tagMind ControlTeacher's Confused Mind Ch. 04-05

Teacher's Confused Mind Ch. 04-05


Mary arrived about 30 minutes after Beth called. When she saw Beth she couldn't believe how bad she looked. She was completely covered in cum. Her hair was plastered to her face. Her make-up was smeared and she could hardly walk, she looked like she had something shoved up her ass. What was surprising was she wasn't crying. Her head hung low and her shoulders slumped. She opened the door and gingerly sat down.

"Are you Ok?" Mary looked at the defeated woman sitting beside her.

"Please take me out of here." Was all Beth could say.

The ride was in silence as Beth couldn't verbalize what was going on in her head. She was still coming to terms of whoring herself out to satisfy her body. The costs were enormous, anal sex for ten dollars, a blowjob for a phone call. No one made her, it was all her choice. That thought kept repeating in her head. Susan was right she was a cum loving slut. Lost in her thoughts were that it was Susan that hypnotized her and created the cravings that drove her to make those choices. She didn't know that Susan had put her under and removed the memory of being told about it. Beth believed that is was her own body that she had lost control of and caused the whole thing.

By the time they got back to the room, Susan was sitting on the couch. When she saw Beth she burst out in a big grin. Beth looked like a whore after a night on the street. When Beth saw Susan she dropped to her knees and begged please Susan I'm so sorry I fucked you over in school. You're right I'm nothing more than a slut. Please forgive me.

"Stand up slut, I want to see you."

Beth quickly stood and kept her head down. She didn't want to piss her off. She didn't understand why but she knew she had to obey her.

Susan chuckled as she couldn't believe that the high and mighty Beth actually went out and sucked multiple cocks. She knew that Beth was just hanging on so she decided to ramp up the humiliation.

"Slut, why did you leave so quickly? I left for a few minutes, but then decided to come back and give you some relief. By the time I got back, you and Mary had already left. I was going to let you orgasm without doing anything else tonight. I guess you really wanted to suck some cocks."

Beth collapsed to the floor when she heard Susan's words. If she would have waited just a few more minutes she wouldn't have had to go thru this. Beth broke down a cried she never felt lower in her life.

"So Slut after this evening what are you?

"I'm a Slut,"


"I'M A SLUT, MISTRESS." Beth screamed as her body was reacting to each slut and arousal coursing out from her cunt once again.

"Please Mistress, I can't do this anymore. I give up. Please Mistress give me some relief?"

Susan smiled at the slut begging her. She looked at her and said the magic word to put her under.

Ten minutes later Beth looked up at Susan. She had no idea that anything had changed, but her craving for an orgasm seemed to have lessen.

"Beth, here is the deal. I have removed the command that your body's arousal increases each time you are humiliated or called a slut."

"Thank you Susan." Beth answered hoping it was over.

"However, you have one more task to complete and for this task I want it to be your choice. I have changed your programming so that you have to follow the instructions for each task when you make that choice. But the choice is totally yours. I don't want it influenced by your slutty cunt. I simply want you to decide if you want more cocks or something without any sex period. So your first choice is do you want me to activate the arousal again and have your cunt push you to whore your body out, or do you want your three choices and freely do so without any influence from me other than to follow the instructions completely?"

Beth looked at Susan with a blank expression. Her mind still reeling from the theater, but she knew that she couldn't survive having to beg for orgasms. "I'll take the choices. I can't handle my body out of control. Please don't do that again. I'll complete one of the tasks." Beth whispered.

"Good, here are your choices:

You go to a local 18 year old teen dance club, wearing a slutty school girl outfit. You seduce 8 teenage boys that are about the same age as your students and drink their cum. The same rules apply as the last time except you have 1 ½ hours to complete the task. When you accomplish this task you will have an amazing orgasm. Then each time you drink more cum after that you will orgasm again with each orgasm better that the last. Oh and one more thing, when finished you have to eat any cum that's doesn't end up in your mouth.

You return to the theater and have 4 men fuck your ass, 4 men fuck your cunt, and give 4 blow jobs. You have 2 hours to finish, but no double dipping. It has to be 12 different men. When you complete this task you will orgasm. Then each time you any of your three holes are filled with cum, you will experience another massive orgasm. Now if they jack-off on you it won't eliminate them, it will just take you longer to get them off. Again you will need to clean out any cum from your cunt and ass as well as any cum around or on your body when you finish.

For the third choice you let me take you to a local tattoo/piercing parlor and have your nipple, clit and labia pierced and rings soldered in place. Then chains will be will be strung between the rings and permanently attached. You will then submit to me to be my permanent slave. Mine to command from now on with slave chains adorning your body. This option requires no sex but you will forever be my slave.

These are your choices." Susan said as she watched Beth start crying.

"Oh God Susan, those aren't choices. I can't have sex with teenagers, and 12 men in two hours, I'll never survive. I can't teach school in slave chains. Please isn't there another option? Please give me something else. I'm begging you. I'll be your slave, I'll do anything you want but please don't make me choose one of those options." Beth begged as she dropped her head down and kissed Susan's feet.

"Well if you can't choose then I'm activating your programming and going back to LA. Without me here to give you relief I wonder how long before you go crazy and end up in an institution?" Susan snarled.

Beth still kneeling at Susan's feet, slowly sat up and looked at the dominate woman towering in front of her. Her mind reeling from the choices before her, 'God I can't have my body chained forever, and I can't suck off teenagers. If I would get caught sucking teenagers I would go to prison and never get out. I don't know if my body can take 12 men in only a couple of hours. What would happen if I don't get it done in 2 hours? I would have to do it again to complete the task. Beth's mind was going over her choices.

As she finished going over the choices she finally decided, and looked up a Susan. "I'll go to the theater Mistress, but please don't make me beg to use a phone to call for a ride. Would you please go with me and bring me back when I'm done?"

Susan almost orgasmed right then and there, she smiled down at the submissive teacher kneeling at her feet, "Sure slut, I'll go with you. I'll even document everything and bring you back afterwards. Now go put on your slut dress and I'll call the theater to make arrangements."

"Beth gasped, "You mean we go now? Please I need a break. I just got back from there and my body can't take it right now. Please can we go tomorrow? Please, please, please Mistress I can't do this right now."

Susan looked at Beth and saw how bad she really looked and decided to give her a break. "OK slut, go upstairs, clean up and take a nap. I'll call you in a few hours. Don't forget to eat Trish when you get to your room. I know she is waiting for you to return and she is very horny."

"Yes Mistress," Beth whispered as she crawled over to her dress and headed towards the door. Susan looked at her sister and nodded, Mary smiled as she wondered if Beth would survive her choice.

Beth didn't even bother to put her dress on as she returned to her and Trish's room. When Trish opened up the door she gasped at her naked friend covered in cum standing in front of her. Beth said nothing as she walked past Trish. "Are you OK slut?"

"Yeah I think so, but I'm so tired Trish." Beth wasn't even reacting to being called a slut. She knew deep down she was a slut. Only sluts sucked cocks by choice. Beth walked to the middle of their suite and dropped to her knees. "Trish, please let me service you. Please let me make you cum?"

Trish looked at the slut covered in cum kneeling in front of her and dropped her robe to the floor. She walked to the bed and sat on the edge, her own body not able to resist doing as programmed even if her mind screamed to run over and comfort her friend. "Crawl over here and put your slutty tongue to good use. I need to cum, slut."

Beth's mind still numb from her evening at the theater crawled over to her friend. With each step her body's arousal increased. By the time she reached her friend's core, Beth's cunt was fully aroused and leaking down her legs. Beth assumed that her body's reaction to Trish's commands was the result of her programming but Susan had released her and Beth's arousal was completely on its own. Just as Beth settled down between Trish's legs and started to lap at her cunt the phone rang. Trish leaned over and answered, "Hello?"

"Hey Trish, put Beth on," Susan demanded. "It's for you slut," Trish said as she held out the phone.

Beth stopped and took the phone, "Hello?"

"Hey Beth, I just have a question, are you horny?"

"Yes Mistress, you know that already I'm very horny."

"I knew it; your body is in charge now. I have nothing to do with your arousal. This is all you slut. You love it, being ordered to be a slut. Your body has accepted that you are nothing more than a slut. It won't be long till you mind accepts it too." Susan gushed.

Beth's face turned white as Susan's words cut into her mind. In spite of herself her body reacted with a wave of arousal coursing to her mind. Beth's minds resistance dropped as she slipped deeper into submission. She no longer felt in control.

"What are you Beth?"

"I...I...I'm a slut slave." Beth whispered.

"I told you slut. Now finish getting Trish off and clean up. It's time to go to the theater."

"Yes Mistress, Please give me 30 minutes and I'll be ready." Beth groaned.

"You have twenty or you go as you are."

"Yes Mistress," Beth handed the phone back to Trish and pushed her face deep into her friend's crotch, feverishly lapping at her folds working to satisfy her needs as quickly as possible. She wanted to take a shower to wash off the deposits covering her body before she went back for more.

Twenty minutes later, Susan knocked at the door. Trish opened the door and stepped aside. She wanted to stay out of the way after witnessing what Beth was going thru. Susan breezed past her and called out, "OK slut it's time to go. Get out here and go fuck some cocks."

Beth, still in the bathroom, opened the door, her body still wet as she had just stepped out of the shower. "Please Mistress may I have 5 more minutes?"

Susan walked over to the submissive woman and grabber her nipple and pinched hard. "No you may not. Put on your dress and let's get this party started."

Beth squealed as pain shot out of her nipple. "Yes Mistress," as she grabbed her dress and followed Susan towards the door. As Beth slipped the nasty cum soaked dress over her head, her body and now her mind shivered as wave after wave of excitement coursed from her head to her toes. Beth in spite of everything that happened earlier; her cunt was juicing as she knew that she had chosen to be fucked by multiple men and drink their essence.

By the time they arrived at the theater, Beth was trembling in fear and excitement. Her body aroused and her mind frightened at what was to happen. When they walked thru the doors, Beth gasped as the small lobby was filled with probably 20 or more men. Beth couldn't look any of them in the eyes as they walked up to the desk. The manager laughed when he saw Beth coming back after only a few hours. "God you are a horny slut." He laughed. "I'm glad you called because if you hadn't there wouldn't have been enough to accomplish what she needs to do. I made sure there are a few extra in case she decides she needs more cocks, or doesn't finish in time."

"Great, thank you so much. She is just now accepting she's nothing but a cum slut. I think I'm going to stick around to make sure she gets everything she wants and gets back safely."

"Sure, do you want a camera and get some close-ups?"

"Oh I have my own camera but thanks anyway."

"OK everything is ready, just thru that door and down to the front. There is a bench and a suspension rack if you want to use it. Take as long as you need to and if you need more cocks just let me know, I can have as many as you need in just a few minutes."

"OK slut you know where to go. I can't wait to see you whore yourself out." Susan beamed.

Beth's body was in complete control as her mind had shut down. She turned and entered the theater and walked to the front. As soon as she reached the front she pulled her dress off and knelt down beside the bench. She looked up and moaned as both aisles were filled with men walking toward her. The closer they got the more her body trembled. When the first man arrived she opened her mouth and reached for his pants.

"Slow down slut, first lie down on the bench on your back." He said as he slapped her hand from his pants. Beth stood and did as directed.

"OK now pull your knees up to your chest." He directed. Beth pulled her knees up and exposed both her ass and cunt giving full access.

The man pulled out two bungee cords and wrapped them around her legs; he then attached them to hooks on the bench beside her head. Beth could no longer lower he legs and her arms were free to hold any cocks. Beth's head was right at the end of the bench giving the men total access to her throat. As soon as she realized that she was totally helpless, she gasped. When her mouth opened a cock was inserted and shoved in deep. Beth closed her eyes and worked her tongue over the cock sliding in and out of her mouth. As she adjusted to being face fucked, she felt something cold dropping down the crack of her ass, followed by fingers pushing on her rectum and working to lube and widen her sphincter. Beth's body pulsed as her arousal levels started to peak as she knew what was coming.

Susan watched in fascination as Beth's body flushed and shook as the men prepared her for the fucking of her life. As soon as the fingers left her rear entrance, they were replaced with a large cock. Beth's eyes shot open as the pain of being sodomized for the first time that evening coursed through her body.

But she quickly shut her eyes again as the cock now deeply buried in her throat pulled back bringing with it copious amounts of saliva that poured down her face covering her eyes. Beth's ass was adjusting to the size of the cock as the unknown man slowly started to slide in and out of her distended rectum. Beth relaxed as the pain slightly subsided, but when her pushed his thumb into her cunt and fingered her clit Beth moaned as her body's arousal exploded. Even though she had never been so hot before she could not climax. She could only do her best to push the men abusing her body to push her over the top.

Beth was no longer aware of anything around her but the cocks spit roasting her body; just as she thought she might climax the cock in her mouth exploded and shot its seed down her throat followed by the cock buried in her ass. When the men pulled their expended cocks out of the fuck holes, Beth moaned as her body craved an orgasm. An orgasm that the cocks fell just short of giving her, before she could say anything another cock filled her mouth.

Before another cock could filler lower holes, someone grabbed her arms and pulled them to cocks on either side of her body. Beth grasped the organs of her desires and started to pump them. She worked to get in a rhythm a when long cock penetrated her cunt going all the way to her cervix. Beth gasped in pain but it was quickly extinguished by the pleasure that followed.

Susan watched as her ex-friend was no longer in control over any part of her body and she was surrounded by cocks as every available part of her was being used to service a cock. Beth's face was now covered in saliva and cum, her ass was leaking cum from the first fuck, and now the cock in her right hand exploded and covered her tits with his seed.

Susan looked at the clock; it was just over an hour since Beth started to service the many men. She started to count at how many men had fucked her. 2 in her ass, one in her cunt, 2 in her mouth, and four had ejaculated on her body. She looked at her friend's face looking to see if she was even conscious. She wanted to make sure that Beth was awake for the entire time. There was no way that Susan wanted Beth to miss any of the entire experience. Seeing no movement and hearing nothing, Susan stepped in and stopped the men. "Stop guys, she's passed out. We need to wait till she comes to; I want her to be aware of each fuck." Susan demanded.

The two men pulled out of her holes and groaned as both were very close to coming. "We need some water to splash on her face to bring her around. Someone go get some water."

"No need, I'll take care of it as a large black man standing in the back walked up and pulled out his large cock. He pointed it at Beth's face and released a massive stream of piss directly on her face. Beth's eyes opened and her mouth gaped as the hot piss covered her face and hair. Before she could even realize what was happening, the man directed the steam directly into her mouth. Beth swallowed before she knew what it was, then started to cough as the piss seemed to go on endlessly. Beth screamed as she was unable to escape the flow. By the time he finished Beth had given up and just accepted that this was how a slut was treated if she didn't perform.

Susan laughed as she watched Beth struggle and then accept the piss and finally open her mouth and swallow the last of the stream. "OK guys you can continue, she's awake now."

Before Beth could react and ask for a couple of minutes, the cocks resumed fucking her mouth and cunt. Susan looked at the time and smiled. Waking Beth up had taken several minutes and it had now been an hour and a half. Beth still needed to suck another cock, take another one in her ass and two in her cunt. If she didn't hurry she would have to start over at zero. Susan wondered if there was anything she could do to delay it and force her to take another 12 men. Just at that moment the man in her mouth exploded and filled her with his seed. Beth had completed one third of her task. But in her helpless situation, another man stepped up and filled her mouth. Beth tried to stop him but he soon was fucking her throat. The man in her cunt soon followed suit and deposited his sperm deep inside her. Beth was now down to one ass fuck and one cunt fuck. Susan walked down to get a look at Beth's gaping ass and cunt, both were gushing cum down on the seat and on to the floor. The next man stepped up between her legs, lined his cock up at her cunt and pushed it in.

"God she's so sloppy I can't feel anything. I want her mouth," He said and pulled out and got in in line for Beth's mouth. Beth moaned as she knew she needed two more fucks to complete the task.

Beth shook her head and spit out the cock, "Please someone fuck me. I need someone to fuck me now. Please someone fuck my cunt or ass." Beth begged.

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