Teacher's Pet


"It looks like you've had a lot to drink" she said, looking at the empty coffee pot and water bottles. "May I have something to drink too sir?" she asked, looking up at him with her sparkly green eyes.

John leaned his weight back on his desk and closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of her hand on his cock and the level that she had gone through, dressing up and coming down here to celebrate the good news. Rose held his cock waiting for her reward, and felt a familiar tingle in her pussy when she saw the first drops of his piss leave his dick. As his stream started to build in force, she directed it at her chest, thoroughly soaking her blouse, making it practically invisible. She gasped as his strong stream of piss bounced off her nipples like a personal shower massage, and she deeply inhaled the aroma of his golden fluid as is splashed up on and around her face.

Tilting herself forward on the chair, she grabbed the crotch of her panties and pulled them to the side, exposing her swollen pussy and throbbing clit to the cool office air. She now directed the vibrations of his piss stream over her clit, and shook in a mild orgasm at the warm wet feeling pulsating on her love nubbin. Feeling his flow begin to ebb, she lifted his cock, letting his piss trail blaze from her cunt, up her stomach, through the valley of her breasts until it was finally splashing off her lips and chin.

Rose opened her mouth and devoured his still pissing cock, locking her lips around his shaft tightly, and swallowing his hot, golden liquid as it filled her mouth.

She continued to suck on his cock, even after he had finished pissing, and now was cupping his balls as her ruby red lips moved up and down his shaft. Sensing he was close, she let her hand leave his balls and travel over the sensitive skin on its way to his ass. Her fingers started snaking up the crack of his ass and circling around his clenched asshole, and John was having trouble staying on his feet.

As her fingertip pierced the ring of his anus, he lost all control and started filling her mouth with his jism. She nearly choked at the first blast of his cum, realizing that he had quite a bit stored up, since they had not been having a lot of sex lately. His spunk seemed to be filling her mouth as fast as she could swallow, and she was savoring the taste of this delicacy she had been missing.

She let his cock loose from her mouth, and the last few spasm of cum landed in her hair and on the skin of her now exposed breast. She rubbed her fingers in the glob on her breast, swirling it around her sensitive nipple, and then slowly licked her fingers, sucking off the mixture of his sweet cum and tangy piss.

Without saying a word, John grabbed her under her arms and lifted her up out of the chair, spinning around and placing her on the desk. He grabbed the waistband of her drenched panties and yanked them down, sliding them off over her feet. He grabbed her by the ankles and slid her ass to the edge of the desk, and then gently pushed her back so she was leaning on her bent elbows.

John then kicked off his pant and sat his naked ass down in the piss covered chair, leaning in to give her pissy cunt the same attention he did on the night they first met. John licked, probed and sucked her to an intense orgasm, and then pushed up on her thighs, bending her knees so they were resting back on her chest. She was laying flat on her back on his desk now, and the globes of her beautiful firm ass were proudly on display.

John leaned back in, this time his mouth and lips landing on the sensitive skin of her exposed asshole. He rimmed her ass for what seemed like ever, pushing his tongue deep inside her, stretching her and making her squeal with delight.

His tongue left her ass briefly, and only to say "More please," hearkening back to that night in college when they first shared the joys of wet sex.

John returned to licking and sucking her ass, and then he felt the warm sensation of her piss landing on his head and running down the back of his dress shirt. He brought his face up and bathed it in the stream of her golden liquid, before clamping his mouth back on her cunt and drinking her steaming offering. Rose ran dry quickly, but it was enough to return the starch to John's erection, and he was ready to go again.

He peeled her off the desk and pushed her down to the floor, where she was kneeling in the puddle of their combined piss next to the chair on all fours. Still in her knee socks and saddle shoes, John flipped up the material of her micro-mini skirt, and reveled at the sight of her sweet white ass cheeks and swollen cunt lips that hung below them.

He knelt behind her and buried his hard cock deep within her moist pussy with one authoritative thrust. Rocking his hips, he leaned forward and grabbed her pendulous breasts in each hand as they hung free of her open blouse. Pulling and pinching her nipples, he continued to fuck her until he felt the urgency returning to his bladder.

Rose moaned with disappointment as she felt his cock leave her cunt, but then squealed with delight as she felt the blast of his hot piss hit her directly on the asshole. John moved the head of his cock as close to her asshole as possible, without touching it, so the force of his stream was now shooting his piss right up her ass.

"Drench me John" Rose begged, "Cover me with your hot and nasty piss"

John obliged, moving his spray across her ass cheeks and down to her pussy.

"Piss on me...Make me your slut...Fuck your piss whore....FUCK ME NOW!" Rose commanded, no longer playing the part of the sweet and innocent school girl.

Knowing he was about done, John moved back to pissing directly on her asshole, and then thrust forward slowly, nudging the head of his cock into her piss-covered ass.

"OH God that feels good!" Rose exclaimed, and pushed her hips back at him to take more of him into her tight anal tube.

John again pushed his hips forward, and soon Rose could feel the tickle of his damp pubic hair on the cheeks of her ass, knowing the full length of his cock was within her. She started bucking back and forth on him, acclimating her tight sphincter to the girth of his cock, and soon they had built to a steady pace.

Rose reached back and was rubbing her clit as John continued to slam into her ass, the sounds of his balls slapping off her wet ass cheeks echoing through the halls of the empty school. John felt her ass twitch around his cock, and then heard Rose scream out with her umpteenth orgasm of the evening. This trigger his own climax, and he filled her bowels with the last bit of his cum.

They both collapsed in a heap on the floor, looking into each others eyes and holding each other close.

"Isn't it great that we saved the school?" John said, breaking the post-orgasmic silence.

Rose just smiled, knowing that on this night, it was their marriage that was actually saved.


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