tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTeacher's Pet Ch. 02

Teacher's Pet Ch. 02


I felt like a school boy again, waiting for Taylor to call but it never happened. A week went by and still not a word from Taylor. I started to wipe away the secret hope I carried that she would call. Finally, when I thought it was just a fleeting mistake that she regretted my doorbell rang late on a Wednesday night.

"Hi Steve!" Taylor smiled as I opened the door. "Surprised to see me?"

"Yeah," I fumbled out, surprised to find her at my door.

Before I could elaborate she blurted, "It's O.K. isn't it? I know should have called but I was too nervous and then realized if I just came over then I couldn't chicken out."

"Its fine," I assured her, "Just come inside." I pulled her in, looking around as if the neighbors were awake and would be scandalized by the young woman at my door at 1 AM.

The humid night air gave way to the cool air in my house as I shut the door. Taylor wore a light cotton dress that formed to her tight body, falling to mid thigh. Rounded mounds of tan breast showed, obviously helped by a push up bra whose clear straps weren't hidden by thin spaghetti straps holding the dress up . Her hair looked a bit darker, more light brown than blonde in the dim light of my house.

"Don't worry, I didn't park in your driveway." She explained, "I parked a couple blocks away and walked, I wanted to make sure you didn't already have guest over so I peeked in your windows before I rang the bell."

"Nope, just me. What's up?" I tried to play it cool not sure what was happening between us.

Taylor laughed at my attempt at innocence as she reached down to slip her low heels off. "What do you think? I was just out for a walk and happened to be in the neighborhood?"

I blushed, "I didn't want to assume..."

"Whatever," she rolled her eyes. "I think you are smart enough to figure out why I'm here." She explained moving close to me and wrapping her arms around my neck. "I was wondering what other dirty little escapades you can plan for me." She added before kissing me, letting her warm wiggling tongue press into my mouth. We stood making out in my entry way for five solid minutes, bodies pressed together. I could feel the clammy heat of the night on the bare skin of her back and arms. Her mouth tasted of just a hint of alcohol and lip balm.

We broke apart, faces wet from the somewhat sloppy kiss.

"Should we go upstairs?" I asked hopefully.

"That's not what I had in mind." She replied, deflating my balloon. Sensing my disappointment she quickly added, "No I still want, well you know... but I was hoping for something a little more exotic. I mean I can get laid in my bedroom or my boyfriends' bedroom anytime. Last time was such a rush because it was different, you were sort of off limits and it was in my living room and we got caught then you made me blow Jared. Who by the way hasn't said a peep as far as I can tell but he won't stop staring at me."

"I didn't make you blow him." I defended myself, "I just offered a solution."

"Whatever, you suggested it and for whatever reason I was already so turned on I went with it. I mean you were like a machine, taking me and just doing what you wanted and I loved it."

An idea hit me. "C'mon," I pulled her hand toward my garage. "Once we get in the car close your eyes until we get to where we're going."

Fifteen minutes later I turned a knob opening the last door and told Taylor she could open her eyes.

"Oh my God!" She squealed, "I haven't been in here in years." She immediately recognized my class room. The room was dark with just a bit of moonlight coming in the windows. I didn't dare turn on any lights for fear of someone coming to check. My keys had let us in the side teacher's entrance and my car was parked on the street.

Taylor hopped over to a seat in the front row, "Mr. Dreeson I think I need some help."

I moved in front of her and noticed as she uncrossed her legs she had purposely let her skirt ride up exposing her lightly furred pussy.

"I don't think you would have had much trouble getting my attention dressed like that in class."

"It's just that I can't remember any of these dates or who did what and when." She jumped into the role.

"I'm sorry Taylor but if you can't pass the final exam then you will fail and there is nothing I can do about." I countered, sitting back on the edge of my desk.

"Nothing at all? " She asked coyly.

"What do you expect Taylor? That I'm going to just say clean the chalk board and you pass?"

She laughed, "I'd do it if that's what it takes," as she hopped up and began rubbing the eraser all over the board, reaching and stretching making a show of it. Her dress was soon riding up, exposing the bottoms of her ass cheeks and a strap had slipped off a shoulder as she turned to me, "How's that?"

I stared openly at exposed lacy bra and upper half of her pressed up right breast as she stepped closer, wiggling in between my legs. "Mr. Dreeson were you just staring at my tits?"

I almost lost track of the game we were playing and instinctively shot back, "No, no, I wasn't!" as I tried to back away but was stuck against the desk. Her hand pressed inner thigh as she whispered again, "Are you sure there isn't something I could do for you?" just as her hand roved over my hard cock restrained by the tan Dockers.

I couldn't hold out and play much longer. I pressed her shoulders downward, "I think you know how to get a good grade Ms. Jorgensen." The situation was surreal for me as she dropped to her knees and unbuckled my pants, reaching in and pulling my hard cock out while I leaned against my desk. Gripping the base she engulfed me as best she could slurping and sucking me to full erection. Just a few years ago this girl was a real student and the object of desire for everyone in the school and now she was on her knees struggling with my cock in her throat in my actual class room. Taking a break from swallowing my girth she began just licking up and down the under side of my shaft and sucking on my balls, letting my weighty cock rest on her head causing a giggle from her. "I can't get over how big your cock is, it like a fucking Coke bottle." She complimented as she stood, slipping the other strap off her shoulder so her dress could fall away.

She stood nearly naked, wearing just her bra in the dim moonlit class room. The same wispy brown triangle of hair remained below her flat stomach. I stood, moved tight against her kissing her deeply before slipping behind her and walking forward to my desk. Taylor wasn't quite ready to be entered just yet, "Hey Mr. Dreeson, I think you better get me wetter if you want to fit inside." Following her lead I spun her back around and lifted her onto the desk as she spread her legs wide inviting me in. Now it was my turn to be on my knees at the desk, sucking and licking her. It was hard getting a good angle with my face into her snatch while she sat on the desk so I suggested she move to my chair. Taylor hopped down moved to the desk chair, letting her legs drape over each arm rest tilting her pussy up for my easy access. It worked perfectly as I quickly had her secretions flowing down my chin and small moans of satisfaction coming from her.

Rather than move back to the desk I pushed the chair backwards to the corner and used it to prop myself up gripping the arm rests, keeping her legs wide as I slowly pressed inside her. Her body folded up like that allowed me to get deep inside her, causing a deep hiss in my ear from her nearby mouth as I filled every inch of her. "Holy fuck Mr. Dreeson, you gotta go slow, go slow, its..."

I eased back and then pushed forward again, causing the air to hiss from her again and cut off her sentence. "I'll move slow Taylor, just tell me if it is too much."

I saw her nod in agreement as she bit her bottom lip while I gave her another long slow stroke out then back in. As she loosened up I sped up just a bit, but kept the same long deep strokes, letting her tight pussy relax. My arms grew tired supporting me in an almost push up posting, at a 45 degree angle so I increased the pace, pounding deep inside her using short hard strokes. Her grip on my neck tightened and her face pressed into my ear, letting each hard exhale blast my ear drum. She even bit my ear lobe at one point hard enough to draw blood but I kept going as we both screamed in pleasurable pain. I stood quickly letting the rush of pain, lightheadedness and orgasm hit me as I shot load after load at Taylor. I didn't really even look down, just let my cock spurt the entire contents of stored cum while I caught my breath. When I finally opened my eyes Taylor was still slumped in the chair but with her feet back on the floor, her face, chest, bra, stomach, all covered in what must have been a quarter cup of jizz. A tendril of cum hung off one eyelash as she looked at me through the other open eye still catching her breath too. "That was one hell of a cum shot Mr. Dreeson! I didn't think you were ever gonna' stop."

I slouched back against the desk, "I don't know what it was, I guess you brought out the best of me." I answered watching her wipe the sticky cream from her face and look for somewhere to wipe it. I too looked around and remembered I had taken the usual box of tissues home at the end of the school year. Finally seeing nothing else she wiped her hand across her tits, smearing the jizz onto her bra which somehow remained on. She wiped the cum from her stomach, cleavage and even the chair into her bra. Standing she removed the cum soaked undergarment and dropped it to the floor before retrieving her dress. "I really don't want to go home in cum stained dress so I'll just go without the bra if you don't mind."

"Not at all." I agreed moving in to cup each firm breast and massage her still hard nipples, hoping to lead into round two.

"I gotta get going Steve." I noticed she used my first name now the teacher student sex game was over. "My roommate and boyfriend will start wondering where I am."

"All right." I agreed watching her step into the dress and pull it up over her curvy hips and gravity defying tits. Her cleavage still looked amazing even without the bra as the deep V neck left the inner half of each breast exposed, bouncy slightly with her movements.

We crept out of the empty building the same way we came in and were soon at the car. I pulled away from the curb and made it around the corner on the way behind the athletic fields when the mirrors lit up with lights. My stomach dropped as I realized I was being pulled over by the police. I hadn't noticed any cars around but then I hadn't really looked either. Maybe he just thought I was a potential vandal or something, I prayed he didn't see us come out of the school. I looked over at Taylor, her hair was a mess, her make up was smeared and the car smelled of sex.

A 40ish officer approached my door, surprisingly he didn't ask for ID. "What are you doing out here by the school at this time of night?"

"Ahh just out for a drive, catching some fresh air." I lied.

"Yeah well I saw you come out of the school back there but I see you have a parking sticker for the school on your back window, you work there or something?"

"Yes, officer I'm a teacher there. I had to drop off some, some..." I couldn't think of a plausible reason for being at the school at 2 AM.

"I think I'm gonna need you step out of the car." He didn't wait for an answer.

I got out and he pointed me to the back of the car in view of his cruiser and directed me to open the trunk. Part of me flashed knowing I didn't have to open the trunk but having nothing to hide there and wanting to appear helpful I agreed. He shined his flashlight into the empty trunk, seemingly satisfied and told me to move around to the front of my car. He followed me around the driver side and reached in turning off my headlights, leaving us illuminated by only his lights.

"I need to frisk you to be sure you didn't steal anything from the school or have a weapon. Place your hands on the hood and spread your legs." I did as I was told and he gave me a quick pat down before leaving me leaning against the hood as he turned his attention to Taylor.

Peering down at her through the rolled down passenger window he ordered, "I'm going to need to see your ID miss."

Keeping his flashlight trained on her he watched her bend over for her purse on the floor and fumble around in it for her ID. I'm sure he got quite a peepshow down her dress as he ignored her purse with his light and kept it focused on her tits.

"Here you go sir." Taylor said respectfully as she handed her ID out to him. He looked at her face checking against the picture as if to be sure it was her and not fake.

"You been drinking tonight Ms. Jorgensen?

"Yeah, I had a couple drinks earlier but I'm of age and I'm not driving." Taylor answered.

"So you are, so you are." The officer agreed. "But you were in the school and I'm not sure up to what so why don't you step out of the car as well."

Taylor opened the door and did her best not to let her short dress ride up too much as she slipped her legs out and stood up. The officer just gave a thin lipped smile at her and looked inside, "What do we have here?" He asked no one in particular. Bending down he pulled Taylor's cum covered bra from the front floorboard. Speaking his thoughts aloud again the officer added looking at the label, "Victoria's Secret, 32C." Smiling, he turned to Taylor, "I guess this would be yours judging from your build and what you seem to be missing."

Taylor crossed her arms over her erect nipples trying to hug herself in the chilled night air. "Yeah, it's mine."

"Good thing for you and men in general I guess that it isn't a crime to not wear it. But judging by the smell of it and the sheepish look on both your faces I would say I stumbled up something you really didn't want to get caught doing am I right?"

We both nodded in agreement.

He continued, "My guess is teachers and young women or former students even, probably shouldn't be using the school for their own little fuck palace. I'm going to make sure Ms. Jorgensen here didn't steal anything either, although I have no idea where she would hide it, and then we'll figure out how to handle this so everyone learns a lesson and it doesn't happen again."

Taylor put her hands on the hood o the car and spread her legs. The officer was much more thorough with her pat down as I realized why he had me open the trunk lid, effectively blocking his in car camera from seeing us at the front of my car. His hands slid from her hips up her rib cage before disappearing to the front as he brought them up under her unfettered breasts and squeezed a handful of each.

A shocked Taylor spun around, "You can't do that! I can have your badge you fucking pervert!"

The officer laughed, "Who you gonna tell honey? You gonna say I busted you and your boyfriend over their fucking in the school, trespassing, speeding, half naked and then got felt up a little during the frisk? Good luck with that story."

Taylor remained quiet as I interjected, "Just get it over with so we can be on our way, we don't want any trouble."

I couldn't tell if Taylor was mad or scared as she turned back and half bent over again with her hands on the hood.

"See that's a good young lady," the officer complimented as he moved behind Taylor and resumed toying with her tits, even gliding one hand down to caress her ass and upper thigh. "You two cooperate nicely and there doesn't have to be any report or Mr. Dreeson losing his job over this incident."

Taylor remained frozen, head down looking at the hood while he groped her listening to him continue his narrative, "You've got some fantastic tits missy. My wife's are bigger but goddamn, no where near so firm... and these nipples, hard as marbles poking out here." He pinched a bit on the sensitive nubs standing from cold or fear, drawing small yelp from Taylor before rubbing the pain away. I was going to let you off with just a hand job but since you had to get mouthy I think you need to put that mouth to work and besides, I think those tits could use a little lube."

I stood astonished as he undid his zipper and pulled out he already erect cock as he looked over his shoulder at me. "You just stay right over there and don't do anything stupid. I think we need to dole out a little punishment here so this sort of thing doesn't happen again at our institution of learning. Your gonna shall we say, share the wealth a little and stand there watching your girl suck me dry or so help me God you are losing your job and any respect this school has for you."

"You don't have to do this Taylor, he's bluffing. And so what, I'll just get a reprimand, your of age and not even a student anymore, they won't fire me."

"Bullshit!" He snorted. "Parents and the newspaper will light up the school board, they won't fight to keep you around, way easier to just shitcan you and move on."

"It's all right Steve," Taylor spoke up. "This bastard probably won't last 2 minutes, it'll be over quick. Remember what happened in my living room?" I caught the obvious reference to her blowing Jared but not sure what she meant but she was already on her knees. The cop's head tilted back as Taylor swallowed his length in one motion, sucking fast and sure if not eagerly to get it over. There was none of the playful licking or ball sucking like when she went down on me, just straight cock sucking. The officer's hips rocked in motion slowly fucking her throat as his hand dropped to her head, encouraging her to deep throat his full length. Surprisingly Taylor wasn't able to make him cum as fast as she must have hoped the fast opening attempt was intended to do and she had to pull back and catch her breath. I felt oddly aroused as I looked at her on her knees in front of my car, holding a cop's hard cock in her hand pointed straight at her face with tendrils of cum stringing between them, chest heaving as she caught her breath.

The cop took the opportunity to reach down and slide the thin strap off the shoulder of her free hand, "You know I might finish a little quicker if you give me something to look at and aim for," he explained, pulling at the other shoulder forcing her to let go of his bobbing cock. Taylor took the cue and slid the pockets of the dress down over her braless tits, freeing them to the night air and our gaze. The pale areolas seemed to contract in the chill, pushing her nipples out even more before the cops meaty hand reached down to cup her right breast, running his thumb down over her erect nipple. "That looks so much better," he sighed. Taylor had a hard time getting his cock back in her mouth as he bent at the knees to fondle and slap at her tits, it was almost as if he couldn't decide which he wanted more, the blow job or to touch her. Finally he straightened up and his grip tightened on Taylor's hair as he pulled out of her mouth and spurted the first blast of cum right back at her face then gripping his cock with his other hand he aimed down at her tits letting the subsequent gobs and ooze land on her chest. As he appeared to be done with his ejaculation, he pulled her close again, aiming his still semi hard cock down between her tits, briefly squeezing her tits around it smearing cum over and between them while Taylor tried to wipe the sticky goo from her chin before it added to the mess on her tits. Her arms dropped to her sides and he squatted up and down while squeezing her tits together so he could slowly fuck them.

"Yeah, that's a good girl letting me finish up properly." The officer picked up the soiled bra and wipe his cock clean with it, "I think I'll keep this bit of evidence," and arranged his pants in the proper place. "You two better not still be sitting here when I circle the block and I better not ever see the two of you around this area again," he warned as he headed back to the cruiser.

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