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Teachers Pet h. 01


It was my senior year of High School; and I spent most of my time drinking beer and jacking off instead of focusing on my homework. Needless to say, I was failing. I could still graduate as long as I passed English and History. History wasn’t the problem, I would easily pass the final exam with an A, bringing my grade up to a high D. English, on the other hand, was looking hopeless.

One day as class was just getting out, my English teacher, Mr. Rhodes, asked me to stay after class for a moment. I knew what it was about. He was going to give me the typical lecture about how I’m failing his class.

“Mark, I know you need to pass my class in order to graduate with your peers, and well…. It isn’t looking too promising is it?” He said leaning up against the dry erase board.

“I know,” I said “but I doubt I have enough time to bring my grade up.” I walked towards the door. “ Honestly, I don’t know why I even bother coming to this class.”

Mr. Rhodes looked up at me “ Well, I’m willing to give you some extra credit, you interested?”

Of course I was, I was like every other high school senior, I would do anything to get out of there as soon as possible.

“All you have to do is come over my house after school everyday and do some… side work for me, it wont take long at all.”

I agreed and Mr. Rhodes wrote his address on a slip of paper and told me to be there at 2:30. I wasn’t sure what he was going to have me do, probably paint a fence, or rake leaves I thought. Well, I was way off!

After school I drove to the address Mr. Rhodes had written down for me. His house was pretty large, with a huge back yard and surrounded by woods. I walked to the front door and knocked. A moment later Mr. Rhodes answered the door and let me in.

“Follow me” He said as he walked toward the back of the house, “like I said, you just have to come over everyday after school, if you need a ride just let me know.”

“I have a car” I said, “But exactly what is it I’m going to be doing?”

At this point we were in one of the bedrooms, it was dimly lit with a large bed in the center. Mr. Rhodes stopped in his tracks. “Well, your going to play teachers pet”. He turned around to face me and his pants dropped to the floor. I knew what he expected of me, I had never had sex with another man, yet I didn’t have a problem with it at this point.

I dropped to my knees, now eye level with the tent his boxers formed around his hard cock. My dick was just as hard. I slid his boxers down and his raging hard on bounced out. His 7” circumcised penis stared me right in the face, and it was beautiful! I gently pushed his cock up against his stomach and started sucking on his testicles. I started licking up the shaft of my teachers cock. My tongue made circles around his cock head then took the whole thing in my mouth. I sucked and jacked off his cock simultaneously. Mr. Rhodes put his hands on my head, forcing his cock further into my mouth. I knelt there, my teacher fucking my face, and I was as happy as I could be.

Mr. Rhodes pushed forward and covered my throat in his thick man juice. I kept sucking, wanting to get every last drop. I had never tasted another man's sperm before, and it was great. He slid his cock out of my mouth and laid down on the bed. I stripped naked and laid down next to him and took his cock in my hand, slowly massaging it. Mr. Rhodes started jacking me off, then slid down and took my cock into his mouth. This was the best blowjob I had ever had! My teacher started massaging my asshole with his finger. He applied a little pressure and it slid right in. The combination blowjob and finger fucking brought me to an amazing climax. My cock exploded in Mr. Rhodes mouth. I was still on my back, he positioned himself over me and fed his cock into my mouth. As I sucked his cock I inserted a finger into his warm asshole and played around.

“You like that don’t you?” He moaned.

“Yes sir,” I said still sucking his dick, “please make me your bitch.”

He pulled his dick out of my mouth once again and got on his hands and knees. His nice ass facing me. “Lick it” He commanded. That was all I needed to hear, I stuck my face in his ass and let my tongue roam around. I ran circles around his man pussy then stuck my tongue right in. I tongue fucked his ass for a couple minutes, then positioned my self under him, taking his cock back into my mouth where it belongs. Mr. Rhodes came all over my face, and got up.

“That should do it for today.” He said while stroking his still erect meat, “We’ll continue tomorrow”.

I left his house with a huge smile on my face, and a little cum on my lip. At school the next day, all I could think about was his cock. I spent all English class staring at Mr. Rhodes ass and crotch. When class ended I stuck around till everyone left. I shut the door and locked it. Mr. Rhodes was sitting at his desk, pants already dropped to his ankles. He was stroking his cock and staring at me. I walked over and started sucking his cock. I undid my jeans and pulled my cock out so I could jack off. Mr. Rhodes opened one of the drawers in his desk and pulled out a black dildo. “I want you to try this before I fuck your virgin asshole.” I smiled and dropped my pants like that. I bent over, spreading my ass cheeks in his direction. He stroked his dick until cum spewed out over his hand. He used his warm jizz to lube up the dildo, and rubbed a little on my asshole. I was hornier than I’ve ever been. He inserted the dildo in my ass slowly. Moving it in then out, then in a little further, until it was in all the way. He pumped the dildo in and out of my virgin hole. It hurt, but at the same time it felt sooooo good. I moaned gently, and Mr. Rhodes reached around to jack me off. I came all over the floor and he took the dildo out of my pucker hole. I licked the cum off the floor and got dressed.

“See you after school.” I said as I walked out of the room.

As soon as school was out, I jumped in my car and headed over to Mr. Rhodes house. I got there before my teacher, but found the door unlocked. I let myself in and went to the bedroom we used yesterday. I stripped and laid on the bed. I was already hard from just thinking about how he was going to use me today. I didn’t even hear the door open, but before I knew it Mr. Rhodes was stripping besides the bed. He kneeled next to my face and jacked off his rock hard dick. His jizz erupted from his cock and sprayed all over me. He positioned himself in front of my crotch and told me to lift my legs and hold my ankles. I did, exposing my tight young asshole to him again. This time he vigorously tongue punched my asshole. I was in complete ecstasy, and started playing with my dick. Mr. Rhodes grabbed a tube of lubricant and squirted a small glob on my asshole, which he slowly worked in with a finger. The he lubed his cock and got ready to fuck his new found sex toy. His cock was bigger than the dildo, and I knew this was going to hurt but I wanted it too much. He pressed his dick against my waiting asshole and slowly fucked my ass. I moaned loudly as I was ruthlessly fucked by my English teacher. He randomly pulled out to my surprise, before even busting a load in my ass!

“I want to fuck you from behind.” He said as he gently turned me over. I assumed the position, getting on my hands and knees. Mr. Rhodes pushed me forward until my head lightly touched the wall at the head of the bed. He took hold of his cock, aiming at my bullseye and re-inserted his dick in my ass. Mr. Rhodes continued to fuck me even harder than before, slamming my head into the wall. He slowed down the pace and his cock erupted in a flow of hot cum that filled my ass. Mr. Rhodes kept his cock inside me, pumping slowly.

Mr. Rhodes pulled out and laid down next to me, his legs in the air. “Wanna give it a try bitch?” He asked softly. I wasted no time lubing my cock and getting into position. I pressed my hard cock against Mr. Rhodes asshole and slid in. I took hold of his ankles and pumped in and out of his ass. It wasn’t long before I came. I pulled out and collapsed next to him. Mr. Rhodes turned his head to look at me. “I hope your not done for the day.” He whispered. I was exhausted, He had just fucked the hell out of me, and I wasted the rest of my energy giving it back to him. Yet, he wanted to fuck me more? “Just one more fuck,” he said “for the road.” I smiled and Mr. Rhodes got up, motioning me to follow. We went into the living room, I kept my eyes on his ass the whole way.

Mr. Rhodes sat in the recliner next to the couch and used the remote to turn on the TV and play what ever tape was in the VCR. It was a gay porn, crazy gay porn. A young male, about my age was laying on the ground with one guy fucking his ass, a cock in his mouth, and about five other guys jacking off over him. I wish I was that kid. Mr. Rhodes cock was still hard, sticking straight up. I walked over to the chair he was sitting in and sat on his lap, slowly taking his dick in my ass again. I rode his cock hard and watched the TV. He started bucking his hips in rhythm with my bouncing. I rode his cock for around 20 minutes before we stopped. I stood there naked while Mr. Rhodes fetched my clothes hoping he would come back, throw me down and fuck me some more. He handed me my garments and I got dressed.

Tomorrow was Saturday, which meant no school and no cock in my ass for two days. I went home but for once in my life couldn’t wait for Monday to come.

To be Continued….

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