tagLesbian SexTeacher's Pet Ch. 3

Teacher's Pet Ch. 3


I stood at Mrs. Earle’s front door, school books in hand ( I didn’t want to appear to neighbours as anything but a student looking for extra help). She opened the door. I was so surprised to see her in a white cotton sleeveless top and blue jeans. Bare feet to boot.

“I’m so glad you came Shannon, I have so much to teach you!” and she pulled me into her foyer. Mrs. Earle took my books and put them on the boot box there. She turned, took me into her arms and kissed me. My arms hung stiffly at my side although my lips responded.

“Relax, hun. I won’t hurt you and we won’t do anything that you don’t want to.”

I smiled, physically shaking my arms to relax. Mrs. Earle laughed, took my hand, and led me through the house. We entered what was obviously the master bedroom; the bed was huge with four large corner posts. The spread was floral, as were three of the walls. The fourth wall had a door that led onto a balcony of some sort. There was something out there but I couldn’t make it out.

“Mrs. Earle, “ I started to say.

“Call me Doreen.”

“Doreen, I wanted to thank you for being so nice to me. You’re the first person to show any kindness…”

“Shannon,” she interrupted me, “I need you, I need to touch you, to make love to you. Don’t thank me till we’re through because you may change your mind and I don’t want you to regret anything.”

She kissed me, I responded. She touched me, I touched back. Before long we were standing in our underwear. Doreen’s was white satin, mine white cotton. She took my hands and placed it on her cups, the smooth material sliding under my palms. She squeezed my hands, thereby squeezing her breasts. I felt her nipples harden. She was sliding my bra straps off my shoulders and then pulled me towards her so that she could undo the hooks. My skin formed goosebumps as she touched my now naked breasts, teasing the soft caramel nipples into points.

I did the same with her bra and when we stood chest to chest, Doreen held her pink nipples against mine. I was surprised to find that her breasts were actually smaller. She was also about my height. Her skin was darker than my pale flesh and I suddenly realized that she had no tan lines. She must have read my mind because she stepped back and twirled around.

“You like? I sunbathe right out there. Very private. We can work on your tan later.”

“Oh, I don’t tan very well.”

She laughed, “So I see.”

“Do you tan, um,…”

“Everything darling!” she finished for me. “Take a look.”

Doreen gently pushed my shoulders down till I was kneeling in front of her. I hooked my fingers into waistline and wiggled them free. I knew I gasped out loud as not only had Mrs. Earle not have any tan lines, she didn’t have any pubic hair!

“Do you like it?” she asked, knowing what I was staring at.

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen too many with hair let alone naked.”

She laughed at my response, falling down till we were on our knees, kissing and hugging. “Touch me.” She whispers in my hand goes between us, down to her naked crotch. My fingers slide over smooth skin and find moist cunt lips waiting for me. Doreen moans as I touch her, explore her. She’s kissing me, tongues wrestling while my fingers open her up.

“Enough!” she gasps, struggling to her feet. “Come to me my virgin lover.” And she crawls up onto the bed. I follow her till I’m laying on top, kissing, nibbling her neck, collar bone and then down to her hard pink nipples. Her back arches, pushing her hips up against me, filling my mouth with her tit. Her hands are in my hair, pulling me against her.

“Oh God Shannon, I am so excited, I know I’m going to cum the minute you touch me.”

Lower I crawl, past her navel. But I pause, lift my head. “I’ve never done this before.”

In response all Doreen does is push my head down, opening her legs and raise her knees. I kissed her all over, her sex now quite wet. There’s a sweetness to her juices and when she tells me to lick her, I’m more than happy to. Mrs. Earle tells me to slow down, speed up, and lick hard then soft, short than long. Finally she says nothing as I begin to suck and lick on my own. After a short spell she whispers “The clit, baby, lick my clit.”

At least I know what that is. I fumble try to find it, she reaches down and holds her own lips apart and I centre in on the rosy nub. Doreen is pushing her hips against me now, calling my name, encouraging me until she really throws herself off the bed, moaning loudly.

Doreen collapses on the mattress and gently pulls me up to her. She wraps her arms around me, kissing and licking my face. She asks me how she tasted; did I enjoy doing that? I answer yes to everything.

“Good, cause it’s my turn.”

She playfully rolls me over, making me laugh. Doreen is kissing my chin, throat and lower till she is cupping each breast, teasing the nipples to erection. Her tongue slides over the sensitive tits, she sucks on them, bites them! I am aware of her thigh between my legs and I’m certain she is moving her leg up and down, pressure off then on. I find my hands on her shoulders and backs, my nails maybe digging in too deep.

Mrs. Earle is sliding her tongue down my belly now.

“Ah, I almost forgot you still had these on!” she said as she came to my panties. “You know, we’re almost the same size, I’ll have to give you a pair of my fancy ones.” Mrs. Earle begins to link the fabric of my panties, pressing the material against my sex, molding it.

“I taste your virgin sex juices Shannon, its delicious.”

Doreen kneels between my legs, grabs my panties and whisks them off my legs, making my legs rise up high in the process. She holds my legs up by the ankles and her eyes roll up and down my body. I turn red from embarrassment and automatically go to cover up my breasts.

“You better be reaching to squeeze your breasts for me and not to cover them; you are very beautiful and should be proud of your body.”

Slowly, I cup my breasts, making them rounder for her. Pinching the nipples till they hard again. “Good girl.”

And she is going down on me. It first touch of her lips I tremble. I close my eyes and concentrate on her touch. I am learning from her. I’m sure I was very clumsy compared to the treatment she is giving me. My clit is licked and I tremble. My pussy lips are sucked into her mouth and rolled with her tongue. That same tongue probes my opening, her nose nuzzling my tiny bud.

Her hands push my thighs up and out and she begins fucking me with her tongue. This feels so right, so good. And when she swirls her tongue around my clit I begin to shake. Doreen pauses to tell me what I feel, to talk to her, and then she is back licking me, one hand sliding up, reaching for a breast.

“Please, Doreen, it feels so good, please I think I’m going to cum, I think I’m cuming. Oh God , Oh God!”

And I came for her, her mouth sucking and licking any extra sex juice till I trembled again. It sort of hurt now and Mrs. Earle must have known because she slowed down and crawled up my belly. We kissed, sharing my own cunt juice. “Do you like the taste of your own juices Shannon?”

“Not as good as yours.”

“Good answer.”

We snuggled and touched. Doreen suggested we work on that tan now and led me out to the deck. I put my hands over my sex and breasts, stepped out and looked around. She was right, there was no way anyone could see us. Doreen laid out some mats, knelt and reached for a bottle of tanning oil nearby. She had me lay down and she began to rub oil all over me. As her hand slid over my young bush she commented on how beautiful my cunt would look naked “but then I suppose someone in your family may notice some day and you’ll have to explain.”

She made small talk while she rubbed my body, asked me who my friends were, why I didn’t date or go to school functions. When I reminder her that I was in the field hockey team, I recalled that Miss Langford was picking me up for the game tomorrow.

Mrs. Earle had me roll over and she used both hands expertly. Her hands slid over both ass cheeks, down my legs, up my thighs, onto my sex. And one hand stayed there. Teasing, probing, playing. I whimpered and moaned. Her free hand slid all over my back and ass while her fingers pulled my lips apart. And then I felt a finger enter and I whimpered softly. She whispered to me and touched me till I was aware of two fingers in me, probing, teasing, touching. My legs naturally parted.

There was no doubt about it, she was screwing me with her fingers now, a nice rhythm, working in and out, hard then soft. Suddenly there was pressure on my muscles at my back there. It was her thumb, pressing down. I turned my head to look at her, a little panic in my eyes.

“Relax, honey. Trust me. I’ll want you to learn how to do this to me.”

I closed my eyes and tried to slow my breathing. Her oiled thumb pressed harder, easy my anal muscles open. Thank God she didn’t have big hands but then I think she was a little surprised when her thumb slid in suddenly.

“This isn’t the first time you’ve had something in your ass, is it?”

“Um, no.” I answered, not daring to look at her.

“You are a virgin, aren’t you.”

“Oh yes. I’ve never had a penis in either hole.”

“But you’ve touched a penis, or as I like to call it, a cock, before?”

“Um, yes, I’ve touched one.”

“Just one? But you didn’t have it in your snatch or ass?”

“No, just played with it.”

Mrs. Earle was working my ass and cunt slowly while we talked, it felt so good, I couldn’t help wiggle my hips back at her.

“You like this don’t you?”


“You like your teacher fucking your ass and cunt?”

“Yes I like.”

“Rise up on your knees sweetheart.”

And I rose up, but Doreen kept a firm hand on my shoulders, keeping them down so that my ass stuck obscenely up in the air. Doreen shuffled down on her knees till she was more behind me and she worked her hand harder. Eventually, she took her thumb out and inserted a finger from her other hand. Not much thinner but definitely longer. As I was instructed before, I told her how good it felt and I cried out when my third orgasm hit me, the sweat breaking out all over me.

Mrs. Earle took a towel to me then, wiping me down, removing the oil. “I thought we were going to tan?” I asked.

“Can’t have that oil in the Jacuzzi.”

And when she was done with me, and although I tried to touch her, Doreen led me to one side where I realized what it was I saw in the first place; the cover to a Jacuzzi. Doreen fired it up and I helped her uncover the top. I giggled as I slid into the water. It wasn’t hot but not cold either. Doreen slid over and straddled my legs, kissing each other deeply.

“Touch me Shannon, touch me my young lover.”

And I did. I used my imagination, my teachings, what I like to do for myself and before long Mrs. Earle was moving up and down in the water, fucking my fingers until she came. She slid off me, pulled me onto her lap sideways, kissing and touching me softly.

And that’s the position we were in when someone stepped out onto the deck.

To Be Continued...

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