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Teacher's Pet


I was enjoying my teaching experience here in the States. On loan for 12 months from the Department of Education in Australia to learn the US teaching system and to integrate our own teaching methods into my classes at this somewhat fancy college in a small town in Oregon.

I looked good today. I knew I did because I felt good. I got a lot of stares from the male students... even some of the female ones too at times. I guess I was a bit of a novelty there with my accent and the way I dressed. I had a good body and I liked to show it off. Wearing the shortest of skirts and the lowest cut tops. Seamed thigh high stockings that were held up by thin lace garter straps. And heels... I love wearing heels. They make my long legs look taught and rippled as I walked.

I walked into my first class for the day. I felt every pair of young male eyes on me as I placed my books on the desk at the front of the room.

I looked up at the class. Boys looking at me attentively and girls looking at me with a mixture of envy and admiration.

There was one student in particular that kept catching my eye. He was different to the others. Oh, he looked at me the same way all the other boys did, but he was almost embarrassed about it. The others didn't seem to care if I caught their stares. But this one did. And yet there was something about him. He was funny, intelligent, and popular with the other students. But he was cocky and sarcastic. Almost like he was doing me a favor by showing up at my classes. He hated it when I singled him out for anything; he reddened like a beetroot. But I couldn't help myself. I got some kind of sadistic pleasure in making him uncomfortable around me. I know I was attracted to him and that bothered me intensely, knowing the taboos on teacher/student relationships. So I guess I was kind of taking out my frustration on him in class.

I went through the motions of the class and at one point asked for them to bring up their assigned essays to me one at a time. As I sat at my desk reading over them I noted that Drew had not brought his up. I said nothing and continued to mark the papers. After a few minutes I stood up and walked around the room amongst the students, discussing the day's topic with them. I approached Drew's seat from behind. I leant over his shoulder till I was in his face, looking right at him. I knew he could see down my top from this position and I was secretly turned on in the knowledge of it. I whispered at him that I'd like him to come to my office after class. He nodded his acknowledgment of my request and continued taking notes.

I walked back to my desk with a wry smile.

Before long the bell rang and I dismissed the class. Drew was still sitting there. I packed up my books, grabbed my bag and looked at him as I walked toward the door, saying, "Shall we go?." He stood up and followed me down the hall to my small office.

"Take a seat Drew," I said as I closed the door. "I won't be a second." He sat down and tried to look cool, although I knew he was uncomfortable by the way he was fidgeting nervously with his hands.

I walked across the room to the desk and placed my books on the end of it, strategically dropping one off the edge as I did so. I bent over in front of him to pick it up, knowing full well that he could see straight up the back of my skirt and take in an eyeful of my panties that barely covered my ass.

I turned my head to look at him as I retrieved the book and caught his eyes. He was looking straight at me, as red as anything. He quickly looked away when he realized he'd been caught.

Oh hell, it was now or never. I sat my butt on the desk in front of him, only a foot away from his chair. I placed both hands either side of my hips on the desk and crossed my ankles.

"Drew, I was going to ask you why, yet again, you haven't completed the essay I assigned for you. But it's obvious to me that we should talk about other things now."

He looked up at me. I looked him square in the eyes and said "Did you like what you just saw? Its okay sweetie. You can answer honestly. I want you to."

He never took his eyes from mine. He just nodded his head. A little in shock and amazement I think.

I put my hands on either side of my skirt and lifted it slightly, only just exposing the bottom of my panties. "Would you like to see more?" I looked at his cock in his jeans and could see it growing right before my eyes.

I was turned on more than ever now and he was more than a little embarrassed at my noticing his growing attention towards me. I uncrossed my legs and raised my skirt a little higher. Reaching down to my panties, I touched myself through the thin material; softly and slowly. I could feel a small wet patch appear on them.

"Go lock the door Drew" I said. He stood up and obediently went to the door and locked it. He turned back to look at me. "Now come here," I commanded.

He walked across the room towards me, still fidgeting nervously.

"Relax," I said as I placed my hands on the waistband of his jeans and pulled him towards me. I was feeling horny and aggressive, and more than a little excited. "You want me don't you Drew?" I asked him quietly, my lips only inches from his.

"Well yes, but, uhm... I've never done this before," he replied.

"That's okay honey, me either. I've never ever been with a student before," I reassured him.

"Uhm, no Miss. I mean I've NEVER done this. I'm a virgin," he managed to breathe the words out.

I had a sudden attack of guilt. I let my hands drop from his jeans.

He looked flustered, and he grabbed my hands and put them back on his waistband saying, "No, it's okay. I want it to be with you. I've fantasized about doing this with you, I just never dreamed it would happen."

He looked into my eyes and nodded his head, indicating that he wanted me to continue with this crazy seduction scene. I was still somewhat hesitant, but he moved my fingers aside and undid his jeans for me. Encouraged now, I slid my hands down the insides of his jeans and pushed them down from his hips. His cock was bulging through his shorts, a little precious pre-cum staining them already.

Seeing this encouraged and excited me more. I pushed his shorts down and told him to take them off completely. He did as he was told and stood there in front of me awaiting my next move.

I felt a little like a tiger stalking her prey, but I couldn't help myself. I wanted this kid badly now.

"What do you want Drew?" I asked him....

"I want to kiss you," he replied.

That was all the invitation I needed. I leaned in a little closer to him and ran my tongue over his lips and then pushed it inside his mouth. He kissed me back, hungrily, tasting each other's tongues. His hands were in my hair, holding me. My hands were on his chest grabbing at his shirt. Lifting it up over his head, then moving down to caress and gently stroke his young, thick, hard cock.

I felt and heard him moan into my mouth at my touch. I grabbed his hand and placed it on my now soaking panties. His warm, flat palm against them made me want to cum on his hand right there and then.

I felt him slide his finger in the side of them. I opened my legs a little wider to allow easier access for him. Pushing myself towards him he then pushed his finger inside my hot, wet pussy.

I squatted slightly on his hand, pushing his finger deeper inside me, moaning out loud. "Get down on your knees baby," I instructed him. He removed his finger from my panties. I placed my hands on the back of his head and pushed it slightly towards my pussy. "I want you to lick my panties Drew. Suck my juices through them." And he did... Oh my God, he did... I was on the edge. He pushed his finger back inside my panties and into my cunt, still sucking on me through the thin material.

"Keep going Drew. I'm going to cum all over your fingers and in my panties."

This seemed to give him a new mission. He sucked and finger fucked me harder and faster. I could feel the shock waves rushing through my body; sending me into spasms as I came; hard and throbbing, onto his wiggling fingers.

I pushed him back. "Sit in the chair honey," I whispered. He got up off the floor and sat in the chair. I knelt down in front of him and pulled his legs out a little, dragging his ass further down to the edge of the seat. I parted his knees, and took his cock in my hand. Holding it firmly at the base I looked up at him. "Now watch," I said.

I opened my mouth over the top of his cock and clamped my lips closed around the head. Then began pushing them slowly down his shaft, over the ridge. I kept going, all the way, until I could feel his balls on my bottom lip and the tip of his cock was hitting the back of my throat. I lifted my eyes to make sure he was watching. He was, so I continued to suck his cock harder and faster. Moving my head up and down the length of him, pumping my tongue against it inside my mouth and pulling firmly with my hand.

I heard him make an audible groan and I knew he was going to cum. I dragged my lips up to the tip, sucked at the head and continued to pull with my hand till I felt his cum hitting my face. Jesus, so much cum. It was hitting my lips, my cheeks, my chin. I was licking it off my lips, still pulling him. Flicking it with my tongue as it continued to shoot out at me. His hands were on the back of my head, just holding it as I watched his expression while he came.

I engulfed him once more. Sucking him down into the back of my throat, then squeezing with my lips all the way back up to the tip. Making one last hard suck on the end of it, ensuring there was nothing left.

I stood up, kissed him one more time and told him to quickly get dressed.

He did so, and I got myself tidied up as well. I looked at him. "This is our little secret, right? I mean, you can't go telling anyone. Not any of your friends."

He smiled at me, kissed my lips, and placed one shushing finger against his lips.

As we walked out of the office into the hall, I stood at the doorway and said "Thank you Drew. I'll be expecting you here tomorrow with that essay."

"Yes miss," he smiled as we headed in opposite directions.

I knew exactly what I had in store for him tomorrow.

But... that's a whoooooole other story.

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