tagGroup SexTeacher's Pet Ch. 03

Teacher's Pet Ch. 03


The following weeks saw a calming in my time with Taylor as we started just staying in more as if our adventure to the school and subsequent police encounter followed by the strip club satisfied her urge to go out and really push boundaries. Don't get me wrong she still showed up a couple times a week for some great sex but we rarely left the bedroom let alone the house.

It came as no surprise when Taylor showed up one Friday night in a foul mood. She had just found out her boyfriend, who was still clueless about us, had been cheating on her with some well known jersey chaser slut as Taylor referred to her. I was not about to point out the numerous times she herself had cheated on her boyfriend but let her vent about skanks and whores and the relentless pursuit these girls put on guys like Dalton.

Taylor took a deep breath as if finally relaxing from her rant, "All this talk about cheating and sluts got me thinking."

My ears pricked up at the odd turn in the conversation, "About what?"

"Well, every time I picture Dalton with her, I somehow end up viewing you with Destiny and remembering our time together."

"All right, kind of an odd anchor point but I hope you don't regret it." I chimed in, breaking her slow speech knowing she was leading this somewhere.

"No it was fantastic and fun and... no let me get back to my original thought. I mean you got your way with two girls, apparently Dalton and his side show and her room mate like to get it on and I starting thinking, what about my turn?" Her eyes locked with mine as she boldly stated, "Everyone seems to be getting a three way and I want to try one on my terms. I know we sort of had one with Jared but I wasn't really ready for that one and it was over pretty quick plus I could never really be turned on by him. But I do think about that day in the wider sense and how turned on I was by that cop while you watched. I was glad it was someone I didn't really know but I was glad you were there as someone I did know too. Does that make any sense?"

"Yeah I guess, I can see where you don't want to be with complete strangers in that situation." I answered, not sure how much of her statement she was asking my opinion on.

"So you are game for it?"

"For it?" I asked cautiously.

"Don't play dumb," she countered. "Helping me with my first time with 2 guys. I mean real first time with a three way where you and another guy both have sex with me. Don't get me wrong the sex with you is amazing but I just want to try it like you got to with Destiny and I. I figure with you there I'll be O.K. and honestly I can't think of any other chance or guy where I could bring this up. Like you said I don't want two complete strangers and I don't know that I could ever do it with a boyfriend and one of his friends but with you everything has been pretty much about sex so..."

"Do you have someone in mind or what?" I interrupted.

"Well sorta." Taylor hedged. "I don't want the other guy to be someone we know because I don't want there to be self consciousness at the time or awkwardness later. I mean being around Jared is weird enough for me but thankfully you are never there too. That cop and the strip club was with total strangers and I think we both sorta of enjoyed it without jealousies kicking in."

"So what do you want to do, starting asking strangers if they'd like to fuck you with me?" I half joked.

"No," she laughed. "Not that crazy. What if they chickened out? Or started telling people? I'm trying to keep this phase of my life on the down low. I want a guy who can come through and won't be running off to tell everyone about it either so I took a chance and called Destiny."

"Destiny? Why her?"

"Because I figured if anyone would know a guy who fit that bill she would. And besides, she told me if I ever wanted to get work on camera she could arrange a guy or two. So I called her and she said she knew the perfect guy for us. He used to work at the club as a bartender and was in a few scenes with some of the girls there."

"A porn star?!" I blurted out.

"Well not really a star, more like a guy who has been in a few. I mean apparently he has been known to have sex with women on camera but I wouldn't call him a star." She explained.

"So does this stunt cock have a name or have you checked out his movies?"

"His name is Keith but I haven't seen a movie of his. Destiny said it was mostly internet stuff and you can really only search by the girls' names, most people don't care who the guy is so they don't even list a name. But he's supposed to be in his 20's and not too big of an asshole like a lot of guys in the industry according to Destiny."

"You have been thinking this through. When were you planning on doing this? And where? I don't think I want some porn dude coming over here." I questioned her intentions.

She smiled sheepishly, looking up with mocking innocence, "I already set it up with Destiny for tonight. She called him and told him about me and he was game, we just have to meet him at a motel of our choosing in a couple hours."

Taylor had me pick the place since she didn't really know much about hotels in the area. The drive over had been filled with her texting furiously on her phone, breaking the silence with an occasional burst of laughter and exclamations of, "Oh my God!" She said she was trading messages with our mystery man. Taylor held up the phone at one point showing a video clip he sent her of some girl sucking his cock while Mongoose fucked her from behind. She said he kept asking if she liked this clip or that clip as he bombarded her with messages and promises to as he put it, suck her sweet pussy. At one point she pulled out her top and snapped a picture down her shirt. She said he kept pestering her for a pic of her tits so she finally obliged. I didn't ask what she was typing in response to his texts. Her sexting with a stranger I was about to share her with was unnerving enough for me so I tried to focus on the road.

I had found a decent place that had private entrances with no lobby to walk through and not too pricey but not a total rent by the hour place either. It was a pretty typical room with an outside entrance, heavy curtains covered the windows in the front, the door opened to a room with two queen beds. A small arm chair with footstool sat in the corner to the left and a mirrored dresser sat toe the right opposite the beds. The air smelled a bit of stale cigarette smoke and institutional cleaning supplies.

Taylor and I waited nervously at the motel for this Keith guy to arrive. I didn't really know what to talk about while waiting for a stranger to come over and double team the girl I was sitting with. Taylor looked hot as usual while exuding a calm exterior offset by close observation revealing a nervous energy as she flipped through the TV channels and chewed on a bit of her loose hair while sitting on the bed. She wore a white tight fitting button up sweater that bared her neck down to just above her cleavage. She had changed out of her jeans into a skimpy pleated skirt to give that naughty school girl look. The skirt showed off her tan legs and barely covered her ass. Taylor explained she always dressed in some slutty Halloween costume and thought it would be fun to break out this outfit for the occasion. The sweater was tight enough across her chest that the spaces between the buttons offered a peek at bare skin or lacy bra depending on her position. Taylor's dark blonde hair hung straight down, curling just a bit inward above her chest framing her face nicely. I pictured all the guys on Halloween checking her out in the costume and never thinking she would be in this situation, waiting in a motel for a stranger and a former teacher 10 years her senior to tag team her.

The light knock at the door made us both jump. I took the initiative to answer it opening it to the chain before clumsily closing the door again the unhook the security device.

"Hey man, I'm Keith. I'm supposed to meet Taylor here." He explained.

"Uhh, yeah, sure. C'mon in." I opened the door wide and moved aside so he could pass. He was shorter than me by a few inches with close cropped blonde hair and a bit of a baby face. His baggy t shirt hung off his thin frame and appeared two sizes too big on his rounded over shoulders. Thick baggy sweats rode low on his hips judging by how much bunched up at the ankles above pristine basketball shoes.

Taylor swung her legs off the bed and stood up as he stood between us eyeing her up.

"Shit, girl you look smokin'," he complimented.

"Thanks." Taylor smiled not sure what to make of the situation.

"Let me look at you," he blurted as he took her hand motioning her to spin slowly around. "Damn, that is one tight ass," he added as she turned smiling. He moved closer putting his hand on her hips, moving his hands up her ribs "And these tits!" He near shouted as he ran his thumbs up over them and squeezed them together with both hands.

Taylor stiffened for a moment in surprise at his forwardness but didn't pull away. "Your pretty sure of yourself there don't you think? Do you always just help yourself to handful of a girl's tits when you walk in a room? She asked as he continued to squeeze and lift her tits letting them bounce playfully.

Keeping his firm grip on her tits he worked his thumbs over her again, "I can feel your nipples getting hard already girl, you're either real cold or already starting to get wet."

Taylor just laughed, "Not even a flinch back! You just keep on feeling me up like you didn't even hear me." Her mocking protest wasn't causing concern for Keith as she made no effort to make him stop.

"Hey your boyfriend over there is being cool and you don't seem to mind. I just want to get lay of the land make sure nobody is going to change their mind the second I start touching the goods." Keith explained as he guided Taylor to turn her back to him again. I remained by the door as he and Taylor faced the mirror while his hands moved from her hips up her stomach and cupping her tits from behind he continued, "The way I see it any woman who texts me to meet her at a motel at midnight so I can double team her with her boyfriend probably isn't going to play hard to get. I mean seriously, do you really want to play get to know each other and all that bullshit?"

As he spoke he leaned over her shoulder pulling her back against him, working her tits with one hand and moving the other down her stomach to her inner thigh. Taylor leaned her head back reaching one arm back over their heads as she ground her ass back against him like a lonely cat. Keith was nibbling her ear as his hand disappeared up the skirt releasing a squeal from Taylor as he rubbed her pussy.

I was surprised at how easy she seemed to be getting into it but I supposed his aggressiveness didn't give her chance to thing about it or be shy.

"I didn't think so," he answered his own question. Taylor stood frozen in a lurch from the loss of his teasing touch as he moved back towards the chair. Sitting down he dropped the sweats to his ankles letting his half hard cock bounce free before it settled against his bare leg. "Why don't you get to sucking my dick so we can really get this show started."

"Wow! You really do just get down to business don't you?" Taylor shot back, "Just whip it out and start making orders, huh?"

He smirked, "All right, my name is Keith, I'm 22 years old. I dropped out of high school at 16, started fucking girls for money on video at 18 and moved out of my mom's trailer at about the same time. I play video games and fantasy football for fun and I like dogs. Is that enough small talk get to know you shit?" Before Taylor could respond he continued, "I mean c'mon, we all know why I'm here. A hot girl like you can get laid anytime she wants but you... you want something different right now. You arranged for a complete stranger to come tag team you with your man here. You got some inner slut trying to get out or some revenge issue to work through and that's cool. You wanna fuck like a slut for a night then go the whole way girl, FUCK...LIKE...A...SLUT." He spoke slowly emphasizing each word of his command. "It isn't like there is some halfway slutty way to fuck two guys in motel room, just own it and go with it if your gonna do it."

I finally broke my silence, "You OK with this Taylor? Is this what you wanted?" I looked from her to the pant less guy slouching in the chair, wagging his semi hard cock and cupping a huge nut sack devoid of all body hair. He could have been any number of punks I had seen relaxing indifferently in the back of my classroom over the years, but instead of indifference he was ordering one of the hottest girls I had ever taught to give him head and eventually have sex with both of us.

She didn't answer with words, just moved to her knees in front of him and reached for his cock with her right hand. She slowly stroked the bouncy member running her left hand up his thigh to his stomach and chest and back down. His cock was thick and getting thicker, average length but getting hard quick as she tugged it.

"Don't forget my money," he added. "Remember the 100 bucks it'll cost you to fuck me."

"Do I really have to pay you?" Taylor purred looking up at him while running her tongue up the underside of his shaft from balls to tip.

"Like I texted you, this is professional girl. I want a hot girl like you to know she's paying for it. I want you to remember you're paying to fuck me and this isn't some guy fawning over you, kissing your ass or buying you things."

Taylor leaned across his lap over to the table grabbing her purse. Keith ran his free left hand up the back of her thigh squeezing her ass roughly while letting his index finger press her warm crotch under the skirt. Taylor was content to let him fondle her small tight ass while she dug around finally pulling a $100 bill out and putting it on the table. "There are you satisfied?" She asked sliding back down to the floor in front of him.

"That's a good start but now comes the fun part, so you going to get me hard or what?"

Taylor gripped his not quite hard cock once again only this time she leaned in to swallow the tip, sucking in her cheeks as she suctioned his growing dick. I had a decent view from the side as her head bobbed up and down, slurping and sucking. Keith just leaned his head back enjoying the moment as she worked. She stopped every few moments to pull her hair back from her face until Keith pulled her head up.

"You gotta tie that hair back if your gonna be sucking a lot of dick like tonight."

Taylor leaned back across his lap to the purse on the table again finding a rubber tie. She sat up on her knees reaching behind her head to pull her hair into a ponytail as he unbuttoned the sweater slipping it off her shoulders before she descended on his now completely erect cock once again. The lace of her white bra showed plenty of skin with only one small opaque satin portion over the estimated position of her nipples. The underwire supports thrust her tits up and together enhancing their size and round shape while keeping them under control as she moved.

Keith dropped a hand down palming the side and back of her head guiding her down. "Yeah, that's it. Now there's no stopping. Just swallow that cock." Unlike the previous blow jobs I witnessed she worked without the furtive pace of trying to get it over quickly. His hand forced her to speed up as he gripped the pony tail using it to lift and then press her head down. "Goddamn, I love fucking big titted blondes. You know that girl? Don't forget the balls, suck my balls Taylor." She took the direction as a chance to catch her breath. Saliva coated his freed cock foaming at its base clinging to Taylor's lips before she reached up to wipe her mouth. Taylor went back to work sucking one massive hairless ball into her mouth then moving to the other, she tried to fit both in her mouth but couldn't make it work. Keith motioned to me, "Hey man you gotta get in on this. She said she wanted a three way."

I broke out of my hypnotic daze of watching her slobbering all over his cock and moved toward them, unbuckling my pants and freeing my cock. I was so intent on watching her I hadn't realized I was almost completely hard. As my stiff cock bounced up, freed with the just its own weight curving the the head toward the ground. Keith even complimented me. "Damn, dude! Destiny said you were hung but shit. You can tear some pussy up with that." Taylor took the cue to sit up and smile at me as she slowly swallowed my cock. Even after the many times she had blown me she still struggled with the size as she got about half of it down her throat. Following Keith's lead I put my hand on her head and pressed her further, rocking forward to fuck her face. She gagged a moment pulling back before resuming, this time taking more cock showing her new found skills swallowing nearly the entire length as her throat opened. Her labored breathing thru her nose wasn't helped by her working Keith's cock with her right hand while she gobbled my quickly firming cock down. Her timing was perfect, I was just hard enough to still bend a bit guiding my meat down her throat as her mouth stretched to its fullest at the base of my cock. She had to have a good 7 or 8 inches of pliable cock in her neck and stretching her mouth completely. I felt the back of her throat tense and pulled out. I was so hard she couldn't snake my cock down that deep any longer.

Keith stood up, placing Taylor between our two hard cocks making it easy for Taylor to switch between them. As she stroked me with her left hand she guided Keith back into her mouth with her right I kept my eyes on Taylor avoiding looking at Keith's face thinking eye contact at this moment would make me a bit uneasy. Spit, saliva and probably early secretions of spunk hung down from Taylor's face and dribbled onto her chest. Her lips folded over her teeth as she quickly bobbed on his cock only adding a bit of suction as she pulled away. Her mouth was so warm and wet when she turned her attention back to me slurping as much of me in as possible in one thrust down her well lubed and relaxed throat.

Keith continued his talkative ways, "That's it girl, suck that monster cock down. Make sure he knows you want that cock and you're gonna have it."

Taylor steadied herself with one hand on my thigh and one hand still pulling at Keith's slippery cock while she amazingly took me in the depths of her throat for a third and fourth time before gagging. She tried to cough me out but with so much cock in her throat it took longer than expected to pull all the way out. Tears leaked out of the corners of her eyes as the coughing subsided.

"Are you all right?" I asked as she wiped her face and looked up at me with red cheeks, moist eyes, and taking heaving breaths.

"Yeah, I'm fine, I just couldn't get my mouth cleared fast enough."

Keith laughed, "It takes a long time to spit out that much cock. Here let me help you up," he offered as we both grabbed an arm pulling her to her feet.

Taylor still wore the pleated skirt and bra, while Keith and I each had shirts on and pants around our ankles. Keith began kicking his sweats off his ankles and whipping his shirt off in one motion. He wasn't a muscular guy by any means, in fact he was quite scrawny which only made my view of him stranger by contrasting that pale skinny body with the rock hard pole sticking straight up. He sported a number of poorly done tattoos and other than his head completely hairless. He certainly didn't scream porn stud when looking at him but he was right, he could get his cock up easily, not that I could believe anyone would have a hard time with Taylor.

I followed suit slipping the last of my clothes off while Taylor continued recovering her breath. By the time I was cleared of my clothes Keith was again reaching around her from behind running his hands over her smooth stomach and supported tits. I could make out small nubs where her hard nipples rose to attention under the thin fabric. Keith's hands disappeared behind her and the bra loosened in front slipping down her arms. Reliably her firm tits barely dropped when freed. Each gum drop nipple stood firm and centered on her round breasts, pointing slightly away from each other. Taylor reached forward stroking my length gently, mostly just squeezing me to keep me close. I leaned in to suckle one breast and felt a naked shoulder hit me as Keith maneuvered around to the other. Each of us squeezed a tit upwards to our mouth drawing moan from Taylor as her arms draped our shoulders.

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