tagErotic CouplingsTeacher's Pet Ch. 01

Teacher's Pet Ch. 01


I drove down Washington Street with mixed emotions. I was glad the divorce decree was signed, done, over, no more fighting, no more lawyers, no more bitchy comments. I stuck my hand out the window letting it ride the breeze of the hot afternoon air, carefree, but still feeling that bit of loneliness in the background. Christy and I had been married for almost 10 years, the last 3 had been tumultuous including a year of separation. We both worked at the same high school making for awkward moments in the lunch room and hallways. I taught history while she taught art and was the cheerleading coach along with being an assistant on the gymnastics team. That gymnastics team was where she met Stewart Brockington.

Christy and I started dating in college and were married when I was 24 and she was 22. Life for the first 7 or 8 years had been O.K. I felt lucky we were able to get jobs at the same school and had summers off to vacation, work on our house, and hang out. Christy was an amazingly hot wife and teacher. Petite, blonde, tight ass, smallish perky breasts, and a great laugh. I wasn't a bad catch either at a couple inches over 6 feet, dark hair, decent shape, and I thought fun to be around. I heard the occasional jokes around about us being the hot couple and saw the hormonal high school boys checking her out just as much as the cheerleaders when they practiced. The one thing we didn't have was money. Well we didn't have kids either but she wasn't able to conceive and she hadn't really felt a strong desire to adopt. Christy seemed fine with our money situation for years, I mean she knew what she was getting when she married another teacher, but as her college friends started showing off nicer homes, better vacations, newer hipper clothes, it started wearing on her. At least I like to think that was the reason she started sleeping with Stewart Brockington, the father of one of her gymnasts. He owned some real estate shop renting apartments or building them, I didn't really know. I just knew he had money and apparently that was what Christy desired now.

I passed the girl in the skimpy bikini waving the sign advertising a car wash for charity ahead and for some reason found myself turning the corner and lining up to enter the parking lot. It looked like a local bar was sponsoring the event and the waitresses were doing the washing. I'd spent the last year just working out and staying around the house, saving money for the inevitable price I'd have to pay to buy Christy out of her share of our small house. My libido must have taken over with the divorce being final and lack of any social life so I guess I just wanted to see some scantily clad young ladies, I'd never even heard of the bar sponsoring the wash but figured what the hell.

The line slowly moved forward and eventually I was only a car away from the girls. I suddenly had a flash of embarrassment as I recognized the girl washing the drivers side of the car in front of me. Taylor Jorgensen had been a student of mine a couple years ago, was the former captain of the cheerleading team, and occasional dog sitter for Christy and I. She wasn't hard to remember. I thought about just driving off, feeling like a total idiot seeing her in just a bikini top and impossibly short cut off jeans, soaked in water, but there was no way out of the line and she probably would have questioned what kind of moron was trying to turn around his car at this point.

She smile as she waved me forward, jiggling her firm young tits to entice me further. I thought maybe she wouldn't recognize me but the second she bent over to greet me her smile lit up a bit more, "Hey, Mr. Dreeson! I didn't know it was you through the windshield."

"Hi Taylor." I croaked back, trying not to be to obvious about the view she gave me. Taylor bent at the waist with her hands on her thighs providing an incredible sight between the exposed inner half of her tits as they hug freely in her bright red bikini top. A light breeze hit her bare wet skin causing goose bumps on the smooth tan skin on the curve of each breast. Hard nipples stood at attention, pulling her areolas tight and outlined. Her honey blonde hair was pulled back in a pony tail, brown eyes wide matching her perfect smile.

"I'm sorry to hear about you and Mrs. Dreeson." She responded, squatting down with her elbows resting on my open window.

"How did you find out already?" I asked surprised that news of my just finalized divorce could be out that quickly.

"I don't know, just word on the street I guess. Haven't you guys been separated for a couple years now?"

"Oh, yeah, just over a year now," i stammered out, "I thought you were commenting on my just minted divorce papers that were signed about half an hour ago."

"Oh, shit really?" She lifted her head back in surprise, "I'm sorry to bring it up I didn't know it went that far. I feel like an ass now."

"No, don't worry about it. It has been long time coming and I'm glad its done with."

She laughed as she stood up, "Yeah I used to hear some pretty good fights from Mrs. Dreeson's end of the phone conversations. But don't worry the girls all thought you were the one being screwed over. I'm going to have Amy take your money so I can take these soaked shorts off, but after you pay her just pull up there and we'll get your care all shined up."

A petite raven haired girl with ink and piercing came over to that my cash while I glanced over and caught Taylor's perfect ass aimed at me as she slid the jean shorts down. I watched her stepping out of them in my side mirror as I pulled ahead to the designated wash spot and saw her adjust her top a bit as well before heading toward the car. Amy was already swirly soapy water on the passenger side by the time Taylor began. Taylor leaned forward across the hood giving me a great view of her now bikini covered ass as she lifted a leg and straddled the fender to reach further. Every time she reached out her hips flexed grinding her pussy into the fender as if she was slowly fucking it. The bikini bottoms clung to her undoubtedly soft labia providing a perfect view at the junction of her thighs and ass. She slipped off the side and began on my door, moving up until she was washing the roof, pressing her tits against my now closed window. At first I didn't believe what I was seeing but it was real. Her top was pulled aside, exposing most of her tits and each nipple as she slid them through the soapy water on my window. At times just the half inch hardened nipples brushed against the glass as if she was teasing them herself. I looked over at Amy's side and although she occasionally pressed against the window her tits remained covered. Taylor had to know what she was doing and it didn't look to be the norm. I could feel my cock surging in my pants against the tight fabric uncomfortably restraining me but didn't dare use my hand to shift things around for fear of being seen touching myself. Taylor finally stood on an upside bucket to reach more of my roof, bringing her pussy up to window level. The bottoms were pulled up high and now wet leaving a perfect outline of her lips only inches from face. The girls moved around to the back of the car out of my sight and finished up.

I sent my door window down in reply to Taylor's light knock. "All done Mr. Dreeson!"

"Thank you Taylor, I really appreciate it." I answered, hiding my disappointment at seeing her top had been arranged back in place. Although she still looked amazingly sexy with her damp tendrils of hair hanging down, droplets of water running down her bare skin between the pushed up curves of her tits and quite erect nipples poking out.

"Don't you want to get out and check my work?"

"Agh no, that's all right, I'm sure you did a great job." I really didn't want to get out and have my obviously hardened cock outlined for her or the other girls to see.

She leaned down again on my window sill peering inside, "C'mon Mr. Dreeson, it'll only take a minute." Her eyes glanced down at my lap, staring for a few seconds at the obvious bulge running along my inner thigh. The khaki pants really didn't do much to disguise my rather uncomfortable erection. I knew my cock was bigger than average, large I guess, and Dockers really didn't hide 8 or 9 inches of hard flesh running along my leg. The small dime sized wet spot at the end of the tubular package didn't help either.

Instinctively my hand moved to cover things up, "No I really should get going. I don't want to hold up the line."

Taylor smiled knowingly, "It's O.K. I understand. But don't worry, it happens all the time, I'm used to getting a reaction from guys."

I didn't know how to react, she obviously could tell I had a raging hard on. Maybe that was her goal, she had to have know the show she gave me was more than just a skimpy outfit and curves in the right places. As my brain processed the idea of her getting off on the idea of turning on her old teacher she continued her flirtation, "I am really sorry to hear about your divorce but you need to get out there and start over, have fun, and forget the past, meet new people."

I stammered out a "Yeah, that sounds good but I don't think I need to go jumping into any relationships now."

"Who said anything about relationships? You need to party, relax, and have fun. You should come out with my friends and I tonight. We'll throw you a divorce party or something."

"Nah, you don't want to hang out with me, I..."

"Oh c'mon, how often do you get to go out in the city, in the college bars, with a bunch of college girls. I remember hearing Mrs. Dreeson bitching at you on the phone, I am sure you can use a night out. Just meet us at Twisters at 9:30 and if you're bored you can always leave. It's not like you are held hostage."

"Fine, I'll see you at Twister's at 9:30."

I drove away feeling foolish for agreeing to meet her and her friends out in the college clubs but I couldn't help but feel a little excited. I don't know what I expected but a night out would be fun.

When I got home I immediately took care of the still aroused cock in my pants. It didn't take too long for the pre-cum to lube my length and my slow stroking to the image of Taylor's bared tits against my window and undulating ass on my fender to have gobs of cum spilling out and letting the tension melt away. I took a nap in preparation of a late night.

When I arrived at Twisters I sat alone at the bar for 20 minutes thinking what an idiot I was for showing up. I was about to leave as the last of my beer was emptied when I heard her light voice as she squeezed in between me and the couple sitting to my left, "I am so sorry we are late. But you know women never show up on time right?"

She leaned over the bar and ordered a vodka tonic. I couldn't help but check out her small rounded ass, she wore skin tight jeans and a white top with a wide deep neck opening that boxed off straight across the tops of her tits and barely covered her shoulder. The fabric cinched under her accentuated tis and flared out bit gauzy almost see through around her abdomen. The top either had an elaborate built in support system for her chest or she woe a strapless bra. Taylor was a slender girl with a narrow waist that flared out to medium curved hips topping her long legs. I guessed she was probably 5 foot 6, about 8 inches shorter than me. When she turned to reach back and hand a drink to her friend behind me I felt her tits brush my bare arm, once in each direction as she turned back to the bar for more, ordering me my first shot of the night.


I felt the heat of the sun on my face and the light hurt my eyes as I struggled to open them. The cheap plastic blinds on the window above me were angled to allow the morning sun to hit right on my eyes. A momentary panic hit as I realized I didn't know where I was. I was lying on a couch, a large rectangular ottoman was to my right and a TV. It looked to be a living room in an apartment, then I remembered. I had to be at Taylor's place. The previous night's events started trickling in, then flooded in.

I remembered meeting her at Twisters, meeting her friends and roommate. Oh God, her roommate had been a student of mine too, Lara. I know we did countless shots and must have hit half a dozen bars. The girls got me on the dance floor at one place, they all took turns grinding on me or letting me grip their hips and grind against them. They must have thought I was a drunken idiot.

A door opened down the hallway and a guy appeared shortly thereafter. "Hey Mr. D! How you feeling this morning?"

I recognized Dalton Rogers, the star QB of the college team and remembered Taylor was dating him. He met us late in the night at some dive bar.

"Man, you partied hard last night. Jared and I had to practically carry you up here at bar time."

"Thanks. I hope I didn't bother you or anything."

"No man, it's cool. Taylor told me you were her favorite teacher and how your wife, well ex wife was her coach and all. Glad you had a good time on your first night out. I gotta run, we have meetings and workouts every morning. See you later."

He headed out the door, leaving me alone in the living room again. I realized under the blankets and sheet that I was in just my boxers. I looked around the room and didn't see my pants anywhere, or my shirt for that matter. My car keys had to be in my pants pocket, not that I had any clue where I was in relation to where I left my car.

I heard another door open and Taylor's roommate, Lara, came out of the hall. "Hey Mr. D! Glad to see your up and alive!"

I remembered Lara had been friends with Taylor back in high school, I think they lived near each other or something. Lara wasn't the cheerleader, hot girl type in high school, more of the smart, plain, easy to miss girl.

"There is water in the fridge in the kitchen if you're thirsty. I have to work at the mall this morning so you'll probably just have to wait for Taylor to get up if you need a ride to your car."

And with that she was gone, leaving me alone again.

The thought of water sounded great I was just about to get up when Taylor stumbled into the room. Her light brown locks were a frazzled mess, she was trying to gather them up behind her in a ponytail as she entered the room. I immediately noticed her version of pajamas, an oversized v neck t-shirt that hung to about mid thigh and nothing else from what I could see. Her braless tits bounced with each step and swayed with each arm movement behind her head before dropping just slightly as her arms came down. The shirt was thin from being washed too many times and her pale quarter sized areolas were clearly visible with nub like nipples poking out, leaving little to the imagination. The V neck cam to a point just below where her cleavage started showing just that hint of bare skin. Her legs were bare and tan looking slender and graceful down to her bare feet and hot pink painted toe nails.

I kept the blankets around my waist as I stopped in mid rise and sat back on the couch as Taylor kneeled down in front of me on the large padded ottoman, putting us nearly at eye level but I couldn't help but let my eyes drop briefly to check out her bouncing rack in the flimsy shirt. If Taylor noticed she didn't seem to care as she leaned over on her elbow and side curling her legs up on the ottoman.

"Ugh, what a night. If I wasn't still a little buzzed I don't think I could have gotten out of bed," lamented Taylor.

"I know what you mean I didn't know where I was when I woke up this morning," I agreed with her assessment, "Or where my clothes went."

Without really looking she just pointed towards the opposite end of the couch, "They're over there somewhere. It was kinda dark when I took them off but I tossed them in that direction."

The thought of Taylor taking my pants and shirt off sent a wave of embarrassed blood through my body. "Sorry, I was so drunk last night, I hope I didn't ruin your night or cause you any trouble crashing here."

"Are you kidding? I had so much fun last night. Don't you remember dancing and laughing all night? You were a riot, I can't believe how much fun it was partying with you. I never dreamed you were so normal and down to earth telling me your stories about Ms. D and stuff."

"What stories?" I asked suddenly remembering some conversations from the previous night.

"C'mon you made me tell you my dirty secrets in exchange for yours and now you say you don't remember?"

I remembered she asked if I had ever cheated on my ex-wife and I had replied, "Not really." That vague answer only made her press me more and when she promised to tell me one of her secrets I was curious enough and drunk enough to talk about sex with Taylor. I told her the story of how during college Christie and I had broken up for like a week and during that week I had sex with her room mate a couple times. I hadn't planned on it or anything, her roommate just came on to me in the bar and invited herself back to my apartment. She just showed up again a couple nights later after all the bars closed and we had drunken sex again but Christie and I got back together shortly thereafter. As far as I knew neither of us ever told Christie.

Taylor's story in return came flooding back into my memory just as she asked if I remembered out conversations from the night before. She told me how after football games on Friday nights she used to go into the choir room up the stairs from the locker rooms and wait for her boyfriend to sneak up there after showering. A few of the other players and their girlfriends would meet up as well, usually 3 or 4 couples in the dark room, never turning the lights on so no one knew there were up there. Taylor said she would just slide her panties off and leave her cheerleading uniform on while her boyfriend bent her over the piano or a desk and fucked her from behind. It was fast and dirty with the sounds of the other girls having sex with their guys in the dark while all their parents waited outside. She said she lost track of how many times she spoke with her parents or teachers after a game or cheer practice with no panties on under her skirt, praying the wind or some jokester wouldn't lift up the short polyester covering her bare ass and wet pussy. Some of the girls even switched places with each other, sharing boyfriends but Taylor never did. I remembered she dated Justin Holston in high school, the prototypical jock who all the girls liked. He got a full ride scholarship for football to some out of state school. She said a few of the guys offered to switch but Justin never went for it. She admitted she didn't know what she would have done back then if he had offered her up to one of the other guys. Eric Henderson used to openly ask to get a chance at her despite his own, on again off again, girlfriend always being available for him after the games. She had heard stories from the other girls that he was kinda rough and had a really big dick that he was none to gentle with. He went so far as to shine a little pen light on them one night, catching a glimpse of her bared tits bouncing because Justin had pulled her top to squeeze them while he took her from behind. Her eyes had been closed so she didn't notice until Eric and a couple guys started clapping and whistling encouragement while they watched her.

"I remember. It just took me a minute. I can't believe I told you about that." I sighed.

"Why? It doesn't matter now. You and Christy, I mean Mrs. D, or...?

I interrupted, "Don't call her Mrs. D, call her anything but that and remember you just call me Steve, not Mr. Dreeson."

Taylor continued, "O.K. You and Christy are divorced, who cares about the past now.?

"I know. It's just embarrassing to talk about my infidelities like that."

"Oh, c'mon." She laughed, "That's not too bad, you weren't even married yet and you were broke up. I've done worse than that and I bet you have too." She rolled back and lay flat on the ottoman, feet up bending her knees up and staring at the ceiling. The flesh of her tits flattened a bit but retained some of their firm shape and topped by still pokey nipples. The bottom hem of her t shirt slid up her legs exposing bare skin up her thigh and hip giving me a glimpse of the rounded mound of her pussy covered by just the high cut panties she wore. "I tell you want, you tell me your dirtiest secret and I'll tell you mine."

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