tagMind ControlTeacher's Confused Mind Ch. 12-13

Teacher's Confused Mind Ch. 12-13


We are coming down the home stretch as there are only two more chapter to the end. I want to thank all of you who have sent me feedback. All of it has been positive and that is unusual. Normally there is a hater or two. I want to thank Scorpious1945 for his help in editing. He has made me a better writer. I welcome any comments and criticisms. Hopefully you will enjoy the latest installment to the confused teacher's journey.


Chapter 12

Beth woke the next morning horny as hell. Her bed was wet between her legs, and her nipples were so hard they hurt. It was all she could do not to touch her clit and try to get off. By now she knew it wouldn't help but only make things worse. She walked to the bathroom and started to clean up for the day. After a cold shower, Beth stood in front of the mirror shivering, but still very aroused. No sooner did she clean up her crotch, her cunt started to leak again, and sending drips down her legs. She finally gave up and went to get dressed.

She stood in front of her closet trying to figure out what to wear. She knew she needed to dress sexy but she didn't want to attract too much attention. After pulling out several outfits, she decided on a short black skirt the came to the middle of her thighs. It was a little shorter than she wanted but it hugged her hips and looked great on her. For a top she chose a black silk blouse that buttoned up the front. It too was a little tight but she needed to attract Josh's attention. Beth debated about a bra and decided not to wear one. For her panties, she chose a black lace French cut bikini brief and black thigh high's. Finally she slipped on a pair of black 4" stiletto sling back pumps. Looking in the mirror she looked like she was going out on a date.

Beth went downstairs to wait for Josh, it was almost seven and she expected him at any minute. No sooner did she reach the bottom of the stairs, she heard a knock. Her heart jumped and she rushed to the door. The only thing on her mind was doing anything she needed to do to achieve relief.

Josh stood on the front porch waiting for Beth to answer. He was anxious to see what Beth decided to wear. When she opened the door and he saw how she was dressed and frowned. "Are you teaching school today?" He asked angrily. "I guess your idea of pleasing is different from mine. No problem, no relief for you."

"Oh Josh I'm sorry, I thought you would like this outfit. Please let me try again. I don't need this blouse or skirt." Beth practically tore the blouse off and dropped the skirt in just seconds. She was now standing in front of Josh with just her panties, stockings, and heels.

"Is this better? Please tell me this is better?"

Josh smiled as he watched his teacher panic and strip in front of him. Just a day or so ago she wouldn't even look twice at him. Now she was begging to please him. "Yeah but I would have preferred you dressed this way when I arrived."

"But I'm good now right? You said if I dressed to please you would give me relief."

"But you didn't get it right, so no relief for now. Maybe if you're good it'll be later today."

Beth moaned as her head and shoulders slumped. "Yes Sir."

"Now I want some breakfast. I want you go to McDonalds and pick up something to eat."

"Yes Sir," as she bent to pick up her clothes.

"I didn't say get dressed, you look fine right now. I'll have an egg McMuffin and a hash brown."

"What, I can't go dressed like this. I'm naked and there are several kids from our school that work there. Please let me at least put on a top."

"No problem, wear whatever you want, but know this that if you put anything else on you'll get no relief today or tomorrow."

Beth's body was completely out of control. Every word Josh spoke only aroused her more. Her mind was centered on her cunt and doing anything to jeopardize coming was out of the question. She turned and grabbed her purse and walked into the garage. As soon as her butt hit the seat, it hit her; she was actually going to McDonalds naked. She leaned her head against the steering wheel and cried. "My life is over."

Beth opened the garage door and backed down the drive. Her head was on a swivel looking out for any of her neighbors. Seeing the street deserted she breathed a sigh of relief and headed towards Main Street. The closer she got to the main drag the more cars that drove past her. When she got to the light she saw a cop sitting opposite her waiting on the same light. She slumped down a bit hoping he didn't notice her nudity. When the light changed, she had to wait till he drove past her before she could turn. She didn't even look at him hoping he had other things on his mind. All the while her cunt was pulsing at the fear, humiliation, and Josh, it was driving her crazy. After she turned, she watched behind her to see if the cop had turned around. She was so busy watching behind her she almost missed the driveway. She slammed on her brakes and squealed to a stop to make the drive. She blushed as any hope of being invisible disappeared right then.

Beth pulled into the drive thru lane but realized that there were three cars in front of her. Now she was sitting right by the door to the restaurant, naked. She thought about pulling out and waiting till the line went down and try again, but a car pulled behind her and blocked her in. Beth was scared as she saw another police car parked just to her right. If the line didn't move soon, they could catch her right there. Beth looked in the restaurant trying to see if the cops were on their way out. Luckily the line moved and she pulled up away from the door. Two minutes later, just as the line moved again, the cops walked out the door and over to their car. Beth slumped some more as they pulled out of the spot and drove past her. She leaned against the wheel and cried, her whole life almost went up in smoke.

Beth jumped when she heard a car horn, she wasn't paying attention and the line had moved again. She pulled up and placed her order. She was just calming down from the cops and now she had to pay at the window. 'God please don't let anyone recognized me. Please...please...please don't be anyone I know!'

When Beth pulled up to the window, she had her money ready, exact change even. She didn't want to be there any longer than necessary.

"That will be 8.75 M...M...Miss." The pimply faced teen said as his mouth fell open.

Beth groaned as she noticed that she wasn't close enough to just hand him the money. She had to lean out the window to reach his hand. In doing so her tits slipped above the window and gave him a show. He took her money but didn't move. His eyes locked on her perfect tits. Beth slid back in the car and blushed, trying not to look at him, not wanting to know if she knew him. Finally she turned and said, "MY FOOD!"

That woke him up and he quickly handed her the food. Beth grabbed the food and punched the gas. The trip back to her house went quickly and she pulled into her driveway. She reached up and pushed the opener but the door didn't move. She pushed it again when Josh appeared at the front door smiling. Beth cussed as she knew he disconnected the garage door and now she had to walk in the front door. Gathering all her strength, she opened her door and stepped out on the drive. Looking each way and not seeing anyone, she dashed to the door.

Josh watched her run to the door wearing only her heels, stockings, and panties; she looked beautiful as her tits bounced up and down as she tried to run in the heels. He made her stand on the porch for a minute before he let her in as he watched her look up and down the street.

Beth was out of breath when she finally got safely inside. "Josh, why did you make me wait out there? I can't be seen by my neighbors naked."

"Oh, I'm sorry; I guess I thought you were doing this to keep me happy. I'll remember that later."

"Wait, please I'm sorry, I was just scared I spoke out of turn. Please forgive me Josh."

"Too late for that, you're going to have to work harder now if you want relief. Let's eat."

For the next couple of hours, Josh had Beth wait on him hand and foot. All the while Beth was getting more and more desperate to orgasm. By ten o'clock she was on her knees at his feet stroking his leg.

Josh's cock was rock hard but he wasn't ready to have her sexually yet. He was sticking to the plan to have her beg to be his slave, not just begging to have sex. He wanted her total submission.

"Hey Josh, it seems that your pants are a little tight. How about I take care of that for you?" She slid her hand closer to his cock hoping to seduce him.

Josh grabbed her hand and pushed it away. "Not now Beth, we need to go shopping first. We need to upgrade your wardrobe."

She sat back and gasped, "You want to go out again, shopping for clothes, may I wear something?"

"Yes I'll let you wear your shoes and skirt and blouse. Will that work? Go get your clothes in the hall."

Beth sighed and walked out to get her things. When she got back, Josh instructed her to remove her panties and stockings before he let her dress. Soon they were on their way, heading for a small strip center on the other side of town.

When they arrived Beth looked around, "Where's the store? I don't see any clothing stores."

"You're not looking close enough; we're going to the thrift store. I'm sure we can find a few outfits that will do."

Beth looked down the row of stores and finally saw the thrift store at the end of the strip. She pulled into a spot near the door and turned off the car.

Josh got out and waited for Beth to catch up. When they entered to door, Beth was shocked at the massive amount of clothes hanging on the racks. A young woman walked up to them and said, "Hi, I'm Cindy how may I help you?"

"Hi Cindy, I'm Josh and this is Beth, she is looking at updating her wardrobe. She's no longer wearing pants and her dresses and her skirts are too long. Do you think you can find something to sex her up?" Josh smiled as he looked at the pretty young woman.

Cindy grinned as she looked the couple over. She'd seen this before, but usually it was a pimp with a new hooker. This time it was a young man and an obviously older women and he was in charge. Cindy thought for a moment then said, "I'm sure we can find something. How do you want to do this?"

"Well I'm not sure, what do you suggest?"

Okay, how about we find a length you're comfortable with and have her go to the dressing room and strip. You and I will pull out things that might work, and she will model them for us."

"Sounds great, let's get started."

Beth stood in silence as they talked like she wasn't even there. Her face and chest was beet red and her nipples at attention.

Cindy looked at Beth and pulled out a size 6 skirt and held it up to her. It was only about 12 inches long and ended up just a few inches below her crotch. "What do you think? Too long? Or too short?"

Josh looked at it and said, "That will work but nothing longer than that."

Cindy pulled out a tape measure, confirmed the length and handed it to Beth. Within a few minutes, she had 5 skirts out and handed them to Beth. "Okay, go over to the changing booth and strip down, put on each one and walk out and show us."

Beth looked at Josh for help but he just nodded. She grabbed the garments and headed for the booth. Beth entered the booth and removed her skirt. Now naked from the waist down, she slipped on the first skirt and walked out the curtain. Even going out clubbing she had never worn a skirt so short. She walked barefoot over to Josh and Cindy and waited for them to respond.

"That won't do, you blouse covers too much, and we can't see the skirt. Take off the blouse." Cindy instructed.

Beth gasped, "I don't have a bra on, I can't take it off, I'll tuck it in instead."

"There's no one else here and I want to see it without the blouse. Don't you agree Josh?"

"Yes I do, but Beth it's your choice. You can tuck in the blouse or go without. I don't care but I won't be happy if you tuck it."

Beth cringed at the thought of removing her blouse, but Josh's veiled threat eliminated any resistance, as she unbuttoned the blouse and dropped it on the floor. She was now standing naked from the waist up and wearing a short skirt in the middle of the store. In spite of herself her body's reaction was to release another gush of fluids from her horny cunt and down her legs.

Cindy watched as the submissive woman stripped in front of them. Cindy's own body flushed with arousal at the thought of seeing how far this was going to go.

"Take off the skirt and put this one on," Cindy handed her a pink wrap around that was almost transparent skirt, barely ten inches wide and only about two feet long.

Beth's breathing was in short pants as she dropped the skirt and stood naked wearing only her heels. When she tried to put the skirt on it wouldn't quite make it around her hips. The only way to close it was to take it to her waist and fasten the catch. When she looked down it was open down the side and ended up just above her dripping cunt.

"My aren't you excited, you're dripping on the floor. I guess you like this one."

Beth could only pant as her voice had long gone. It was everything she could do to not drop to her knees and beg for relief. For the next hour Cindy and Josh tortured Beth making her strip and try on every short skirt and dress they could find. By the time they left, Beth purchased ten skirts, five dresses, and 10 blouses. Almost all were inappropriate for school.

When they got back in the car, Beth whimpered as her cunt was out of control and her entire legs were soaked with her juices. "Please Josh, may I clean up. I need to wipe myself."

"Sure, go ahead, but only use your fingers, and lick them off."

Beth didn't say anything, she needed to keep Josh happy as her hand slid down between her legs and gathered her essence and brought it to her mouth.

"Make sure that every fourth time instead of licking it off you wipe it on your face or tits. I like you wearing your cum."

Beth proceeded to clean her legs and followed directions. By the time she finished she had covered her face and tits with her fluids, but at least her crotch was dry for now.

When she finished Beth started the car and pulled out of the spot, "Where to now Josh?"

Josh gave her an address and she plugged it into her GPS, thirty minutes later, she pulled into an adult emporium.

"Please Josh not here, can't we order everything online?"

"Beth...Beth...Beth when are you going to learn, each time you question my decisions delays your relief. I'm not going in there, you are. I want you to go in and buy some toys. It's your choice on what toys you buy, but keep in mind what you think I might like. The only thing I require is you spend at least $300.00. After that it's your choice."

Beth looked at Josh in shock, "Please can you give me some direction? I've never been inside one of those stores before and I don't have any idea of what to buy."

"Nope, I guess you'll have to ask someone inside for some help."

Beth sat there for a moment, then opened the door and slowly walked to the store. Once she got to the door she took a deep breath and pushed it open. She was surprised at the volume of items in front of her. Every wall, shelf, and display had things she had no idea of what they were. See looked around and noticed that there were three men browsing the bargain DVD rack and a greasy man standing behind the counter. As she walked down each aisle her task became more and more intimidating. Finally she walked up to the counter and asked for assistance.

"Please sir could you help me?"

"Sure honey what'cha lookin fur? My name's Tony by the way."

"My boyfriend asked me to pick up some toys for us to play with and I don't know what to get."

"Well what are you into? Dildos, BDSM, bondage, roleplay, anal, we got it all."

"I'm not sure but maybe we can choose a little of everything?"

"Well we can do that," As he walked around the counter looking at Beth closely. "You might want to grab a cart though." He grabbed her hand and pulled her down the fetish aisle as she drug the cart behind her.

His first stop was the collars, "What's his favorite color?"

"I think it's blue." She meekly answered.

Tony grabbed a blue collar with studs and several rings attached to it. He put it around her neck and buckled it. "That fits fine, let me attached the lock so we don't forget it." He pulled a lock from the display and locked the collar in place. Next he grabbed a couple of nipple clips, one with a chain attaching the two clips, the other had three clips with one on a longer chain.

"What are those for?" Beth was afraid to ask.

"Here let me show you." He said as he opened her blouse and attached one of the clips to her nipple. Beth gasped out in pain and started to push his hand away, but her smacked it and told her, "Put those hands down till I tell you different." He then clipped the other nipple.

"Oh god those hurt, may I please take them off now? And what is the third clip for?"

'Slow down honey, just leave them on for a while and the pain eases up in a few. Oh the third clip, let me show you," as he lifted her skirt and pulled back her hood exposing her clit.

"No...No...No...not there," Beth screamed and pushed his hands away from her cunt.

"Okay but you get the idea." As he tossed a ball gag and a ring gag into her cart. Next he grabbed handcuffs, shackles, spreader bar and a selection of anal plugs. Once he got to the end of the aisle he smiled and pulled a sirik off the shelf. "No self-respecting slave can go without her chains. When he turned down the next aisle he shoved several dildo and vibrators of various sized, including a few wireless ones.

Beth looked at the accumulating items in the cart and wondered how much this was going to cost. She also was starting to get afraid of what Josh would do with them.

Tony backtracked a bit and went to the leather aisle and grabbed a couple of masks, one full face and one half face. While he was there he tossed into the cart and flogger, crop and whip.

"That will about do it honey, oh wait, you'll need these," as he grabbed a leash and a couple of canes.

He stopped and looked at the scared woman standing in front of him. Her top was above her tits and she had nipple clips still attached. The collar was locked on and her face was flushed. He grabbed the chain between the clips and pulled. "Let's get you checked out honey."

Beth gasped as her nipples were pulled out but she followed without hesitation. In spite of her humiliation and intimidation her body was on overload with arousal and her cunt was pulsing with desire.

Ten minutes and $450.00 later she walked out the door, the clips still attached as well as the collar. Beth walked to the car carrying two large bags filled with numerous toys all to be used on her.

When Beth entered the car and handed Josh the bags, he laughed, "I didn't know you were interested in BDSM. I guess we'll have to explore that. I was just thinking of some vibrators and plugs. You really went all in."

"I'm trying to please you Sir."

Josh beamed when he heard the word Sir. He knew that she was close to succumbing and begging to be his slave.

Beth started the car, but first she reached down and scooped up her drippings from her legs and cunt. Soon she was scooping and licking and wiping her essence on her face and tits. She was now doing this more often as her cunt was constantly dripping.

It was now about 4 pm and Josh directed her to the mall. Beth cringed when he told her where to go but had little choice.

When they arrived Josh told Beth what he expected. "I want you to go into the mall and visit Victoria Secret and buy several thongs, and crotch less panties. Make sure they are very sexy. Josh then opened a bag from the adult store and pulled out a wireless egg. He checked to see if it worked and told her to insert it in her cunt.

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