tagGroup SexTeacher's Pet Ch. 4

Teacher's Pet Ch. 4


As I sat cuddles on Mrs. Earle’s lap in the Jacuzzi, I turned to see a man walk out onto the deck.

“Hi hun,” Mrs. Earle said, “You’re home early?”

“Yeah, the other boys had things to do today so we only played nine holes.” The man approached the sunken tub. “Who’s this?”

“Darrel, I would like to meet Shannon. Shannon, this is my husband Darrel.”

“Pleased to meet you Shannon.” He said, smiling warmly. I should have been worried but his smile and expression was quite open and sincere. It almost seemed as if finding a young girl sitting naked on his wife’s lap was not a surprise. I started to wonder just how many girls have found themselves in this exact situation.

“Nice to meet you too Darrel.” I answered bravely, covering my breasts with one arm.

“Why don’t you join us, hun. Shannon, you don’t mind, do you?”

What could I say? I answered no, it was okay. Darrel had his shoes off already, and he peeled away his golf clothes, tossing them onto a nearby chair. He was nicely toned, not muscular but you could what was there flexed nicely, especially when he drew his shirt over his head. Darrel too had no tan lines, his penis already half erect at finding his wife and a young lover at home.

“Nice cock, isn’t it dear?” Doreen asked me, nuzzling my neck.

I’ve seen a few, well, two actually and Darrel’s seemed very nice indeed. He was circumcised, the head large and turning a deeper purple red, the shaft thick and veined. Doreen was touching me, pushing my arm away from my chest. “Doesn’t Shannon have nice tits? They are very sensitive!” Doreen cupped one of my breasts and lifted it out of the water for Darrel’s inspection.

“Yes, a very nice light chocolate colour and large too.”

Doreen lifted me off her lap, and set me aside. She walked across the small tub and stood in front of her husband. Because the tub was set into the deck, her head met his groin perfectly. She was reaching for him, his penis while she told him about us making love and how good I was. I was embarrassed and proud at the same time. Soon her words were muffled though and I knew why. Darrel waved me over and I slid in beside Doreen. She was giving her husband a slow blow job, taking her time and using her fingers along the length of his penis.

I watched as one of Doreen’s hands slid down her own body and between her legs. I decided to help out and I moved behind her, crouched, the water at shoulder level; and I pressed my face against her backside. Doreen opened her legs and I began to lick, sick and touch like she had taught me. I could here her moan with pleasure, although the sound was muffled with the penis in her mouth. Darrel groaned a little too; she must be exerting a little more pressure as I worked on her.

“oh God Shannon, that feels good. Suck my clit baby.”

As I reached for her clit with my tongue and lips, I accidentally pressed a finger against her anus and was surprised when it began to slip in. Her muscles weren’t as tight as mine and I realized that I knew why. That thought drove me a little crazy and I began to imagine her husband sticking his cock into her ass, while my finger began to slide in and out.

The two of them were making lots of soft fucking sounds and Doreen told us she was going to cum and she told Darrel to hurry up and cum in her mouth. It almost seemed I was satisfying them both when Mrs. Earle came in my mouth, and Mr. Earle in hers.

Doreen backed away, pulled me to her and shared her husbands semen in my mouth. She told me how bad I was. In a good sense. We laughed. Darrel slipped into the tub and we began to kiss each other in turns, sometimes they tried to kiss me at the same time. I felt both small and large hands on my body, touching, stroking, probeing. I was suddenly their toy and they played with me forever. I was sandwiched between them, facing Darrel, Doreen crushed up against my back. I felt her firm breasts pressed against me. Darrel would reach around and touch his wife too.

“Would you like to suck Darrel’s cock Shannon?” Doreen asked.

“Yes, please.”

Darrel sat up on the edge of the tub, I slid between his legs and took his shaft into my hands. I slowly slid my tongue around his thick head and over his tiny opening. He was near full erection again from all our touching. Doreen lay her head on his right thigh and watched me. After awhile and a few whimpers from Darrel, Doreen said “You’ve done this before, a lot; I thought you were a virgin?”

“I am. Sort of…” I replied, my lips just brushing his cock as I spoke, “I’ve never had a cock on my, you know, but I’ve played with one before.”

“Who’s?” she asked.

But I didn’t reply, instead I sucked harder on Darrel’s cock, pulling him into my mouth with my hand. I caught the look Doreen gave Darrel out of the corner of my eye, but I wasn’t asked anything further.

“Shannon,?” Darrel started to ask, his voice a lot husky with panting, “would you let me be your first?”

I stopped what I was doing, looked at Doreen who nodded, and up at Darrel who smiled at me softly. I didn’t know, I didn’t come here to have a cock shoved in me, I came to be with my teacher. I looked at her.

Doreen pulled me to her, kissing softly. “You don’t have to Shannon. It would mean a great deal to me but its your decision. We won’t do anything more than what we have but if you would like to feel the pleasure of a real woman, Darrel would be very gentle. You don’t even have to worry about birth control, Darrel had a vasectomy years ago.”

“What’s a vasectomy?”

“Darrel had the tubes leading from his testicles cut and sealed, the sperm cannot come out.”

“Then how did he cum in your mouth?”

They laughed, “Darrel still cums, lust that his jism doesn’t contain any sperm, they come from different places.”

Boy, I thought, I just flunked biology.

Darrel was back in the tub, behind me, kissing and touching. I could feel his hard shaft poking at my backside and that image I had of them making love flashed through my mind again. I whispered, “I’ll do it.”

We touched and kissed some more, fingers opened me and massaged my walls. Doreen climbed up onto the edge of the pool and told me to sit on her lap, my legs on the out side of hers. Then she opened her legs, pulling mine apart. Darrel swam in and placed his mouth on my pussy. He gave expert oral while Doreen kissed me and touched me. She squeezed my breasts and teased my nipples. I was suddenly aware that Darrel had stopped and I tensed up as he stood up in the tub. His cock was hard and pointing at me.

“Relax.” Mrs. Earle said, pulling my wet hair back from my ear and nibbling on the exposed lobe. I watched in amazement as Darrel pressed his huge cock head against my lips, and pushed them open, using the head as a divider. Satisfied, he pressed forward and I whimpered as he parted me. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I couldn’t believe as I actually watched him enter me. Inch by inch, a little in and out till her met resistance. His hands were on my thighs, “This may hurt a little but I’ll go real slow.”

I’ve felt this part before but then I had refused to go any further and had kept my virginity. Now, with Doreen holding me, kissing me, I let Darrel proceed. I closed my eyes as the pain hit me and I felt him go further in. Gently his fingers slid along my legs, comforting me as he began to pull in and out further. I looked down and cried out when I saw his shaft had a tint of pink to it.

“Don’t worry, its just a little blood, it will disappear soon. It will be just your sex juices keeping me warm inside you.”

Darrel’s rhythm increased and I watched in amazement as my lips swallowed him up to the base. Doreen and I were slightly leaning back now. I was shocked and excited as Mrs. Earle began to encourage her husband. The way we were positioned must have meant she felt his thrusts against her legs too.

“That’s it Honey, fuck that virgin cunt. Make her cry for more. Make her a real woman. Fuck my horny student. Make her cum on your cock for the first time.”

On and on, till I was whimpering and moaning in pleasure. At times, four hands were touching me. I was aware of Doreen behind me, I was aware of Darrel’s thick cock inside me and when someone began to touch my exposed clit, I jerked and cried out as I began to climax. Darrel wasn’t ready and he continued to fuck me, harder now, as my released juices made things slippery and smooth. I think I was about to climax again but Darrel beat me to it, grabbing my thighs and hammering himself home in short, hard bursts.

I reached out and drag my nails over his chest, felt the fine muscles there. I gripped his waist and held him to me. He pulled me upright and held me against his chest, my arms wrapping around him, my head on his shoulder. We sank back down into the tub, Mrs. Earle beside us, cooing and touching me softly. They asked if I was all right. When I didn’t answer Darrel pulled me from his chest and I smiled. I kissed them both and thanked them. We held each other till Darrel couldn’t stay in me any longer.

Doreen led me out of the tub, dried me off, and inspected me. She said she was checking to see if I was still bleeding. It didn’t seem so but she gave me one of her pads for my panties. I wanted to stay longer but my folks expected me home soon. Mrs. Earle would drive me home but only after promising two things; one, not to say a word at school about this and two, to come back tomorrow.

I promised that it was our secret, but that I couldn’t come tomorrow, I was, um, er busy. “Would next Saturday be okay?”

We agreed. And I was taken home where that night I would dream about making love to both her and her husband. I wonder what the next day with Miss Langford, the principal, was going to be like?

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