tagMind ControlTeacher's Confused Mind Ch. 02

Teacher's Confused Mind Ch. 02


This is a continuing story about two teachers that are being subject to a cruel revenge from an old friend that is seeking revenge. You should probably read chapter one to understand the plot and characters. But it isn't necessary. All persons depicted in here are over the age of 18 and any similarity to anyone is purely accidental. This is a work of fantasy and should be treated as such. I would like to thank my editor who keeps trying to teach me English. Maybe by this time next year I'll finally get it. Please give me feedback. I can't get better if I don't know what I'm doing wrong or right for that matter.


Beth finished cleaning the floor with her tongue. She was crying uncontrollably as tears ran down her cheeks and her body was out of control. Everything excited her and nothing satisfied her. Her nemesis, Susan, had some kind of control over her and she couldn't refuse anything she said. She stood and looked at her reflection in the mirror; she was a mess. Her hair was plastered to her face; her body was flushed and covered with sweat, she was naked and her cunt was so hot she was dripping down her legs. Now she had to go out into a boutique and be fitted for a dress in front of her friends and the store manager. Just the thought of facing them again caused her to blush and her body to shiver with excitement.

Beth washed her face and ran her fingers thru her hair, trying to make herself presentable. Without her purse there was nothing else she could do. Beth turned, opened the door and walked out to the dressing area. As soon as she saw her friends, she noticed Susan now had a camera and was filming her entrance. Unable to stop as her last command was to come out and be fitted for her dress, she bowed her head and walked out in front of the mirrors exposing every inch of her body.

Helen gasped when she saw Beth. "Oh my God young lady, what were you doing in my bathroom?"

Beth simply kept her head down and moaned. The last thing she wanted to do was tell everyone what she did. Susan wasn't about to let the opportunity pass to humiliate the slut, so commanded: "Beth go ahead and tell everyone what you were doing. I'm sure everyone could use a laugh."

Beth's head snapped up and looked at Susan. In spite of her mind screaming to refuse Susan's command, Beth weakly said: "I was masturbating in the bathroom." As soon as the words left her mouth a new level of arousal washed over her entire body and a moan soon followed her words.

Susan wanting to keep up the pressure, chuckled and asked: "Did you at least orgasm? If not are we going to have to give you time to try again?"

Beth looked at Susan again and groaned. "Please Susan... No I didn't and I really need to cum. I'm so horny I can't think. Please I need to cum."

Helen laughed and said to Mary: "Where did you get this slut? She has no control. Look at her she's a mess. I'm not going to put my clothes on her unless she buys them first. She's actually leaking on the floor. I've never seen anything like it before."

Beth heard the word slut and her body ramped up again. No longer in control she knew that Susan was behind this; she just didn't know how. Beth could no longer control her body as she dropped to her knees in front of Susan. She looked up at her and her camera and said: "Please Susan, I don't know how you're doing this but please let me cum. I'm begging you please give me relief."

"Why Beth of course I'll give you relief. All you have to do is tell the world what you really are. A man stealing, horny, cum slut, that thinks with her pussy and loves to be humiliated."

Beth bowed her head and wept as the words hit her like a slap in the face. She looked up at Susan and said: "Please Susan, I'm a man stealing, horny, cum slut slave that obeys her cunt and needs to be humiliated. Please Mistress, give me relief and let me cum, I'm begging you."

Susan almost orgasmed right there as she heard Beth's confession and now she had it recorded for posterity. She kept the camera focused on Beth's face as she patted her head. "Why of course I'll give you relief. Look at me and cum slut; you have permission now!"

Beth looked directly into the camera as she felt a massive orgasm start in her cunt and pulse out to her entire body, her eyes glassed over and her mouth opened wide as a scream echoed through the store. Her body dropped to the floor as it convulsed and shook uncontrollably. Her fluids squirted out a combination of cum and piss as she had no control. All the women stood mesmerized at the spectacle as Beth wallowed in her own fluids. As the orgasm continued, Beth grunted, groaned and moaned, unable to utter a coherent word.

When the orgasm started to slacken, Susan reached down and rolled her over on her back. "My god you really are a nasty cum slut. Have you no self-esteem? Look at the mess you've made in this nice ladies store. You need to crawl over to her and apologize to her and beg her forgiveness. Then crawl back over and clean up your mess. You do know how I want you to clean up, don't you?"

Beth, her mind clearing and her body sated, rolled over on her knees and crawled over to Helen. "Please forgive me, I don't know what's happening to me. I've never done this before and I beg your forgiveness. Please don't hold my actions against my friends. I will clean up my mess. I'm begging you."

Helen was at a loss for words could only nod; her own body was aroused by the spectacle as no one there had ever witnessed such a display of raw sexuality.

Beth then turned and crawled back to the puddle of her fluids, lowered her head and started to lick up the mess. All of the women gasped as they watched her degrading display. None of them, except Susan could believe she was cleaning the floor with her tongue.

Susan knew that her command left no doubt in Beth's mind she needed to lick the floor. But to humiliate her more she said, "My god Beth, licking the floor! Go get some towels or something. God you're disgusting, licking up your piss and cum. That's just gross girl."

Beth cringed at her words. She knew that she had just humiliated herself again. As she crawled over to the restroom, a shiver ran down her body and her cunt quivered. Her body was ramping up again. Beth thought, 'What is wrong with me. Why am I excited again? I have no control over anything.' She dropped her head and finished crawling to get towels to clean the floor. Ten minutes later the floor was clean of Beth's fluids. Beth, no longer thinking clearly, was still kneeling in the middle of the area. Susan spoke first. "Slut, stand up and face the mirrors. We need to finish with your fitting. Helen do you have her bridesmaid dress?"

Helen jumped at the mention of her name. She was spellbound watching the scene play out in front of her. Her own pussy was soaked watching Beth humiliated. "Yes its right here, but she can't put it on that body. She's disgusting. I won't ruin a dress putting it on her till she's bathed."

"OK, I understand, just hold it up to her so we can get an idea of what it looks like," Susan said.

Helen pulled the dress down from the hanger and walked over to Beth. She held it up next to her and smiled. The dress was completely made of a bright red lace. It was strapless and almost transparent, with the exception of appliques over her tits and cunt. The bottom of the dress was tapered front to back. The front of the dress ended just below her crotch and swept back lengthening to almost to her ankles. The effect was almost a body stocking with flowered appliques sweeping down from her tits to her cunt. The rest was sheer leaving her ass in plain view. To go with the dress were matching red stockings and 6 inch ankle strap stilettos. Beth looked at the dress and gasped. She looked at Mary and asked: "Mary, you want me to wear this? I'll look like a hooker. You want a hooker for a bridesmaid?"

Mary chuckled. "Let's say I want your outfit to match who you are. You just said you were a slut slave and this dress screams slut."

Beth cringed as she heard Mary's comments calling her a slut. Her body was responding to her hypnotic commands as waves of arousal again began to fill her. She moaned as she knew that soon she would again need to beg for a climax. Already her mind was starting to submit to the sensations. Soon she wouldn't be able to resist begging to be Susan's submissive slave. She looked over at Trish wearing her maid's dress. Although it was a little sexy it was nothing like what she was to wear. She hung her head in shame as all control was lost.

"Helen that looks perfect, we'll take it. Now that our two teachers no longer have any clothes, what would you recommend for them to wear for the rest of the day? Keep in mind that Beth is a slut, and Trish is a submissive slut wannabe?

Helen laughed and said: "I have just the perfect dresses for them," as she turned and walked to the back room. When she returned she handed Beth what appeared to be just a piece of shear nylon. Beth looked at the dress and tried to figure out how to wear it. Helen helped by pulling it over her head; the dress was one long piece of fabric with a diamond cutout for her head. The resulting 'V' extended down between her tits to her navel and down her back almost to the crack of her ass. There were laces to pull the 'Vs' in to cover her tits and back. Both sides of the dress were open with laces up both sides to pull the sides closer and cover the sides of her chest and hips. However when you tied the laces tighter the material stretched and became almost transparent. The trick was stretch the fabric enough to cover her parts, but not enough to make the entire dress see through. The dress was also very short ending up only a couple of inches below her ass.

Beth looked at her reflection and moaned. Extending down both sides were 6 inch gaps with crisscross laces tied at the top and bottom. Between her tits were additional laces crisscrossing her chest from her navel to nipple level. The same laces on the back completed the look. Although she was covered, the material was stretched so tight you could clearly make out her nipples and labia.

"Please Susan don't make me wear this. I'll do anything you want just don't parade me out in public only wearing this dress. I'm begging you. You win; I admit I'm a slut. I'll be your slave as long as I'm here. Please let me wear something else," Beth, now defeated, begged.

Susan smiled at the defeated women begging her. "Oh you'll do anything I want anyway. I own your ass and it's not for just this week. By the time I'm finished, you'll do anything I desire. Your cunt is now open for business and it will be you doing the selling not me. Now ask Helen to pick out some shoes and beg her to let you eat her pussy. I'm sure she's horny like the rest of us after watching you get off."

Beth bowed her head and turned to Helen. "Please, Miss, may I have a pair of shoes? And may I please use my tongue to satisfy you? Please, Miss, I'm begging you to let me please you," Beth whispered as she dropped to her knees in front of Helen.

Helen gasped as she watched in fascination everything happening in front of her. Never in her life had she ever experienced what she witnessed today. In spite of her revulsion, her body was succumbing to the scene and needed relief.

"Yes, I'll get your shoes but first crawl back to my office. I will use you there." She turned to give Trish her dress.

Beth leaned forward and crawled on her hands and knees to Helen's office. The closer she got the higher her arousal, her mind now accepting her slut self.

Trish grabbed the dress and slipped it over her head. It was a spandex black strapless dress that extended down to mid-thigh. Although it was tight her tits looked like they were about to explode out of the top. Trish flushed with excitement but offered no resistance in wearing the slutty dress. Helen pointed to the table that had the black 6 inch stilettos that went with the dress.

"There are the shoes for your outfit. I'll be right back after I go to my office." She turned to follow Beth, just now entering her office.

While Beth was servicing Helen, Susan took the opportunity to instruct Trish on how to treat Beth. "Trish, you and Beth will be sharing a room for the next couple of days. Whenever you speak with Beth you will call her slut. You are to not to allow her any relief. There is only one bed, make sure she sleeps on the floor. Do you understand?"

"Yes Susan, I understand. What did you do to her? I've never seen her so passive," she asked.

"I just released her inner slut. I'm exposing her to the world. By the time I'm done she will willingly be begging to fuck anything with a cock," Susan answered.

"Oh, is that why I have to call her 'Slut'?"

"Well you heard her; she just admitted she's a horny cum slut. You're just reminding her of her status."

15 minutes later, Beth crawled out of the office. No one told her to crawl, but her last command was to crawl so that is what she did. Susan laughed and said, "Hey slut, are your legs broken? Or do you feel crawling fits your new identity?"

Beth flushed once more as Susan embarrassed her again. "No mistress I thought you wanted me to crawl."

"Oh no, you can walk. If you crawl everywhere we'll never get everything done. Now get up and let's get out of here."

Beth slowly stood. Her legs were wobbly as she had been crawling so long it took a few seconds to get the feeling back in her feet. Soon all four women were standing on the street hailing a cab. The ride back to the hotel took about 30 minutes as traffic was a mess. Susan looked over at Beth and said: "I'll bet you wonder how I'm doing this to you. Well our visit to Mr Amazing was the start. He hypnotized you and gave me control over you. You're totally under my control. Now you must obey any command or suggestion Mary or I give you and when you do you get excited. Oh, he also added a couple of other keys. You can't cum without my permission and anytime you hear the word 'slut' or are humiliated you also get aroused. That wouldn't be too bad but your arousal never goes down till you cum. Won't this be a fun visit? For the next few days all I have to do is make you so horny that you'll do anything to get relief. I can't wait to watch you beg me to give you a way to climax. You just got your only free orgasm. Any future orgasms will have to be earned," Susan explained. "Oh one more thing, you'll remember everything. So each humiliating experience will be embedded in your memory, never to be forgotten."

Beth visibly collapsed in the seat. Her body already very excited in spite of the massive orgasm she just experienced. She now understood how her arousal built so quickly and why. She shivered as she realized that with a couple of words, Susan, or anyone for that matter, would have her begging to do whatever they wanted to in order to orgasm.

Susan saw the desperation in Beth's eyes. She knew it was time for the next phase. "Beth, although I hate you, I'm also fair. Just so you won't have to track me down to control your slutty cunt, I'm going to give you a way to orgasm without me telling you. All you have to do is eat cum."

Beth gasped as she heard what Susan said. "Oh god, please no, not that."

"Let me explain, because you yourself said you're a slut that loves cum; every time you get someone to cum in your mouth you will orgasm. Not a satisfying orgasm, but one to give you a few moments relief. Now if you're desperate and need complete relief you just have to make 6 people cum in your mouth inside of an hour. When the sixth person climaxes you will get the satisfying orgasm you desire. There are just a couple of rules to go with that. Each load can't be more than 10 minutes after the previous load. If you take more than ten minutes to make them climax you start over. Also, the same person can't dump a load twice in a row or you start over. The final rule is you can't use any cum from out of or off your body. Only cum directly from the source will work. See I'm reasonable, you have a choice, you can beg me and do whatever humiliating thing I want, or you can whore yourself out and suck cocks and eat cunts to satisfy your needs."

Beth started to hyperventilate at the thought of sucking so many cocks. In her entire live she probably only sucked 6 cocks. Now Susan wanted her to suck six cocks in an hour. Beth dropped her head into her hands and cried.

Trish looked over at her and felt sorry for her. "Don't worry, slut, you can do this."

Beth moaned as her cunt pulsed as her arousal jumped a level, when she heard her friend refer to her as a slut. "Please Trish don't call me that."

"What, you mean slut? You just called yourself a slut. If you can say it why can't I use slut?"

"OH GOD TRISH!" Beth screamed as her body reacted to each slut. "Didn't you hear what Susan said? Every time I hear that word I get aroused. If you keep saying it I'll lose control and god knows what I'll do."

"I'm sorry slut but I can't stop saying it. I know your name but every time I try to use it, it comes out slut," Trish cried.

Beth groaned as her body was nearly at the level it was when she begged Susan for relief before. She looked at Susan and spat, "You BITCH, you did this. You fucked with her mind too. I hate you, you fucking bitch. I'll get you back if it's the last thing I do."

Susan knew Beth was right at the breaking point. "Better watch your words, SLUT. I control you. If you piss me off I can make you fuck a horse if I want. I am your mistress and don't you forget it, SLUT. DO YOU UNDERSTAND, SLUT?"

Beth's body exploded with excitement. She realized how vulnerable she really was. She needed to orgasm now and she just threatened the one person able to give her relief. "I'm sorry, Susan, please forgive me. I'm going out of my mind and don't know what I'm saying. Please Susan, please forgive me."

"Oh so now I'm supposed to be nice. I think not. Sit there and suffer SLUT and shut up. I don't want to hear from you till I tell you."

Beth's body again spasmed and her cunt squirted her fluids down her leg. Never before had she squirted without an orgasm. How would she handle the humiliation if every time she hears slut she squirts. Just the thought caused her to squirt again. She turned to Susan to say something but nothing came out. She could only sit there and take it.

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Susan is Pretty Evil

You left a huge plot hole, though, she hasn't been forbidden to call the police.

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