tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTeaching A Cocktease A Lesson

Teaching A Cocktease A Lesson


There's nothing worse than a cocktease, and El was one of the best/worst. She wasn't what you'd call classically pretty but she drove me wild.

She had a cute face, and a small petite body, which isn't usually what I go for, being a big tit fan. El's breasts were small, firm and perky and they turned me on quite a bit. But it was her ass that did it, small, tight and firm it just screamed out to be pinched.

She was kinda seeing a friend of mine, and so I'd feel guilty when I wanked myself off thinking about her coming into my room.

I've always been sexually curious, and had a ton of fantasies I was a little ashamed of and never told anybody.

El however was unbelievably open about sex. Most girls won't even admit to masturbating but El would talk about it all, and watch porn with us without being embarassed.

Her openness made me share with her that I'd experimented with guys and that I fantasised about trannies and all sorts. She'd laughed and talked to me about it, and never told anyone, which I'm grateful for.

I guess I couldn't be sure that she was prickteasing me, as lots of the stuff could just have been unintentional. She'd sit on my knee when there weren't enough seats when we went out, tell me about her sexual experiences and dance close to me. You could say I read into it too much, but she had this evil smile and glint in her eye that told me the little bitch knew what she was doing to me.

One night, when my mate was away we wound up watching porn in her room. I was turned on and kept checking her out in her pajamas.

Soon enough I was hard.

Now, I'd sucked off a school friend and he'd been bigger than me and the only other cocks I'd seen were in porn so I was a little worried about my size, so, I asked El if she'd tell me if I was okay or not. She smiled at me and agreed.

I gave it a few tugs and pulled it out.

El looked at it for a second and leant forward to inspect it.

I blushed under her gaze and the silence was painful. "well?"

"Its fine" she smiled.

"So its a good size?"


"How's it compare to the others you've had?"

She picked up her mobile and showed me two photos of cocks. Both considerably bigger than mine. She then took a pic of mine for her collection.

"Ever had one smaller?"

She flashed the evil grin. "No. But its okay." She leant back. "You can put it away now"

I stood there stunned and red faced. "Please suck me." I blurted out.

She laughed, and I felt anger boil up a little.

"Come on, that thing? " She laughed harder. "Tell you what I'll let you wank off for me, and thats more than you deserve."

She laughed again and I snapped. 19 years of sexual frustration and months of her cockteasing came to the boil.

I hit her across the face and her laughter died.

She looked upa t me stunned and with teary eyes.

"What the fuck's wrong with yiou?"

"Listen I've had enough of your cock teasing" I grabbed a handful of her black hair " Now suck"

I pulled her off the bed to her knees

"I'll bite that tiny thing off" she stammered

I kicked her in the stomach, and turned on some loud music to cover the sounds. With her still winded I rammed my cock into her mouth.

I fucked her face for a few thrusts, but I knew what I really wanted. I let her off my shaft, and threw her onto the bed

I yanked down her trousers to expose her legs and slightly hairy pussy.

"Don't even think about it."

"I'm gonna enjoy fucking you, El. Maybe it'll teach you not to be suckh a fucking prickteaser."

"Like I'll even feel that thing!" She spat in my face and kicked out. Catching me by suprise, I stepped back and she leapt up. I lashed out and caught her on the jaw, she fell back down, blood trickling from her lip.

An idea flashed through my mind.

I grabbed her ankles and yanked her to the edge of the bed so her tempting cunt was inches infront of me.

"Maybe next time" I said and smiled at her. "Remember our talk about back door sex?"

She froze. Despite her vast experience El had never had anal sex before, and said she thought it would hurt and would only due it with lots of lube.

"oh God no" She murmured

I flipped her over so that cute little ass that had tormented me for months was up in the air

"Please" She begged me.

But it was pointless, I wanted to hurt her, teach her a lesson for being a tease and laughing at me, so I spat on my hand and mixing it with my precum used it to lube up the head of my cock.

I used one hand to part her firm, sexy cheeks and the other to guide the head to her tight, virgin arse

Once the helmet was in I rammed the rest home and El screamed out loud. I started thrusting in and out as hard as I could and within minutes I exploded inside her.

I knew our relationship had changed when I caught sight of El's reflection middway through. She was moaning loudly, with tears running down her cheeks and then she'd dropped her head, as if submitting to me

I'd broken her and I knew from then on she would be my plaything, my outlet for all my sexual desires and frustration

I pulled out, patted her on the ass and smiled "See that wasn't that bad. now what do you say?"

She sat up trembling and turned to me

"Thank you"

"Good girl."

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