tagGroup SexTeaching Chantelle Ch. 05

Teaching Chantelle Ch. 05


The story thus far: I was visiting Chantelle at her new house. She and Tom had invited me to visit, but he had to travel on business at the last minute, so it was just me and her. Our first night (Chapter 4) was fabulous. The next day, we were planning on getting together for dinner with Chantelle's friend Jessica. This chapter continues immediately from Chapter 4.


After Chantelle and I finally made it out of bed and showered, we realized it was a gorgeous day. We decided to stick with our plan of hitting the zoo. Along the way, we texted Jess and invited her to join us. Our plan was to hit the grocery and go home to make dinner after we spent some time at the zoo.

The zoo turned out to be a blast, and after Jess arrived it was even more fun. Jess and Chantelle obviously knew each other really well, and their personalities were completely compatible. Jess was a few inches taller than Chantelle and a bit curvier, with D-cup breasts (vs. Chantelle's B-cup) and shoulder-length dark hair. She was a little quieter than Chantelle, but with a dry sense of humor that contrasted nicely with Chantelle's lighter personality and openness. Jess had a way of giving you a frank stare that conveyed just what she was thinking – but then would fall back to an easy smile that made everything okay. And she was perfectly comfortable making some funny observation out of the blue that would throw you off until you figured it out and laughed with her.

We quickly settled into a comfortable place, all three of us talking together as if we were old friends, and wandered the zoo until the afternoon turned too hot. When we finally got back to Chantelle's after hitting the grocery, we were all feeling like a bit of mess and decided that showers were in order all around. Jess hadn't brought any other clothes, but she was close enough to Chantelle's size that she could make do, even if a borrowed t-shirt might be a little tight.

Jess and Chantelle showered first, and both came out of the master suite looking and smelling fresh, Jess in shorts and a t-shirt as planned, and Chantelle in a short skirt and t-shirt. An idle thought of I wonder if they showered together? crossed my mind, and I laughed at myself. I wanted to get close to Chantelle to give her a big hug (I like clean, and wet hair fresh out of the shower is a turn on to me for some reason), but when I got too close, she wrinkled her nose and sent me off to the shower. Oh well. Later.

When I came out, I found Chantelle and Jess chatting in the kitchen, just starting to get moving on dinner. I did give Chantelle a big hug this time, and then opened a bottle of red wine, pouring a glass for each of us. The dinner plan was for Chantelle to make scallops and red peppers in cream sauce, over noodles, grilled vegetables, and bread. Nothing too fancy, but good nevertheless.

"Oh, damn it!" Chantelle was rummaging around in the refrigerator.

"What?" I went over to her.

She slammed the door shut. "I don't believe it. I need to run back to the store." She thought for a second. "I'm just going to go right now, it won't take too long. I guess I'll get dessert too - nobody thought of that. Are you guys good to hang out for a few minutes? Maybe you can get started on appetizers and dinner while I'm gone, okay?"

"No problem, we're on it!" I responded as Chantelle went out the door. Jess and I started digging through the refrigerator and cabinets. "Let's see, I have cheese and crackers. Can you make the salad?"

"Sure can." We began putting everything together, appetizers on one plate, cutting vegetables for salad, and getting ready to cook the pasta. It turned out that we worked really well together even as we had to work around each other in the kitchen. The afternoon had given us a chance to get comfortable with each other, and the fact that we both knew Chantelle helped a lot too. We found ourselves talking alternately about her, and more about ourselves and what we each did.

"You know, Chantelle told me a lot about you before I ever knew you were coming to visit," said Jess.

"Really?" I asked. "I guess that's good. Hopefully it wasn't all bad. I wish she lived back closer to me so I could see her more often."

"No way, she needs to stay out here! We hit it off right away. I really like her."

I laughed. "Okay, I didn't really think she'd be moving back. We've actually been mostly out of contact the past couple of years. We knew each other pretty well a few years ago, but then when she first moved out here, we lost touch for a few years."

"Oh, I know you knew each other pretty well back then. Chantelle told me about some of your 'adventures.'"

Oh shit, she had? "Oh she did? Really? That's all kind of personal." I took a sip of wine as I felt the blood rise in my face. I was a little surprised that Chantelle had said anything. But I was curious too. "So, uh... So what did she say?"

"Are you blushing? That's so cute!" She smiled to let me know it was okay. "It's all good! Actually, she said all nice things. She said you guys were great together in bed. Mostly because you kept making sure she was satisfied."

"Well, yeah, don't you think it's way more fun when everyone is having fun?"

"But not all guys are like that, you know. My last boyfriend..." Jess rolled her eyes. "Well, he was much more interested in what I could do for him than what he could do for me. So I've been going without for a while."

Jess continued to chop vegetables for the salad. Then she looked at me directly again with that appraising stare.

"She also told me that you and she and Tom got together."

I almost choked. "She did?"

"Yup. That was that trip back home a few months ago. I remember she came back just exhausted. But the next few days she would just kind of start grinning at random. I asked her what had gotten into her, and she kind of blushed. It took me a while to worm it out of her. But when I want something, I'm persistent."

"Yeah. Well, she was right, it was a great weekend. She's, um, open-minded." I drank some more of my wine, looking the other way.

"Apparently you and Tom are, too. And you don't need to be embarrassed! I liked hearing about it. She thought it was awesome. I was kind of jealous."

"Oh. Uh. Okay."

She laughed. "Relax! She didn't tell me everything... just enough to make me intrigued." I was still blushing.

"Well, yeah, but, you know, um, not everyone has the chance for a threesome like that. Or interest. I mean, people are different... I didn't know what to think...but it was fun. And...um." I realized I was just blabbering now. "I just didn't think she'd tell anyone," I finished lamely.

Jess chuckled. "You're cute when you're embarrassed. Like I said, I had to work to get it out of her. I just like talking about sex, and wanted to find out what she was up to." She munched on some cheese on a cracker for a minute, then took another sip of her wine. "So Chantelle didn't say she told me about your weekend?"

"Um, nope. I certainly didn't think she'd share details!"

"I always like to talk about sex. Both in and out of bed. It turns me on to talk with someone special." She got kind of a playful look in her eye and gave me that direct look again. "I had a boyfriend once who could almost get me there just by talking to me about what we were doing. Or going to do."

Then Jess shook her head and said, "But anyway, the main point is, it's no big deal that Chantelle told me about you. If she were going to tell you about me, there wouldn't be much to say. I haven't really been in a relationship for about six months. She'd just tell you that I'm horny and complaining about it."

"Sorry to hear that. Sometimes it's hard being alone." I decided to play a little too. "But I'm sure you must have some ways to take care of at least some of that problem..."

"Oh, yeah, for sure, lots of ways." She grinned and wiggled her fingers at me suggestively. "And Chantelle told me that you bought her her first vibrator. But still, it's nice to be with someone."

"Have you ever, uh, you know, with two guys? Like we did?"

"Actually, no. I came close once in college after a night of drinking. But then my boyfriend fell asleep, and the other guy was a good friend and wasn't sure about the whole thing anyway, and so he left."

"That idiot. He missed out! And that must have taken a lot of self-control to stop! I'm not sure I could have. Chantelle was right that it was a really good weekend. But it definitely takes the right three people. I'm kind of surprised it went so well. I mean, I knew Chantelle really well, but not Tom." I sat for a minute, swirling my wine and thinking back to that weekend. "Did she give you details?"

"Some. Just the high points. Stuff she knew I'd be interested in. Like some stuff with you and Tom... hot, very hot. And unusual." I almost choked on my wine. Again. Apparently, Chantelle hadn't avoided the most intimate details.

"I, uh, oh. Yeah. A little unusual. I didn't know she told you everything. And, uh, you were okay hearing all that?"

"Okay with it? I told you I was jealous! I was horny for a week after hearing about the weekend!" Jeez, she was open, wasn't she? "What girl wouldn't want double the attention?" Then she leaned over the counter toward me. "And getting to watch you? And Tom? Even just a little? Priceless." She laughed. "Maybe I like to watch, too. I thought it all sounded really, really hot."

"Well, we didn't really do that much. But, yeah, it was pretty hot. In fact..." I raised my eyes and looked into hers. "I was kind of looking forward to something like that again when I visited on this trip."

"Well, duh, I didn't think you were just coming to go to the zoo! And Chantelle was really excited about the visit too. It's too bad Tom isn't here. I was going to get some more good fantasies!" She laughed, and then looked at me appraisingly. "I hope you two are still able to have fun."

I raised an eyebrow at Jess. Then I grinned. "I will say, I had a good night last night. And slept well, too."

She sighed. "Well, good for you two." But she had a faraway look in her eye as she said it. I wondered if hearing about someone else's romance - or even pure, hot sex – was a little painful for her right then.

We just sat for a few seconds. Then I cleared my throat. "So. Do you know Tom well? Partly it worked because he was very understanding, and I guess excited for the whole thing too. And I think he's okay with me being here with just Chantelle. I think as long as he knows she's coming back at the end of the day, he's okay with a lot of things. Do you know, he told me once that he had trouble keeping her satisfied?"

"Really? Is her sex drive that high?"

"You've noticed she has no personal space?"

Jess laughed. "There's no missing that! I don't have any other friends like that. It's actually kind of nice, to be able to be close to her all the time." Kind of like Jess and I were doing as we worked; we were near each other, very comfortably. "And she does like to be hugged."

"And kissed. Touch is important to her. And she's cute. Very 'all American girl.'" I looked directly at Jess. "Kind of like you, actually. Really pretty, and nice too."

Jess glanced down, blushing just a little herself. "Flatterer. That's sweet. Thank you."

"I mean it. So, not trying to pry, but have you just decided you don't want to look for a boyfriend right now? Too much trouble?"

"I suppose. I don't meet a lot of men at the place I work, and the bar scene is fun but not conducive to Mr. Right. I can pick up a guy if I want, but without knowing the guy, having some connection? It's not usually for me. Guys can be pretty easy to manipulate if you want to. But I don't."

"That easy? How so?"

"You're all so predictable! A little flash of skin, a little touch, and you're all just putty in our hands... Here, let me just demonstrate, in the interest of science." With that comment Jess leaned in close to talk softly in my ear. I could feel her breath on my ear. She placed her hand on my leg just above my knee, and said, "I know I can get a get a guy excited just like this. Just talking. About nothing." As she was saying this I felt her move her hand in small circles, moving slowly further up, feeling her fingernails run over my skin and then moving, just a little, onto my inner thigh. "Girls like it too. But for you guys, it really seems to hit a switch that's not easy to turn off."

She continued to run her fingernails in circles. I felt a surge of excitement run through my entire body, but it felt especially strong in my abdominal region and my cock, which started to swell almost immediately. As I stared fixedly ahead, holding my body still in suspense, I could hear Jess continuing to breathe near my ear, coming closer, until I could feel her breath on my ear...

Then she stopped.

Jess sat up in her chair, taking her hand off my thigh and reaching for her wineglass. I let out my breath (I hadn't realized I'd been holding it) with a shudder. My heart was beating fast as I looked at Jess.

"Oh my, you do have the touch." My cock might not have had time to get completely hard, but I could feel the blood pounding in it as I tried to regain some composure. "And that's it? That's all it takes. A little tease?"

She looked at me trying to have an innocent expression, but I could see a little glimmer in her eye. "Oh, it was just being friendly. Nothing sexual about it at all." She laughed. "I can be a bit of a tease. And my girlfriends too. There were a few times, just for fun, when a few of my girlfriends and I were out at one bar or another, and we'd start kissing. Sometimes we made a show of it for the guys watching. Other times just because we were enjoying it. Any guys who were nearby would get very, very interested then."

I felt the blood rush to my face and my cock at the same time. My mouth felt dry as I croaked, "Really? Oh."

"Yup. We don't really do it anymore, but for a while, it was pretty fun. And like I said, all the guys reacted."

"I, uh, I'll bet. And, um, I guess you liked it. Or you wouldn't have done it."

"Of course we liked it! But that wasn't the main point."

"Uh huh. I know. To tease the guys. But, um, was it a turn on for you to? And your friends? Did it go anywhere?"

Jess burst out laughing. "See, I knew it! You're really interested now, are you? And want to know what comes next? Guys always ask that. They assume that you have to go beyond kissing to have fun."

I blushed. "Uh, okay, sorry, forget I asked." I had another drink.

"It's just another one of those things that proves just how easy guys are to manipulate. We could lead them around by their...well, you know. We got free drinks, dancing, all because of a little kissing."

Jess hopped down from the barstool she was on to go over to the sink. As she passed me, she paused to whisper in my ear, "And yes, it was a turn-on. As to whether it went anywhere..." Jess stepped away to continue walking, "Well, that's for me to know, and you to wonder about."


Before I could pursue the conversation any more, Chantelle got back from the store. "Okay guys, the food has arrived! Nice job with the appetizers and everything... Awesome! I'll have to leave you two here alone more often." Jess and I looked at each other and laughed at that. "Now let's cook!"

It took us about a half hour more before we were able to sit down to eat. Our dinner conversation was great, and we talked about all kinds of stuff from boyfriends to work to food to our hometowns. And of course, a bit about sex. Jess revealed that while Chantelle was out, Jess had told me that she knew about our threesome. I pretended to be mad at Chantelle about telling, and she looked a little stricken until I told her it was fine and I was just kidding. Jess admitted she was a little lonely without a significant other in her life, but then someone made a joke about being alone and we ended up talking about different kinds of vibrators (they each had a rabbit and agreed it was clearly the favorite).

After we did the dishes, we moved to the living room, bringing another bottle of wine with us. Somehow we got onto talking about the threesome again as we sat on the couch, and Jess remarked that she wished she could have been there. We both assured her that she'd have her turn, and that the right guy just had to come along. She started to look a bit sad about not having a partner, saying it was both for fun and because she just missed the closeness of being physically with someone. There wasn't much to say, but we both moved to hug her and ended up in a very comfortable group hug. After a minute, she jumped up to use the bathroom, leaving Chantelle and I sitting very close to each other. I put my arm around her while we sat, and gave her a kiss.

"She's a little sad, isn't she?" I asked Chantelle.

"You know, she usually really isn't. She's super fun. I think it just caught up with her tonight. It's sometimes hard to be the third person when you know the other two are involved."

"I know. We all go through those times. But it's surprising. She's so nice. And pretty."

"I think she's really pretty, too. And you two have hit it off really well."

"We have. I'm really glad I got to meet her." We sat for a minute. "All this conversation on and off about sex has gotten me kind of turned on." I kissed her again, and she responded enthusiastically. "It's gotten me thinking, too. Do you think..." I paused, not sure if I wanted to raise something that might not fly. I knew Chantelle had been with women a couple of times, and enjoyed it, but it had been a few years.

"What? Spit it out."

"Well...we both like her... I know it's been a while, but do you think she might ever be interested in, um, joining us? For more than just dinner?"

"Down, boy! Well, I do think she's hot, and I've seen her in a swimsuit too. She's even hotter there," Chantelle laughed. "I think...." She looked thoughtful. "It might be a lot of fun. But let's see what happens. I know she's open-minded." That was good to know. "But she's a good friend."

"Does the idea turn you on, just a little?" Chantelle looked away, then back at me, then nodded. With that, a very different sexual tension started to rise. She started to say more. "But we've never even k..." And just then Jess walked back into the room, and Chantelle quickly looked away from me, blushing, trying to look anywhere but at Jess.

I decided to get up to use the bathroom myself. But before I left, I whispered in Chantelle's ear, "If you want to see what happens, I do too." Chantelle was still a little bit red glancing up at me, but then I was past her and out of the room.

When I returned and sat back down, Jess was sitting long ways on the couch with her legs across Chantelle's lap, and Chantelle was rubbing them. She started to move, but I said "No, stay there," and sat down on the other side of Chantelle. I reached out and began rubbing Jess's feet as Chantelle worked on her calves. She leaned her head back with her eyes closed, and sighed loudly. "That feels so good after walking around today!"

As we rubbed Jess's legs, I decided to reopen one of our earlier conversations. "So, when we were talking before, it sounded like you were pretty interested in hearing about our threesome." Jess's eyes popped open, and Chantelle shot me a sharp look. "I don't know exactly what Chantelle told you, but is there anything else you wanted to know? I'd be happy to fill you in."

"Hey, who said you could talk about that? That's personal!" said Chantelle.

"Too late for that, baby. You already told. It seems like now I can tell more if I want to." I stuck my tongue out at her. She was sitting frozen, her face getting pink. Busted. I looked back at Jess. "Anything?"

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