tagMind ControlTeacher's Confused Mind Ch. 08-09

Teacher's Confused Mind Ch. 08-09


I want to thank all of you for reading my latest story. I hope you enjoy the rest of the story. Please keep in mind that this is fantasy and should not happen in real life. If this isn't your cup of tea, so to speak, please move on. As with all amateur writers on this site, I welcome any feedback and comments. However, if you can't offer constructive criticism don't bother. All characters in this story are above the age of 18.

I would also like to thank Scorpius 1945 for his excellent job of editing. He is making me a better writer.


Chapter 8

Josh couldn't wait to call Susan. He had just watched as Miss Jenkins caught the other teachers about to fuck. He watched with interest as Miss Jenkins left the room and the other two attacked each other. Soon both teachers were naked and rolling on the floor with their heads buried in each other's core.

Neither Beth nor Trish had any control and their bodies exploded with massive orgasms, each squirting their liquids over the other. Soon their bladders followed suit and released leaving both teachers lying in a puddle of piss and cum.

Beth was the first to realize where she was. "Trish...Trish, get up, we need to clean up. Class is about to start," she implored.

Trish opened her eyes and looked around her body. She was sitting in a large puddle, her body soaked with sweat, piss, and cum. "Oh my god we're fucked. There's no way we can clean all this up," she cried.

Beth was up and at her desk, grabbing a box of tissues. "Here use these to mop up the mess."

Trish took the box but soon realized that it was hopeless. "This isn't going to work. What are we going to do Beth?"

Beth looked down at her friend, still sitting in the puddle. "I know, get dressed, I'll make myself throw up and you call the janitor. I'll go to the office and tell them I got sick in my room and have to go home. I'll tell them that my room needs cleaning and to have the class in the auditorium. After you contact the janitor head to your room and meet me at my apartment after school. We'll meet with Linda and try to work something out with her," Beth said as she started to stick her fingers down her throat.

Trish jumped up and grabbed her dress. The problem was she was still soaking wet and smelled like piss. The thin dress she wore today would stick to her like glue if she put it on now. Looking around she grabbed the box of tissues and started to dry herself as best as possible.

Beth finally succeeded in throwing up, but it wasn't much. She hadn't eaten yet today and it was mostly coffee and water. She turned and started to dress. When she looked at the time she panicked. "We've only got 5 minutes. You go clean up and I'll go to the office."

Trish, knowing that time was up, slipped on her dress and walked out the door to the closest girls' restroom. She couldn't risk going to the faculty restroom looking like she did. As soon as she entered he girls' room, she checked each stall. Luckily it was vacant so she sat her purse down and took off her dress. She wet some paper towels and started to wash up, when she heard voices. Looking around, she grabbed her dress and ran to the last stall and closed the door. Not wanting to be caught, she stood on the toilet while holding her dress. She didn't have a chance to put it on so she just hoped that they didn't see her between the cracks of the door. Being as quiet as she could she listened to the two girls as they walked in the door.

"Oh my god what a mess, who didn't even throw out their dirty towels?" Sally said.

Trish cringed when she heard that, she'd left the towels all over the place. 'God where's my purse! Oh God it's out by the sink!' Trish's mind screamed.

"Hey, look here, someone left their purse. Check it out," Brenda said to Sally.

"Give it here, maybe there's something good in it. I could use some cash," Sally said as she dumped the purse into the sink.

Both girls hovered over the sink inspecting everything. "Here's the wallet, I wonder whose it is?" Brenda asked as she opened the wallet and pulled out the driver's license.

"OH, GOD," Brenda screamed, "IT'S MS COLLINS' WALLET!"

"No shit, give me the wallet," Sally said as she grabbed it.

Sally made quick work checking out the wallet, she then turned her attention to everything else. Seeing not much else but a phone, makeup and general stuff, she checked the purse again. As she felt around the sides, she noticed a long hard object in a side pocket. She opened the pocket and found a dildo, and a butterfly vibrator inside.

"Well lookie here, our teacher is a kinky little slut. She gets off in her room. Give me her phone and let's get out of here," Sally said as she scooped up everything and dumped it back in the purse.

The two girls rushed out the door. Trish sat there stunned, covered in cum, smelling like piss, on the other side of the school from her room, and now she'd lost her purse. Her mind shut down and went into survival mode. She slipped on her dress and walked out to the mirrors to clean up a bit.

Trish finished quickly and walked out the door. She'd only looked at her face to make sure she was presentable. What she didn't notice was the back of her dress was caught on something and her entire ass was on display. Trish walked down the hallway and past Miss Smith from the office. Trish noticed that she was heading to Beth's room. Trish hoped the voice mail she left for the janitor worked and he was already there cleaning up the room. Trish walked past her and kept her head down. She hoped that she didn't even see her.

Beth dressed and followed her friend out the door. She knew she looked like shit and smelled worse, but she has no other alternatives. When she got down to the first floor, she slipped into a restroom and cleaned up a bit. 'God I look like shit, I hope I can pull this off,' she thought.

Beth took a deep breath and walked into the main office. Luckily most everyone was out to lunch. Only Miss Smith was manning the desk.

"Hello Miss Smith, I'm sorry but I must go home. I just got sick in my classroom and I need to go home. The room needs cleaning so I suggest you have next period's class in the auditorium," Beth said as she turned to go.

"Wait, Ms Martin, are you sure you can drive? I can have someone here to drive you in just a few minutes," Miss Smith said as she looked at the bedraggled teacher. She sensed that something wasn't right. It was then that she noticed the smell. "Oh God, Ms Martin, you really had an accident. Maybe you should go clean up."

Beth blushed down her chest. "No I'll drive home, I just don't feel well thank you," she replied as she turned and walked out the door. Miss Smith stood there for a moment before deciding on checking out her room. As soon as one of the students showed up she hurried to Ms Martin's room. As she was heading down the hall just before she got to the room, Trish Collins walked past her. Normally Miss Smith wouldn't have even noticed, but the way her dress was on her wasn't quite right. However as she got to the room she decided not to pursue the issue, till the smell hit her. It was the same smell as Ms Martin's. She turned to look at Ms Collins just as she turned the corner. She gasped as she was sure she saw her bare ass. She tried to focus all the way down the hall but Ms Collins had disappeared around the corner. She shook her head and thought her eyes deceived her and walked into the room.

"Hello Mr Murphy, I see you're already cleaning up," Miss Smith said to the janitor.

"Yeah and it's sure a mess, I've never seen anything like this before. Look at the size of the mess, and right here is where she got sick. She didn't throw up much, not enough for all this. And look here, how does this stream get all the way over by the desk? It almost looks like someone peed all over the floor, smells like it to."

Miss Smith looked at the mess and smelled, sure she smelled vomit, but also piss and there was a distinct smell of sex. She made a note to watch Ms Martin from now on.

Josh rushed to his sixth period English class. He could hardly wait to see what Ms Collins looked like. From the way they were fucking it was going to be interesting to see if he could tell. Josh entered the classroom and took his normal seat. Soon the bell rang and everyone was there but Ms Collins. As the students sat around talking, in walked in Ms Collins, the entire class gasped.

Walking to her desk, Trish grabbed her book and stood before them. "OK class, today I want you to read chapters 32 thru 35 and do the questions in page 235."

The entire class moaned but watched as she turned to sit down. It was then that they saw her ass as her dress was still caught on something above the waist. Trish heard the laughs and gasps and turned around and demanded, "What's going on here? What's so funny? You better tell me or I'll keep the lot of you after school in detention."

Everyone was silent as she looked around the room. "Well!" It was then she noticed a shy girl in the front row raise her hand. "Yes what is it?" Trish again demanded.

"It's your dress Ms Collins, your ass is uncovered," she said quietly.

Trish gasped as she reached around behind her and felt her naked ass. "Oh my god," she said as she headed for the door, but just as she got there she saw there was some sort of a parade and the hallway was filled. Now with no escape, she backed up to the wall and tried to pull her dress down and cover her ass. But the dress was stuck to her skin like glue ad she couldn't free it. Blushing she opened a couple of buttons and slid her arm around her back and tried to free it that way. Soon her arm was stuck and she had to open another two buttons in order to free her arm and release her dress. Now her dress only had the top button still closed till just below her waist. As she slid he other arm around the other side and started to pull the back of the dress down, the top button released and her dress fell down her shoulders and onto her arms. Trish was standing in front of her class naked from the waist up and her arms were trapped. Panicking she struggled to free her arms as the dress fell further and further down her body. Soon Trish gave up and started to cry. She was now standing with her arms caught in the sleeves and her dress around her knees. She was basically naked in front of her class and couldn't do anything about it.

As the class watched intently, three girls rushed up to her, two blocked the class's view and the other helped her dress. Soon Trish was sitting at her desk crying wondering how much longer she would have a job.

After a few minutes, she gathered her thoughts and stood up. She knew if there was any chance to get in front of this she had to act now and quickly.

"Please everyone eyes up front. I want all of your cell phones on your desks right now." Trish ordered. "Now I realize that I'm not speaking from a position of power here, and you have the power to get me fired. But I'm going to make you a deal. If we can keep this right here between us, none of you will have to take a final, and I will raise your current grade level one grade. What I want in return is to see all your phones so I can delete any pictures of me, and you just don't tell anyone. If I hear any rumors at all the deal's off."

She watched as they all pulled out their cells and laid them on the desk. "Are we in agreement?" she asked as she looked from student to student when out of the back came a voice.

"I don't know, maybe I want a different teacher. It wasn't my fault you decided to strip in class. And I have the pictures to prove it."

Trish cringed when she heard his comments. "I'm offering a very good deal, what else do you want?" Trish asked wishing her voice was stronger. She knew that they held all the cards and she already gave up their grades.

"I think if I'm going to give up my pictures, and keep your secret and your job, I think you should have to teach class naked," he said loud and clear.

All the other students gasped and started to talk among themselves. "Quiet class, I can't teach class naked, someone would find out. That is off the table," Trish answered firmly.

"Well then I guess you're just going to have to give me a blowjob before I give up my pics," he said louder.

Trish gasped and staggered back against her desk. Now the other students were joining him and the room was turning quickly against her. "Ok wait, let me think. I can't just go around giving blowjobs to each and every one of you. So how about one day next month I teach the class naked? OK?" she pleaded.

The boy in the back watched her capitulate and pressed his advantage. "No that's not enough, if you want to get out of the blowjobs then it has to be once a month, let's say the last Friday of each month you teach naked, and during that period you walk the aisles and we can touch you for the entire period. But if you orgasm in class you have to satisfy everyone else also. Take it or leave it, teach, your job or a little naked teaching?" he stated firmly, watching his nervous teacher surrendering to his demands.

"Ok, but if word leaks out the deal's off." Trish demanded, "And I delete all the pictures off your cell phones right now."

"All but mine, if we don't have something you could renege on our deal. And that's final."

Trish nodded and started to walk down each aisle and check each phone. As she worked her way around the class, the students started to touch her legs. When she didn't stop them, they continued to her tits. Now every time she picked up a phone, three and sometimes four students where molesting her body. By the time she got to the last row, her body was once again thoroughly aroused and several fingers were buried deep inside her and her nipples were being pinched and pulled. As she was almost at the end of the aisle someone inserted a finger in her ass. Trish staggered for a minute as her body almost exploded in an orgasm. She held onto the cell phone but not being able to move allowed wave after wave of pleasure flow through her body.

Trish looked around the room in panic, she was about to have an orgasm which would kick in the 'satisfy everyone' clause in their agreement. Trish quickly glanced at the phone and rushed to the last two phones. She was trying to get to the photo albums and delete and pics while hanging on to her sanity. Just as she finished she rushed back up to her desk and sat down. Her body was still on the verge of an orgasm as she tried to calm down.

The voice in the back spoke again: "That was close Ms Collins, I can't wait till Friday."

Trish glared at him, "What do you mean Friday?" she spat back.

"Friday is the last day of the month and we get to do it all over again."

Trish looked at the calendar and groaned but said nothing. The bell rang and everyone jumped, "Remember our deal," Ms Collins called out as they headed for the door, "Not a word outside this class."

Josh sat there in amazement at how his pretty English teacher was dominated. He smiled as he knew that she would be his slave soon. He walked down the hall without a care in the world. As soon as he got home he called Susan and filled her in on the day. Susan was ecstatic as to how well things were going. Now she was going to release her slaves from the erotic dreams so they could make their own choices. No longer would their bodies be so aroused that they had to fuck in school to get through the day. Now it would be up to their blackmailer to humiliate them. She of course would help with just a bit of hypnosis.

Susan then explained what was going to happen. "Josh here is what I want you to do. As the blackmailer, make them wear anal plugs and vibrators or balls in their cunts. We're going to start off slow."

"Why so long? I want them now. I want Beth Martin on the end of my cock now," Josh demanded.

"Look, you want to expose yourself as a blackmailer or do you want her to come to you and beg to be your slave?" Susan calmly answered.

"I want her as my slave," he said dejectedly.

"Good, now here is the rest of the plan. Tomorrow I'm going to adjust their programming. No longer will they be constantly aroused, except by what the blackmailer is doing to them. Now do you have a friend you trust that might be interested in having some fun with Trish Collins?" she asked.

"Yeah, Karen Morris, she's a good friend of mine and she hates Ms Collins. Karen had to take summer school last year because of her," he answered.

"Good, I believe that you have a couple of projects due in the next few weeks don't you?"

"Yeah, both of us do, I have a science project and Karen has a Social Science project due in four weeks.'

"Great, tomorrow I want you to talk to Karen and get her on board. Then come Friday, you go to Beth Martin, and Karen goes to Trish Collins and asks the following question. Make sure you ask it exactly this way. 'I'm sorry to bother you, but I need help on a school project. Would you please help me?' When they hear you say the question they won't be able to refuse. Both teachers will not only help, they will be happy to see you, talk to you, and touch you. Because their programming will make both of you irresistible and make them very horny, got it?" Susan instructed.

"Yeah I got it, and then can I have her suck my cock?" was Josh's typical teen response.

"No, not yet, you see, every time you speak to her she will get aroused. Every time you're near her she will get aroused. Every time you touch her, her body will really get aroused. The only problem is she won't be able to cum without you giving her permission. Now I'm programming different levels of relief, climax, cum, orgasm, and explosion. A climax will take the edge off her arousal but do nothing to give her relief. To cum is a level up from there and takes the edge off and tone downs her arousal somewhat. An orgasm gives her instant relief and the arousal level drops to about 50%. Now if you allow her to have an explosion, her body will convulse and writhe and she will continue to orgasm till you tell her to stop. So make sure when you use this you're around to stop it. Hopefully when you finally use this one it's for when she begs to be your slave. Proper usage of your power will bind her to you for as long as you want."

"Wow, you can do that?" Josh asked astonished.

"That and so much more, now I don't want you to do too much blackmailing, I want just enough to keep them on edge and used mostly when you aren't around. Making them wear toys to school, having them drive home naked, have them stay naked at home and order takeout delivered, anything to add to their humiliation. Remember it won't be the blackmail that sends them to you begging, it's the programming. The blackmail just adds to the mix. They will soon crave your company and your voice. Eventually they will realize that only you can satisfy their desires and cravings. The blackmail just amps up the pressure, when they finally give in to the cravings, the blackmail can stop. They will do anything to get you to give them relief. If you use the levels correctly they will eventually beg to be your slave. That is when you give them the explosion," Susan explained.

Josh thought about all that was said and with his mind going a mile and minute, thanked Susan and hung up the phone. His next call was to his friend Karen Morris.

Beth arrived home just after 1:00. She walked into the kitchen and poured herself a drink. The day couldn't have gone worse. They were caught by Linda Jenkins, Miss Smith suspected something, and Thursday wasn't until tomorrow. After downing her whiskey, she poured another and stripped out of her clothes, leaving in the plug and egg. Why, she didn't know, but she couldn't take them out right now. With drink in hand she walked into the bathroom to take a shower and clean up. Twenty minutes later she was clean and walking out in a thin silk robe. After another trip to the kitchen, this time to grab the bottle, she walked to the living room to rest for a bit and figure out what she was going to tell Linda.

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