tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTeaching an Old Dog

Teaching an Old Dog


*Author's Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual act are at least eighteen years of age.


Barbara and Ronnie met when they were in college and everyone was shocked when the raven-haired beauty took up with the not so attractive young man. Her parents were severely disappointed in their daughter's choice and rarely let an opportunity pass where they did not tell her of this fact.

Ronnie had the last laugh; though. He and Barbara eloped, denying her parents of the elaborate wedding they wanted for their only child. Then they moved from New Orleans to Atlanta, further denying them any contact with their daughter. If he answered the phone when they called, he'd tell them that Barbara wasn't in, or was too busy to come to the phone.

Chapter 1

"That's it, suck it, you filthy slut," he ordered and Barbara slurped at Ronnie's throbbing cock.

He pulled out and sprayed her beautiful face with his come, then slapped her for wasting his come.

"You are so fucking lucky I let you suck my cock, then you just go and waste all my come?" He screamed at her. "What's the matter? My come isn't good enough for you, you fucking whore?"

"I'm so sorry, Ronnie," she sobbed as she scraped the sticky blobs from her face and licked her fingers clean.

: Yes, you are," he hissed at her. "You are the sorriest fucking piece of shit I've ever seen."

She gasped out loud when he cruelly pinched her nipple and used it to pull her to her feet. Again, he slapped her face, then whirled her around and bent her over the counter. His cock slid into her drooling pussy and she screamed in orgasmic bliss. Even after twenty-two years, he still made her orgasm just by entering her.


The boys she'd dated when she was in high school and in college were such wimps; fawning all over her, giving in to her every demand. Ronnie curled up his lip, told her she was only good for one thing, and she wasn't very good at it. He told her point blank he was going to pick her up at seven thirty and she better have money, because he sure as hell wasn't going to pay for her meal.

In the car, she tried to act demure and proper, but he yanked her panties off and stuck them in his pocket. She looked at him in stunned disbelief until they pulled up to the small restaurant. Inside, he held her hand in a tight grip and ordered for her.

"You know, I'm kind of tired of listening to you just prattle on and on about absolutely nothing," he told her after the dinner. He leaned back in the car seat and unzipped his pants. "If you're going to run your fucking mouth, why don't you put it to some use?"

"God damn, is this the first fucking cock you've ever seen?" he screamed and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled and pushed her sucking mouth on his cock until he shot a load into her mouth.

"Think I want to fucking kiss you after you just got a mouthful of my spunk?" he snarled and slapped her.

"Next time I pick you up, you better not have on any fucking panties, dumb cunt," he told her and drove off.


On their next date, he brutally took her virginity then made her clean his cock with her mouth. A couple of beers later, he again fucked her and laughed when she expressed concern about pregnancy.

"That's what a cunt is for, fuck toy," he said and again made her clean him off.

It tore at her heart; her parents just didn't understand, nor did they approve of the most wonderful man. Damn it, Ronnie was a real man, not a sniveling, whining pathetic excuse of a man. In fact, the more they complained, the more she began to see that they were pathetic, whining, groveling small-minded people.

Chapter 2

At forty-three, Barbara Ross was an attractive woman. She was tall, five foot ten inches, with thirty-eight D breasts, a slim thirty-inch waist, despite having two children, and a thirty-six inch pair of hips. Ronnie cared enough to remind her that she was getting fat and saggy and now had a few strands of gray in her dark hair.

She pushed the buggy up the grocery store aisle and picked up the hair coloring dye and put it in the basket with her other items. She was careful not to bend over too far; her mini skirt was too short for carelessness, wouldn't want anyone to see that she did not wear panties. Her blouse was a long sleeved one; it hid the bruises along her arms, but it ended just below her heavy breasts, exposing her mid-section. She smiled at Joey, her son's best friend and he exchanged some pleasantries with her before returning to his job of stacking the cans on the shelves.

She liked Joey; he was an attractive nineteen-year-old youth that flirted with her whenever he came over to see Bobby. He was an outgoing young man, athletic, yet studious, the complete opposite of Bobby, who was bookish and quiet. Ronnie and Joey got along great and often horsed around, something that Bobby and his father just didn't do. She also knew that her eighteen-year-old daughter, Rebecca had a big crush on the handsome young man.

"You look fabulous, Miss Ross," Joey said while pointedly looking at her legs.

"Oh, shush, Joey, I'm nothing but an old dog," she giggled.

She realized that her pussy was getting quite wet from the attention that Joey was giving to her, so she stood and talked and giggled some more before his manager came along to see what was taking the youth so long.

She again had to be careful when loading her groceries into the trunk of her car and even more diligent when unloading the groceries when she'd arrived home. Mr. Stratton, the old pervert across the street tried very hard to peer up her skirt while she unloaded the groceries.

Chrissie's car was parked on the curb in front of their house and she wondered where Bobby's car was. Chrissie and Bobby were dating; she was a bookish, quiet type just like Bobby. She was also bone thin, a fact that Ronnie pointed out to her quite often. He delighted in grabbing her flesh and telling her that Chrissie was nice and thin, instead of fat and flabby.

She dropped the heavy groceries when she entered the kitchen. Ronnie was standing in front of the kneeling Chrissie who was slobbering all over Ronnie's cock. The girl squealed when she heard the commotion, but Ronnie slapped her face and grabbed her head in a fierce grip.

"See, you old fucking hag, this is how a real woman sucks cock," Ronnie neared at her.

The twenty year old resumed her wet, noisy worship of Ronnie's cock and Ronnie sneered at the now sobbing Barbara.

"Seems your pathetic son isn't man enough to keep this little cunt happy," Ronnie laughed as he punched his cock in and out of the girl's face. "So, I've got to do the job for him. By the way, get your shit and get out."

Chapter 3

Four days later, a somber Joey helped Barbara load a couple of boxes into the back of his pick up truck. Bobby and Rebecca also helped load the boxes, then Bobby followed the truck in his mother's car, which was also loaded down with Barbara's few possessions and smiled sadly as they pulled up in front of his mother's new address.

Barbara was moving into a condominium she'd purchased with her inheritance from her deceased father.

They made quick work of unloading the boxes and Barbara tearfully hugged Bobby and Rebecca before they left. Joey surprised her with a quick kiss on her lips and Bobby and Rebecca got into the pick up truck and Joey drove them back to the Ross' house.

Barbara's breast still tingled from when Joey slid the business card of a divorce lawyer into pocket of her blouse.


"See, you fucking wimp, that's how you're supposed to treat a bitch," Ronnie sneered at his son as his son's former girlfriend knelt at Ronnie's feet, nude.

They'd dated for four years, ever since Sophomore year in high school, but the furthest Chrissie ever let him get was to squeeze her almost nonexistent breasts through the outside of her blouse. She'd certainly never let him see her nude.

"Get me a fucking beer, fucking tit-less wonder," he ordered and Chrissie leapt to her feet and scurried into the kitchen.

"You dated that cunt for four fucking years and never had the balls to pop her cherry?" Ronnie sneered at his son. "No wonder she dumped your pathetic fucking ass."

Ronnie was stunned, though, when Barbara actually had the temerity to go to a lawyer and file for divorce and spousal support. His own lawyer didn't seem to understand that Ronnie wasn't supposed to have to pay anything and spoke of negotiations and compromises.

Chrissie received the bulk of Ronnie's anger when he got home and Bobby winced as he saw the thin red welts the dog leash had raised on Chrissie's bone thin thighs and buttocks. Chrissie wore them without complaint, just as she wore the dog collar around her neck without complaint.

"Aw, is little Mommy's boy going to cry?" Ronnie sneered at Bobby as his eyes started to water. "God, what a pathetic little faggot you are."

The divorce itself went through with little fanfare, but receiving her spousal support proved a bit difficult; Ronnie would make Barbara call him and beg and plead with him for her money.

Chapter 4

"Why Joey!" she exclaimed as the youth stood on her doorstep. "What a nice surprise!"

It had been two months since the last time she'd seen him; the grocery store he worked at was too far away for her to shop there.

"Uh huh," he said and shoved in past her.

She closed the door, mouth open in surprise at his rude, abrupt behavior.

"Okay, bitch, you've been teasing me all these fucking years with the little skirts and skimpy tops," Joey said and grabbed a stunned Barbara's hair and pulled her to him for a forceful, painful kiss.

"Joey, no! Barbara cried out when she was able to pull away from him.

"What?" he screamed at her. "What? Stick your ass in my face all the fucking time, then want to tell me 'no?' I don't fucking think so, whore!"

Weakly, she struggled and fought against him as he dragged her down the hall to her bedroom. He used her hair to drag her along and slapped her face a few times to quiet the cries that emitted from her mouth.

"Get them off," he ordered and began to strip his own clothing off.

She sobbed in shame as she unbuttoned the long sleeve man's shirt and exposed her sagging breasts to his gaze. A slap to her face hurried her along and she dropped her short skirt to the floor.

"God damn, what a hairy fucking cunt you got," he said, disgust evident in his voice.

"I'm sorry," she sniveled.

"Yeah, well, we'll just have to make the best of it," he said and roughly grabbed one of her large breasts in his hand and yanked her to her knees.

He pressed his erect cock to her lips and she opened her mouth wide for his meat.

She was on the brink of orgasm; Joey's cock was nice and fat, at least two inches longer than Ronnie's.

She coughed and sputtered and gagged as Joey shoved it roughly down her throat, using her hair as leverage as he fucked her face. He stiffened and groaned as he began to spew his come down her throat.

"Fuck, I see Ronnie didn't teach you shit about sucking cock," Joey sneered as he wiped the last few dribbles of his come onto her flushed cheeks.

"I'm sorry," she sobbed, so painfully close to orgasm.

"Let's see if he taught you how to fuck," he said and again used her long hair to guide her onto the bed.

She sobbed as the youth's large cock speared her cunt and he laughed, a brutal bark of a laugh as she sobbed her shame in roaming the moment he entered her pussy. Several slaps to her face and large tits and she was sure she would black out from the continuous orgasm.

She thought she would scream as she felt his white-hot semen flood into her unprotected pussy.

"Get me a fucking beer, cunt," he ordered and when she didn't move fast enough, kicked her hard in her ass.

He stretched out on her bed and took another hit of the joint he was smoking. She handed him a beer and he drank it down in one large gulp.

"Thanks, bitch," he said and dropped the tiny remnants of the joint into the can.

Barbara heard the hiss as the joint was extinguished in the remaining liquid.

"Why don't you suck my nuts, instead of just standing there, stupid cow?" he ordered and Barbara quickly crawled onto the bed and began to tongue his hairy, sweaty balls.

He smiled down at her and pulled her legs up and over.

"God, what a hairy fucking cunt," he spat and she groaned as he cruelly yanked and pulled at her pubic hair.

"Now, get my cock good and wet," he ordered and she slobbered spittle all over his cock. Ronnie used to like to have her get his cock good and wet, and then he'd fuck in between her large tits until he spewed his load all over her chin and neck.

"On your hands and knees, fucking cow," Joey ordered and she did so, wondering what the young man had in mind.

"Oh, my God!" she screamed, waves of pain coursing through her body.

Joey had punched his cock roughly into her unsuspecting rectum. Although just the head rested inside of her, she was sure he was splitting her in half. Ronnie had never ever put his cock in her rectum; he said he was no faggot.

Joey grabbed each of Barbara's breasts in his fists and squeezed them as tightly as he could, the flesh pooling through his splayed fingers. She couldn't breathe; the pressure on her breasts was inhumane. She was sure her breasts were about to pop from his strong grip.

She grunted and screamed out as he lifted her torso up until her back rested firmly against his smooth, hairless chest. This pulled her slightly off of her knees and her own weight caused more of his cock to slide into her tormented rectum.

"God damn, you're tight," he said and twisted her breasts in his grasp.


She came to, laying flat against the bed. Joey pulled his cock all the way out of her raw bowels, then plunged all the way back in. Her mattress was damp where her drool had pooled under her face. Her breasts felt as if they'd been torn from her chest. She didn't recognize the sounds in the bedroom; it dawned on her it was her own whimpers she was hearing.

"Aw, fuck yeah!" he cried out and she felt long streams of his hot spunk flood her bowels.

"Aw, you fucking whore!" she heard him scream. "You got your fucking shit all over my cock!"

"I'm so sorry," she sobbed. "Let me clean it up for you."

"Fucking right you're sorry, you fucking old dog!" he said and again her hair was put to use. She wanted to vomit as she felt him wipe his soiled cock in her hair.


At the door, Joey slapped her a couple of times, then roughly kissed her and promised her he'd be back for more of 'that tight ass of hers.'

"I might even bring a few of my friends," he threatened.

She fought the urge to ask him when he'd be back, knowing the answer already; he'd be back when he wanted to come back, not when she wanted him to be back.


"Maybe divorce isn't such a bad thing after all," she smiled as she closed the door behind Joey.

The End

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