Teacher's Confused Mind Ch. 04-05


What Beth didn't see, was the large black man that pissed on her face walked up between her legs, his massive cock jutting out from him like a sword, bouncing back and forth. Even Susan gasped at the size of his organ. She watched as he lined it up at her abused cunt and shoved it in. Beth's entire body went rigid as the massive cock felt like someone had inserted a baseball bat deep in her body. As he slowly pulled it back and pushed it in each time a little further, till it pushed to her cervix bumping it each time. Beth screamed on the cock in her mouth as the pain from deep within her pushed out to her brain. As the massive man started to stroke his cock faster and faster the pain lessened and the pleasure increased as Beth was now fucking the massive cock deeper and deeper inside her body. She needed it to fuck her like no other cock had before. When he finally let loose and his cum exploded inside her Beth collapsed on the bench totally drained. Her strength drained but still needing one more fuck.

When the cock in her mouth released its load down her throat and pulled out, Beth weakly begged, "Please someone fuck my ass. I just need one more fuck to cum."

Susan looked at the clock, Beth only had 5 minutes to finish or she would have to start over. Susan leaned down and whispered into her ear. "5 minutes slut or you have to do it again."

Beth's eyes widened and she screamed, "SOMEONE FUCK MY ASS NOW!!"

No one moved till a homeless man stepped up and said, 'I'll take care of you honey." As he pulled out his disgusting cock, just his smell was nauseating. Beth didn't care if it was an animal she just needed someone to cum in her ass in four minutes. She batted a cock that tried to enter her mouth as she reached down and grabbed the dirty cock and shoved it into her ass. She started to hump her ass towards the dirty man working every muscle to try to get him to climax. The man grunted and fucked her ass faster and faster as it had been years since he last had a piece of ass. Just as the time was ticking down to seconds left, he let out a massive groan and shot his nasty seed deep in Beth's ass.

When Beth felt his spurts her body exploded in a massive orgasm as she lost all control over any bodily functions, pissing all over the last man standing between her legs. Susan gasped as she watched Beth convulse on the bench. Her entire body shaking with pleasure as the orgasm coursed throughout her body.

Beth had never experienced an orgasm as intense as what was happening now. Her mind and body wallowing in the experience and savoring each second, as her body started to calm, her hand scooped up a glob of cum and shoved it into her mouth.

Susan was almost giddy as in spite of Beth's almost comatose state, she was still following directions and eating any cum on her body. Beth continued to gather the men's essence and lick her fingers, when another cock entered her cunt. Beth gasped and shook her head no but the cock was persistent and continued to slide in and out of the sloppy passage. With each stroke, Beth's cunt rippled with need as another orgasm was starting to build. As soon as the faceless man climaxed in her core, her body exploded in another massive orgasm. Beth no longer in control over her body as a cock was shoved into her mouth and another in her ass. The last orgasm still flowing when the cock in her mouth shot his cum down her throat and Beth's body erupted once again. As the organ slipped out of her mouth the last cock in her ass followed suit and deposited his seed deep in her bowels.

Beth's body when limp, her hands dropped to the floor and her legs spread wide as she passed out from the last orgasm. Susan now in fear for Beth, quickly stepped in and stopped the men from continuing to abuse Beth's holes.

"OK that's it guys, she's done for the night. Now back off you had your chance the show's over." Susan yelled.

She turned to look at the comatose slut behind her and actually felt a little sorry for her. But as Beth regained consciousness her hand slid down to her cunt, dipped in and scooped out some cum and brought it to her mouth. She sucked the essence down and smiled a contented smile. Susan knew that Beth was forever changed.

Susan walked over to the slut still attached to the bench. She pulled at the bungee cords and released her legs. Beth moaned as her legs stretched out for the first time in a couple of hours. They were stiff and sore. As Beth worked to get the feeling back in her lower extremities with one hand, the other was still scooping up any cum on or around her body and sucking down her throat. Susan didn't even think Beth knew she was doing it as her eyes were glassy and her movement robotic. As Beth scooted back on the bench she spotted a puddle of fluids right where her ass was. Without missing a beat, Beth bent over and started to lick up the sticky mess that had seeped from her gaping holes.

Susan watched as Beth continued to humiliate herself and consume any bodily fluids she could find. Susan decided that it was time to go so she grabbed Beth's hair and pulled her head up and said. "It's time to go Beth, I think you've had enough cum for one day, don't you think?"

Beth looked into Susan eyes, a big tear ran down her face, and nodded, "Yes Mistress, please take me out of here."

Susan grabbed Beth's arm but quickly dropped it as it was covered in semen. "God you're so nasty. I don't know anyone who would allow this to happen to them. You must really crave cock."

Beth heard what Susan said and even though a minute ago she knew it was because of Susan's choices was why she was here, suddenly those thoughts drifted into space and the only thing left was that she chose to be here and do this.

Beth broke down and started to cry as in the last several hours she had given almost 25 blowjobs and let 15 men fuck her cunt and ass. What was worse she had never experienced orgasms that intense before. Her body was still tingling from the last one almost twenty minutes ago. Beth didn't know why but something told her that Susan made this all possible and she knew that it wouldn't be long till her body wanted to orgasm like that again. She slid off the bench and knelt in front of Susan.

"Please Mistress, how may I serve you?" Beth's mind was accepting that she was a slut slave.


Susan drove Beth back to the resort in silence. When they arrived at Mary and Susan's suite, Mary gasped when she saw Beth. Beth's dress was barely on, her tits were exposed. Her hair looked like someone had used way too much mouse as it stuck up in all directions. Beth's face was glazed in cum, as were her legs. Mary looked at Beth's crotch as it too was uncovered and her lips were an angry red and distended.

Hey Beth, are you alright?" She asked.

Beth nodded but didn't look up, keeping her eyes down not able to look anyone in the eyes.

Mary prodded, "Did you finish your task?"

"Yes Mistress Mary, I did. I guess I'm nothing more than a slut." She whispered, her mind still coming to terms with the choice she made.

Mary looked at the defeated woman standing in front of her. She turned to Susan and said, "That's it, this is over, she goes home now. You've had your fun now let her go. You're going to free her mind and body. I never thought you would take it so far. You're truly a vindictive bitch."

"Hey Mary, you knew exactly what we were doing. I'll send her home, but I will keep control. I won't jeopardize her job or life, but I still want to have some fun with her. And don't call me a vindictive bitch as you had as much to do with this as I." Susan spat back. "You remember this whole fake wedding was your idea."

Susan turned to Beth and put her under again. When Beth was fully entranced Susan gave her instructions to follow once she got home.

"Beth, you now recognize that you are a slut, however you will do anything to keep your secret.

When you get home you will remember that you came out to Vegas to party with the three of us. You remember that you took the Vegas slogan of "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" to heart and let your slut side out. You will only remember that you lost control of your body and had to be rescued by Mary.

Slut listen to me:

You won't remember the details of what happened this week, but you know that it was very humiliating. Your dreams will be filled with bits and pieces of your time out here, and you will wake each morning completely aroused.

You won't understand why your dreams are so erotic but masturbating won't quench your thirst for cocks and cum. Each day your arousal level will go up till I let you orgasm and finally quench your body's cravings. You can still climax and each time you do will give you some relief but as the week goes on it won't be enough. However if you decide to add potential humiliation to your climax you will get additional relief.

Next Thursday you will call me at noon. I will give you your instructions for the following week. You won't know why you're calling me but it gives you a sense of peace to make the call. Only I can give you the orgasm you crave to fill your need.

When I wake you, you will smile and ask if you can go to your room to clean up and go to bed. You will service Trish if she wants, and tomorrow you both will pack and go home. You won't remember these instructions but they will be imbedded deep in your mind.

On three you will wake and do as instructed...




Beth walked into her suite to find Trish lying nude on the only bed. "Hi slut, are you OK?"

"Yeah but it's been a long day. Is there anything I can do for you?" She didn't know why she asked as her whole body ached, her ass and cunt were so sore she couldn't even close her legs. Her throat was so sore she could hardly even talk. But her mind could only think of crawling between Trish's legs and licking her core till she screamed in ecstasy.

Trish looked over at her BFF as tears ran down her cheeks. She looked terrible, her dress covered nothing and her body was glazed in what looked like cum. In Spite of this Trish's mind was screaming to make the slut standing in front of her to satisfy the craving deep in her core.

"Oh God Yes, get over here and eat me till I tell you to quit slut." Trish commanded wondering why she was treating Beth so badly.

Beth's mind grabbed the command and pushed her body across the room. She crawled between Trish's legs and lovingly licked her center.

Trish had Beth service her for about 30 minutes before she released her to shower and clean her nasty body. Soon both women were sleeping each dreaming of cocks and cum.

Three days later it was now Sunday and Beth woke up again covered in sweat and the sheets between her legs soaked. Her body was fully aroused and her fingers were buried deep inside her. It was the same as yesterday as she furiously worked to satisfy her need. It took almost 15 minutes before she had a small climax that muted her craving but didn't satisfy her. Today was going to be worse than yesterday as her level of arousal was higher. Each day her arousal was worse than the day before, and the climaxes were harder to achieve. It seemed that she was fighting a losing battle. How am I going to get thru the day tomorrow at school? Beth rolled over and slid out of bed. She didn't understand why she was sooo horny each morning. She could only remember only small bits and pieces of her dreams but her body was now constantly aroused. "God I can't wait till Thursday."

Monday started just like the last few days, but Beth's body was hornier than ever. The good thing was her ass and cunt were no longer hurting and she could now use a vibrator to help her climax. Unfortunately the climaxes were less and less satisfying and all she could think of was sex and cocks.

When Beth arrived at school, she stopped by Trish's room. Trish was sitting at her desk her face flushed and her body was covered in a thin sheen of perspiration. "Morning Trish," She called as she walked in the door. Trish jumped when Beth walked in as she pulled her hand out from under the desk. Trish stammered as she tried to regain her composure. "Hi B...B...Beth," She answered while smoothing her dress down her legs.

Beth looked at her friend and wondered why she was acting so strange. Beth's own body flushing as she wanted to drop down and fuck her friend right there on her desk.

Beth knew something was wrong as her friend looked scared. "What's wrong Trish, are you OK?"

"Beth, ever since we got back from Vegas I've been so horny and I can't satisfy myself. I'm going crazy. I don't remember exactly what happened but my body is out of control. I don't know how I'm going to function till Thursday."

"You too! I'm having the same problem. I wake up so horny and the sheets are soaked. I'm frigging my clit but it doesn't satisfy my needs. Each day it's worse. I can hardly stand my panties right now. I know I have to call Susan Thursday and she will help, but I don't know if I can last."

Maybe we can help each other? Right now I want to fuck your brains out." Trish suggested.

"OH GOD YES, I want you too." Oh god class starts in a few minutes, how about we meet for lunch. My room is at the end of the hall on the third floor and there aren't any classes then." Beth Pleaded.

'I'll be there and god I hope this helps. If it doesn't I might fuck the first stud that walks into my room this afternoon."

Beth watched the clock as the minutes ticked down to the end of the fourth period. Lunch was next and Trish would be here soon. Beth was having problems concentrating on her job and had assigned a reading assignment for the last half of the period. As she sat in her chair her body flushed and her cunt soaking her panties. She hoped that her slacks didn't show her excitement.

Josh Hamilton sat at his desk peeking over the top of the book he was supposed to be reading. He was closely watching the object of his infatuation Ms. Martin his 12th grade History teacher. She was noticeably nervous and seemed very distracted. Her entire body looked flushed. She was looking at the clock every minute and she was rocking in her chair. He knew she went to Vegas over break from the emails he read after finally breaking her password. Something happened as this wasn't the same confident teacher she was before break. He wondered what she was waiting for as something was about to happen.

As soon as the bell rang, Beth dismissed class and nervously waited for everyone to clear the room. As the last student left Beth rushed over and closed the door. Her hands quickly started to caress her tits and pinch her nipples through her clothes hoping Trish would show up soon.

Josh was slowly walking down the hall when he spotted Ms. Collins, his English teacher scurry down the hall. "That's strange her room is on the other side of school." He turned to a locker pretending to open it as she rushed past him. Josh knew she also went to Vegas with Ms. Martin. He watched her as she went directly to Ms. Martin's room and walked in. He looked up and down the now deserted hallway and walked back to the room. When he got there he couldn't see or hear anything but his curiosity was getting the best of him and he tried the door. What surprised him was it wasn't locked. He slowly turned to knob and opened it a crack. He didn't see the teachers but heard them moaning and groaning. Just as he started to get his camera phone ready, he heard Ms. Martin say, "Did you lock the door?"

"I don't know but its shut,"

"No its not, I'd better lock it."

"Oh god I know I shut it. God what if someone saw us?"

Josh heard this and took off down the hall. Just as he slipped into the boy's room at the end of the hall he saw the door open and Ms. Martin's head peek out.

Josh was shaking he was so excited. Two of the prettiest teachers at the school were about to do the nasty at school. He would be checking Ms Martin's email later today.

Beth rushed to the door and looked up and down the hall. She didn't see anyone but thought she saw something move down by the boy's room. She closed the door and locked it. When she turned and looked at Trish she gasped. Trish was naked and trembling with excitement. Beth pulled her top out of her pants and pulled it over her head. Soon her pants followed ending up in a pile on the floor. Any thought of how they would look later was lost in lust. Soon she was naked and rushed over to her fellow teacher and attacked her. The two horny teachers were soon kissing, licking, and caressing each other with reckless abandon. As they dropped to the floor their mouths were soon latched to the others core lustfully chasing that elusive orgasm.

The two naked teachers no longer were aware of their surroundings as they attacked each other. Their arousal consumed them. It was Trish that orgasmed first shooting copious amounts of fluids down Beth's throat. Beth soon followed and the two women writhed in pleasure on the floor. When they started to regain control, they untangled their sweaty body and lie next to each other panting. This was the closest either came to satisfying their lust since they had returned from Vegas. It didn't completely quench their craving but at least now they could function.

Beth looked over at Trish lying beside her and giggled, "God what did we do? If someone would have caught us we'd be fired on the spot."

"Or blackmailed to fuck one of our students,"

Both women sat quietly and thought of the repercussions of their actions. Both looked around them and groaned. Their bodies were covered in sweat, their faces covered in cum, and their clothes in piles on the floor. Beth looked at the clock and panicked, they only had a few minutes till the next class.

"Quick Trish we need to clean up. Sixth period starts in ten minutes."

Both women jumped up and grabbed their clothes. As they dressed Trish giggled and said, "Next time I'm going to wear something easier to get in and out of."

"Next time, you think there'll be a next time?" Beth asked as she tried to smooth the wrinkles on her blouse.

"If tomorrow is like yesterday and today, I haven't been able to sate my body enough by myself. I can function now and can get through the day. But I don't know about tomorrow, and its three days till Thursday." Trish stated.

"I guess you're right but I'm going to email Susan as ask if she can give us a break."

"Do you think she can help? I mean she's on the other side of the country."

"I don't know why but I know she can help."

Soon both teachers were dressed and walked down the hall to fix their makeup and comb their hair. They just finished when the bell rang for the next period.

Josh could hardly wait till English class; he wanted to see if there was any change in Ms Collins. When Josh arrived at her room he noticed that her clothes were a little disheveled and her face was flushed. Her hair was a little damp, but she seemed calmer. He smiled as she turned on his laptop and called up Ms Martin's email. Sure enough, Ms. Martin had just sent an email to a Susan Stuart. He opened it up and read:


Trish and I need your help. I know I'm not to call before this Thursday but we're going crazy. We're both so horny we can hardly function. I don't know why but I feel you can help. It started when we got back from Vegas and it's getting worse. We are so desperate we even had sex in the classroom to get thru the day today. Please Susan, I don't know what you can do but please help us.

Your Friend


Josh almost choked when he read the mail. He quickly closed it out and smiled wondering what this mysterious Susan was going to do to help them.

He looked up at his teacher in a different light, thinking about what she would look like naked.

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