tagGay MaleTeacher's Revenge Ch. 01

Teacher's Revenge Ch. 01


I had just turned 18 and was a senior in high school. I assumed that I had everything figured out and that I had no use for anything being taught in my classes. I acted out often and was a handful for my teachers and for my father, a single parent since my mother's passing. Mom had been the disciplinarian while alive, and without her, Dad had never fully assumed that role. While no one expected me to go to college, my father insisted that I at least finish high school.

I disdained my teachers, and they returned the favor. The worst was Mr. Strickland, my sixth-period history teacher. He ran the class in an orderly and disciplined manner, expected his students to apply themselves as much as possible, and had no patience with goof-offs like me. He often gave me detention for what I considered to be inconsequential infractions; as he filled out the detention slip, he often made a comment like "Young man, you are a waste of space."

Mr. Strickland had the air of someone who had been born to be an icon of masculinity and authority and who knew it. He was over six feet tall, with ramrod-straight posture, a ruggedly handsome face, a bald head, a graying beard, and a booming bass voice. He hardly ever smiled, although when one of his favored students gave the right answer, the imperious look on his face softened somewhat. He wore power ties and dress shirts of a sheer white material that showed off his muscular torso, with its carpet of graying hair, and the contours of his nipples. In warm weather, he wore such shirts with short sleeves, showing his muscular, hairy arms. His trousers framed a perfectly shaped ass and sometimes gave a hint of a huge cock. My female classmates swooningly compared him to movie stars from the last century. Although I hated him, I had to admit that he was the hottest man I had ever seen in real life.

One day, I was sitting in his class, bored as usual, when he called on me. "Jimmy," he asked, "who was the last Emperor of Austria-Hungary?"

"I'm sorry; would you repeat the question?"

He repeated in an exasperated tone, "Who was the last Emperor of Austria-Hungary?"

"Um, George III?"

My classmates tried to stifle laughter. Mr. Strickland left the front of the room and was soon towering over my desk. "Jimmy, did you do the reading last night?"

"More or less."

"Was it more, or was it less?"

"Okay, I didn't do the reading last night, but -"

"But nothing! You get a zero for class participation for today."

"Yes, Sir."

That was the last straw. He had humiliated me once too often in front of the class, and something had to be done.

= = =

I quickly found Mr. Strickland's home address online. It was in a neighborhood of neat but modest brick detached houses about a mile from my neighborhood. A mapping site showed the house to have an economy sedan in the driveway and a meticulously maintained front garden with a birdbath. The practicality and orderliness made the house look like a place where he would live. It also suggested a way to get back at him in a way that would hurt.

That evening, since there was no way Dad would let me borrow the car, I rode my bicycle to his house. Through the curtains, I could see that the television was on and could just make out the back of his head. I pushed the birdbath with enough force to topple both the basin and the pillar. I unzipped and took a leak on some of his plants. I could see him parting the curtains to see what was happening. I mooned him, grabbed my bicycle, and rode home, savoring my triumph over him.

= = =

Dad was angry when I got home. "Where were you?" he asked.

"Out with friends."

"Doing what?"

"Nothing, really. Just hanging out. Just a normal, boring weekday evening."

"Jimmy, if you're going to lie to me, at least learn how it's done. Now let me tell you what you did this evening."

"You think I don't know?"

"Shut up and listen to me. One of your teachers called - your history teacher, Mr. Strickland, the one you keep getting in trouble with."

I had a sinking feeling in my stomach.

"He says you vandalized his property and exposed yourself to him. He also says he's called the police."

"Oh, shit."

"'Oh, shit,' is right, young man. Since you're 18, you could be tried as an adult, and I'm pretty sure the indecent exposure could get you on the sex-offender registry. At the very least, you could be expelled. Jimmy, I know you're not too bright or responsible, but I don't understand how even you could fuck up this badly. Anyway, your teacher and a cop say they'll be here pretty shortly, once the cop completes some paperwork, and they want you to apologize. Here's the thing: Since you've already exposed yourself to your teacher, he wants you to be completely naked when they get here. He also wants you to get down on your knees and apologize and agree to make any amends he wants."

"You've got to be kidding."

"No, I'm not, and I don't think he was, either. If you don't want him to press charges, I suggest you do it. You don't have much time; the paperwork can't take that long."

Since I realized that I didn't have much choice, I undressed. Having to do so was bad enough, but even worse, the prospect aroused me. Soon, I was fully erect.

The doorbell rang. "Check who that is," Dad said. "If that's your teacher, you can let him in."

"You want me to suffer, don't you?"

"I didn't tell you to destroy his birdbath."

I went to the door and looked through the keyhole. It was Mr. Strickland and a cop. Mr. Strickland was wearing one of his trademark white shirts, except with no tie and the top three buttons undone, and snug jeans. I opened the door for them.

They came in. Mr. Strickland said, "Hello, Jimmy. This is Officer Dennison, who took the report. Officer Dennison, this is our young perp."

"Howdy-do," said Officer Dennison, leering. He was a thickly built, muscular man who was almost as tall as Mr. Strickland but who appeared to be in his twenties. He turned to Dad and said, "You must be this young troublemaker's father."

"Pleased to meet you," Dad said. "I'm Jack Hyland."

"Mr. Hyland, I haven't seen you since the last parent-teacher conference," said Mr. Strickland. "You're looking well."

"Well," said Officer Dennison, "let's get this show on the road." He pointed to a spot on the floor in front of him and Mr. Strickland and said, "Kneel."

Officer Dennison seemed even more arrogant than Mr. Strickland. This was not going to end well. I knelt on the indicated spot.

"Jimmy," Mr. Strickland said, "I believe you have something to say to me. Look up at me and say it."

"Mr. Strickland," I said, "I apologize for what I did. I know it was wrong, stupid, and childish, and I'll make any amends you want."

"Wait a minute," said Officer Dennison, who was plainly enjoying himself. "Ol' Jack here was obviously a crappy parent for raising Jimmy to be a young hoodlum. Maybe we should make him apologize, too."

"Good idea," said Mr. Strickland.

"So, Jack," said Officer Dennison, "get naked and on your knees and apologize. You do want to get your little brat out of trouble, don't you?"

Dad undressed and knelt next to me. He was starting to get hard. He looked up at Officer Dennison and said, "I apologize for what my son did. I know I was remiss as a parent for not raising him better, and I'll make any amends you want."

"Good boy," said Officer Dennison.

"Now," said Mr. Strickland to me, "here's what I want from you at first." He undid his belt and started to lower his fly.

"You don't really want that, do you?" I asked.

Mr. Strickland asked, "Do you want to do this the easy way or the hard way?"

"The easy way, I guess." By then, Dad was already sucking Officer Dennison's cock.

"Good answer," said Mr. Strickland, as he finished unzipping. He pulled out a thick cock that must have been eight or nine inches long.

I took the head in my mouth and started working on it with my tongue. After a while, he placed a hand on the back of my head and eased his cock down my throat. When I gagged, he pulled out and then pushed back in. "We'll have to work on your gag reflex," he said. "You've probably never had a cock like mine." He grabbed both sides of my head and proceed to fuck my throat.

After a while, Officer Dennison said to Mr. Strickland, "Time to switch off?"

"Okay," said Mr. Strickland, who pulled his cock out of my mouth and stepped aside. After Mr. Strickland's huge cock, Officer Dennison's more average cock was a relief. Eventually, I felt him shudder, and then he came into my mouth. For a while after that, Dad continued to work on Mr. Strickland's cock, until Mr. Strickland came into his mouth.

Officer Dennison and Mr. Strickland tucked themselves back in. Mr. Strickland said, "This'll do for today. We'll see ourselves out." They left.

I had just had the most degrading experience of my life, with ritual humiliation and two cocks in my mouth. At least there was no way it could get worse.

Dad said, "Well, that's a wonderful evening we had, thanks to you and your stupid prank. I hope you're proud of yourself. If you have any more brilliant ideas, I suggest you not act on them."

"You're not going to make me suck your cock tonight, too, are you?"

"No, I'm not going to make you suck my cock tonight. Now meet me in my bedroom."

I went to his bedroom and waited. He entered with a tube of lubricant, a condom, and a hand towel. "I promised you I wouldn't make you suck my cock tonight, and I won't. Now, get down on that bed, face down, and spread your legs."

By that time, I knew there was no point in putting up any further resistance, so I complied. I felt him apply lube to my ass. He then lay on top of me, grabbed my shoulders, and forced his way into my ass.

"This hurts," I said.

"That's the point, you little shithead," he responded. "After what you've put me through tonight, you deserve to be punished severely." He proceed to pound my ass. After what seemed like an eternity, he came and then pulled out. "Tomorrow morning," he said, "we'll talk about how long you're grounded for." I wondered what further punishment was in store for me and when Mr. Strickland thought he was going to work on my gag reflex.

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