tagSci-Fi & FantasyTeaching Death About Love

Teaching Death About Love


My name is Roseanne I'm the average normal looking person and about a week ago. I was told I about to die don't ask me why or how? I was in a car crash I had been banged up so bad that the piece of metal stuck right near my heart. Scary that at any time it can end my life on this plane.

I have had boyfriends in the past but I had been single for three years now before my death. My mate always had this girl get together. Usually it was to do with sex toys and other things. Even though the DR said I was not allowed to do any sexing as my GP put it.

My accident had been the reason; I ended up in hospital for about a month and a half. I had been driving towards my friend's mansion it was icy and snowing then and from the day before. 'BANG'. All I renumber apart from the pain, blood and smell of smoke and well this sound odd but the smell of a man was there odd yeah maybe it was the driver.

Believe it or not people say they see a light at the end of the tunnel. I did but it was him I saw. This was not my sex crazed ex thank god I hope I was not going to hell hopefully considering my life and its bad things.

Well I renumber a man his eyes where so blue that they reflected the light, his hair was black as the raven's feathers and his body looked as if the gods had made it. Its was his robe it was like the grim reaper at Halloween considering it had been Halloween three weeks back. Hearing his voice it sounded like velvet and sweet chocolate hearing my name I stood my anger vibrating I spoke "Who the hell are you," I shouted my heart hammering "How do you know me." My hair matches my temper my hair is red fiery. This is funny my green eyes blaze an emerald colour quite deep if I get pissed off.

Felling his hands grab my upper arms. I gasped his hands where warm and strong but soft he had long fingers, "Roseanne" he whispered but my name came radiating out like an echo. "You where never meant to die like this my love," he said creasing my hair and kissing the top of my head his voice was the one who helped me heal. Suddenly I hear a voice well seems I was pulled out of my dream by another voice.

Later I woke up my dream of him was kept silent and I never told anyone to this day my heartbeats faster when I see him but its only a dream. The police came and interviewed me it seemed the lorry driver had not put special tyres on. Ones the grip the snow well he was dead on impact it seemed that someone had found him dead and then found me breathing and pulled me out.

Now after all my recovering I still have problems my leg was broken in two places. I had scars on my arms and body. The worst part was the lorry or truck what ever you want to call it had sharp metal poles on the back. They had flown off the back one had ended spared through my chest and back. I was lucky to still be alive the doctors had said that the metal tip could not be removed, as there was problem's it was stuck and I had had enough surgery for once.

That night I slept my T-shirt had bunched it self around my breast's there creamy whiteness showing above the blanket my hand ran over my body feeling past the scars. Down to my hips the silky softness made me think of him thrusting him self inside me. Suddenly my room was flooded with a light. It wasn't scary but it was peaceful like angel's voices.

I renumber a clip clop sound seems that what you here that means death come to visit. Suddenly I heard a voice it shocked me I was dressed in all white. My flame red hair was down my back in waves. The white dress was different the sides where my legs where was slits. The dress was beautiful it hugged the places I wanted to show and covered the bad places.

"Roseanne my love is it you" he gasped he had changed his eyes where the same colour as I renumbered but his hair was white as the purest angels wing. I was ready to face this person wait I seen the robes before but could not place them. Hopefully this guy would give me a name.

"Yes that's me but who are you," I asked raising my eyebrows I was no one's love god he was not like my ex well he was sexy as hell better than my ex. Bloody basted hoped he rotted in hell with his balls showed down his mouth. Sorry that's a bit harsh but you have to meet him to understand.

"Ah sorry" he spoke his voice held amusement. " I have not introduced myself. I'm death and you are my lover." What the hell I was his lover I was stunned one I did not know him, two who was he to think he was death, and three where was the you've been framed cameras when you need them.

"Like I believe that, this is a set up," I laughed scanning the room for hidden CCTV. Showing me to the side he ran his hand over the water. Well it was like a basin but it was transparent seeing my self I was about to speak when he placed a long pale finger over my lips.

Seeing my flat I gasped there I was lying in my bed the sound of music played it helped me relax seeing my self I saw no blood no wounds I had died from internal problems. Turning away I walked over to the bed and sat down.

"I cant be dead I cant," I realised that I had felt a sharp pain in my chest it was like a knife nickering one of the small arteries it had been the fact I bleed internally

I sat down my body had been left behind yet my soul had not moved forward and changed. I looked at him maybe. I could be the lover of death but did I want to try and learn. Moving to one side he stood waiting for an answer my heart that was not broken still beat it's tempo as normal but I was dead that scared me silent for once.

He looked at me with hope maybe he could love me for me. I shook my head I need time seeing my confusion he spoke." You don't need to rush; you are welcome here since. I am death and owner of the company and other things I would like it for you to be my consort and lover" he smiled holding out his hand to me.

Taking it I followed him making me spin he changed me form the white into a black outfit well like a business suit but a bit more sexy. Suddenly a white horse came forward his name was lighting. Sitting there I went back to where I was dead see he gave me one last gift and I love him for that.

My death came as a shook to my family and me; my flat mate had found me there asleep. I knew I was in good hands and happy I had become death lover. See he knew I did not want to waste away so he had sent my friend a sort of dream angel message.

She had entered my flat calling my name she had gone into my bedroom and found me. Luckily enough she had checked my pulse. Suddenly looked up I had just kissed my lover and my friend saw. See she was psychic seeing me there she had smiled and nodded. "Keep safe and be happy old friend" was her last thought my family where told and I spoke letting them know I was safe and well.

The Dr had opened me and well it's like CSI do on Tv when they find some one dead, It revealed that the metal sharp bit from my accident had pieced my heart and my lung I was dead as soon as I was asleep. Well I'm now finished watching the last person walk to their fate. See I meet god and the devil there not so bad as history says.

See the devil was a fallen angel who was close to god. Well he liked me and we spoke and he gave me a gift a red robe for when it got cold and a horse that is black that was cool gift oh his name well I might call him Silvering as he has a pair of wings with silver tips. He gave me the last gift was to decide if the person should have a second chance laugh if you want I nearly did but the devil understood and well we are good friends.

When I meet god he told me a lot he gave me three gifts one was wings which are black and silver see my lover has them as well. I have a gift to sense good and evil and the last was to see my family in heaven any time. Who says god doesn't take care of people?

Can death teach a young woman about love can he take her and make her understand maybe? I don't know I still need to trust him and my self. I'm now helping him and enjoying my self? Now I'm doing my best to keep safe and move about life gets easy and hard but I'm in love and I'm happy maybe one day you will see me and see my lover as well.

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