Teacher's Confused Mind Ch. 04-05


Trish walked down the hallway towards her classroom. Her body much calmer but still very aroused. The session with Beth helped a lot but didn't totally make the craving go away. When she walked in most of the students didn't even look twice at her, except Josh Franklin. He was watching her closely. "She remembered seeing him as she headed to Beth's room, did he suspect anything?"

As soon as she started class, she watched Josh open his laptop and it looked like he was taking notes, but when he choked she looked at him and he smiled a wicked smile at her. Trish cringed at the thought of Josh discovering what she and Beth did over lunch.

Susan was sitting in the suite in Vegas surfing the internet when her Outlook indicated a new mail. She pulled up Outlook and right at the top was a new email from Beth. She called over to Mary, "Hey Sis I told you she couldn't wait till Thursday. She just emailed me."

Mary walked over and watched as Susan clicked and opened the message. Both screamed as they read the mail. "I can't believe the sluts fucked in the classroom. What does she expect you to do? Does she know she's been hypnotized?" Mary asked.

"She has no idea if I can do anything, and she has no memory of being hypnotized. The only thing in the back of her head is that I can control anything. She doesn't know why she thinks that but it's in her head."

What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to send a video to her. I think I going to send the one of her at the theater giving blowjobs. It has her and Trish on it at the end. I've programmed both of them that they have to watch any video with them in it. They won't be able to keep their eyes off it. It will drive them both nuts. By Thursday their bodies will be out of control. I'm betting that they both call in sick and spend the day in bed fucking each other's brains out till they call." Susan smiled as her hand drifted down to her aroused pussy.

"What are you going to do to them on Thursday? You said you wouldn't make them lose their jobs." Mary watched her sister was sliding her hand in her panties. "You really get off on this don't you?"

"Don't worry Mary, I'll back off when we talk on Thursday, I just wanted to play with them for the first week, and yeah I do. Having so much control is intoxicating."

Just as sixth period was about to end, Josh's computer vibrated, indicating a new message. He opened his laptop and saw the response from Susan. He looked around to see if anyone was watching as he opened the message.


What do you mean you want me to do something? I'm still in Vegas. I can't help it if you're such a slut you and Trish can't control yourselves in school. However if you are having trouble getting off maybe this will help. It's one of the videos of your stay in Vegas. Make sure Trish gets to watch it with you.

LUV Susan

Josh quickly downloaded the video and shut the computer down. He didn't think about Beth noticing that the mail had been read. He just saw Ms Collins was looking at him and he didn't want her to know what he had.

As the bell rang to end the sixth period, Beth sat down at her desk. She had a free period now and had heard the message bell ring a few minutes ago. However when she opened her mail there was no new mail, "That's funny, I know I heard the bell. Where is the mail?" A she scanned the inbox, it wasn't until she checked the old mail folder that she saw Susan's mail. "How did that get here? Someone's hacked my mail!" She quickly opened the message and saw the video file. Her face turned white as she wondered what was on it. Looking around the room and making sure the door was closed, she clicked on the file.

"OH MY GOD, WHAT DID I DO?" She screamed as she watched herself give head to man after man. She couldn't take her eyes off of it. When she finally got to where she begged the man to fuck her in the ass for her clothes and blow him after for change to call for a ride, she broke down and cried. Her body after watching the video was again totally aroused and in dire need of an orgasm.

Then it hit her, someone has this video! What do I do? What will they do with it? Am I going to be fired? Were all questions bouncing around her head. Susan quickly opened her phone and called Susan.


"Susan, god I'm glad you answered."

"Beth, did you like the video?"

"God no, I didn't like it; my email account's been hacked. Someone at school has the video. Susan please don't send me any more videos on this email account. You have to fix this; can you tell who took it?" She was now panicking.

"OK I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll send you another email with a message to whoever takes it. If I'm right he'll contact me and I'll fix it. OK?"

"Please Susan do what you can, Please," Beth begged.

"Whatever you do, don't open the next mail from me. Just wait till it shows up in your old mail folder, and then delete it. Got it?"

"Yes Susan I understand."

Seventh period ended and Beth started the last period of the day. Her mind was a jumble of thoughts and her body was screaming to get off. She looked at the students sitting in front of her wondering if it was one of them that had the video. She stood for a minute then assigned a reading assignment and sat down trying to get thru the day.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/05/18

So hot

I love the humiliation & can't wait for next chapter to see how many more levels Susan & now Josh will bring her.

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by ZZchromosome06/25/18

Not Buying It

"She turned to look at the comatose slut behind her and actually felt a little sorry for her."

Susan has no redeeming qualities. She certainly has zero conscience.

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