlled butt plug that vibrated. Pat's tiny cocky-poo strained at its restraint when his black master fitted him with a red ball gag.

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