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My name is Alexandra, but all of my friends call me Alex. I'm a forty-five year old with two kids now off to college. My husband, Kevin, is on the road three nights a week So, I decided that I needed to make some positive changes in my life.

I checked out the local college and signed up for some classes. I have always wanted to learn how to make pottery and I really needed to bone up on some math so that I could balance my checkbook. And I took a writing class so that I could write this story for you.

I really loved the pottery and writing class, but had a lot of problems with the math. It was never my strong point.

My professor, however, was keen on making sure that we knew all that there was to know about the numbers that really do control our lives. So when I would ask a question about a problem that I just couldn't comprehend, he would sit next to me and explain it as simply as his educated mind would allow him.

He insistent that all of the students called him by his first name which was Bill. I liked the informal format. He liked to joke around and seldom embarrassed a student in front of the class.

Anyone needing help could come by after class and ask anything about assignments or problems. Bill was a very patient teacher. And he was exactly the type of professor I needed to learn higher math.

He was a very nice looking man with a wonderful smile and a great sense of humor. He liked to joke around with the students.

But he was serious when trying to push home the way to do that equation that stumped my brain every third day. He had no qualms about staying after class to help a student, and he often did so with others and me, who just couldn't equate the ideas in their head.

Kevin sometimes picked me up after work, if he could get off early enough to do so. If not, I just walked home, because we were only three blocks from the college. There were times when I would stay after and talk with Bill about how to calculate an equation and he would quietly listen to my feeble attempts to calculate the correct answer.

Then, he would step up to the chalkboard and quickly show me what I had done wrong and smile. "I know you will get this; you're making it harder than it is."

After me nearly failing the first two quizzes, Bill came to me and asked " Alex, what could I do to help me with the work?"

I smiled and sassily said, "You can do it for me!"

He giggled and said, "That's not an option, but I would have no problem with a little one on one tutoring session, say two nights a week?"

We set up the study sessions for days that Kevin was out of town. I didn't want to miss time with my husband for math.

Let me tell you what I know about Bill. He has wonderful hazel eyes that shine when he smiles. He's tall, maybe six feet. He has a great smile and attitude. He's traveled the world and lived a good life. He's active and loves to be outside. He's got some Indian in him and he seems to know what a student is thinking before the student does. He knows that his student's are there to learn and is always willing to lead with a smile on his face. He has a soft voice, yet makes sure he is heard over the rumble of the class.

There are only about four mature adults in the class. All of the others are what I would call 'kids'. But we all get along and help one another. We're a good group. And Bill has the sense of humor to tolerate our sometimes silliness yet keeps us on track.

At first I was nervous about the private tutoring. I liked Bill a lot and was even a bit attracted to him. After twenty-six years of marriage, the passion dies somewhat, but the love remains.

Bill brought out my passions again. He taught me in a way that made me think and he added in a lot of laughter. Never any pressure, just calm understanding.

It was something that, I'm sure, I had early in my marriage but somewhere it slipped away once the kids came along. Too many chores and not enough time. Husband out of town when the urges came so dildos and fingers had to calm the fires.

I really enjoyed our sessions and Bill seemed to like them as well. One evening, after our session, he asked me if I'd have dinner with him. I was late and neither of us had eaten. So I accepted.

We went to a quiet little Italian place with low lights and soft music in the background. The waitress sat us at a cozy little table for two, lighted only with three flickering, sputtering candles.

I felt that we were spies plotting the take over of the Math department.

The soft murmur of voices was barely heard, making it easy for us to talk. But the conversation was not about numbers, it was about getting to know one another better.

We talked about ourselves; our families and our dreams.***

I chatted about my children and he smiled. "You love them very much don't you?"

"Yes, they are such good kids; but don't tell them that!" I teased.

He complimented me on raising them and getting them out into the world successfully. It made me feel proud that I had done such a good job with my kids in this world of so much turmoil.

I rattled on and on about my Algebra. I cried, "I'll never be able to do it!"

"Not with that attitude! You're right; you'll fail for sure. But I'm not going to let you do that; I'm going to make sure you graduate with honors in Math. We talked a little longer about school; then the conversation turned to things not so simple.

You see I had had a crush on Bill almost since day one. I've always been attracted to intelligent men, and I knew he had to be because he could do something that I knew I could never conquer.

I felt that I would never make it through this class. I felt so overwhelmed by the class load and the numbers scared me to death.

Bill used this time and his knowledge of my fears, to get closer to me and calm my anxiety.

Then our conversations turned personal. He told me that he thought I was beautiful and that my mind was amazing, "Even if you can't comprehend higher math."

"I find myself, in class seeking out your seat and watching you as you work through the problems. You nibble on your bottom lip, and brush your hair from your eyes from time to time."

"I love when you run your tongue across your lips and I long to kiss them right after you've done so." He continued to embarrass me.

"Please stop! You're embarrassing me!" I whispered harshly. I could feel myself blushing.

Thankfully, the dinner came and we were both involved in our meals. Our conversation went form the way I licked my lips to how to conquer Algebra.

It was eleven o'clock when we left the restaurant. Bill held his hand on the small of my back as he guided me out the door. Then again as he helped me into the car.

We were both silent as we drove back to the school. I was lost in thoughts of how I would feel if I chose to have an affair with this man. How I would feel about Kevin, how Kevin would feel if he found out. How I would feel if he did.

But in the last six months, since the kids had gone off to their new lives and worlds, our love life had almost died and we hardly ever talked anymore. Sex was all but dead. He was always too tired. I really wasn't interested either.

Yet Bill interested me. My pussy got wet every time I saw him. I couldn't wait to get to class and I hated leaving after class. I sometimes thought of questions that I knew the answers to just to spend that little extra time with him, alone.

Now, he had admitted to me that he had feelings for me too and that old excitement filled my cunt with juices in hope that he would want me here, tonight.

He parked the car then turned to me. "Do you have to go home tonight?"

I took a deep breath. "He may call, yes."

"Would it be wrong of me to follow you there? I really don't want to go home right now. I really want to be with you and get to know you."

I bit my bottom lip; I could fee tears welling up in my eyes. They were tears of joy. My heart beat faster and I could feel the warmth of the juices filling my pussy.

"I really would love to share my bed with you tonight, Bill. I do get lonely and long to be held by man who cares about me and wants to be there with me."

"I'll follow you; are you sure the neighbors won't notice? Won't tell your husband?"

"It's nearly midnight; most, if not all, will be asleep. And I can always tell them that you are a female friend that had just come into town." I assured him.

I really needed to get laid. I needed a good dick to fill my pussy with thick, hot cum and suck my tits to make my nipples hard. I hoped that he was wild in bed and would teach me things other than Math.

He parked in the garage; I parked on the street.

We slipped into the kitchen and I led the way to the bedroom without turning on the lights.

Once we were in the bedroom, he turned to me and his mouth covered mine and his tongue lunged against mine as our passions exploded. Hands explored or bodies, mouths and tongues clashed eagerly. Fighting for the pleasures of new arousals.

Quickly we stripped one another and at the first sight of my body, Bill licked his lips and smiled; "I knew you would be this beautiful. I just knew."

I knelt before him and slowly released his belt then unzipped his soft cotton pants and watched as they slid down his legs and made a soft whoosh sound as they came to a stop.

He stepped out of the heap, and took me in his arms then carried me to the bed. Gently, he laid me there; unbuttoned my blouse and freed my pent-up breasts that rejoiced at being set free.

For a moment or two, he just stared. He didn't touch them, he didn't kiss them; he just stared.

Then, like he was coming out of a trance, he slowly licked his lips, put his thumb and forefinger in his mouth and moistened them; then placed the wet fingers on my erect nipple and pinched.

I noticed a jerk in his growing prick as he did so. It excited me in a way I hadn't felt in what seemed to be forever.

Rolling over, I placed my lips on the heart shaped head and dabbed my tongue in the salty precum as it surfaced. Then I opened my mouth wide, and slid it as far as possible over his eight-inch cock.

I felt the pumping as his seed headed for my mouth and just before they found their way into my orifice, he pulled me up and kissed me deeply and long. His hands explored every inch of me.

Then, very slowly, he lay me back on the bed and spread my legs wide. Kneeling between my legs, he bent an ran his tongue the length of my slit; a shiver ran up my spine and I pressed my hands on the back of his head.

My breathing came faster and my juices filled my pussy in anticipation of his thrust. But it didn't happen.

Bill was just teasing me. He rolled off me, then ran his tongue, again, the length of my slit and this time played there; his tongue darting in and our of my juices. My clit was getting harder and harder.

His tongue glazed it slightly, then moved elsewhere.

He knelt between my legs, and took his cock in his hand. I saw the glistening of his precum hanging on just waiting to be plowed deep within my wet Venus garden.

But still he denied himself and me. He rubbed the thick head up and down between my full pussy lips and each time he came closer and closer to my clit and slipping his thick cock deep in my pussy.

Finally, he found the position he was looking for; must have me some wild equation he had for the perfect fuck; I don't know, but that was the only guess I could come up with.

The wait was worth it because, when he started fucking me, he went really deep and found all of those erogenous zones that drove my mind wild and made my heart beat like it was going to push through my chest.

"That's it baby, do it! You know what I need and what I want!" I cried with abandon. It had been so long since Kevin had touched me like this. 'Isn't spontaneous sex so wonderful!' I though as my body crashed with his.

Our passion not on heated us up but lubricated us as well.

Mouths explored body parts that we longed to be familiar with and fingers, mouths and hands gave pleasures that had long been forgotten about.

I felt young and exciting again. I felt that I could fuck this man all night and all the next day. I wanted to keep him here with me and enjoy him forever.

What time we fell into a sleep that lasted too long, I have no idea. But when we awoke, he rushed to the shower; "Sorry, I've got a class. I'll see you at three?" he explained and asked.

"Yes, and thank you for last night. Would you mind if I shared your shower?"

"Not at all. Thank you too, you are more than welcome; I hope we can do it again... soon?"

"If we don't I'll be disappointed!" I smiled mischievously

He bent over and kissed me then pulled me into the shower with him. He lathered my skin and kissed my lips as his hands explored me once more.

I slipped out of his grasp and knelt before him, taking that wonderful dick into my moth.

His hands pressed against the cool tiles to support himself as I slurped at his thick seed. When he pulled me off the tiles, he kissed me deeply, sharing the still warm cum in my mouth.

I was shocked and amazed that he did that. It made him even more endearing to me. Then he forced me against the warming tiles and spread my legs wide and filled my hungry pussy once more with his throbbing prick.

"I wish I could spend the entire day with you, but I have a class in twenty minutes. You think the kids will notice I'm wearing yesterday's clothes?"

"Who cares?" I replied with a smile.

After he left, I felt alone and sad but at the same time I was elated. He gave me a passion that I had lost and deep down inside missed. Also I had more energy than I had had in months.

I dressed and went to my pottery class, which fortunately or maybe unfortunately a female taught. I was floating on air and my mind was repeating the previous night over and over again. And amazingly, I didn't destroy my vase for the first time since I started the class.

After class, I sat around the student center, trying to figure out my homework for algebra; wishing Bill was here to help me.

I decided to try to use my new learned writing skills and wrote a short poem for Bill; I decided I would give it to him after lunch; sneak up there and surprise him.

Just as I finished it, a shadow stood over me. I looked up and there he was. I smiled, my pussy got wet. "I just wrote you a poem. I fell like a kid again; and you're the reason for that."

He smiled back, "I do to and it is you that brought me here. I really loved last night; I want to do it again."

Looking away, I said, "So did I and I do too."

"Your husband comes home tonight, huh?"

"Yes, he should be home," I smiled.

His cell phone rang; he looked at the number, and then excused himself to take the call. When he hung up, he said, I need to run an errand, I'll see you tomorrow, okay?"

I smiled and nodded and blew him a little kiss. He smiled and licked his lips. Then he was off.

I wrote some more then headed for class. The professor was really good; she wanted us to have our own style of writing so she didn't give us topics. She wanted us to write about our interests.

I decided to write about my children; since they had been such a pleasure to me and how my life had changed since they were away. But I didn't write about Bill. That's my secret.

When I finally went home, Kevin was there.

I smiled when I saw his car. I had missed him; just a little.

He greeted me at the door and gave me a kiss. "I'm glad you're home. I sure did miss you during this trip. And I'm so horny, I don't know what to do!"

I knelt before him, unbuttoned his pants and let them fall. Then I slipped of his briefs and pulled his six inch cock into my mouth and sucked him until his seed exploded down my throat.

His cock shrunk and he whispered; "Thanks I need that." He turned and headed for the shower; I sat on the bed and masturbated.

After his shower, he sprawled out on the couch in his T-shirt and underwear. "I sure do like have'n the kids gone; now I can sit around naked if I want. Come sit on my lap and let me play with those titties I like so much and you can ride my rod!"

Reluctantly, I slipped off my panties and climbed onto his lap. He stroked his prick about four times, then stuck his fingers in my pussy and pushed them in and out a few times to stretch it enough to take his "massive" cock, which had no problems slipping into my pussy.

After about four humps he spilled his seed in me and rolled off; "What's for dinner honey?"

I told him and headed for the kitchen. Once there, I used his juices to masturbate my frustrations and think about Bill. I fantasized that it was his thick cum that I was playing in.

When my orgasm came, it was strong and hard. It released all of the tensions I had pent up at the thought of not being with Bill for three days.

After dinner, I showered and got ready for bed. Kevin came in and wanted to have sex again. He spread my legs wide and used his middle finger to get me hot. Then he slowly pushed his thin prick into my barely lubricated pussy. After ten pushups he spilled his seed and rolled over.

Within three minutes, he was snoring and my fingers were rushing over my ignored clit until my body finally shook with a release that I had never felt with my husband.

The next afternoon, I went to Bill's class way before time to be there. I slipped in the empty classroom and scooted under the desk. I knew no one would see me under there.

When Bill came in, he wrote something on the board, then put his books on the desk and sat down. I reached up and unzipped his pants and scared the hell out of him.

Ducking to see who was under the desk, he smiled. "Naughty girl!" he chastised me. Now you have to finish the job!"

"I plan to; I may do it all through class!" I teased.

"I'll give you an A if you do!" he came back.

I pulled out his plump prick and licked at the precum already forming on its head. His hands went to the back of my head and he slowly moved my head back and forth in a rhythm that pleased him the most.

I heard the door open and another student dropped into her seat while my head bobbed up and down on is hard cock.

His hand slipped under the desk and handed me a hand written note. "How am I going to teach with you sucking my dick?"

I whispered. "You figure it out." Then sucked him deeper in my throat.

For the entire hour, he sat and taught class as I licked and sucked and swallowed his wonderful cock.

After class, he took me into the back office, tore my panties off and fucked me the way I needed and wanted to be screwed. The entire hour of his break was lustful and rewarding for both of us.

Then just as I was dressing, the door opened. There stood Kevin. I was still naked; Bill had just zipped up his pants.

"How's she doing in Algebra now, teach?" he asked.

"She's getting better," Bill replied; she'll earn an A."

"Good!" he said. "I really enjoyed watching you take her and show her how a real man pleases a woman; you think you could do that more? I know I can't please her; I have a little prick compared to yours. And I could tell she likes yours better."

He turned to me; "Do you want a ride home, honey or would you let me watch as you fuck him again? It really turned me on."

Tears filled my eyes; they were tears of joy. I needed Bill in my life for my pleasures and I wanted Kevin because he was the father of my children and the man I knew the best. I had always loved him and now he loved me in a way I never thought possible.

It's been four years now. Everyone is happy. But we're not telling the kids.

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