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Teacher's Tattoo


Traci was, for lack of a better word, shy. Extremely shy as a matter of fact. She was afraid to talk to anybody. She had very few friends, mostly because other girls hated her. She was 5'5", weighed 95lbs, and had 36DD breast, for that they hated her. The guys loved her natural blonde hair, but since she never dated, no one knew if she was a real blonde at all. She graduated right after her 17th birthday. Started college in the summer and graduated college with a teaching degree right after her 20th birthday. Her own high school, desperate for teachers offered her job immediately. She accepted and this is where her story starts.

The young teacher drew in a deep breath. "I promised myself when I got a real job I would finally get a tattoo," she thought. She always wanted a small heart shaped tattoo on her upper thigh and today she was going to get it.

She choose Thursday night because she was certain none of her students would be around to catch her going into the tattoo parlor. The parlor, "Sam's Place", was out of the way in the back part of town. It had a real dirty feel that she hated, but she knew there was no chance of anyone she knew coming by and seeing her.

"I need a tattoo please," she asked the rough biker looking tattoo artist as she walked in.

"Sorry honey, you must be at least 18 to get a tattoo." He said.

"I am 20 years old sir," she said rather insulted. She has looked 16 ever since she hit the age. Since she looked so young, men her age thought she was to young to hit on and she was never asked out.

"Sweety I'm gonna have to see some ID," he said. "Or your gonna have to leave."

She handed him her ID. He took it. Scratched it with his finger, and then looked her up and down.

"Well shit sweet cheeks, I would have guessed you was 16 at best," He said reflecting his county.

"Look at the wall honey and decided what you want, but its gonna have to be quick because I have several appoints in an hour."

"I know what I want," she said, "A little heart right here on my thigh." She pointed to her point where her right leg and thigh came together. She liked that area because she thought she could hide her tattoo even when she wore a bikini.

"Alright honey, follow me," he ordered, "and take off your pants."

"Why do I have to take off my pants, can't I just pull the side down a little?"

"Shit, I go through this every time with you little girls." He was noticeable annoyed and she could tell if she put up an more argument, he would tell her to forget the tattoo.

"It was just a question," she snapped, trying to hid her embarrassment.

"I can do this," she thought, "it will be just like going to the beach."

They both passed through the curtains, she turned and tried to pull them completely shut, but they still left a little crack open.

"This won't close all the way," she said.

"It's not supposed to, " he snapped, "now take your pants off and get in the chair!"

She did not like being told what to do, but she figured she had little choice. Turing around she starts to unbutton her pants. When she is about to take them off she looks around to see if the biker is looking at her, but he isn't.

When the pants are off she immediately covers her crotch with her hands.

The biker looks back and laughs, "Honey, where do you want me to put that tattoo?"

She points and as she does she realizes her panties cover that area.

"I could just pull them up," she says.

"Honey, I can see you are more than a little shy," he chuckles," you can have this paper gown and tear a little hole where you want your tattoo"

"But I will be completely naked under that thing!"

"Your completely naked under your panties, what's the difference," he asks.

His tone makes her feel like a childish prude. She hates it when people make her feel that way. This tattoo was supposed to be a big statement in feeling more out going and wild. So far it has just been an exercise in humility.

With new resolve she says, "Alright give me the dam gown."

He hands her the paper gown and chuckles at her new found resolve. She puts its on and then carefully takes off her panties.

He snatches them out of her hand and throws them to the other side of room.

"Lets get your pretty ass up on the chair," he says and slaps her on the ass

Just then she realizes her ass is totally exposed.

Quickly she jumps on the chair and tries to forget about the slap.

"Alright, lets get you buckled in," he says. He pulls out to stir-ups and starts to put her left leg in one.

"What are you doing," she yelps.

"Sweet cheeks," he explains, "I don't want to get kicked in the face, I don't want you to jerk and make me ruin you pretty little thigh, and I don't want you moving around and affecting my work area. Read the signs before you come in this place."

With that she look above the curtain to front of the store where it reads backwards, "All clients will be properly restrained."

"Sorry I didn't know," she says.

With that he puts her right leg in the stir-up. Quickly she pushes the center of the paper gown down to cover her pussy.

"Your gonna be too much trouble aren't you," he exclaims.

"No I promise," she wines.

"Listens, I have to touch you on your thigh. I have work six to three inches from your pussy. Either get used to that fact or we're done now."

The admonishing worked.

"I promise you won't hear me complain," she says.

"Fine, or else where done," he smiles as he straps her left leg in the stir-up. He has seen girls like her before. He knew a stern voice kept them in line. In cases like these, he knew this girl would twist and turn and mess up his work. For that, he might have to bring out more straps.

"Where do you want your tat," he asks as he finishes strapping the right leg.

"Oh, I am sorry I forgot to tear at the spot I wanted."

"Allow me," he said as he beat her to the punch and tore open a hole that was a little too big for her liking. The tear showed a bit too much of her thigh, but luckily none of her pubic hair.

"Lets get started, and remember don't move or you'll fuck me up." With that he started the needle up. Traci immediately got nervous.

"Sam, Sir, is this going to hurt," she asked

"Just a little," he said, "just try not to move or I'll have to strap you down in the name of my art."

The needle struck and Traci almost jumped out of her gown.

"Do that again and I will have to strap you down, and I mean it!"

"I'll try," she promised as her eyes started to tear.

"Do you want a drink, it helps," Sam offered.

"Yeah, that sounds good, a coke or sprite would be nice." She said.

"Right sweaty," he laughed, "Michael, get me vodka tonic for this nice lady."

"Alright Pop." Michael said from the next room.

"That voice sounds a little young," She thought, "it sounds like one of my students."

"Whose Michael," she asked with the hope that it would be someone else. Someone she didn't know.

In through the door came Michael and immediately all of the blood ran out of Traci's face. Standing there was a 5'11", Eighteen-year-old boy, who also happened to be a student of Traci's seventh period history class.

"Miss Case," he questioned.

"Son you know this girl," his father asked.

"Yeah Pop, she is my History teacher."

Traci could not believe the moment. She had thought no one would have caught her getting a tattoo, but someone did. At first she thought that was as bad as it could get, but then she realized her pants and panties were all over the fall.

"Here is your drink Mrs. Case," Michael offered. She could clearly see the smile across his face. He was looking right at her paper dress and he knew there was nothing underneath.

Suddenly a shock of pain coursed through her body. The needle had hit a nerve. "Owey," she screamed as her body jumped forward.

"Dammit," Sam yelled, "That does it. Son, tie the third strap around this bitch please. I will not have her messing up my work." With that Michael started to bring a strap from behind that would pin her arms just above the elbow and right over her breasts.

"What are you doing," Traci protested, "stop this now." She threw her hands up to catch the strap, but it only had the effect of tying her wrist back also. The combination of her bindings and the position of her arms made for a healthy amount of cleavage. Sam just stood behind her a gazed into his teacher's breasts.

"Now Miss Case, you may be wondering why my son was asked to tie the third strap. I am an artist and I will not have my art ruined by some little girl jumping around."

"I'm sorry please just," she pleaded as her eyes started to swell up.

"And if you decide to squirm and fidget, " he interrupted, "I will be forced to apply more pressure of the needle for better control." With that he really pushed the needle into her thigh. "And if you continue to make a lot of noise I will have to gag you."

"Alright listen," she said, "please stop I just want to go home." She felt totally helpless and she knew her student was getting an eye full.

"No can do teach," Michael said.

"What," she yelled.

"My son's right Miss Case," Sam explained, "If I stop now I could be fined up to $15,000 for partial work. And I do not have that kind of money. So you are just going to have to sit there and take it." He punctuated his point with another jab of the needle.

Traci didn't know what to do. She was strapped down with naked legs spread eagle. One of her students was soaking it all in and there was nothing she could do. And if she complained any more she might even be gagged.

"You know Miss Case," Michael whispered into her left ear, "these gowns aren't made of paper. They're made of starch now a days."

"What are you saying," the terrified teacher asked totally confused.

"Well, starch is more bio-degradable," he explained.

"That's nice Michael," she said relieved that that was all.

"Your missing the point teach," he said with a evil grin, "starch dissolves with water."

Traci gasped. "What was he saying," she thought, "is this a threat?" Her mind raced, "will he try and pull something, and what if he does. What will he see? What will he do? I am completely helpless."

Her concentration was broken by something she could have never expected.

"Son come here and finished this up," Sam demanded.

"What," Traci exclaimed, "no he can't do this."

"Sure he can," Sam said looking rather disgusted, "I have already outlined the main work and besides he's my son."

"Listen I didn't mean to insu.." she was saying as she got cut off.

"No you listen," Sam, said now visibly mad, "if I hear one more complaint out you. You get gagged." With that he got up and handed the needle to his son. "Alright boy fill it in and let me know if she starts acting up."

"Dad, " Michael asked, "before you go, how do you work with so much of the work area covered."

"Son if it bothers you just tear off what gets in the way," his dad said as he left.

Michael smiled. He then started to slowly tear the opening in the gown more.

Traci was too terrified to say anything; she locked eyes with Michael hoping he would stop exposing her naked skin.

Michael was eating this up. He saw his teacher begging him with her eyes for him to stop and in one quick pull her entire right thigh and leg were exposed. Michael thought he could see a few pubes under the edge of her gown. The beginning of her pubic mound was starting to become visible. Michael knew a few gusts of wind expose his teacher, but he had a couple of ideas first.

Traci was starting to cry. She knew she was at the mercy of her student but didn't know what to do.

Michael started to do his needlework. Every now and then pressing the needle and looking into his teachers eyes to watch her wince. He knew he was the boss of his teacher now, but he needed to find a way to prolong it.

Traci felt Michael grab the inside of her left thigh for balance. She didn't know what to do. If she yelled Sam would bring out the gag. It was better to pick her battles and wait for a real reason to complain.

Then she felt his thumb shift and then move. It was now right buy her slit pushing down on her muff. "Please Michael," she pleaded, "Move your hand."

"Sure teach," he said as he moved his hand to right on top of her pussy.

"No," she yelped, "not there, away from my vagina."

"Any problems son," Sam said from the next room.

"No dad," Michael yelled. "Sorry teach I miss understood." He then dragged his hand to left. At first Traci was embarrassed at being touch by her student, but then she was mortified by what she saw. Michael had dragged his hand across her pussy but also took much of the gown with it. Her precious vagina was now fully visible. No one had ever seen her vagina since she started to grow hair and now staring at it entranced an eighteen-year-old boy.

"I didn't know they came so blonde," Michael said with complete surprise, "can I touch it."

"No," she snapped, "please cover me up."

"What," he said.

"Please, please cover my vagina."

"Your what," he said amusingly. He found it funny she talked about so clinically.

She knew what he wanted to hear. "Please cover my pussy."

"Sure thing Traci," he said, "anything this hairy should be covered up."

Traci was so embarrassed. She had never dared to clip her vagina and now some student was making fun of her for it.

Michael pulled the gown over dragging his thumb across her slit. He left the gown barley covering her hole but still showing the blonde hairs.

"Dad," he yelled, "can I get a glass of water."

"Sure son," his dad replied.

Traci knew what he was going to do but she also knew complaining about it would bring the wrath of his father and she definitely did not want to be gagged.

When the Sam walked in stopped dead in his tracks and stared with his mouth wide open. With Traci's arms strapped and her legs spread she looked so fuckable. But her blonde pussy peaking through the sides of the gown really put him into overdrive. He knew a few of Michael's friends were coming by soon and they would love to see this.

"Here you go Michael," his father said as he handed him glass.

Without looking Michael reached for the glass. His hand missed the mark and the glass spilled onto Traci's crotch. The blue gown slowly disintegrated to reveal Miss Traci Case's full bush. The father started to laugh.

"He did that on purpose," Traci yelled while totally embarrassed.

Sam stopped laughing. "How dare you," Sam scolded, "it was accident. My son is no pervert"

"He is too," she yelped, but as she did Sam walked around her and out of her vision. She then felt Sam's hands by her mouth inserting a ball.

"Oh no," she thought, "Now I can't even yell for help." She started to whimper through the gag.

"Don't worry sweaty, the gag will come off when Michael is done." Then father whispered something into Michael's ear. Michael laughed and looked right at her pussy.

She looked down. Her vagina was cover in blue die from the gown. She started to cry again. In one moment, her once unseen holy of holies had been exposed to one of her students and his father, and on top of that her beautiful blonde hair had been died blue in certain spots.

"Son I can see that blue shit is bothering our natural blonde teacher," the father explained, " tried to clean it up with that rag."

"Alright," Michael said as reached for the rack by his side.

Michael stared to press and dab the rag against the teacher's virgin pussy. Traci could barely get out the muffled cries. Michael was in heaven. He was playing with his teacher's pussy as if it were just some toy.

"I think I am just smearing it around dad."

"Lets put a little alcohol on it," his dad offered. With that he took her gin and tonic and splashed it on the teachers pussy.

Michael increased his rubbing, focusing on the clit area. Traci was embarrassed; the stimulation was getting to be too much, she knew she must have been getting wet.

"Dad this isn't working, the hairs are stained blue."

"Then take the clippers and clean her up." Sam handed Michael the electric clippers from the workstation.

Traci was horrified. Before she was being molested, now she was going to be shaven like some animal.

Click. Hum. The clippers were turned on. Traci pleaded as best she could, but nothing could be said with a ball gag in her mouth. Michael started his first pass right down the center. The top of her pussy was now bare. After a few turns, all of the blonde hair had disappeared from the top of her pussy.

"Have to be careful around the hole teach," Michael said while pulling her outer lips. Traci was surprised that Michael never once nicked her vagina.

Traci closed her eyes half way through the trimming. She was too embarrassed to open them. Her little pussy lips were being man handled by some boy. But then she saw a bright flash through her eyelids. She opens her eyes and starts to scream, as best as anyone can through a gag. Sitting in front of her is Michael with a Polaroid camera. Snapping pictures of her little bald vagina. Before she at least had hair to cover her woman hood, but now nothing was covering her up and being spread eagle made it all the more worse.

Click. Flash. Her vagina was captured again.

Click. Flash. Traci fights her bonds, but its no use.

"You are probably wondering why we are taking pictures," Sam says. "By law we have to take pictures of all tattoos. Again if we don't we could be fined." Sam is interrupted by a knock at the door. "I'll get it son, just keep taking pictures."

Michael looks behind to see his father leave. He then takes his left hand and spreads Traci's pussy lips. Click. Flash. Traci is in shock; she can't believe he is being so bold. He then licks his middle finger and looks her in the eye. Traci shakes her head no. Michael just looks down and inserts his finger into her pussy. Click. Flash. Click. Flash.

Then he stops working his finger and looks up in disbelief. He has found out her secret. Traci turns her head in shame. Michael found the proof of her innocence. Michael knows she is a virgin. With that he puts his camera a close to her pussy as possible in the hopes he can capture a flash of her innocence.

"Watcha doing," voice says from behind Michael.

"Just recording a new tattoo," Michael says as he turns around. It's his friends Jon and Chad and their dads. They all come by for poker nights.

"Cool," Jon and Chad say in unison, "can we see."

"Sure," Michael says as he gets up out of the way.

Jon and Chad stop in their tracks at the site of the teacher spread eagle before them.

"Miss Case is that you," Jon says.

Traci just lowers her head. Jon and Chad immediately run up and awe at her open pussy. Both have instant hadrons. Jon reaches out and lightly touches Traci's pussy. Traci squirms in response.

"Cool," Jon exclaims.

"Let me see," Chad whines. Chad takes two fingers and sticks them deep in her pussy, sending a shockwave into Traci.

"What are you guys doing," Chad's father yells.

"Finally," Traci thinks, "someone to save me."

"Just seeing a tattoo," Chad explains.

"Bullshit you were touching that poor woman. Come hear and let me see your fingers."

Chad's father smells Chad's fingers. "You liar, you were fingering this bitch," his father yelled, "who is she?"

"She's my teacher, Miss Case," Chad said as he prepared for a slap.

"Shit, Fuck," Chad's father screamed, "everyone get out of room." Chad's father was a big man, bigger than most, so nobody questioned his orders. When everyone had left, he leans over Traci and takes of her gag. Looking into her eyes ha says, "Tell me Miss Case, what happened."

Frantic to get the words out Traci tells him everything that has happened over the past couple of hours.

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