tagMind ControlTeacher's Confused Mind Ch. 01

Teacher's Confused Mind Ch. 01


Thanks for taking the time to read this story. It is a fabrication of my mind and is strictly fantasy and should be treated as such. All persons portrayed are above the age of 18. I want to thank the editor Scorpius1945 who worked hard to clean up my scribblings. As usual feedback is welcomed both positive and negative. Please if anything offends you please move on. I have completed the first 12 chapters and expect to complete it in 14. I will continue to post new chapters every few days unless it is not received well and then it doesn't matter.



Beth Martin: 25 year old high school history teacher, working in a suburban school outside a major mid-west metropolitan city. She went to a major west coast university. Beth and two of her sorority sisters have been asked to be brides' maids for her good friend Mary Stuart. Beth stands 5'4" tall and weighs about 125 lbs. She has blue eyes and long blond hair that falls down to the middle of her back. Although she is not beautiful she is very cute with girl next door beauty. She dresses at school to hide her curves, but having a 34C cup and trim waist she's every teen's wet dream.

Mary Stuart: Mary is a picture of beauty. Standing 5'8" tall and weighing only 130 lbs. she was always the prettiest woman in the room. She is to be the bride and is close friends with Beth, Susan Stuart (the maid of honor and her sister), and Trish Collins a fellow teacher with Beth. All were members of the Chi Sigma sorority in college. All vowed to be in each other's weddings on graduation. Mary and Susan are very well off and very rich; their family's money can be traced back for many generations and Mary's wedding is to be held in Las Vegas. Her family spared no expense guaranteeing she would turn any head either male or female.

Susan Stuart: Mary's sister and maid of honor. Mary was very close to all the other women until right before graduation when Beth stole Susan's boyfriend. Even today, after four years, she still holds a grudge. While Mary was the prettiest of the family, Susan was the most athletic; always the star of any team for whom she played. But the result was her 5'10' body was trim and strong. She has fire-red hair that's cut in a bob, and small, 36B tits. Susan was always used to getting her way so when Beth stole her boyfriend she swore revenge.

Trish Collins: The fourth of the sorority sisters in the wedding. Trish was always in the background and followed the two sisters everywhere in college. She is now a teacher at the same high school as Beth in the English department. Trish is the smallest of the group standing only 5'2" and weighing barely 100lbs. The Stuart sisters always intimidated her but because she always did what she was told they included her in everything they did.

Josh Franklin: High schools senior and in Beth's history class. This school was very high tech as each student had a laptop and iPad for use. Josh was very smart and computer savvy. He lusted after the pretty Miss Martin and spent most days trying to hack into her computer trying to find out anything he could. His highest hope was to find pictures of her in a compromising position. Josh was not athletic; in fact you could call him a geek. He was barely 5' 6" tall and only weighed 140lbs. His brown hair was long and usually unkempt.

Beth was sitting at home when her phone rang. She didn't recognize the number but answered anyway.

"Hello?" She asked.

"Hey girlfriend, it's Mary. How've you been?" asked Mary Stuart.

"Mary, it's great to hear from you. What's up?" Beth asked. "I haven't heard from you forever."

"Well I've got news. I'm getting married and I want you and Trish as my bride's maids. Will you do it?"

"Married, wow great news of course. When?" Beth asked.

"In two weeks in Vegas. You're on spring break then right?" Mary asked.

"Two weeks, I'm not sure I can swing it. Yeah we're on break but this is very short notice. Remember we're poor teachers. How much are the dresses?"

"You don't have to worry about anything. I'll cover everything. Remember, my family has plenty of money. I'll pay for everything, flights, hotels, dresses, food, entertainment; you just need to show up with your ID. Now you have no excuses."

"Well I guess that settles it then. Who is the maid of honor?" Beth asked.

"My sister Susan is of course," she answered.

"Oh, that might be a problem. She hates me. If I show it will ruin your day," Beth said.

"No it won't, I talked to her and it's all water under the bridge. She told me she's OK with you being here and in the wedding."

"OK if you're sure, then I'm in," Beth agreed.

"Great I'll send you your tickets in a couple of days. Expect to arrive on Tuesday. That will give us a couple of day to get everything ready. I can't wait till you get here. We're going to have heaps of fun."

Mary hung up the phone ant turned to her sister. "OK, Susan, Beth's in. This is going to cost us a fortune to get your revenge. This had better be good. Do you know what you're going to do?" Mary asked.

"Thanks, sis, yeah everything is ready. By the time she leaves here her life will never be the same. I will have her begging to do anything I want, to anyone I want, anywhere I want. By the time I'm done she's going to be the biggest slut east of the Mississippi."

Mary arrived at school the next day. She walked down the hall towards Trish Collins room. When she walked in the door, she saw her friend sitting at her desk marking papers. "Hey, Trish, did Mary call you?"

"Yeah she sure did. I can't wait. I've never been to Vegas and Mary's picking up the tab. This is going to be fun," Trish answered. The two friends spent a few minutes talking about the upcoming trip when Beth said: "I've got to go get ready for the day. I'll talk to you later."

"OK see ya," Trish answered.

Mary arrived at her room about 30 minutes before the start of classes. What surprised her was Josh Franklin was in her room. "Josh, what are you doing here? Your class isn't till the end of the day," Beth asked.

"Hi, Miss Martin, I was here for weight training and I thought I would check on my favorite teacher," Josh replied.

Mary looked at him and said: "Well I just arrived and I need to get ready. So I'll see you later." Mary looked around the room. Josh gave her the creeps; she knew he had a crush on her but there was something about him that almost scared her. He was a very bright boy and something of a loner. His comment of weight training didn't sound right; he was probably one of the biggest geeks in school. She waited till he left and checked her desk. Something didn't seem right.

Josh walked out of the room and smiled. He has been trying to hack into Miss Martin's computer the entire year. He finally got past her sign-on but hadn't cracked her email password yet. This morning he managed to install a key stroke program that will log every key stroke and email him a report at the end of the day. All he needed to do was to decipher when she signed on to her email and he would be in.

Beth and Trish arrived at the airport ready to fly to Las Vegas. It was Tuesday and they weren't due back until Sunday. Both only had one small carry-on as Mary promised that everything else would be taken care of.

"I sure hope Susan is over everything," Beth said.

"Hey, if Mary says it's cool, I'm sure everything will be fine. Besides, even if she's still pissed we get 5 days in Vegas," Trish replied.

Four hours later they arrived and headed to the resort. As soon as they arrived they checked in at the desk. Just as they started to head to the room, Mary and Susan showed up behind Beth and Trish.

"Hey girls, you finally made it. It took you long enough," Mary squealed.

"The flight was delayed in Chicago but we made it," Trish answered.

Beth looked over at Susan to see if everything was OK, but Susan smiled and gave both Beth and Trish a big hug. "God it's good to see both of you," Susan said, "But we're on a tight schedule and need to go now. I have everything planned; our first stop is a special show I've a arranged just for us."

"Can we put our bags in our rooms?" Beth asked.

"No time, just leave them at the front desk. Let's go," Susan instructed.

Twenty minutes later all four young women showed up outside a small theater. "Here we are; everyone inside," Susan ordered.

"What's this Susan? What kind of show is it?" Beth asked.

"Well, Mary needs to stop smoking and I need to lose some weight. Mr Amazing here is a hypnotist. He specializes in special needs and desires. Let's go; it will be fun," Susan explained.

Beth wasn't sure why but something was not right. In spite of her fears, she followed the others inside.

As soon as they entered the lobby, a very well built stud met them. He introduced himself as Mr Amazing. All four women gasped as this might be the most handsome man they have ever seen. Beth's concerns dissipated as she was taken in by his good looks.

Susan took control and introduced all the ladies to Mr. Amazing. "Hi, I'm Susan, this is the bride-to-be Mary, and that is Beth with the blonde hair and Trish is beside her."

"It's very nice to meet you. Susan told me what she wants so let's begin. Would you all follow me?" he said as he led them down a hallway. "Please, Beth, you're in here, and Trish is two doors down. Susan and Mary, you're in the middle room."

Beth didn't think anything about it and walked into the room. Trish did the same down the hallway. As soon as the doors shut, Mr. Amazing turned to Susan and said. "Let me make sure I understand you want me to hypnotize both of them and give you the key phrase? You realize that you will have total control over them if I do that?"

"Yes that's exactly what I want. I want complete control of them," Susan answered.

"Well, that's very unethical you know, and I will need more than one session to solidify the control. Plus I want $5,000 each to do it."

"I understand completely and here is your money," Susan said opening her purse and extracting a thick envelope.

"How long will it take? I want to start using my control as soon as possible."

"This first session will take about ½ hour each. Here is the list of commands that you will need. I've kept it simple, just a couple of words to put them under and bring them out. I've also included instructions on how to phrase your instructions. When someone is under they tend to take all instructions literally. You will need to be careful. I'm also including a command as a reset to take them back to the beginning. Are you clear?"

"Absolutely, how do we get them back here for more sessions?" she asked.

"I'll take care of that. I will give them instructions to come by here each day at 8 am till I'm finished."

Mr. Amazing opened the envelope and scanned the contents. He then smiled and headed to Beth's room.

Susan and Mary went into the middle room which was equipped with one way mirrors to each of the other rooms. They sat down and watched as the hypnotist went to work on Beth.

"Hey Beth, I'm here to see if there is anything you would like me to help you with."

"I'm fine really; I'll just wait till you finish with Susan and Mary," she answered.

Mr Amazing smiled and touched her hand. It took him only seconds before Beth's head slumped down on her chest. He proceeded to program her brain; Susan's instructions for Beth were clear:

Beth will obey everything Mary or Susan says.

She will get sexually aroused every time she obeys.

She will still have her mind but be unable to refuse our commands

She is not allowed to cum without permission.

Humiliation will arouse her.

It arouses her to dress like a slut.

Every time someone calls her a slut she will get aroused

She will call Susan every Thursday for her instructions for the next week.

Trish's instructions are as follows:

She will always side with Susan and Mary.

She will always obey Susan and Mary

She will dominate Beth whenever she has an opportunity.

Whenever she sees Beth kneel down and admit she is a slave, Trish will join her as a slave.

Mary looked over at her sister beaming as her plan was coming together. "I hope you are happy. This whole farce of a wedding is going to really cost us. Are you sure this will work?" she asked her big sister.

"Oh yeah it will work. I've seen his work before. By the time he's done they won't even remember why they are here," Susan replied.

About an hour later, all four women were back in the lobby. Susan smiled, "How is everyone?"

"I feel great," Beth answered. "Me too," said Trish.

"Great, let's go for our fittings and pick out the dresses," Susan said trembling with excitement as she was anxious to try out her new powers.

'Sure thing Susan, anything you want," Beth answered, as she felt a twinge of arousal. Beth wondered where that last statement came from. She still wasn't convinced that Susan was over her anger.

Susan walked out the door and hailed a cab. Mary, Beth and Trish followed her out the door. Thirty minutes later the cab pulled up to a ladies boutique specializing in dresses and lingerie. As the four women piled out of the cab, Beth looked up at the boutique and asked, "Is this the right place? It doesn't look like a bridal shop to me?"

Mary smiled and answered, "I already have my dress, and this is where we get your dresses. I want an upscale wedding. I've decided on bringing out your best features. You'll love the dresses. Relax and just do as you're told."

Beth started to say something but in spite of her reservations she said, "OK, Mary, whatever you say." Again Beth cringed because she didn't like where this was going, but she couldn't resist obeying Mary's order. As she walked through the door her arousal jumped up a notch. Her nipples were now starting to harden and her pussy was moist.

Once inside a woman approached Susan. Beth couldn't hear what was said but the woman looked at her and smiled. Beth flushed as she thought the woman was stripping her with her eyes.

The woman introduced herself as Helen, the manager of the boutique. She then asked for Beth's and Trish's sizes. As she looked at the two teachers she smiled and nodded at Susan. She turned and walked behind a curtain. Two minutes later she returned with an armload of garments.

"OK, Beth and Trish please go over to the mirrors by the dressing rooms and strip. As soon as you are naked we'll get started."

Beth gasped. "Why do we have to get naked? I'd prefer to leave my undies on."

Susan looked over at Beth and smiled. "Now Beth, I want you to do exactly as you're told. Now go over there and get naked."

Beth's eyes almost bugged out of their sockets, but she responded, "Sure Susan, anything you want." In spite of her mind cringing at the thought she couldn't disobey Susan's command. She followed Trish over to the mirrors and started to remove her clothes. As each piece was removed, Beth's body was flushing with excitement. By the time she was standing naked, her nipples were hard as rocks and her pussy was starting to leak down her thighs.

Susan looked at Mary and nodded, it was time to start with the next phase of her revenge. The first phase was to get her to Vegas and hypnotized. Phase two was to see Beth follow directions and get her naked and vulnerable. Now that Beth was naked and aroused, the next phase was to start humiliating her and increase her arousal.

Mary noticed Susan's nod and slipped over and gathered Beth's and Trish's clothes and walked out the front door. Once outside she turned to the first trash can and deposited them inside. The two teachers would wear only what Susan wanted from now on.

Susan looked at Beth, her hands covering her tits and crotch. She was looking around the shop hoping no one else would come in and see her. "Beth, don't be bashful, put your hands down. It's not like we haven't seen it before," Susan said as she watched the expression on Beth's face.

Beth moaned when she heard Susan speak, her mind screaming at her body to try to stay covered, but her body wouldn't obey and dropped her arms exposing her entire body. "Yes, Susan, anything you want," Beth whispered as her body's arousal level cranked up another notch. Beth's body was now fully excited and thoughts of sex and fucking were entering her mind crowding out other thoughts of resistance.

Susan looked at the confused Beth and said, "Hey Beth, been awhile since you were laid. You seem a little excited. Your cunt is leaking down your legs. Do you want to get laid slut?"

Beth blushed down to her waist as she couldn't look anyone in the eye, her body now trembling as the humiliation increased the need now coursing out from her pussy. "Please Susan what are you doing to me? I don't understand. Please don't do this," Beth pleaded.

"Why Beth, I'm not doing anything, I'm just stating the obvious. Look at your legs; they're wet almost to your knees. Only horny sluts leak that much. There aren't any men here; are you turning lezzie on us? I know Trish is naked; do you want to fuck Trish?"

Beth cringed at Susan's questions. They weren't orders so she didn't have to answer, but the humiliation was driving her body crazy. Beth needed to cum right now. "Excuse me but I need to go to the bathroom," she said and rushed to the back and ran into the first stall. As soon as she entered she shoved her hand into her cunt, rapidly fucking it while stroking her clit with her other hand. The longer she fucked herself the more intense her arousal, but the orgasm always was just out of reach. Beth was now on her knees and three fingers buried deep inside her body. Her hand was soaked as well as the floor between her legs. Her body was covered in sweat and her hair matted around her face, but still she couldn't cum. Her body was now out of control trying anything she could think of to climax, when Susan walked into the room. Beth heard the door and froze, hoping that she wouldn't be noticed.

Susan looked at Mary and giggled; she knew why Beth ran into the restroom. She looked at Helen but she didn't notice anything as she was working with Trish. She waited for a couple more minutes as she wanted to catch Beth in the most humiliating way possible, and then walked back to the restroom. When she got there she listened outside the door. What she heard was music to her ears. Coming out of through the door were grunts and moans and it was clear what was going on in the public toilet. When she opened the door the grunts and moans stopped. Susan almost laughed out loud as she looked at the stall. There was Beth on her knees, her bare feet almost sticking out from under the door. Her legs spread and her hand buried deep in her cunt. There was a puddle under her crotch and her legs were shaking.

"Beth, are you alright? Why are you on your knees? Are you sick?" Susan asked although she already knew the answers.

"I'm OK, I think it was something I ate on the plane. Please give me a few minutes and I'll be out," Beth replied.

Susan wasn't about to let her off that easy and leaned down to look under the door. "Why Beth, you're beating off in a public restroom. I had no idea you were so kinky. Oh my god, look at that puddle between your legs. I guess you seeing Trish naked did make you horny. I didn't know you were a lesbian slut. Well finish up and get back out here. We need to pick out your dress. Oh, and by the way, make sure you clean up your mess and while you're at it use your tongue," she said as she stood to walk out the door. Just as she opened the door, she heard a faint "Sure Susan, anything you want." Susan smiled and rejoined the others to wait for Beth to finish.

Beth was beyond humiliated. Susan had just caught her naked and masturbating in a public toilet. There was no mistaking what she was doing and what made it worse was she didn't even cum. The only thing she accomplished was make her body even more aroused. Now her face was on the floor as she licked up her juices as she was told. 'What is wrong with me?' she thought, 'I can't refuse any of her orders. What has she done to me? Oh God we're here for 5 more days. I don't know if I can survive this.'

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