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I am passionate about teaching, but find that lecturing to my freshman intro to biology class is sheer torture. The students sit in the lecture hall, bored and disdainful, while I pointlessly try to introduce them to the joys of the cell or photosynthesis. It has gotten to the point that I pretty much dread going to this class. Yet, in the middle of the semester, I was given an inspiring treat by one of my students.

All semester long, I had noticed this quiet, yet stunningly beautiful co-ed, who always sat in the front row. Since the class was filled with slackers and unmotivated freshmen, she was the only student in the front row. Even if she had been surrounded by her peers, I would have noticed her. She had long auburn hair, which she always wore loose, so that it flowed around her voluptuous breasts. It almost seemed like her hair was caressing and teasing her firm, ripe nipples through her tight fitted shirts. Her sleek thighs were always minimally covered by a short skirt, reminiscent of the pleated uniform skirts she must have worn in grammar school. She somehow managed to show lots of skin, but never any of the skin that I so desperately wanted to see.

While I was lecturing during one of the classes, I happened to glance over at my front-row student. Generally, she was attentive and engrossed with taking notes on whatever I was saying, but today, she seemed a bit distracted. Her pen sat unused on her notebook and she had her hands in her lap. As always, I let my eyes wander up her legs, which today were slightly spread. Of course, I had to let my gaze linger in hopes of a peek of something hidden. That was when I noticed that one of her hands had slid up her inner thigh. I quickly looked up and continued lecturing, hoping that she had not been aware of my attention. My eyes drifted back to her. Her hand was now between her legs. She was not wearing any underwear, so as her legs spread further apart to allow her hand full access, I was able to see her juicy, shaved pussy. She was already highly aroused, as evidenced by the glistening dampness of her folds. Her fingers slid into her tight hole, getting wet and slick. She began to gently and slowly rub her swollen clit. Her nipples hardened, becoming clearly visible through her shirt. The motion of her hand began firmer as she became more excited. Her face glowed with a slight sheen of sweat as pleasure began to radiate through her body. She gently bit her lip to suppress any sounds that might escape her.

I could barely take my eyes off of her. I wanted to watch her every move, watch her hand explore her wet pussy, watch her eyes lose focus as she neared her climax, watch soft her hair tease her nipples. As her fingers began to move faster and faster, she let her head tilt back and her body slide down ever so slightly in her chair. She slid her fingers deep into her pussy, slowly and carefully penetrating herself over and over. My gaze slide up her body, so that I could watch her face melt with the bliss of her almost orgasm. I started in shock, when her heavily-lidded eyes met with mine. The corners of her luscious mouth turned up in a slight smile, as she unobtrusively let one hand glide across her breast. I stood behind my lecture podium, feeling my cock press harder and harder against the fabric of my pants. In desperation, I looked at the clock and realized that class was nearly over. Rather than try to hide my rapidly growing problem, I decided to dismiss class early. As the other students bustled out of the lecture hall, the girl in the front row remained seated, her hand still working her dripping cunt. Her movements had slowed down, as though she was trying to forestall her inevitable climax, as though she was waiting for a small bit of privacy for her release.

The doors of the lecture hall slammed shut, echoing across the now silent room. We were the only two people left. I continued to stand awkwardly behind the podium, unsure of what to do next. I did not want to disturb her, but I desperately wanted to touch her and pleasure her. I began rubbing my cock through my pants, stroking up and down the shaft, teasing the tip. She closed her eyes and spread her legs even wider apart. Her fingers began to speed up again; her breath began to quicken and her thighs began to quiver. A very low quiet moan escaped her lips as her pussy began to tremble under her expert touch. Suddenly, her entire body tightened as she climaxed. She threw her head back as her cunt throbbed and spasmed. Juice dripped out of her and ran down her shivering thighs. She relaxed as the orgasm began to subside and her breathing returned to normal. While I watched her cum, I had been stroking my dick faster and faster, getting perilously close to orgasming myself. I was just getting the nerve to approach her, when she picked up her notebook and shoved it quickly into her bag. I stood helpless behind my podium as she stood up, adjusted her skirt and smiled. Before turning and walking out of the lecture hall, she looked me straight in the eye and thanked me for such an engaging class.

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