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Teacher's Pet


This one's a gimme. It's sort of standard, isn't it? The teacher-student fantasy? Well, I told you in my letter about the crush I've got on my Lit Professor. He's young, attractive, enthusiastic, but he's got this side to him-- the sly, dark side that makes me want him to take me across the table at the front of the room.

The beginning is, again, pretty standard. He asks me to stay after class; he wants to speak to me about my essay proposal. It's not surprising. He's asked other students to stay after-- he's asked me to before, to discuss test scores and the like. So it's nothing out of the usual.

Spring has finally set in, so I'm in a sun dress. It's strapless and stops just above my knees; it hugs my figure down to my hips before flaring out playfully. I've got those leather ankle boots on, and there's a breeze so I've got my brown leather jacket too. My hair is down and my make-up simple. A touch of blush, mascara, and lip gloss. I look young and ready for the spring.

As the students file out of the room, I make my way up to the front, my jacket and bag discarded back by my desk. "What's up, Professor?"

"Nothing too crazy," he grins at me. I'm always pretty playful around him, and he tends to banter right back. "Just a couple of things about your paper. You've got a great thesis idea--"

"Ah, I sense a 'but' coming," I sigh, pulling myself up onto the table at the front, legs swinging slightly where I cross at the ankles. "Lay it on me."

"But it's going to be very hard to prove without extra research," he replied, eyes drifting down over my legs as I cross them, skirt riding up slightly. "Are you prepared to do that? Or do you want to change your proposal?"

I hum thoughtfully. I knew that the idea was going to be tough to prove. I knew that I was going to have to put the time in. Curiously, nearly coyly, I peer up at him. "If I stick with it, can I come to you for help?"


"And since it's such a tough topic, can I get bonus points?" It's half-joking, but half-serious.

"Bonus points?" He asks, laughing, shaking his head.

"Yeah. Didn't do so well on that last quiz," I shrug nonchalantly. "I'm trying to stay on the Dean's List, and I need to make sure that my grades are on the up'n'up."

"Alright," he smiles, nodding as he leaned back across from me. "Bonus points. Only if you do well."

"I'll do great. I'm going to have your help, aren't I?" I tilt my head contemplatively. "I'm gonna have to find a way to make it up to you."

He looks me over, pushing off from where he's leaning. "I can think of a couple of ways."

I laugh, but it's slightly strained. "Can you?"

He draws close and my heart flutters in my chest nervously. A warm hand falls almost tentatively over my bare knee, and I shiver. His eyes meet mine curiously, my face warms slightly, and he must see what he's looking for because his other hand comes up to brush my hair aside, fingers trailing over my shoulder.

"I think this calls for way more extra credit," I mutter nervously, and his lips quirk up into a slow smile. "Like way more."

He chuckles, tucking my hair behind my ear, and I lean into the touch. My face is warm, and I know that the flush has spread down my neck to my chest. His other hand slides up my thigh slightly, fingers drifting to the inside, and I go faintly tense.

"Don't tell me that you don't want it, Cassie." He says, voice low. "I've seen the way you look at me. I've heard you whisper to your friends about what you think of me. Don't you want it?"

My jaw clenches for a brief moment. But it's true. I do look at him. I do talk about how attractive he is, how intelligent. "Yes."

Without another word, his lips meet mine in a slow passion. They slant over my mouth, and his tongue licks his way in. One of my hands slips into his hair, nails scratching over his scalp as my lips part for him. The other glides up his chest to grip at his tie, tugging faintly. In response, his other hand joins the one below my waist, laying over the other thigh as he spreads them and pulls me close until my chest is pressed securely to his.

I gasp into the kiss, feeling him settle between my legs, sitting on the edge of the table. His fingers are slightly rough against the skin of my thighs as they slip up higher, rucking my skirt up until my panties are revealed-- purple boyshorts with polkadots and blue lace.

There's a moment when I remember where we are, and I pull back with wide eyes. "What about your next class?"

"Not for another thirty minutes," he replies, the scruff of his barely-there beard burning against the skin of my neck as he trails kisses down to that sensitive spot above my collarbone.

"What if someone walks in?"

"Then they walk in," he all but growls, and I shiver as his teeth drag over that spot, basically melting.

"Do you know how distracting you are, Cassie?" His fingers tighten at my hips, thumb rubbing over the soft skin above the waistband of my panties, mouth leaving marks on my skin. "Every time you're in my class, you just sit there and taunt me. With the way you lean forward in your desk in those low cut shirts. The sounds you make when you stretch. The way you talk. Your mouth."

A needy whimper slides over my lips as one of his hands slips down between my legs, stroking over me through the thin layer of my underwear. "My mouth?"

"Yes," he nips at my pulse point, and my hips jerk slightly in response. "You've got a spectacular mouth. I bet it would look even better wrapped around my cock."

I inhale sharply, a surge of heat flooding through me, making me ache.

"Would you like that?" He asks against my ear, petting me teasingly. "Do you want to suck me off?"

I don't respond, fingers loosening at the silk of his tie, hand cupping the back of his neck.

"Cassie," he presses more firmly, and I let out a keen whine, rocking up to meet his hand. "Do you want to?"


"Good," he hums, continuing the motion, feeling the way I'm getting wet for him. "We'll have to try it sometime. But today? Today I want to fuck you, Cassie."

His fingers peel my panties down before I can protest or reply. He lets them drop to the floor, unfastening his pants to pull out the hard length of him. A soft cry is swallowed up as he kisses me, cock filling the tight heat of me with one long thrust. I quake, and his hands slip up to my waist, guiding me down onto my back.

My hips cant up as he rocks forward, burying deeper. My hair is splayed out around my head, my hands at his wrists where he's holding me, moving me. My back arches faintly as he withdraws and fills me again.

It isn't long before he's fucking me with long, hard thrusts. There are these small, little sounds that keep escaping me. Whines. Moans. Sounds of ecstasy. A look of rapture graces my features, and he grunts, thrusting a bit harsher. His grip is bruising, and it isn't long before my back is bowing as I cum around him, spasming and tight.

He fucks me through it, not letting off, sensations so acute that it nearly hurts. When he finally spills into me, our breathing is erratic and uneven. My chest rises and falls with it, and he strokes over my skin soothingly, panting as he leans down to press a kiss to my parted, reddened lips. Sliding from me with an obscene sound, he tucks himself away before crouching down to pick up my panties for me.

There are tender kisses pressed to the inside of my thighs as he slides them back on for me, and I shudder from my spot on the table. Smoothing my skirt back down, he pulls me up into a sitting position. His eyes seem to be dark with something like warning when he finally speaks again.

"I'll see you in my office on Monday to discuss your paper?"

Swallowing thickly, I nod, knowing that he means to do much more than that.

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