tagMind ControlTeacher's Confused Mind Ch. 06-07

Teacher's Confused Mind Ch. 06-07


Josh left school and rushed home as fast as he could. He ran past his mom with barely a hello. When he got to his room he booted up the laptop and cued up the video. It took a minute for the video to start but when it did he almost came in his pants. There in hi-def and living color was his history teacher on her knees sucking a guy's cock. Not only that but she was totally naked. As soon as she finished the first man a second replaced him. Soon she was jacking off two other guys while still sucking a third. This went on and on till the object of his desire was covered in cum and writhing on the floor in an orgasm. He was about to turn it off when the video changed. There was Ms Martin begging a man to fuck her ass for her clothes. Josh watched with rapt attention as she finished and sucked the same guy for some change to make a telephone call. By now Josh had his cock out and was finishing up on his third climax. He sat there thinking of all the things he was going to make her do when the video changed again.

This time it was Ms Collins and Ms Martin, both were naked lying on a large bed, with Ms Martin's face buried in Ms Collins crotch. Both women were moaning as Ms Collins hands were on the back of Ms Martins head, forcing her face deep into her cunt. Josh watched with rapt attention as his cock was again hard as a rock. After about 15 minutes and what appeared to be at least 3 orgasms, Ms Collins released Ms Martin's head and shoved her away. Ms Martin rolled over and crawled off the bed. As she walked past the camera, Josh got a good view of her face, with cum and saliva dripping from her chin and her face was glistening with Ms Collins fluids.

Josh sat back and smiled, this was better than anything he could have expected. At best he hoped for a few bikini shots or maybe some pics of his teachers drunk. But a full video of them sucking cocks and eating each other out was gold. With this he could make them do anything he wanted. He was thinking of all the possibilities when he decided to check Ms Martin's email again.

As soon as he logged on he saw an additional email from Susan with a file attached. He immediately opened the mail and downloaded the attachment. He then read the email:


Beth Martin noticed that you hacked her account and now have the video I sent her. I'm sure you've watched it by now and understand why she would like get it back. I'm not contacting you to ask for it back; actually I'm glad you have it. I would like to propose a deal. Now that you have the video and can do anything you want with it, I propose that you and I work together and play with your two teachers. You see I can make them do anything I want. Don't ask how just understand that I can. However, I'm on the other side of the country and I need someone local that I can trust to continue what I've started. If you are interested, please reply to my email. I will fill you in on what we can do.


Josh wasted no time to respond:


What did you have in mind? With the video I have I can do anything I want to them. Why would I need you?


Josh sent the message and waited to see if there would be a reply. In minutes his bell rang and a message from Susan appeared in his inbox.


You are quiet right you don't need me, however in order to take control over them you would have to blackmail them and there is the possibility that you could get caught and go to jail. What I'm proposing is if you do what I say, your two teachers will come to you, drop to their knees and beg to be your sex slave, without you even letting them know you have the video. They would submit to you thinking someone else has the video. But they would voluntarily beg to be your slave. If you're still interested call me tonight at nine o'clock at the number attached and we can work out the details.


Josh read and reread the mail. He wasn't sure if he could trust this Susan; she was after all his teacher's friend. But the thought of both Ms Martin and Ms Collins crawling up and begging to be his sex slaves was too much to resist. He looked at the time, 8:00 pm and decided to call.

Beth left school, her mind in a turmoil; someone had hacked her email and now had a video of her servicing many cocks, as well as her and Trish having sex. If this video got into the wrong hands both of them would be ruined. On top of that, after she watched the video her body was now screaming for an orgasm and she had no way to satisfy it. She knew she would call Trish as soon as she got home to try to relieve her body's cravings.

Trish got home and felt OK. It was the first time since she returned from Vegas that she almost had some control over her body. But that control was slipping as with each hour her body's arousal levels were increasing, and she knew when she went to sleep it would peak by tomorrow morning.

Trish walked into the kitchen and slipped her blouse over her head. It was shortly followed by her trousers and shoes. Now in just her bra and her soaked panties. As she opened to refrigerator and pulled out a wine cooler her phone rang.

"Hello," she answered

"Trish, I need you. We need to talk. My body is going crazy. Someone has a video," Beth rattled off almost blubbering.

"Beth, slow down what are you talking about? What video, who has it and what's on it?" Trish fired right back at her friend.

"Please just come over here as fast as you can. I'll explain everything when you get here." Beth implored.

"OK, give me 30 minutes. I need to dress and I'll be right over." Trish answered with a little concern in her voice.

45 minutes later Trish was knocking on Beth's door. Beth answered and pulled her friend into the apartment and slammed the door. Beth was standing naked and trembling, her body was on fire and her cravings out of control. Trish looked at her friend and knew what the problem was as her own body's cravings shot up. Beth attacked Trish and started to rip her clothes off needing to get some relief.

Soon both were naked and on the floor just inside the door working to satisfy each other. However unlike this afternoon there was no humiliation potential and their bodies refused to allow even the slightest climax only allowing each to push their bodies higher.

After almost 30 minutes of constant licking, sucking and probing each other, both rolled away from each other covered in sweat and panting with desire.

"Why can't we orgasm, it worked earlier? What's different this time?" Beth asked no one, just needing to find a solution before she went crazy.

"You know the last time we were in school, and the possibility of us getting caught might have pushed us over the cliff." Trish offered.

"Oh god, now we have to fuck in public to get an orgasm," she cried.

"No maybe not, it's just the potential for humiliation that might do it. Maybe if we take a drive to a park and do it there it will work," Trish answered.

"OK but first I need to tell you something. I emailed Susan and she responded by sending us a video from last week. Unfortunately someone hacked my email server and now has the video. I don't know who but I think it's a student."

"Oh no what are we going to do?" Trish asked with a panicked expression.

"I called Susan and she is trying to reach the hacker. She seemed confident that she could and said she would handle it," Beth said.

"Oh god, I hope so," Trish said as she slipped on her dress. Two minutes later the women walked out to the car heading to the riverfront park hoping to quench their bodies' thirst.

Josh looked at the time and opened his new cell. While waiting he had run to the local Walmart and purchased a burner phone. He didn't want anyone to know who he was. As he punched in the number his cock started to harden again. Just thinking of his two teachers voluntarily begging to be his slave was dominating his mind.

"Hello," he said tentatively into the phone when Susan answered.

"Is this the hacker?" she asked.

"Yes it is. Your email caught my interest," Josh answered. "What do you mean they would beg to be my slave?"

"Great, let me explain things to you. I am not Beth's and Trish's friend. I hate Beth with a passion and I set her up last week to humiliate her. I tricked her and Trish into coming out so I could get my claws into Beth. Trish is just a side benefit. I had them hypnotized when they got here and now I control their thoughts and actions. But I'm not interested in turning them into mindless zombies. I want to have them choose to humiliate themselves in order to satisfy their bodies' cravings," Susan explained.

"Now would you like to help?" Susan asked. "You would have to do everything I tell you, but in the end both Beth and Trish will surrender to you completely. Are you in?"

Josh moaned as he heard Susan talk. His mind was going 90 miles an hour. But in the end all he could say was, "Hell yes, I'm in. Just tell me what to do."

"Good, do you have an email that can't be traced back to you available?"

"Yeah I can do that, why?"

"Well I want you to grab a couple of screen captures from the video and send them to Beth. Put in the body of the message something like: 'You've been a bad girl'. Also include that unless she wants the video released to the school board, family and friends she should show up at school tomorrow wearing nothing but a short dress and high heels. Say nothing more and wait till you see her. If she's dressed as ordered we go to step two. If she doesn't we amp up the pressure on her till she complies. Either way let me know what she does tomorrow morning," Susan instructed. "Do you understand? It's important that you do not let them know it's you that has the video. It's also important that you keep your distance till I tell you. Got it?"

"Yeah I got it but what about Ms Collins?" he asked.

"Don't worry about her; she'll fall into place as the plan goes through. Just do as I told you and watch as the two teachers slowly fall into your hands to do with as you please," Susan reassured.

"Ok I'll call you tomorrow as soon as I see her," Josh said as he ended the call. He quickly gathered his things and walked out the door to a nearby cyber café. He soon had a new email address and quickly did as ordered. Smiling he walked back home his cock aching for attention.

Beth and Trish parked the car in the lot at the Riverside Park. There were too many cars and people to get naked and satisfy their needs there so they decided to walk down the trail in hope of finding a private spot that suited their needs. As they followed the trail further and further up the river they passed fewer and fewer people. Soon Beth noticed a small trail branching off from the main trail. She grabbed Trish's arm and pulled her down the path. As they walked deeper and deeper into the woods, the path ended up being a dried up creek bed. When they got to a small clearing, Beth stopped and kissed Trish. That was all it took as they could not wait any longer to feed their excited bodies.

In seconds both women were naked and rolling around in the grass, molesting each other. Beth's head was buried between Trish's legs, her tongue buried deep in her ass as her fingers were sawing in and out of her cunt, fucking it mercilessly. Trish's mouth was clamped on Beth's clit while one hand was pinching and twisting a nipple, the other was buried deep in Beth's cunt. As their orgasm's approached and their moans and groans grew louder, they suddenly heard something come crashing through the brush. Both women froze as fear gripped their bodies. Beth looked up from between Trish's legs and saw a man and two women approaching the clearing. Both Beth and Trish panicked and jumped up looking for their clothes. Unfortunately, when they stripped it was on the other side of the clearing right where the three were approaching. Not wanting to get caught, Trish grabbed Beth's arm and pulled her into the brush and down a steep slope. Now naked and lost in the woods, neither knew what to do. They sat quietly waiting to see what the people above them were going to do, when they heard one of the women yell: "Do you have their clothes? I saw them run in here. Let's follow them and see who was getting naked in the park."

Beth looked at Trish and whispered: "Let's get out of here, if they find us we'll get fired for sure."

Trish nodded and followed Beth down the small stream at the bottom of the ravine. The travel was rough as they both were naked and barefoot. The further they went the harder the travel. Soon they no longer heard the people following them and they started to relax. Unfortunately they were now covered in mud and scratches and the bugs were relentless. Finally they made it to the river trail, but they weren't sure how far it was back to their car. As they knelt beside the path they decided to wait till dark to try to get back to their car.

The two naked women hid in the woods just off the path till it was almost dark. Each time someone walked down the path both women were scared that they would be discovered. The closer to darkness the fewer the people, however it was getting very cold and now the women were shaking uncontrollably, and even though it wasn't quite dark yet they had to chance it because they were freezing.

As they started down the trail both Beth and Trish watched and listened to see if anyone was around. Beth was the first to hear something and noticed that there were several guys behind them on the path. The women hurried up to get to their car when they came to the end of the trail. Suddenly there was nothing but open space in front of them and several people sitting around a campfire. With panic setting in as the men were getting closer, the women decided to make a run for it and dashed for the car. Luckily Beth had the car keys on her wrist and not in her dress pocket. She quickly pushed the fob and unlocked the door. Both jumped in the car and Beth started the engine and sped out of the spot. As they drove past the campfire several people clapped and cheered as they drove off.

Now driving down the road, the women broke out in hysterical laughter at the close call. As the adrenalin levels in their bodies dropped their arousal levels increased higher than before they even arrived.

Beth no longer cared if they got caught and pulled into an apartment parking lot and pulled Trish into the backseat. With no clothes to hamper them the two very horny teachers were soon ravaging each other till both screamed with massive orgasms

Beth was the first to regain her awareness of her surroundings and peeked out the windows to see if anyone noticed them. Seeing no one she relaxed and kissed Trish on the mouth again. "We've got to find a way to cope till Thursday. We can't take a chance like this again," she said to her friend.

"Right now I don't care. I can't remember when I've had an orgasm like that before. I can't move," Trish answered.

In spite of their orgasms, as they came down from the sexual high, their bodies again started to tingle as the craving, though much lesser now, was back.

Beth pulled out of the parking lot and headed home. She made sure she took side streets, keeping away from most of the traffic. When they pulled into the driveway both women ran in and collapsed on the couch. Neither knowing what to do, when Beth suggested: "Trish, go take a shower and clean up. I'll lay you out something to wear home. I'm going to see if the hacker took the bait from Susan."

Trish nodded and headed for the bathroom and Beth for the computer. When the computer finished booting up, Beth signed on to her mail. The first thing she saw was the email from Susan in her old mail folder. She quickly deleted it and smiled. Just as she finished there was a ding, new mail had arrived. When she opened the new mail folder she gasped. From a sender she didn't recognize was a message with the subject: 'Bad Girl in Vegas'.

With her hand shaking she clicked on the message and read.

'Beth Martin,

You've been a very bad girl. Who knew that our high school history and English teachers are such sluts? You have a decision to make. You can either ignore this message, or you can show up tomorrow for school wearing only a short dress and high heels. Your choice, if the dress isn't short enough or the heels not high enough or if you decide to wear something else, the video that the attached pictures are from gets released to the world. And I mean the world, especially the principal, the school board, your friends and parents as well as the internet. It's your choice. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


Beth almost fainted when she read the mail. It made no mention of Trish but she knew that she was in the same boat. As she stared at the message, Trish walked into the office wearing a nice summer dress and hugged Beth. When Beth didn't react she turned and read the message. Soon both women were crying and wondering what to do.

Trish decided to stay with Beth as they talked long into the night. When they got up and started to get ready, both grabbed a short summer dress and 4 inch stiletto heels and walked out the door. Both of their bodies wracked with arousal as the erotic dreams again had ravaged their minds overnight.

Just as they arrived in the faculty parking lot, Beth turned to Trish. "At least we don't have much to take off over lunch," she said, as both women broke out in laughter.

Josh got to school very early as he wanted to see how Ms Martin and possibly Ms Collins were dressed. He hoped that they wouldn't follow directions because he wanted to see what this Susan would do. Josh stationed himself on the steps leading to the faculty parking lot and greeted each teacher as they passed. But when he saw Ms Martin's car pull in and Ms Collins with her, he stepped away behind a few bushes. He didn't want them to see him till class. As he watched them get out of the car, his jaw dropped as both women's dresses were barely down to mid-thigh, and both had on very high heels. He stepped back and watched them pass noting that their tits bounced around as they tottered on their heels. He could tell that they followed instructions. He couldn't tell if they had panties on but the way they acted he just knew they hadn't.

Josh quickly opened his cell and called Susan. "Susan, they dressed as ordered," he said when she answered.

"Good, now just sit back and watch. Don't do anything to draw attention to you just watch them and see how they act."

"OK, will do, I'll call you after school," Josh answered as he ended the call.

Beth and Trish stayed in their respective rooms all morning. They didn't want to be seen by anyone but their students. Both teachers' dresses were very short, and with no underwear and aroused bodies it was difficult not spotting the dresses with their juices. Finally lunch arrived and Josh watched as Ms Collins rushed down the hall to Ms Martin's room, her tits bouncing around under the thin, short dress. Josh watched from the entrance of the boys' room, keeping just out of sight. This time he'd left a wireless cam on the bookshelf next to his seat. He hoped he aimed it correctly as he wanted to video the teachers in the classroom getting each other off.

As soon a Trish entered the room, she shut and locked the door. She turned and looked at Beth, already naked and leaning against her desk. Trish reached down and pulled her dress over her head and walked over to her fellow naked teacher. Soon both bodies were wrapped around each other as they worked to satisfy each other's desires. When they dropped to their knees and finally to the floor they didn't even care where they were. Their body's had taken control and the only thing that mattered was the orgasm that sated their cravings. As they continued to pleasure each other Josh sat in a stall in the boys' room stroking his cock watching the women work to satisfy their lust. Just when Josh's cock erupted, his bluetooth erupted with screams as the two naked teachers achieved their goal. Josh smiled as he quickly cleaned up and rushed out of the area. He didn't want to be seen by the teachers when they went to cleanup.

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