tagBDSMTeaching Her How to Submit

Teaching Her How to Submit


I am so very nervous. I have never been with a man before. My juices flow, I usually get scared and run away. All the while I am really wanting a man to show me what to do and how to use my body correctly. But alas fear wins out and I run away.

We are laying in bed together, you are on top of me and you begin to whisper things in my ear that are scaring me and driving me wild at the same time.

"You are so beautiful, and I will teach you slowly and painfully the ways to please a man." You say.

You continue between my moans and sighs "You will learn to please me and nothing else will matter to you. I will humble you and use your body for my pleasures. I will teach you the art of making love and submitting to your Master's every whim."

These things make me so wet and hot. You know I am a virgin and am not versed in the art of making love, nor servitude. Now I am here and under your control completely.

"You are made to pleasure man and to receive him when ever his desire hits. You will learn that your needs come second, and pleasing him is the most important thing of all. You will understand in time that this will bring you pleasure."

Your words whirl around in my head like time spinning out of control. Things are surreal and I don't care. As long as I am in your arms nothing else matters.

"First thing you should understand is that this will hurt you. That I derive immense pleasure in this and that you will too, in time."

Fear strikes my heart as, as these words register in my mind, and my eyes open up, to see an evil grin dance across your lips.

"You will learn to like it, and then you will crave it, like a drug you will beg for the punishments yet to come. First of all, I believe I shall take your innocence."

With that you drive your cock into my unused pussy, that has seen nothing larger than a finger or two. I feel your size enter me with force! The pain steels away my breath and as you tear my young sex. I feel my hymen rupture at the force of your throbbing cock it resigns to your advances as you enter me wholly.

I cry out, you cover my mouth with the palm of your hand. "Quiet!" You scold me. "You are always to remain silent, unless you wish me to stop. If I stop I will walk away and not look back."

That is a fear that I had not considered and the worst punishment my mind could think of by far. Little did I know then...

You begin to rock your hard body back and forth on my small body, I feel you filling me and the withdrawing 'til just the head is inside me. You are in a rhythm now and it feels as if I will rip in two, but at the same time, I begin to feel pleasure. I want more and I wrap my legs around you. This also eases my pain slightly. Tears are running down my cheeks. You look down at me and kiss my tears and smile.

"You are doing very well, my dear, however I do not wish to make you pregnant." You slip out of me and rub the head against my ass. You entering my there has never occurred to me before now. As you push and probe for the right spot to enter I shake my head and think to myself "Oh no, oh no!" But I do not utter a sound. You ease it paste the first muscle and I feel myself fighting this intrusion. The pain shoot through me and I see stars behind my eyes. I bury my face into your chest and sob. You push in farther and deep and I feel muscles relax a bit. That is the sign to you and you push in all the way. I bite down on your chest and curl my finger into a fist and sob as you begin to fuck my ass. Before long you have a steady rhythm going and the pain subsides a little but not much. Again you whisper to me.

"Oh you are so tight and so hot inside your ass. It feels so good. I am going to cum in your ass now feel my heat."

With that you feel harder than before and larger too! Then I feel you pump your sperm into my bowels. I melt as this is the most incredible feeling I have ever had, and a wave of pleasure washes over my. "S-S-Something is, happening!" I cry out, I shake my head back and forth and grind my hips into you. Rushes of pleasure, waves of ecstasy wash over me and I can't control myself. "Oh yea, oh yea." Is all I can say.

As the feeling subsides, I look up at you and you chuckle a bit and say, as you withdraw from me "That's my girl. You are a little anal slut."

"Wh-what was that?" I stammer as I try and catch my breath.

"Your first of many my dear, your first of many. It was am orgasm. Which I will allow you to have once you have pleased me well."

"Is that the pleasure you spoke of earlier?"

"That is one of them and the most intense, however you will derive pleasure from many small things you do for me as well. You will learn that taking care of my needs as a willing slave, that will bring you many pleasures and you will learn them all with time."

For weeks she went through her training. She was whipped several times a day, and shackled to the wall in the corner of her Master's room to sleep at night. He always bathed her and moisturized her skin with his favorite scents. She adored the time he spent on pampering her. As each day passed she also noticed that she began to crave he whippings. Those hated whippings were now not only becoming routine but that she enjoyed them. She was glad that he whipped her for his pleasure, and not just for punishments.

The Test

Part II

A month later.

Master has moved Willowe in with him. She is coming along nicely with her lessons.

"Tonight my dear I am having a little get together. I want you to wear this and to serve at my party."

He lays a little French maids uniform out on the bed. Only it is mostly just and apron and lace. No underpants and nothing really to cover her top. She blushes. She has learned to live nude and hasn't worn any clothes to speak of sense the day she submitted herself to him wholly. Now tonight was a test of her willingness to serve.

"Try it on. I want to see you in it. There are a few accessories that go with it. He pulls out Four leather cuffs and a collar. She slips into the little apron and pulls the lace top over her head and sees that her breasts stick out half way on either side. Her apron is open in the back and her little bottom is exposed. The hem of the skirt comes only to the bottom edge of her pubic area. Which is shaved clean. She some how feels more exposed wearing this that when she was nude. She felt like a sex toy if she ever was one. The he put her cuffs and collar on her.

"As the guests arrive greet each one at the door on your hands and knees. Kiss the tops of each foot and let them in ask them to put their coats on your back. You are not to stand up unless serving drinks or food. And whatever they ask of you, you will do so with out objection. You will be punished for the first sound of resistance that passes your lips. You are not to speak unless directly asked to respond. Then you should reply with "Yes master as it pleases you, to me. Any others are only to be addressed as Sir, Do you understand?"

Her heart races as tears roll down her cheeks. "Yes Master, as it pleases you." she replies and goes to her hands and knees before him. She bows down and places kisses on each foot.

He brings out a few whips, paddles, and straps. He warms her up a bit before company arrives. He starts first with the paddle to get that nice even red glow all over her backside and upper thighs. Then after several cracks with the paddle he begins with the strap. He lays some heavy blows across he ass and watches as her bright red ass becomes decorated with purplish welts that criss-cross. She begins to sob and he gives her a moment of reprieve, reaching down between her lips he feels her dampness. His touch elicits a moan of pleasure. Her lips are throbbing and swollen as her moisture begins to roll down her thighs. He grins and tells her what a nasty little whore she is. She sobs more because she knows he is right. Why would she be getting so wet if she were not?

He takes a smaller strap and has her bend over and put her forehead on the floor, he begins to whip her wet nether lips. She cries out which only brings her harder blows for breaking her silence. She drips more and begins to reach out for each blow upon her sex. Wanting that sting wanting the humiliation. Wanting to feel her Masters lashing well after the party has started. She knows she will not be able to lye at his feet, but she must be passed around to strangers for his amusement. The thoughts of leaving his side scare her, but also excites her. Thinking of the ways they might use her and the humiliations she will have to endure, she can feel her lips begin to swell more and heat to fill her. She is sopping wet. Master takes his finger and shoves it up her ass as hard and fast as he can. She gasps out and sucks in, he smiles, He works his middle finger in as well, then his ring and next his pinky. Again she sobs, the tears roll freely down her cheeks as he begins to put his thumb in her as well. Suddenly he withdraws and begins his on slot of whipping.

The doorbell sounds and he stops. Willowe answer the door, he commands. She goes to the door as fast as she can on all fours. She raises up to turn the knob and then backs down before the door opens to reveal who stands on the other side. She casts her eyes to the ground. Sees a pair of wing tips and kisses each shoe delicately. Then turns around waiting for the jacket to be placed on her back. She feels cold fingers enter her. She clenches and releases as the stranger pats her bottom and replies to her Master.

"She a wet one isn't she? Definitely a good choice, I see she has been recently punished. I love to see the beautiful red and swollen skin. It does enhance the beauty of ones slave doesn't it?"

"Come here girl and release my cock and suck it while we wait for the rest." Demands the stranger. Willowe feels, as if she is in a trance, his voice is so deep that is sounds like a drum, smoothly keeping rhythm as he speaks. She crawls over and places her hands on his zipper. A hard blow from behind her lands on her ass and lips.

"You are NOT to use your hands unless absolutely necessary!"

The pain and shock of the whip startles her and she sobs out loud. The whip comes down harder blow after blow. She wants to turn and kiss his feet feverishly begging for forgiveness. She does her best to compose herself and undo his zipper with her teeth as her Master continues to whip her. Each sting of the whip creates her clit, to pulse and her lips to throb as her moisture drips down between her legs and runs down her thigh to the floor beneath her knees.

Finally the man cock springs from the confines of his trousers and she begins to kiss and lick it. She then sucks it into her mouth. She notices it is not as long as her Masters is but twice as thick. She is not used to it shape and it is harder to maneuver but after a few clumsy attempts she does get it in her mouth and begins to suck with vigor. He smells and tastes different and she enjoys the newness of it all.

As she sucks him she wonders what the next one will taste like, smell like, feel like? Will his come taste as different as his cock does? Will he allow her to swallow? Surely he will not soil her so early on in the evening? Or will he?

As guests arrive Willowe answers the door and invites them in with the view of her naked and well-whipped ass. She glistens with moisture and proudly takes each coat back to the bed room where she lays each coat on the bed, not before she smells each one trying to pick up the scent of each new Master that joins the party.

There are six that arrive in all. Willowe is hungry for each upcoming event. She trembles with excitement as each guest takes notice of her, in his own way. One grabs her swollen ass cheeks hard as hold them tight for a brief moment; one shoves his fingers in each hole and spanks her bare bottom with his free hand. When the tears begin to roll down her cheeks he goes harder, fucking her with his hand faster. Only when she is sobbing is he satisfied enough to stop. Then next just pats her head like she were a pet. One man though the one she fears the most pushes her hard with his foot on her backside. She falls to the floor and begins to weep. He looks as if he aims to kicker her in spot tender spot, but her Master commands, 'Enough! She is my slave not your! You are not to hurt her! She is not here for your destruction! She is here for My pleasure. If destruction is your pleasure then leave at once!"

The Mean One backs off, he raises his hands in the air like giving up. "Sorry, no offense intended. It was a joke. I wouldn't really hurt her, she is not mine to hurt."

Willowe got back up on all fours and crawls quickly to her Masters feet and plants lavish kisses on them. She is trembling from fear.

Her master pets her head and has her go to the kitchen to bring in the drinks.

Quickly she scurries off. As she comes out with the tray, she sees the Mean One looking at her. She sees his face for the first time. His eyes look menacing and she knows she had better be careful around him.

As she passes out each drink she, each man touches her or pats her. One pinches her nether lips and twists as she pours his drink. One puts his fingers inside her. He then dabs his drink with the same finger and touches her sex again. She feels the burn of the alcohol and she squirms as her moisture begins to flow again.

Her nerves begin to jump as she approaches the Mean One with his drink. She begins to tremble as she approaches his side. She starts to set his glass down and he grabs her wrist. She gasps out in surprise and splashes a bit on the table. "Her Master looks up and scorns her with a look.

"He is going to make me get punished." She Thought. " I wonder if I can handle it?"

The Mean One slips his hand under her skirt and grabs her lips and twists them between his fingers, he then pulls them down slowly but firmly, finally she can no longer takes it and bends down to him. He whispers in her ear.

"Your Master is weak. I would have been lashing you right now for your clumsiness."

He then spreads her sex and pushes two fingers deep into her. He rubs her anus with his thumb, and whispers again.

"If you were mine you would have a phallus in your ass right now. I would keep you full always, as well as always ready to receive." With saying so, he thrust his thumb into with such force she almost lost her balance, but took a step forward to keep it.

"I will punish you good tonight." He grins at her and motions for her to continue on.

She finishes her way around the table and gets on her knees, next to her Master with her hands be hind her back. She wants to look up at him so desperately but keeps her eyes down. Her heart is racing as she thinks about her punishment to come, from the mean one. She believes they have addressed him as Luke. But isn't for sure, she also figures it is really nothing to her she will only address him as Sir, if she is ever ask to address him at all.

"Willowe," her Master speaks to her, "Go over and distract Mr. Sparks."

"You tired of me taking your money, Rooster?" Says the Kind Sir on the other side of the table.

Rooster must be a nickname for her Master; on she has never heard before.

"Yeah, so I figure I will take advantage of the situation with Willowe and maybe I can buy her a new collar, with the money I win." He chuckles.

Willowe crawls over to the kind Sir and looks at him pleadingly. He motions for her to turn around. "Look at that sweet little ass. It's shaped like a heart. Rosy like one as well." He gives her a couple of slaps.

"Come up here and lay across my lap." Willowe stands and begins to bend over his lap. "Wait first turn around for us, hold your skirt up so we can see the whole package."

She lifts her skirt and blushes as she turns in a sloe circle for them to view her naked sex.

"Take off your uniform." The Kind One demands.

"What a lovely new toy," one says. Another says, " She looks so young and innocent, oh she will be a delight."

"Her Master chimes in, I think I will keep this one."

She was beaming with pride, until her Master spoke. The fear hit her like a hard blow. "He thinks he will keep me!" She repeats in her head. " He might give me away? Oh god what would I do? How could he do that? What if the Mean One wants me and He lets me go with him?" Panic strikes her and she fights back her tears, by swallowing hard and biting her lip.

She lays across his lap and he sits up a bit. She feels the slick pants under her and his bulging member pushes against her belly. His pants are cool and soft. The Kind one touches her sex, it is slightly moist, but he wants her to drip, to keep her in a continuous state of arousal. He begins by pinching her here and there as he plays his hand. He rests his hands on her back as if she was the table and pitches his cards over her.

She blushes, just lying there being somewhat ignored but somewhat teased. She feels her lips are beginning to throb, this is such a small little torment, but it is working well. When he reaches down and pinches her lips, or rubs a welt, or stroke her crack and lips. Her moisture increases tremendously. She is dazing in and out until she feels a hard slap across her bottom. Then another and another, What is this?" She thinks to herself.

. Them men are laughing and she wonders why until she hears her Master states, "Loose a hand beat the slave!" And laughing again!

"That sounds like a splendid plan! Let all beat the slave!" Voices the Mean One.

"Yeah I am over cards," says another let get down to the real entertainment!

They all move back from the table except the Kind One decides he not quite finished with her yet. He spanks her bottom 'til she is squirming all over his lap, then he puts her down. They are in good spirits with her and have her crawl around on the floor in circles as each one takes his turn whipping her. The thing that confuses her most is the fact that the Mean One did not whip her harder than the rest of them. But by the time they decided on what to do with her next she was very sore, a touch would bring her to tears.

They decide to hang her from the doorway. Master has little eyebolts here and there to tie her too for almost any occasion.

They let her hang low enough that just her tip toes are barely supporting her, but as her legs tire she has to let her arms support her. Then they shackle her legs to the doorway frame. She is open to them all, front and back. And now her arms are her sole support. She begins to weep. Her Master is first and decides she needs further punishment. He gets his belt, doubles it and begins with her thighs. She let out a cry and he shows anger. Get the plug and the gag he orders. The Mean One gets the plug, and the Kind One gags her. The Mean One comes from behind her and rubs it along her moist slit, he whispers in her ear,

"Let this be the first of many pleasures tonight." With that he plunges the plug into her ass she jerks and muffled moans come from behind her gag. He withdraws it and plunges it in again. Twisting it and pumping it, making sure she gets to feel every inch invade her. He stands back to give her Master room to proceed.

She hangs for what seems like an eternity, as she is strapped whipped and paddled. Her feeling were stirring, as her exposed sex dripped a small puddle on the floor between her legs. Her clit was swollen and lips throbbed with pleasure. They had made sure she was red and sore over her breast, stomach, and thighs as well as her ass. She felt the heat radiating from her body as she felt the first man approach her from behind. He grabs her nipples and pinches harshly as he rubs his engorged cock up and down her glistening crack. He removes her plug and slips in his cock. It was the one with the wide cock. She thought he was going to split her in two. Tears rolled down her cheeks and small moans escaped her gagged mouth as he raped her ass.

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