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Teacher's Pet


Her heels clicking along the pavement were the only sound in the still, dark night. She instinctively tightened her knee length black coat around her torso tighter and folded her arms firmly underneath her breasts. She let out a long, deep breath she hadn't realised she had been holding and it came out so foggy and thick it looked like cigarette smoke. Seeing this made her shiver some more and she knew it was because she was wearing so little under her coat. She felt chilled to the bone but she knew it was way more than the cold weather. It was her fear and that deep down thrill she was feeling at the late night visit she was springing on him. She had followed him home one night after a lecture, so she knew where he lived, she also knew he lived with his sister and her husband but he had told their class earlier today they were out of town for the week. Perfect time to show up and show him what a man she thought he was.

She had a heart flop imagining the worst- him turning her away and she told herself she was a hot, desirable young woman, why would he knock that back? Besides, he wore purple socks in class a lot, purple means sexually frustrated she told herself to motivate her on to face up to this mission. She had wanted this a long, long time and nothing was standing in her way now.

As she approached his house, she slowed her walk to a turtle pace. She realised she was also holding her breath; she took a deep breath and released it, squared her shoulders and walked up his front path. He must have recently been watering the garden; it had that deep damp earthy smell. She breathed in the smell she usually found pleasant and wondered if she herself would be damp soon. She shuffled up to the front door, flicked her long dark curls around and fluffed them up a bit. She ran her hands down her body, doing a mental check on her appearance. No time for mirrors here. Her long manicured nails found the doorbell and she gave it a very deliberate and determined push.

As she waited for him to open the door, she wasn't entirely sure how to arrange herself for his first impression of her on his doorstep. One arm up against the wall, her hip sticking out? Her back against the wall one leg up and curled against the wall, her sharp spikes at the end of her heels up against the wall?

In the end, she didn't have time because the door was opening wider and wider before her eyes. She knew she looked flustered and stupid and contemplated running far away and fast but his slow appreciative smile stopped her in her tracks, froze her in her spot.

"Ashley," He crooned, his eyes sweeping up and down her body.

"Professor." Ashley managed in a husky tone, courtesy of the frog that had made itself at home in her throat but she hoped it passed for sensual.

"To what do I owe this lovely pleasure on this lonely night?" He raised one eyebrow and slightly smirked.

Ashley knew he would fuck her.

"I knew you were alone." She said, batting her heavily painted eyelashes at him.

"Well, you better come in from the cold." He said to her feigning hospitality.

Ashley nodded and stepped her black stiletto heels over the threshold. He shut the door firmly behind them and locked it.

"I like your fishnet stockings." He smiled.

"If you like them, you are going to love the rest of what I'm wearing." Ashley challenged.

"Challenge accepted, show me." He said in such a sexy and demanding voice with an authoritative undertone that Ashley felt herself getting a bit wet in her panties already.

She threw off her coat to reveal the fishnet stockings he already knew she was wearing, a short frilly skirt that was silky and pink and barely covered her womanly area and a bright pink corset, so tight one would wonder how she managed to breath in it, of course her tits were oozing out of the top of the corset. He was silent; Ashley hoped he was admiring the view. She took a very deliberate step towards him, and smiled uncertainly. She shook her hair out, and sucked on her finger, slow and deep while maintaining eye contact with him.

"You're asking for trouble Ashley." He said in a low, throaty voice. She had never seen his face so dead serious.

"Wouldn't come here looking for anything else." She said simply with a shrug of her shoulders.

He took two quick strides towards her and crushed her to him; he cupped her face in his hands and looked into her eyes for a moment.

"Fuck me." She pleaded.

"You'll be sorry you said that." He said with a wicked glint in his eye.

"I'm never sorry." She challenged, cupping his growing dick in her hand and squeezing hard enough to make him groan but not hard enough to cause him pain.

He let her continue to squeeze, enjoying the sensation, she enjoyed the look of pleasure on his face and his dick getting bigger and bigger, she almost giggled out loud in delight at the thought of having his big dick inside of her.

"You like to suck cock?" He asked her, stroking her neck and collarbone.

"For you, anything." She breathed and with that, he unzipped his fly and stepped out of his jeans, he pulled down his boxer shorts and let her take in the sight.

She wrapped her hand determinedly around his shaft and put her mouth over his knob and started to suck, slowly and gently at first and increasing the speed and intensity. She cupped his balls and squeezed his shaft firmly, pulling his foreskin over his knob he moaned in pure pleasure which urged her on. She loved turning him on and it turned her on more as a result. She licked and sucked at his balls, and returned to his cock getting excited at the prospect of him blowing in her mouth.

Without warning, he blew his big load all over her throat, lips and nose and she swallowed what she could. He pointed out the bathroom to her, and she clicked along the hall in her heels and lingerie.

Once inside the bathroom, she let out an excited breath! She had had his penis! In her mouth! She quickly washed her face and throat and dried off with a towel hanging loosely on the rail. She had hoped there was more playing to come.

When she came out of the bathroom, she noticed he wasn't where he had been a moment ago. Oh no, was this her que to go?

"In the kitchen." He called out. She noticed the square of light coming from up ahead, the opposite end of the hall to where she had come in. She walked towards it hesitantly.

And there he was in the kitchen, pouring them a glass of scotch, on the rocks each.

"Thought you might want a different taste in your mouth." He said, gesturing towards her glass.

She smiled and walked over to the bench to take a generous sip, it burnt her mouth.

"I liked the taste." She said, raising her eyebrows in a flirty gesture.

"You were so fucking good at that." He said turning serious again and stepping towards her. He grabbed a bunch of her hair inside his fist.

"I want to repay you." He said in a low, determined voice and without warning he crouched down and ripped her little frilly skirt from her body and pulled down her fishnet stockings. She only worried for a brief moment that she now had to walk home practically naked but his hands on her body made her forget. He ripped her panties in two without so much as an effort and threw them across the kitchen. He sighed in appreciation at her mound and stuck two fingers inside of her and moved them around forcefully, she cried out in both pleasure and pain, she couldn't get enough of this, never wanted him to stop and then he took his fingers out and licked up the slit towards her clit, she thought she might scream or fall over, he seemed to sense this and coaxed her down on the floor. He then licked her clit with just the right amount of pressure and dug his face in deep; she bucked and groaned, feeling little bursts of pleasure resulting in tingly hands and feet. The pins and needles spread up her arm and up her legs, making her feel on fire she cried out as she orgasmed over and over , she thrust her pussy into his face as she continued to cry out and deeply moan in pleasure she had never known before. And she hadn't even got to the sex yet...

After riding more waves of pleasure, she lifted her head to see his face in-between her legs still eagerly licking her insides.

"Is your cock ready for me yet?" She panted.

He looked up and winked at her. She was delighted to see it looking very hard and very ready. She sat up and pushed him down on the floor. She straddled him, and reached for the condom in her coat jacket, after sliding it on his throbbing dick she eased it inside of her. They both sighed in complete ecstasy and she started to ride him energetically, he pulled her tits out of the corset as best he could and they bounced with each thrust. He lifted his head up to suck on her right nipple and she cried out in pleasure and thrust harder.

He wanted to fuck her so much harder he couldn't stand the feeling of want she brought out in him, he grabbed her and manoeuvred her so that now he was on top and he ploughed deep and hard into her. She screamed out at the top of her lungs for more and harder and he obliged. She knew it was possible she may not be able to walk well after this but she didn't care, she just wanted more. She drew her legs up and crossed them over his back, her heels still firmly on. She scratched his back to the point of drawing blood and it just made him fuck her harder and deeper. She was screaming and panting so much she could barely recognise herself. He came so violently and with a deep throaty groan that it caused her to smile the widest smile she could ever remember.

He collapsed in a heap on top of her.

"Let me know when you're ready to go again." She said cheekily.

"You're kidding right?" He asked her, too tired to even lift his head.

"I never kid, get that cock hard again and fuck me until the sun comes up." She said as she massaged his back sensually while he still lay on top of her, between her moist and sweaty legs.

He smiled and kissed her deeply and roughly.

"How about we take a shower?" He suggested.

She grinned as a way of response and let him carry her into the bathroom where she intended to continue this fuck-fest until morning, at the very least.

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