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I strode into the classroom and a silence fell over the class. The six formers were always much better behaved than the other years and the class sizes were much smaller as well which made it easier to keep control of the room. I should point out at this point that I teach at an extremely exclusive Catholic all girls school, a school where apparently the requirement's for getting in are apparently rich parents and to be utterly, utterly gorgeous. Which, added to the uniforms they wear that do very little to cover much at all in the way of delicious female flesh not to mention the fact that the girls aren't allowed male company of any sort (I'm the only male teacher on staff – and that's only because I am an outstanding teacher) means I'm pretty much a walking hard on 24/7 and worse, they know it.

The group of students I was about to start teaching were impeccably behaved. That is with the exception of one girl, Emily Moore, who had a tendency towards disobedience. She is not only a disruptive student she also happens to be one of the best looking girls in the school. Added to that is the fact that she feels it necessary to alter her uniform when she arrives at my lesson. Her already short skirt disappears up her thighs and her shirt is unbuttoned to display plenty of cleavage. She knows what effect it has on me and she knows I can't do a thing about it.

She was sat there talking to one of her friends as I shuffled my books on the desk, trying to hint to her that I wanted to start the period's lesson.

"Emily!" I shouted.

She jumped and turned round unapologetically. "Yes, sir?"

"So good of you to join us Miss Moore"

"Was what you were talking about important?"

"I was just wondering what size your cock was sir" This cause a ripple of snickering to go around the classroom and even some gasps that she would be so brazen.

I immediately turned beet red but quickly regained my composure.

"None of your business Miss Moore. You're here to learn not to gossip"

"Yes, sir" she said, batting her eyelids at me, irony dripping from her voice.

Now that everyone's heads were facing the same direction I began the lesson.

I wrote today's lesson plan on the board in pen. It was Human Anatomy, specifically the human reproductive cycle. I could hear them snickering again, already.

"So, what happened? Spill..." Emily whispered.

"I don't know I can't remember much after the third round of Jager bombs" Nikki replied.

"I know, I was pretty plastered too. I managed to get back into the dorm before anyone noticed though" Emily hissed, giggling.

"Hey, we should stop talking now, Mr Burton is here" Nikki urged, trying her best to stare intently to the front.

"Screw him. Can't you remember anything?" Emily pleaded.

"Emily!" I shouted.

Emily pretended to jump and turned round unapologetically.

"Yes, sir?"

"So good of you to join us Miss Moore. Was what you were talking about important?"

"I was just wondering what size your cock was sir" This cause a ripple of snickering to go around the classroom and even some gasps that she would be so brazen.

Emily smiled to herself as she saw her teacher turn beet red.

"Then pay attention please. You're here to learn not to gossip"

"Yes, sir" she said, batting her eyelids at me, irony dripping from her voice.

She could feel herself getting aroused though. She did so love to be told what to do. It was then that she noticed the bulge in the front of his trousers and began to wonder if he didn't enjoy telling her what to do as much as she enjoyed being told.

I made it through the lesson intact, well physically anyway. 20 absolutely gorgeous girls in Catholic schoolgirl uniforms giggling, their pert, firm breasts bouncing with every inhale and exhale of breath does very little to get rid of a raging hard on.

"Time to hand in your homework for marking girls"

Each girl stopped in front of my desk, depositing their homework on the way out of the class and saying their goodbyes. Last in the line was Emily.

I looked up from the paperwork I was doing when it was obvious she had no homework to hand in.

"Homework Emily?" I asked, knowing full well the answer. This wasn't the first time she'd forgotten to do homework. She's normally got the sense to try and copy off one of her friend's homework in the lesson.

"I forgot to do it, sir" Emily replied, grinning.

"There's no thing for it then. I'm afraid I'm going to have to give you after school detention. It is now..."

I glanced at the clock above my whiteboard.

"It is now half past three. You are to report back to this classroom at half past four on the dot. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir." She replied, trying her best to maintain her composure as her panties became sodden with the juices flowing her pussy.

"That will be all. You can go now"

Emily shot from the room, conscious that a trickle of her juices was flowing down the inside of her thigh.

I checked the time, it was just coming upto half four. I turned my chair round to face the door into the classroom, fully expecting her to show up late or not at all. Thirty seconds later she strolled in, slightly out of breath and with her cheeks slightly flushed but she was two minutes early.

"Take a seat please, Emily" I instructed her.

Emily took a seat in the middle of the front row.

"What do you want me to do sir?"

I want you to sit there and not say a thing.

Emily felt her pussy become wet again. She'd masturbated to climax twice since the end of the lesson and she was still horny as hell.

"Yes sir." She replied, obediently.

After about ten minutes I looked up to check on her and notice she'd undone more buttons of her shirt and taken her tie off. I ignored it as she probably wanted me to say something and went back to my marking, now with another raging hard on from getting a look at the bra she had on underneath, refusing to believe she paraded around in lingerie all day.

Emily watched him go back to his marking and was disappointed. Oh well, she thought, time to go to plan B...

I looked up again fifteen minutes later and drew a breath as this erection just got harder. Emily was now sat there in her underwear and there wasn't very much of that. She looked fantastic and it was taking all of my control not to hop the desk and take her right there and then.

Well, Emily thought to herself if he won't make the first move, looks like I'll have to.

I heard the scraping of a chair being pushed out and looked up to see Emily sauntering towards the front of the classroom. I watched her pause and bend down to slide her panties off her leg and managed to put my hand upto catch them as she threw them at me, just inches from my nose and I caught the whiff of arousal. That broke down the last shred of self control I had left and I rose quickly from the chair and jumped the desk.

Emily watched with excitement as the object of her lust caught her panties and jumped the desk and strode towards her.

I made it to where Emily was now stood, her bra now the only shred of clothing she had left and that was quickly unhooked and shucked to the floor, her magnificent breasts now open to the relatively cold air of the classroom, her nipples hard like diamonds.

I pressed my mouth to hers, our tongues entangling as they fought for control. My hands slid down her back, squeezing and kneading her arse and hearing her enthusiastic moans in response.

I broke the kiss. "You get off on being told what to do, don't you?"

"Yes, sir" she replied, biting her lip.

"Put your skirt back on"

"Yes, sir" she replied, turning to look me in the eye as she bent down to collect the garment from where it was on the floor by the desk. She held it in her hands as she stepped into it and dragged it up her legs as I watched, hard with the anticipation.

She fastened the skirt and adjusted it, rolling it up slightly so it barely covered her arse.

"Stand in front of the desk, legs shoulder width apart, palms flat on the desk in front of you"

"Yes, sir" she replied as she did as she was told, the smell of her arousal now overpowering every other smell in the room.

I walked up behind her and slid my hand up her inner thigh to her pussy which was already dripping wet. I slipped two fingers inside her and she shuddered slightly.

"Oh sir. Please take me" she moaned, her legs shaking from the arousal.

I unzipped my fly, extracted my cock from my boxers and stepped behind her, my hand on the middle of her back pressing her down flat on the my desk.

"This is what you want isn't it Emily? Say it..."

"I want your cock inside me, sir. Please give it to me. I need it so bad"

My cock now throbbing, I placed it at the entrance to her pussy, eliciting a sigh from her gorgeous mouth. I pushed forward, inch after inch disappearing inside her till she had taken all of me. I grabbed her hips and began thrusting at a slow and steady pace, each and every thrust causing her to moan louder and louder then begin to scream as the tempo and power of my thrusts increased.

I felt my balls tingle as my climax approached.

"Are you close to cumming for me Emily?" I hissed, my thrusting never slowing.

"Ye.....yes......si....sir......." she managed, as her whole body shook from the seeing to I was giving her. The table getting closer and closer to the whiteboard at the front of the class room.

"Oh....sir....I'm.......so cl....cl....close..... Oo...ooo...ooooh...Je..sus....I'm....

cum.......ming...sir......" she cried, her whole body shaking and convulsing as the her orgasm ripped through her 20 year old body.

While she still shuddering from her own orgasm, I grabbed her by her hair and dragged her off my desk, I put her on her knees in front of me and a couple of strokes later I came all over her face, the look of horror mixing with one of arousal as the two fought for control of her facial muscles. I pocketed her panties, zipped up my fly and headed for the door.

I turned just before leaving and asked her if she was still wondering how big my cock was. She obediently replied no sir, the look of arousal now painted on her face and decorated in cum. I left her to get cleaned up. I'm looking forward to the next time she forgets her homework. I can't think why.

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