tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTeacher's Pet Ch. 02

Teacher's Pet Ch. 02


Readers should consider reading part 1 "Teacher's Pet" first. And please don't read if you are not 18.

Karen was feeling weak and drained when she staggered into the house after being humiliated and fucked by her student Carl. Fortunately no one was around to see her torn dress and disheveled appearance. She showered for almost 45 minutes, put on a long nightgown and climbed into bed.

Karen tried desperately to convince herself that she had been totally repulsed by the experience, but every time she thought about Carl's hard cock in her mouth or deep in her pussy, her body responded in ways that she couldn't control. She finally gave in to these urges and touched her pussy. It was already dripping with cunt juice.

Images of Carl's huge cock flashed through her mind. She could almost feel her tongue slide across the ridges and veins of his hard meat, and taste his cum as it poured into her mouth. Her fingers sunk into her pussy and dug against the walls of her cunt. Now he was twisting her arm and smashing her face into the hood of the car. She imagined the feel of his cock pounding her cunt as her fingers rubbed her clit.

Karen arched her back and squealed. An explosion ripped through her body. Cunt juice gushed over her fingers and dripped down her ass. She continued to squirm against her fingers until she shuddered again with a second surge of her orgasm.

Karen suffered through the night trying to keep her mind off of Carl's cock. She even tried to get her husband to fuck her hoping that would satisfy her itch, but he was not in the mood. She finally took a vibrator into the bathroom and fucked herself to another gushing orgasm as she relived the afternoon's events in her mind.

She called in sick in the morning knowing she couldn't face Carl. She worked out a plan for how she would deal with him. She would threaten to go to the police and show her bruises. She would tell Carl that she had kept a semen sample to prove he did it. If he kept away she would drop it and forget it ever happened.

Carl was not happy that Mrs. O'Keefe called in sick. He was looking forward to another after school fuck session. He tracked down her daughter Katie to find out the real story. She told him that her mother did not feel good when she had come home and had spent most of the night in bed. Carl decided to investigate himself.

Katie had cheerleader practice and Professor O'Keefe was still at work so he knew she would be alone for the next few hours. Rather than knock he decided to sneak in through the back door and watch to see what was happening. At the right moment he would present himself.

Karen had resisted playing with her pussy most of the day and tried to get Carl out of her mind but it was a futile effort. She was determined not to masturbate while thinking about his cock. When she could no longer avoid the demands of her pussy, Karen pulled out a porn movie she had hidden in her closet. It was better to get off on that than thinking about Carl's cock.

Carl heard noises coming from Karen's bedroom. As he got closer he heard moans and screams of pleasure. It sounded to him like Mrs. O'Keefe was engaged in a wild fuck session. His blood began to boil. Mrs. O'Keefe was cheating on him. He pushed open the door.

Karen was naked and face down on the bed watching the TV screen while holding a large plastic cock between her legs. Her ass and pussy pumped up and down its length as she shoved it in and out of her body. On the TV a blond with big tits was getting fucked in the pussy and mouth at the same time by two enormous cocks.

She didn't see him at first. Carl quickly shed his clothes and moved over to the bed to join her. Karen was so into trying to get off that it took a few moments for it to register that there was another person in the room. By the time she realized it was Carl he was already on the bed beside her.

Karen panicked. She pulled the dildo from her cunt and hit him hard. Somehow she managed to wiggle free of his grip and run through the open door. She was still in the hall when he caught her by the feet. She went sprawling face first onto the floor. Carl was on her back in an instance with his hard cock wedged into the crack of her ass. He yanked her head back by the hair and put his mouth by her ear.

"Where the fuck do you think you're going, Mrs. O'Keefe. We had a date this afternoon. You stood me up for a god dam vibrator. How do you think that makes me feel, Mrs. O'Keefe?"

He wedged a leg between hers and kicked them apart. Karen struggled to get free but it was hopeless. Carl was much too strong. He grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back. His hard cock wedged between her ass cheeks. He sawed it back and forth between the two spheres.

"I'm going to fuck you Mrs. O'Keefe. We can do this the easy way or the hard way."

Carl stood and yanked her up by the hair. Mrs. O'Keefe bit him on the arm drawing blood and tried to run. Carl practically ripped her arm off and threw her up against the wall so she was facing him. His hand shot out and grabbed her neck lifting her up on her toes and choking her. With his other hand he pulled her leg around him.

Karen was trying desperately to pull his hand from her throat when she felt his cock probing her pussy. A split second later he shoved it up inside her. He pulled it out and slammed it up into her again. Slowly the pressure on her throat eased and then he took his hand away altogether. His hand was feeling her tits and he was staring into her eyes.

"Go ahead and leave, Mrs. O'Keefe. I won't stop you."

He slammed his cock back up her cunt jerking her head upward and held it there still staring at her with a smirk on his face. Karen knew this was the time to escape. He was daring her. The truth was that she didn't want to escape. She had missed the feel of his large cock since yesterday, the last time it was stuffed up her cunt.

Tears rolled down her cheeks when he pulled out and slammed his cock back into her body. Slowly her arms wrapped around his shoulders. Carl grabbed her ass cheeks and lifted Mrs. O'Keefe off the ground. She wrapped her legs around him and dug her heels into his ass as his cock pounded into her body even more forcefully. A loud moan escaped from her throat.

Holding her suspended in the air Carl started walking towards the bedroom. Karen lifted up and repeatedly slammed her cunt down on Carl's hard cock. Her ass cheeks became slimy with juices that leaked from her gushing fuck hole. They bounced off the walls and doorframe before finally staggering into the bedroom. Karen's moans and gasps became more and more desperate.

Carl fell back onto the bed holding tightly onto his teacher's ass so that is cock stayed embedded in her quivering cunt. Her weight came down on top of him driving his cock even deeper into her body. She screamed. She bounced up and down on his swollen meat riding him like an out of control bronco.

"Oh god yes… fuck me… harder… yes… yes… aaaahhhhh… oh fuuuucccckkk…"

In one swift motion Carl flipped her over and pushed her knees back by her shoulders driving his cock straight down into her pussy and spearing it deep into her belly. His balls slapped wetly against her asshole as juices continued to pour from her cunt and run down her crack. His hands smothered her tits squeezing them roughly and pulling on her nipples.

For a brief second Karen realized that she was fucking another man in the same bed that she slept with her husband. Not a man, a boy. She was ashamed and knew she should stop this insanity, but the burning in her loins was too great. Once again she had become a whore and couldn't get enough of this young man's cock. She was completely out of control as his huge cock repeatedly stuffed her tight cunt full of his delicious meat.

"Fuck me… fuck me… yes… god I love your cock… oh fuck… I'm going to cum… uh… uh… oh shit… UUUUNNNGGGHHHHH… AHHHHHHHHH…"

A flood of cunt juice sprayed from her stuffed pussy. Carl could feel it soak his pubes and drip from his balls. Pussy juice streamed down her ass and soaked the sheets below her. Carl quickly pulled out of her gushing cunt and climbed up her body, straddling her tits so he could feed her his dripping meat.

Karen was still recovering from the tremendous explosion that had ripped out her insides when she felt his sticky knob push between her lips. The strong taste of cunt juice filled her mouth. The texture and taste of his young cock against her tongue excited her almost as much as it did fucking her pussy. She began to aggressively suck and lick and slurp the tasty flesh sliding in and out of her mouth.

"Oh fuck… suck it Mrs. O'Keefe… yeah… oh shit… that's it… deeper… oh fuck… aaahhhhhhhhh…"

Karen slid up the bed until she was almost sitting. Carl moved with her and grabbed the back of the headboard as her squatted in front of her and fucked hi cock in and out of her mouth. Karen grabbed his ass cheeks and guided his fucking motions. She felt him slide deeper and deeper down her throat on each thrust. She wanted to taste his cum in the worst way and feel it splash all over her face and tits.

"Oh god… oh fuck… suck it… aaaahhhhh… god you can suck cock… uuuuhhhhhh…"

Karen held her mouth open while Carl repeatedly hammered it with his cock. Spit was drooling everywhere. It was dripping in strands from her chin and clung to his cock and balls. Occasionally Carl would slam his cock all the way down her throat and hold it there with his matted pubes pressed against her lips.

"Oh fuck… I'm going to cum Mrs. O'Keefe… I'm going to cum in your mouth… oh shit… oh god…"

It was what she had been waiting for. Her pussy was dripping with excitement from the feel of his cock pounding her mouth and throat and the thought of his cum sliding down her throat and splashing against her face. She felt him swell between her lips and knew it was about to happen. She slid a hand down under his ass and rubbed it over his scrotum.

Carl felt his balls swell and then shrink as cum surged through the length of his cock causing him to swell between her lips. He pushed up into her mouth and let out a loud roar. Her fingers pressed against his scrotum adding to the surge of hot cream that was about to explode from his cock.

Karen felt the first surge of thick cum splash against the back of her mouth and drain down into her throat. She pulled his cock from her mouth just as the second stream exploded over her lips and across her tongue. She aimed his monster at her face and closed her eyes. His cream splashed up her nose and across her forehead. Several more spurts landed on her cheeks and in her hair.

Karen took him back into her mouth and sucked the last few drops of cum from his cock. She continued licking and sucking him until he began to shrink. Carl pulled out of her mouth and collapsed onto the bed, drained and satisfied. Karen's pussy was in desperate need of relief. She looked over at the young man lying next to her and had a brief pang of guilt.

"I… I'm going to the bathroom to clean up."

"Sure thing, Mrs. O'Keefe. I'll be waiting. It won't take me long to get hard again."

She picked up the plastic cock from the bed, went into the bathroom and locked the door. Karen leaned over the sink and looked at herself in the mirror. Cum was still dripping from her face onto her tits. She looked like a slut. She felt like a slut. She wanted to be disgusted with herself, but her pussy was on fire.

Karen licked her lips and tasted Carl's cum still drooling down her face. She lowered the plastic cock and rubbed it over the folds of her cunt and across her clit before shoving it deep into her steamy fuck hole. Two fingers from her other hand scooped up gobs of thick goo all over her face and tits and feed them to her mouth.

Her body stiffened. She sucked hard on her fingers. Flashes of light swirled in her head as she began to shake. He legs became wobbly. The pressure in her belly could not be contained. She bit down on her fingers just as the explosion swept through her body. A flood of juices poured from her cunt and landed on the floor. Cunt juice streamed down her thighs and coated her fingers. She dropped the plastic cock and lifted her fingers to her mouth, sucking on them as her body shuddered one last time.

It took her about 30 seconds to recover. She looked back up into the mirror, only this time she felt shame. She knew her ability to resist Carl was becoming weaker. She had let him have her in her own house and in the bed she shared with her husband. And worse, she had enjoyed every second of it. Tears welled up in her eyes and streaked down her face mixing with the remnants of cum that still remained.

"Come on out Mrs. O'Keefe. I'm ready to go again. I figure we can get another good fuck or two in before Katie or Professor O'Keefe gets home."

"Go away Carl. My husband will be home any minute. Besides, I'm just getting in the shower. If you don't leave I'm going to call the police. I have a cell phone in here."

Karen was bluffing about both her husband and the cell phone but she was hoping it would be enough to get rid of Carl. His silence made her nervous. She turned on the shower and put her ear to the door. Still nothing. Karen assumed her threat had worked and that Carl was gone. She slipped into the steamy shower and let the hot water run over her face and body.

Carl was sure she was lying about her husband. She was trying to get rid of him again after all he had done for her. The fact that she had threatened to call the police had him fuming. He listened quietly at the door until she stepped into the shower. Carl ran his fingers over the top of the doorframe until he found the key.

Seconds later the door was open. Carl stepped inside the steamy room and saw Mrs. O'Keefe's naked body through the glass door. Her back was to him. She was standing under the nozzle and letting the hot water stream over her head and down her naked body. She didn't hear him open the door and slip in behind her.

Carl's cock grew hard in seconds from staring at her perfectly rounded ass cheeks. He stepped closer until they were almost touching. He bent his knees and shifted forward until the swollen knob of his manhood brushed against the slick skin that folded into the crevice of her ass.

Karen didn't notice the touch at first. She thought it was the water streaming down her body. When it continued to press against her and separate her ass cheeks, Karen reached behind her out of curiosity about why the water pressure was so great there. She froze when her fingers touched the hard shaft of flesh. It took a second for her to realize what she was touching.

Before should could react, Carl's hands were around her body. His cock wedged between her ass cheeks as he tightened his grip on her body. One hand slid up and crushed her breast. The other moved between her legs and cupped her swollen pussy.

"Let me go. My husband is really coming home. He'll call the police. Stop it now Carl or you're going to be in big trouble."

Karen struggled but Carl was just too strong for her to break free. He spun her around and slammed her face first into the tiles. His arm moved up around her neck practically strangling her. She felt two fingers push into her cunt and his hard cock slide up and down between her ass cheeks.

"Mrs. O'Keefe, your husband is not coming home. Why do you keep fighting me after all I have done for you? You love my cock. You beg for it. Why are you denying yourself, Mrs. O'Keefe? Just enjoy it."

A part of her knew he was making sense. She had never been fucked so hard or cum so many times in her life, not even in her wilder college days before she met her husband. It would be so easy to just let go and let him have his way with her. But she couldn't. She was married, she had a daughter the same age as this boy and he was her student. She wasn't going to give into him. Not this time.

"Carl, you are already in big trouble. I told the police I was raped. I gave them my torn skirt but I still have my ripped panties with your semen all over them. I told them I didn't see his face but he seemed familiar. If you don't leave now I will send you to jail for a long time."

Rape? She was crazy Carl thought. How could any woman who screamed "fuck me" over and over think she was being raped? Carl could feel his blood boil. Had she really gone to the police? He didn't think so. She was bluffing. Well, police or not, he was going to give her what she deserved.

"Mrs. O'Keefe what you say hurts me very much. I thought we had something special. I'm going to leave you alone after this afternoon, but first I'm going to give you something special to remember me by. I'm going to fuck you in the ass."

Karen panicked. She had never let anyone do that to her, not even in her wilder college days. Carl had put his finger up her ass yesterday when he fucked her against the car. She remembered the pressure being intense and, she had to admit, pleasurable, but his cock was huge. She was sure he would rip her apart and the pain would be excruciating.

She struggled desperately to free herself kicking and squirming. Her teeth bit into his arm drawing blood. Carl tightened his grip around her neck and lifted her kicking feet off the ground. He threw her face first through the door and face down onto the hard tile floor. She landed hard with Carl's entire weight on her back. The breath was forced from her lungs. He mind went blank as she struggled for air.

Their bodies were half in and half out of the shower. Carl quickly soaped his cock and wedged himself between her legs. Her struggle had made his cock even harder. He pressed the bulging knob against her soapy sphincter and pushed. Her tight opening slowly yielded to the pressure until his hard meat was able to pierce her dark passage.

When Karen opened her eyes she realized there was a terrible pressure in her belly. Carl's swollen cock was deep in her ass. It wasn't so much that it hurt as it was the pressure which made her insides feel like they were going to explode. His cock slid out and slammed back into her tight passage. She realized quickly that when she fought it the pressure turned to pain so she relaxed and just let it happen.

Karen could feel her body responding once again to the unwelcome invasion. Her fantasies of forced sex and sex with her students were coming true at the same time. Carl's cock pounding into her body was everything she had ever desired, everything her husband could never give her. She found even more pleasure because he was penetrating her in a forbidden place no man had even been.

Carl felt his teacher tilt her ass in the air and push back against him trying to force his cock even deeper into her bowels. He yanked her head back by the hair while he repeatedly slammed his cock into her body. He bit down hard on her earlobe drawing blood that he licked off with his tongue. Karen let out a gasp that sounded more like pleasure than pain.

"That was for biting me on the arm. But you love it, don't you Mrs. O'Keefe. You love my cock in your pussy and in your mouth and up your ass. You don't have to pretend with me, Mrs. O'Keefe."

"Yes… yes… oh god yes… I love your cock… I love the way it fucks me… oooohhhhh… oh god… fuck me in the ass… harder baby… oh fuck… aaaaahhhhhh…"

Karen's whole body was tingling from the repeated pounding she was receiving from her young student's hard meat. The pressure from his cock pushing up her ass combined with the pressure from the orgasm boiling in her belly was almost unbearable. She felt his hand move between her legs and his fingers push into her dripping pussy.

On the floor Carl saw the rubber cock she had been using to fuck herself. He grabbed it and shoved it in her mouth. His fingers continued to dig around inside her boiling cunt until her juices coated his entire hand. Carl replaced his fingers with the rubber cock and shoved it all the way up her cunt. He took his sticky fingers and fed them into her mouth so she could savor her own juices.

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