Teacher's Pet Ch. 01


My hear skipped a beat. I was really getting turned on thinking about her story from last night and the idea of hearing something even dirtier than fucking her boyfriend in a room full of people and prancing around pantyless in her cheer uniform. "Fine, I'll give you my biggest sex secret but you can't say anything, I don't want this going around the school."

"Don't worry Steve, I don't see anyone there anymore and believe me I can keep a secret."

So I quickly relayed the story of my bachelor party.

After I was done, Taylor looked at me funny, "You can do better than that. Give me the details, not just two sentences. Make it a good story if you want my story." As if to encourage me she got up on her knees and bent over the other side of the ottoman to grab a water bottle she saw down there. Her bare ass was exposed as the shirt rode up her back. The thin white strip of underwear disappeared in the crack of her ass and spread out again in small pouch containing her bulging pussy at the nexus of her upper thighs. She must have had to reach for the bottle because she walked her knees apart spreading her legs and ass cheeks further thrusting back towards me and up in the air. I stared openly at the cotton floss and glistening satin. I quickly agreed to embellish the story with more details.

"We had a normal night out, strip clubs, heavy, heavy drinking and cabbed it back to my best friend's condo. Everyone went home and I was ready to pass out when he told me he had one more surprise in store. He hired a stripper to show up at 2 AM and give me one last private dance. This gorgeous dark haired Latina girl showed up and Rick handed her a wad of bills and went to his room leaving me on the couch and her dancing between my legs all alone. She gave me the best lap dance I ever had. I was fully juiced and I know strippers act all turned on but I was pretty sure she really was. The way she was grinding on me and breathing these soft little whispers in my ear had me ready to explode.

Finally she asked if I wanted to fuck her tits. I asked how much I had to tip her and she said Rick already took care of it. I knew I shouldn't but at that point I just wanted to get my dick out of my pants so I agreed. She undid my pants and had them down around my ankles and off before I could back out. She rubbed her tits all over my cock, licking her nipples and finally just surrounding me and sliding my wet cock between her tits. She still wore her bottoms and when she climbed on my lap she straddled me perfectly gripping the back of my neck and leaning back rubbing pussy up and down my dick. All that separated us was the thin red fabric of those soaked panties. I thought for sure I was going to lose but she stopped in time as if she knew exactly how much I could take. She told me to lay down on the couch and then she proceeded to kneel over my face, letting her pussy gyrate inches away and running her hands up her body, toying with her nipples while I peeked out under the covered mound of her pussy. When she stepped off I thought things were going to be done but instead she straddled me once more, this time facing away from me and she leaned over, letting her pussy rest just an inch from face. I felt her tongue on my thigh and without hesitation I licked the underwear, pressing my tongue into her slit. I though for sure she would pull away but she ground her pussy downward encouraging me. Feeling extra brave and not feeling shame due to all the booze I drank I reached up and pulled her underwear aside and started licking her pussy. I felt her nails dig into my thighs and she began rocking her hips back and forth. She was really wet and after letting me work for a couple minutes I felt her warm lips around my cock. She sucked me off like a porn star. I mean deep throating, licking, sucking my balls, fast, slow, and then jerked me off onto her tits when the time came. I had never gotten head like that, no way Christy could do it.. So there you have it. How I ate a stripper's pussy and let her suck my dick at my bachelor party."

"I bet you I know why Christy never did it like that for you." Taylor teased, leaning forward towards me this time on her hands, smiling wickedly. I had a clear shot down her t shirt, the inner half each round breast was bare and when she moved a bit changing her weight the deep V neck let one chewy nipple pop into view briefly. "Because did you know we all heard Mrs. D arguing with you once o the phone and she said and I quote, 'just because you have a big dick, doesn't mean you have to act like one.' Since half the girls had a crush on you we all giggled and wondered if it was true. There was even a bounty on you that we offered up. We had $100 pool to a guy who would verify if it was true but you never showered at the school."

Her revelation shocked me. I didn't know what to say. "Don't worry Steve. I don't mind you looking down my shirt. Guys are always checking out my tits. I'm not ashamed of them, I think they're pretty nice. Besides, how do you know I didn't sneak a peak at you when I was taking your pants off last night?"

I knew I had nothing to be ashamed of either. My cock was larger than average, a good 8 inches hard and thick as a beer bottle. A part of me felt a bit violated if she had really taken a few liberties but really I was hoping she did and that maybe she liked what she saw. I was in good shape for being 10 plus years her senior at 33 years old. The months of working out had paid off and I was toned, almost ripped in some places. She had the sexiness of cat on the prowl crawling on that ottoman, showing off her ass and tits. We were all alone and the way she talked I don't think she just wanted to reminisce.

She laughed at her teasing joke and leaned forward a bit more smiling devilishly. "That was a pretty good story Mr. D, I mean Steve, I liked the details but I bet mine is dirtier."

My mind raced forward wondering what sorts of things she could have done in her 23 years, especially after admitting to not giving in to the group sex scene in the choir room.

"I can't believe I am telling you this," she shook her head to herself, "but what the fuck, I've never told anyone about this." She settled back onto her hip with her legs curled under her and leaned on her left hand. "Three years ago I worked at another bar you may have heard of...Hooters. Big surprise right?! I had worked there for a little over a year and the night of my 20th birthday was my last night on the job. I had put some money away and was sick of working every weekend night and missing out on so much fun and I knew they would take me back anytime."

Emphasizing her point she reached behind her and pulled her t-shirt tight and thrust out her chest bit. "I looked damn good in the uniform. You wouldn't believe what 32C's look like in a push up bra and a tight shirt."

"I wouldn't have doubted you did Taylor." I complimented. The tight shirt hugged her braless tits showing off the round curves peeking out of the v neck and dark bumps poking out of dead center just to either side of the fabric.

"Anyway," she continued relaxing again, "I was dating this frat guy who turned out to be a total douche bag but I didn't care at the time. He was rich as hell and bought me all kinds of stuff really was a pretty bad boyfriend. A bunch of the girls were planning on going out after work for my last night and he came to meet me near the end of my shift. It was a Wednesday night and was pretty dead so he offered to stick around a bit and help me clean up since I had closing duties. I knew what he really wanted but was happy for the help. After the other girls left and we were alone, the bar lights were off and the doors were locked he started putting the moves on me. I knew he stuck around for sex, he wanted to fuck me in my uniform in the bar as a last hurrah in the place. I was feeling pretty good from the shots I did while cleaning and was kinda turned on by the idea so I agreed. It turned out to be a pretty quick escapade. We stayed back by the cash register near the kitchen away from the windows so no one would see us. He was behind me rubbing all over me while I gave him a hand job to get him hard. He got my shorts and nylons down and bent me over an ice bin and fucked me from behind. I always made him wear a condom because even though I was on the pill he and his friends screwed a lot of skanks at that frat house. He pulled my shirt up in the front leaving it tight up under my arms and unhooked by bra from the back letting the girls out of their tight embrace. It always felt so good to get free of that uniform. My bra hung off in the front allowing him access to massage my tits while he fucked me. He even reached down and grabbed an ice cube and teased my nipples so fucking hard with it. I wanted to lick them myself just to warm them back up. I was really getting into it when he pulled out and whipped the condom off proclaiming himself done. He then had the nerve to tell me he had to meet his frat brothers at some bar and had to get going."

Sympathetically I chimed in, "He just left you there?"

"I told you he was a Grade A dick. He wasn't even going to go out with my friends and I to celebrate and he was in too big of a hurry to wait for me to get changed, fix my make up and leave with me. He left out the side door leaving me standing there trying to get the nylon tights off my ankles so I could walk and my tits hanging out of my undone bra and pulled up shirt. Once I managed to get the tights off I gathered them and pulled my shorts up and scurried over to the Manager's office just off the kitchen. We always changed in there since it was private, had carpeting, no customers, a nice couch and door that locked. I pushed open the door and slipped inside my eyes taking a moment to adjust. The lights were dim as only the desk lamp was on and a flickering little TV monitor in the alcove to my left. Leaning against the front edge of the Manager's desk was Hector, our cook, staring back at me jerking off."

"No way!" I exclaimed joining her surprise from the story.

"No shit!" Taylor agreed. "Hector always left right away, he had very strict hours and half the time the bartenders had to clean the kitchen and even sometimes cook the last few orders. Hector was in jail for stealing cars or something and was on work release. The only reason he got the job was because his cousin was the Manager. I was shocked to walk in and see him there, dick in hand, pumping like a furious little monkey. I also caught his stare and realized my tits were still hanging out beneath the undone bra and tight shirt pulled up under my arms. I covered myself as best I could with my arms and noticed the TV screen. A black and white shot looking down at the cash register area was clearly visible. I never knew that camera was there and the TV alcove was usually covered by the paining I saw on the floor below it. Fucking Manager had a secret cash register cam to look for skimming bartenders and Hector had obviously just watched my boyfriend and I have sex on it."

"I asked him what he was doing in there and he just smiled this shit eating grin at me and said since we had closed up so early he came in here to relax, no reason to head back to jail early. He told me how he liked my little show and that he hadn't seen a naked woman in months, let alone one getting fucked. I was trying to pull my shirt back down but the damn thing was so tight and just managed to get caught up in my bra and ended up squeezing one tit out further like I was showing off my hard tits. Hector told me to just relax and take my time, he was really enjoying the show and that maybe if I let him watch me change he could make sure the manager never saw the tape. I knew it was my last night there and all but I really didn't want Hector and his cousin watching me bent over the ice machine every night or showing it off to the other guys here. I figured he had already seen just about everything anyway so I stopped trying to pull my shirt down and instead pulled it up over my head. My bra was already undone so it slid easily off my arms and there I stood, wearing just the stupid orange shorts and nothing else in front of our cook while he still held his naked cock in hand. He kept telling me how hot I looked and I had to admit he wasn't too bad either. He was wearing a white tank that showed off all of his muscles, there wasn't a bit of flab on him, he arms and chest were all tatted up and his head was shaved nearly bald except for some brown stubble. I thought he would stop pulling on his cock but he just remained focused on me and slowly pulling it back to full erection. I asked if he was going to stop jerking off but he just explained that in jail you get used to spanking it with people around and that if you waited for privacy you would never get relief. He told me jerking off to a real live woman was pretty hot and he intended to enjoy every minute of it. I took my shorts down and stepped out of them watching him the whole time. He licked his lips and stared at my body as if I didn't even have a head, making no attempt at pretending that he wasn't leering."

Taylor was making me extremely horny and I could feel my cock stiffening as she told her story, not sure why or where she was going with the tease but I wasn't about to interrupt her as she continued.

"I realized my thong was pretty damp from my earlier romp and the panties stuck to my crotch and probably still smelled of sex. I myself was still pretty horny and felt a bit unfulfilled after my boyfriend left like that so I thought I'd have a little fun with Hector. I cupped my tits up and pulled my nipples a bit, even licked one making it nice and hard again. He continued devouring me with his eyes and stroking but at a very slow pace as if to hold back but not let the erection melt away. We both just remained staring at each other as we teased. He broke the silence by again telling me how hot I was and that my boyfriend was a fool for leaving me like that. I got a little more daring as my blood was really starting to get up and asked him if he ever thought the girls here while in his bunk at jail. He admitted he jerked off to all of us in his mind, more than one imaginary load had shot across my tits. I was astounded he was so honest about it, he continued flattering me and making me feel quite beautiful while I stood there nearly naked letting him ogle me. I continued running my hands over my body and taking my time about actually getting dressed. Finally I slipped my underwear down my thighs, giving him a full naked shot of me and for some reason I wanted to be just a bit dirtier, live up to his lust or whatever, so I tossed my panties at his face. He caught them out of the air and immediately buried his face in them, making a loud sniffing sound. I was shocked. I knew they had to smell and taste like by damp pussy and he loved it. He actually licked the crotch. Instead of being disgusted at his display I was turned on even more so I guess that is why I just agreed when he asked if he could lick my pussy."

"Wow!" I sucked in my breath at Taylor's story. "He just what? Asked if he could lick your pussy?"

"Yep." She confirmed. "He said he wanted to taste pussy for the first time in almost 2 years and asked if I would let him get me off. I was still horny and peeved at my boyfriend and probably let those feeling have too much sway but I figured what the hell. I wanted to get off and all I had to do was just sit there and let him do the work, plus he would probably really try and not just play around for a couple minutes. I walked over leaned up on the edge of my manager's desk and spread my legs. Hector was buried in my crotch in no time, tonguing, pulling, sucking and licking every inch of my pussy. I had to admit he was good. I pushed stuff aside and just laid back on by elbows letting him have his way while I watched his face and head work. He ran one hand up my body and massaged my tits letting my short breaths tease my nipples against his finger tips until I finally just sucked his fingers in my mouth in time with his tongue on my clit. He finally made his way up my stomach and kissed each nipple before standing me up and spinning around pushing my chest down on the desk. I felt his hands on my ass and his tongue on the sensitive skin between by pussy and asshole and I gotta tell ya it made me yelp with pleasure. I came so hard I gushed down his chin. He didn't care and just pressed further even licking my ass a bit before I felt him stand and lean over to my purse on the desk. I laid motionless letting the warmth of my last orgasm settle in not sure what he was doing when I heard the paper tear and knew he had pulled a condom from the box in my purse. I should have stopped him, my mind even thought about jumping up and leaving, after all I had cum, and felt pretty damn good. But that was the problem, I felt so damn good and I still had burning desire for more. No one will know I thought. My asshole boyfriend left me unsatisfied and this guy would remember this for days if not years. Before I had fully come to terms with what was about to happen I felt the pressure and sliding sensation as he entered me. No toying around the opening, no pushing and bending of his cock is semi erection, just a straight thrust and he was in. He cock was so hard it smoothly went into my soaked pussy and in two pumps his balls where slapping my pubic bone. Thank God he wasn't huge because he wasn't about to go slow. He must have pumped for about 2 minutes getting me roaring inside when he pulled out , let out this deep sigh and plop, a filled condom land near my face on the desk."

Without a pause despite my shocked expression, Taylor continued her description of screwing the cook. "I thought are you fucking kidding me, another quickie? But he was already reaching for the box again and amazingly his cock still stood firm. I guessed with the quick release done he was ready for round two. The second time he fucked just as fast and hard but lasted much longer. He fucked me harder than anyone ever had, just relentlessly slamming into me. I figured when the second condom landed on the desk he was done. Instead he spun me around and told me to get him hard again, he wasn't wasting him chance at fucking an angel. I was so primed and ready I was just more ready to go by his ordering and not asking. I sucked his half hard cock back to erection while he sat on the couch letting him lean over and toy with my tits some more. Finally he said he was ready and put another condom on while I moved back toward the desk but this time he said he wanted to watch my tits while he fucked me. I let him pull me on top of him and rode him while he massaged and sucked my tits. I rode as hard as I could, he just seemed endless until he finally rolled me off onto the floor, stood up and pulled that last condom off letting a small clear jet hit my face. I know he wanted to cum on my face but he just didn't have anything left. I fucked every ounce of cum out of him and it felt great. "

I was stunned at her story. I couldn't picture Taylor being used and abused by some Latino gangster dude in a crappy bar office. I couldn't think of a response except ask, "Did you get the tape?"

"That's the kicker. There wasn't even a tape to get. The stupid cheap bastard didn't pay to fix the recorder when it broke so it was just a live feed with no recording. I couldn't just walked out and no one would have seen anything or believed Hector if he told anyone."

"Where you pissed?" I asked.

"Pissed?" She laughed. "I just got fucked harder than I ever had, I even let him try to cum on my face, I was on such a high I didn't give a shit. Hector left to get back to jail and I got dressed and partied my ass off that night. I even dumped my stupid boyfriend."

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