tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTeaching Bianca

Teaching Bianca


(Everyone in the story is eighteen or older.)

The car hit a bump, which turned out to be the driveway of the house where Ivonne, (who was nineteen at the time, like me) lived with her aunt. It woke me and I realized that no, I hadn't been dreaming. Ivonne's curly brown hair was spilled out all over my chest and Bianca's jet black hair mingled in with her cousin's, both of their heads were resting on me. Ivonne's almond colored eyes opened up and she smiled at me sleepily. Bianca was knocked out, somewhere in the night she'd placed her hand inside of my pants through the open zipper. Her small fingers were gently wrapped around me, and I smiled to myself.

I could hear Bianca's mother moving and I quickly pushed her daughters hand away from my hardening cock. I reached around that dark skinned beauty and let my hand fall over her loose green skirt. My fingers pressed down and I fondled as much of her bulbous behind as I could get, I probably wouldn't ever have the chance to touch my girlfriend's younger innocent, eighteen year old cousin.

"We have to get up." I said finally, not wanting to get caught by Ivonne's aunt. I opened up the back door and stepped out, trying to remember that cramped magical spot in the back of the car where my girlfriend and her cousin both sucked my dick.

As I stood in the driveway, the aunt, Bianca's mother came around quickly. She was very protective of her eighteen year old daughter, too protective. She never let Bianca go out with friends, or talk on the phone or do anything that didn't involve school or family. Bianca's eighteen year old age doesn't matter to a Mexican mother, unless she was married, Bianca had to be guarded. I felt bad for Bianca because she led such a sheltered life

"Sorry, but everyone's too drunk to take you home right now." She told me. "Maybe you can spend the night on the couch, and I'll take you home first thing, no?"

"That"s fine, Maria."

She smiled and nodded. She was maybe in her forties, and quite ugly. Her faced seemed a bit too dark, and her hair was short and to her neck, but when she leaned over to shake Bianca once more, I took notice of her ass pushing out against the silk material of her skirt. It was very big, and when she was facing away from you, it encompassed her entire being.

It was dark out, and as I leaned in to help Ivonne out, I let my right arm hang out further from my body than normal, and got a nice swipe of that wiggling butt bent out before me. As I did that, her boyfriend came rushing over, stumbling drunk.

"Need me to carry Bianca?" He asked.

"Can you? She won't wake. Stupid girl has probably been drinking." Maria said of her eighteen year old daughter.

The boyfriend hungrily agreed to carrying his girlfriend's daughter into the house. As he swooped her under his arms I noticed him placing his hands all over her white stocking clad legs, then grabbing an assful as he lifted her. His fingers forcefully indented into the flesh of that innocent beauty. The aunt didn't seem to notice this, but I did.

The aunt quickly ushered Ivonne and me into the house. The boyfriend's brother was passed out in the car and would be sleeping there the entire night. Ivonne took my hand and held it tight. I began to wonder what she was thinking, having just made out with her younger cousin.

The aunt made me a bed on the couch, while I sat and waited. She insisted on making it herself. Ivonne had gone to the room, so I used this time to admire her aunt's ass. This is where Bianca got it from, I though to myself, taking in every curve this older woman had to offer. After she finished she went to bed and I laid down. In my mind, I tried reliving every moment from the last few hours and began to fall asleep.

From the shadows of the sleeping house Ivonne emerged. She came and lay next to me. She'd changed from her dress, and was wearing tight cotton shorts that didn't cover much of her fleshy butt. Her light brown hair was pulled back and dangled down the back of her white t-shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra I noticed, and her small nipples proudly shown through the thin material. I didn't like her wearing those shorts around the house because of that pervert of a boyfriend her aunt had. When he was over visiting Maria, the aunt, I knew he thought himself to have stumbled upon a wonderland of females with shapely asses. He was never afraid to hide his staring eyes from Ivonne's backside, or trying to look up Bianca's skirts.

"I feel bad about what happened. It's bothering me." She told me.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean about Bianca. She's family...and I was kissing her, she fingered me. That's...what do you call it--incest, right? I'm not lesbian. No way near lesbian."

"Well, she did that to you, you weren't after her and besides, it doesn't mean your lesbian. I'm no expert, but I think being a lesbian is a lifestyle, you were just having fun. You did that for me, to please me."

"Do you like her?"

"No. I like you. I love you."

"Then what happened? Why did you put her hand on my pussy? Why were you kissing her and you let her suck your dick? She's my cousin...that's wrong."

I feared this would happen.

"I don't know. I was drunk, and excited."

"So you didn't like her sucking you off with me?"

"I won't lie. It was wonderful. My dream come true. I've always fantasized about being with two girls, you know that. You gave me that. Thank you." I knew I needed to say more. "At least it was with your cousin and not some stranger, right? I don't like Bianca, it was only sexual. I love you, and now I truly know you love me."

I put my hand up her shirt and felt her warm soft breasts. I cupped each one, letting my fingers brush against her pink nipples. I felt her stirring, her body moving to the side, her white legs squeezing around my own legs, all the things she does when turned on. She opened up her legs and pushed her hot pussy against my thigh. I reached down and took a hold of her smooth thigh.

"Did you like it?" I asked.


"You know. Having her finger you."

She smiled, both of her fragile dimples coming out on either side of her cheeks, and she sighed. Damn she was beautiful. I was really lucky to have her, I thought to myself. "It was different." She stifled a laugh. "She was choking on your dick. Did you see her? She's not very good at it."

I pinched her hardening nipple and I could feel her moving her hand down to my stiff cock.

"I mean, it was kind of erotic. She's got a big ass, not better than mine, but it's big. And she's pretty. I'm not going to lie, I check her out sometimes when we're changing." Ivonne told me. "I just don't want you to start liking her."

"Never. How could I?" But I wasn't so sure about that. Bianca was so innocent, and now I learned, willing. Her body was unexplored territory. I would have never thought her so capable of what she'd just done. And she had a crush on me, I told myself.

"Would you do something with her again?"

"Is that what you want? I'll do whatever you want...because I love you. I just want to make you happy.

I smiled in the darkness. Some guys get themselves into such lucky situations. You just have to be willing to take a chance...which I'd done, thanks to alcohol infused boldness; and it'd paid off. It could of backfired terribly of course, but luck had been on my side, and now came the dividends of youthful lust and experimentation.

Here I was with this beautiful, popular woman, and she would do anything for me...even have sex with her younger cousin, just for my satisfaction.

"Maybe we could get her to eat you out. Would you like that?" I tensed myself, waiting for the reaction I'd get.

"Would you fuck her?"

"Not unless you were okay with it."

"I don't know if I want you to. I'd get too jealous, I think. She's my cousin, remember?" This shocked me. I really didn't expect her to be talking like this. She was so jealous usually, but maybe she thought it was okay because she knew the girl, lived with her, was related to her. Ivonne was open to a lot of things. We'd tried just about everything, sexually speaking, except her taking it up the ass and involving other people. Twice we tried anal sex, but it had hurt her too much. When we'd talked of threesome's she always said maybe, one day in the far future, with a clean, complete stranger, someone I'd never see again, but I'd thought those false promise's. Now here I was listening to her tell me that she checks out her own cousins ass when they change together.

"You have to promise not to fall for her. You're mine." Ivonne reminded me. I could tell she was uncertain.

"I won't."

"You think she'll do it? Eat me out."

"We can only try. Come on."

"Right now?"

"Yeah, why not?"

"She's probably sleeping."

"Then let's wake her."

I stood up. My cock throbbing, thinking of what lay in store for me a few feet away. I pulled Ivonne off the couch. Her breasts bounced freely without a bra, her nipples as hard as rocks. Her white t-shirt barely covered her mid riff and her belly ring glistened in the light of a clock on the mantle of the living room. Her ass shook too. Man, it was big. The size of it was unexplainable for a girl of her frame. Her waist was so thin, but her lower half was all flesh. The shape of her butt was incredible, so were her thighs. I saw the string of a g-string up past the waist of her shorts. I gave her butt a squeeze and she pushed back on my hand.

"Tell me Bianca has a bigger ass than me?" She joked, and bent over just a enough with her back arched.

"No, she doesn't." I answered. I wanted to rip her shorts down and shove my cock up that mound of ass cheeks right then and there, but I needed to wait.

I led her to the room. It was difficult to navigate the house at night. I didn't know it that well. I thought I could hear moans in the dark hall, so I stopped and listened. Sure enough I heard it...and the sound of a bed knocking--it was the aunt, getting fucked by the boyfriend.

"That's your aunt." I whispered to Ivonne, smiling.

"Gross, right?"

"Come on."

We crept to the door and I took a deep breath, then opened it. It was a small room. A single queen size bed filled the center of it. This is where Ivonne slept with Bianca every night. Stuffed animals sat along the dresser opposite the bed. The window was open and a cool breeze made its way into the room as I opened the door.

Laying on the bed, still dressed in that short green plaid skirt and white stockings, was Bianca. Her silk black hair spread out over the pink pillows. She was on her stomach. Her arms up under her head. As my eyes adjusted the dim light of the room, I saw her body shape better. Oh, her ass was the most glorious thing when she lay in that position. Maybe she did have a better ass than Ivonne.

I ushered my girlfriend into the room and shut the door, careful to lock it. When I grabbed Ivonne's sweating hand and pulled her with me to the bed, she froze. I looked back to her and she shook her head no. Had she chickened out? My heart fell. But I needed to power on. So I yanked and she came.

Bianca lay on the far side of the bed, near the window, and we both walked to her side. I was holding my breath, walking as silent as I could. What were we going to do? Shake her awake? I wasn't sure, but her ass was like a magnet drawing me towards it.

Soon we were both standing along the side of the bed, staring down on Bianca. My eyes of course were to the sleeping beauty's ass. Slowly, I reached forward and touched the hem of her skirt, just as I did so, Ivonne grabbed my hand. Her touch shocked me, very nearly made my heart stop...she shook her head no again, but that wouldn't stop me.

I lifted the skirt back. Pulling it ever so softly up. The tops of her white stockings were now exposed. The thick sewn rims pushed tightly down into her dark brown flesh. Such a contrast of colors, I thought. Then I continued, watching the growing flesh of the backs of her thighs. I watched it widen and deepen, until suddenly the perfectly shaped thighs were over lapped by the crest of her ass. The sight sent chills down my back.

That little crease where her butt cheeks folded back over her thighs was magnificent. Up, and up and up her ass went from there. Curving as smooth and perfect as sculpted marble. I had before me, an ass gigantic in size, each cheek bowling ball round. Even Ivonne's perfect butt wasn't as smooth as this ass. Any man knows that a woman with a big ass has imperfections, cellulite maybe, but this tender meat was as perfect as it could be. From the depths of her ass cheeks, a small white thong emerged and flowered at the top of her butt, spreading over her wide hips. The white thong only helped to give beauty to her pecan colored skin.

And there it was. Laid out before me. I put my hand out and touched it. Gently laying it on her right ass cheek. My fingers spread outwards, the palm of my hand gliding over her warm skin. I decided to start at her calves and laid my hand down there, over her stockings. I took in the nylon and her shapely calves, and worked my way up, to her thighs, then to the tops of her stockings. When I reached her ass, I forgot about trying to be slick and quiet, it was too much for me now. I worked my finger under the crease of ass that met her thigh and watched it disappear from the world. Then I moved up to her voluptuous ass and gave it a nice squeeze. Watching it shake and quiver from my movements. She must really be knocked out, I told myself.

I remembered Ivonne next to me. I looked at her and she was watching me wide eyed. I took her hand and placed it on Bianca's ass. She was very hesitant, and only just rested her hand there, not enjoying what her cousin had to offer. I took her other hand and placed it on the back of Bianca's stockings. Then I pulled her down, so that she was on her knees beside the bed, as if ready for prayer over that divine piece of flesh before us.

"That's it." I whispered to Ivonne.

"Shh. I'm too scared."

I was kneeling down too, and I reached behind Ivonne and grabbed her fleshy butt. How her ass just melted in my hand at that moment, the difference between her and Bianca's butt extraordinary. I tugged at her shorts, and they slowly came down and rested where her knees bent on the carpeted floor.

"I thought you liked to check her ass out?"

"I do, but not touch it."

I looked behind Ivonne and saw her plump behind jutting out from her body. She was wearing the tiniest black g-string, and like how the white thong gave Bianca's skin justice, so did this black thong on Ivonne's snow white skin. The g-string cut into her skin in a long indent wherever it rode. Ivonne had nice flesh even over her hips when she was kneeled or bent over. Her ass just spilled out from her backside and invaded her hips in a wonderful shape that made you want to give it a squeeze or watch it shake.

"Rub it." I urged her. She still didn't move her hands, so I reached down between Ivonne's legs and let my fingers find the mound of her pussy between her shapely thighs. Already her g-string was soaked. I pushed upwards and moved her pussy lips around. I could tell she was enjoying it because her eyes were closed and her head tilted back a little. She took in her voluptuous bottom lip and bit downwards.

"Are you enjoying it?" I asked her.


"Let me see you squeeze her ass."

Ivonne did just that. The shadows from the dark room grew over Bianca's ass where she squeezed down on her cousins backside. From her bent over position she opened her legs up wide for me and bent forwards, pushing back and out that pussy of hers so that it was there for me to pleasure.

"Are you going to let her eat you out?" I asked her.

"Yes. Whatever you want, papi."

"Yeah, call me papi, and I want you to make Bianca call me daddy."

"Is that what you want, papi?" I nodded.

I couldn't wait anymore. I was so turned on I could have just shoved my throbbing cock into Ivonne's soaking pussy right there, but I knew we needed to get Bianca involved. Hopefully she'd wake, and not be in a bad mood. For her to have slept though all this, she must have been really drunk.

I leaned forward and gave Bianca's ass cheek a kiss. A nice sloppy lick. I wanted to worship this thing before she woke. Every time I saw Bianca, I was always waiting for a chance for her to turn around so that I could see this big thing, and here I was with it spread out before me, like some gift sent from above. I took in her soft skin and rubbed my tongue over her flesh, feeling how it moved under my touch. I grabbed a handful of butt and gently kneaded it over while my mouth traveled around this forbidden territory.

Down towards her crack I traveled and I let my tongue find its way down between those cheeks. Downwards I pushed and licked, never quite finding the bottom where I'd hoped to reach. My tongue swept around her backside, while my groping hand never let me forget how big this butt was before me. My tongue dangled its way over her canyon like ass crack, never finding the bottom of that wonderful thing, yet the heat coming from that forbidden area let me know her little hole was somewhere down there, waiting to be discovered like some lost treasure. I moved forwards and as her ass crack ended I finally got a taste of her thong with my tongue, and I traced it up to where it ended at the small of her back, then followed it back down to the hidden depths of her pillowy ass cheeks.

When I looked up, Ivonne was watching me like a hawk. I couldn't read the expression on her face, but I don't think she was too pleased with what I'd just done to her cousin.

"I don't know if I want to do this." She whispered to me, when I pulled my face away from Bianca's magic.


"You really like her ass, don't you? Promise you won't fall for her. She's my cousin."

"No. This is just sex. Come on. Give her ass a kiss, just like I did. Let's both enjoy her, don't let me have all the fun, or it won't be fair, right? You said you'd do anything for me."

"I will."

She kissed me then. Her lips taking on mine, and our tongues found each others. Her kiss was a desperate one. She was madly in love with me, and wanted me to know it. It's sad sometimes when I think back how I used that love to make her do this thing with her own cousin, but I remind myself if she really didn't want to do it she could have always said no.

As we kissed, I put my hand back between Ivonne's thighs and inserted my finger into her. She was sopping wet now. Her clit was swollen, and I rubbed the small nub that seemed to control the random flexing of her muscles through out her body.

Ivonne leaned over, her tongue sticking out of her mouth until it touched down on her cousin's ass cheek. It flicked over the dark tanned skin of Bianca, gliding like a skate over ice, up and down those massive ass cheeks. Ivonne stopped to fix her hair, pulling a tie from her wrist and quickly putting those brown locks into a ponytail, then went back to work. Giving the gentlest kisses I've ever seen, so that her lips looked to barely touch Bianca's butt.

I tried to take in the entire scene. I wanted to memorize the moment and not get lost in it or take it for granted. Bianca lay on the bed, her jet black hair whipped around her face and arms over pink pillows. She was wearing a small silver dress blouse, which we could only see the back of. Then, bunched around her waist was her green plaid skirt pulled up, giving everyone a view of that ass and white thong. Over her impressive shapely ass, would have been one of the most attractive Latina's you could imagine, happily licking away at the skin of that exposed butt, as if it were some giant lollipop she was secretly trying to get to the middle of.

Ivonne was stunningly beautiful and she knew it. If she'd had no body at all, her looks would have carried her through life with a breeze. She had the slightest accent when she spoke, otherwise you might assume she was white. She had light brown eyes, almost a hazel green, and light brown curly hair pulled back into a ponytail. Her skin was that of milk, and maybe you could see the showing of her hard nipples through the white t-shirt she wore. After Ivonne, you'd see the dark flesh of Bianca's two thick thighs. Then those sexy white stockings wrapped her tanned legs all the way down to the tips of her small feet.

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