tagBDSMTeaching Her The Strokes

Teaching Her The Strokes


This story contains elements of tease, denial, and incest. If you dislike stories where the women are strong and dominant and the men serve and are submissive, then go find another story to read and criticize.

I lay down on the bed, naked except for the stainless steel cock cage. My wife Sue wore an extremely low-cut dark blue dress. She didn't have a blouse or bra on. Her full breasts were very visible, especially when she leaned over. She leaned over to lock my wrists to the headboard and my ankles to the footboard.

Sue had decided she wanted to tease and deny me this Saturday afternoon. She decides everything sexual. When we were first dating, we talked about what we wanted from the relationship. She was looking for a traditional relationship, while I wanted her to be in control of the bedroom. At first, she was surprised that I wanted to give her control over me. Over time, she warmed up to the idea. On our wedding night, 25 years ago, I gave her my cock. She locked it in a metal and leather cock cage, and put the brass key on a gold necklace. I haven't touched my cock for pleasure since that night.

We never consummated our marriage. We never had sexual intercourse, not even while we dated. Basically, I provide Sue with sexual pleasure, using my mouth, my hand, or toys, whenever she wishes. In return, she occasionally locks me to the bed, and teases my cock with her hand. She lets me cum around once a month, but like the teasing, it happens when she wants it to happen. She's in total control of her sexual pleasure and in total control of my sexual pleasure.

I mean total control. While my oral skills got better with practice, it just wasn't enough for Sue. In the first year of our marriage, she went out and found herself a boyfriend. She saw him once or twice a week, usually at his place. He fucked her and helped her to be completely sexually fulfilled. I wasn't jealous or envious of him. In fact, I appreciated him. His satisfying her made her teasing me more enjoyable for her, and for me, during the few years they spent together. At least, it was enjoyable until she got pregnant.

When we first heard the news from her Ob-gyn, we were both in shock. That night, we had a serious discussion about the baby and about our future. Sue felt bad about bringing another man's child into our marriage, but neither of us wanted her to have an abortion. She was my wife, and the baby would be our child, regardless of who impregnated her. Sue was hesitant about keeping the baby at first, but she appreciated my support. She could see over time I was happy that she was pregnant, and she felt happier about the pregnancy.

Nine months later, Sue gave birth to our 6 pound, 8 ounce daughter. A little over 20 years ago, now. We named her Amy.

Sue gave her boyfriend the opportunity to be involved in his daughter's life. An opportunity he rudely declined. So, she declined to see him any further.

Sue was happy to have a daughter. I think, since we weren't having sexual intercourse, that she thought we weren't going to have children. I didn't notice at first, with both of us busy with a baby, but after a couple of years I realized that Sue had lost her desire to have sex outside our marriage. Oral, manual, and toys were sufficient to make her happy. Especially toys. She loved her dildos.

As Amy got older, we were careful to keep our sexual activities confined to the bedroom. I'm sure Amy heard us in the bedroom a few times while she was growing up, but her mom taught her from an early age that a locked bedroom door was not to be opened except in an emergency.

As a teenager, Amy drew closer to her mother. They shared common interests in shopping, fashion, and sunbathing. Amy and I would talk every once in a while, but as far as I can remember, we never talked about her thoughts. It was always school or sports. Amy played second base in softball, and we watched a lot of baseball games on TV together.

After Amy graduated from high school, she decided to go to a local community college to study computer programming. That was the one area where she took after me. Mostly, Amy took after her mother. She looked a lot like her mother.

Sue encouraged Amy to go out and have fun while in college. Partly, she wanted her daughter to enjoy her college years. Partly, she wanted her daughter out of the house so she could use a vibrator when she wanted, and have the whole house to tease me when I got home from work.

Part of Sue's tease was that I was not allowed to touch her breasts, ass, or pussy without her permission. With Amy out of the house, Sue wore a bikini during the summer months and an unbuttoned flannel shirt and demitasse bra in the winter. She would grab her breasts and squeeze them in front of me, taunting me.

While I had more than enough opportunities to nibble on my wife's pussy, I was rarely allowed to touch her breasts with my fingers or my mouth. The only time I saw her full naked breasts was when she had me chained to the bed, while she teased and denied me. Sometimes, while she waited for my cock to get flaccid, she would suck on her own nipples while I watched, enviously.

Which is why I thought the deep blue dress she wore now was unusual. The only time my wife let me see her naked was when she was teasing and denying me. Usually, she undressed after chaining me to the bed. I wondered what was different now, why she kept her dress on?

"Guess what darling?" Sue asked cheerfully.

I wondered if I was supposed to respond, what? I didn't say anything, wondering what was going to happen.

Sue didn't wait for a response. "Amy wants to see how I tease and deny you."

I was neither shocked nor surprised.

About a month ago, Amy caught us playing in the living room. We'd gotten used to Amy staying out past midnight, so we played anywhere in the house Sue wanted to. That night, around nine, Sue was lounging on the couch with her bikini bottom off and tossed on the couch. I was naked, except for my stainless steel cock cage, kneeling on the floor with my wrists handcuffed behind my back, licking her pussy lips and nibbling on her clit.

Neither of us heard the door. We both heard Amy drop her books on the floor and gasp. Amy ran upstairs, and Sue ran after her, her bikini bottom still on the sofa. I sat down on the floor, my wrists cuffed behind my back, and waited.

It was after one when Sue came back down stairs. I must have fallen asleep leaning against the sofa, because I didn't notice that much time passing. Sue didn't say a word. She sat down on the sofa and pulled my head into her pussy like nothing had happened. She grabbed my hair and held me against her pussy until I made her cum twice.

My wrists were chaffed and sore when Sue finally unlocked me. I put some cream on my wrists and we went to bed.

I woke up groggy a couple hours later. I slept walked getting ready for work. Luckily, I slept on the train for another hour while riding into work.

It wasn't until that evening, after I got home from work, that Sue told me that she and Amy talked more after Amy got home from school. I remember Sue remarking that Amy kept asking her for more details about our arrangement.

I noticed that Amy looked at me differently after that night. I think that, as an adult, she had some idea about what her mom and I did, but now she knew. She knew that I knew she knew, too. Her look was a combination of pity and disregard. That night, I knew I lost my stepdaughter's respect.

After that night, Amy wore her bikini at home. Partly, it was because she and her mom went to the pool together during the day while I worked. Partly, it was because she was teasing me with her body, with her mom's encouragement. Before that night, I didn't look at my stepdaughter sexually. Sure, I had an occasional sexual thought about Amy, but I kept pushing those thoughts out of my mind. I was her step dad. Now, that relationship was gone. With her showing off her body, all I could think about was how Amy would tease me next.

It only took a week and a half to find out. One evening, Sue unlocked the stainless steel cock cage and locked on the Kali's teeth cock cage. She had locked Kali on my cock many times before. She would tie me to a chair in the bedroom, and make me watch while she used a vibrator on herself.

Sue tied me to a chair in the bedroom. Instead of undressing, she left the room. Amy came in a few minutes later, dressed in a bikini. She lay down on the bed, pushed her bottom to the side, and used her own vibrator to pleasure herself. I'm sorry to report that I suffered more pain from Kali watching my stepdaughter masturbate than I had in years of watching my wife. After Amy rested, got up, and left, I wondered what would be next?

My wife's voice brought me out of my thoughts.

"Don't speak to either of us, unless we speak to you first," Sue commanded.

Sue got up and left the room. She returned with Amy a couple of minutes later. Amy had a tube-top green dress on. I could see the tops of her perky breasts and her hard nipples poking through the thin cotton of the tube-top.

"See how he's chained to the bed. I chain his wrists to the headboard and his ankles to the footboard. That way, after I unlock his cock cage, I can tease him as much as I want."

Sue walked over to the dresser and opened up her jewelry box. She took out a gold necklace with a brass key. She held it up so Amy could see it.

"This is the key to his cock cage. I take it with me whenever I go out. When I'm home, I can hear if he's rummaging around in my jewelry box.

Amy laughed. "Have you ever caught him with the key?"

"No. He's well trained, and knows I would punish him severely if he ever masturbated."

"On the punishment chair?" Amy gasped.

Sue smiled. "Yes, on the punishment chair I showed you a couple of weeks ago."

"Ouch." Amy reflexively rubbed her ass. I could tell she was thinking about what it would feel like to sit naked on sandpaper for hours.

Sue smiled. "It's supposed to be punishment. If he touches my breasts, ass, or pussy without my permission, or disobeys me in any way, he spends time bound to the punishment chair."

Amy grinned. "Wow. It's so unusual to have that much control. I can think of a couple of guys from college that I'd put on the punishment chair for breast and pussy touching.

"If you'd like, we'll tie him to the punishment chair later." Sue smiled. "Right now, I want to tease him.'

Sue turned to me, leaned over, and unlocked the stainless steel cock cage. My cock instantly stiffened.

"Wow," Amy exclaimed. "That was quick."

Sue smiled. "It should be. He hasn't had an orgasm since before that night you caught us in the living room."

Amy's eyes widened. "He hasn't cum in over a month! Damn, I couldn't go three days without an orgasm. How does he stand it?"

Sue smiled. "He doesn't have any choice in the matter. He cums when I decide he cums. The cage sees to that."

"So, he helps you have as many orgasms as you want, and he gets an occasional orgasm when you let him." Amy smiled. "Where do I sign up for that deal?"

"You can sign up right now." Sue grinned. "He's chained to the bed. If you straddled his face, he'd have to help you have as many orgasms as you wanted before we started teasing him."

Amy gasped. "And you wouldn't mind?"

"Nope." Sue shrugged her shoulders. "He has plenty of oral capability for the both of us." Sue laughed. "Help yourself."

Amy reached down and felt her pussy. The next thing I knew, her dress was up around her waist and she was straddling my face. Holding on to the headboard, I heard her command "Eat me."

I knew what my wife liked orally. I had no idea what my stepdaughter wanted. Fortunately for me, she shaved, just like her mom. I licked the pussy juices from her pussy and moved to nibbling her clit. Her first orgasm came in a couple of minutes. I lapped up her juices for a while before I moved to nibbling on her clit again. I think she was really excited about the power and control Sue had over me, because she came quickly. As I was lapping up her juices, she got up off me, mewing, "Enough."

As Amy sat on the side of the bed resting, Sue asked her, "So, what did you think?"

Amy looked up at Sue. "It was amazing. I didn't think I was horny, but he got me off twice in like 5 minutes." Amy thought for a moment. "He hasn't cum in a month. How many times have you cum?"

Sue counted on her fingers and laughed. "I don't know, maybe 25 times."

Amy's eyes widened. "You've cum 25 times hard like that, and he hasn't cum once! That doesn't seem fair!"

Sue pondered for a moment. "Amy, you're right. I haven't been fair to him." She paused for a moment before continuing. "He should make both of us cum 25 more times before we even consider letting him cum."

Amy looked shocked hearing her mom say something so selfish. After thinking about it, she started laughing. I know that they've been talking about our arrangement, but I think that was the moment that Amy really appreciated just how much power her mom had over my cock.

Amy looked up at Sue. "And I'm part of this arrangement now?"

Sue smiled. "Let's see. You've been walking around him in a skimpy bikini for a month, you've masturbated in front of him while he wore a Kali's teeth cock cage, and he just ate you to two orgasms. What do you think?"

Amy grinned. "Oh. Does that mean he has to obey me now?"

"Yes. He can't touch you without your permission and he has to obey you, or you can put him on the punishment chair. Check with me first, though."

"Cool." Amy giggled. "Do I have a say in when he's allowed to cum?"

"Hmm, that's an interesting thought." Sue was silent for a while. "Do you want a say?"

"Well, I like the idea of getting 25 orgasms for his one. Just thinking about being that selfish makes me squirt."

Sue grinned. "I understand. You now have a say in when he comes, and we'll talk about the details later. Right now, I want to show you how I tease his cock. You thought not letting him cum was selfish. Wait 'till you see how selfish I am letting him almost cum several times in a row."

Amy's eyes widened. "Show me!"

Sue sat down on the other side of the bed. She poured some baby oil in her hand and put her hand on my cock.

"Normally, I'm naked and straddling his thighs while I stroke him. The visual makes him harder, and my stroking easier. Tonight, I'm sitting over here on the side of the bed in a dress so you'll be more comfortable and can see what I'm doing easier." Sue rubbed the baby oil into my skin. "Stroke nice and easy. He's pretty horny, so it wouldn't take much pressure to let him cum. I've done this hundreds of times, so I can feel the throbbing through my fingertips when he's about to cum. That's something you're going to have to learn through practice."

Amy watched Sue rhythmically stroke my cock. Amy jumped when Sue suddenly opened her hand and calmly moved her hand away from my cock.

"Wow, look at him twitch! Was he about to cum?"

Sue smiled. "Yes. Now we'll wait a while and let him calm down."

"Can I try it?"

Sue thought for a bit. "Sure. Just remember to stoke lightly and take your hand away if you think he's about to cum."

Sue stretched her hand for a bit. After a while she told Amy, "Go ahead."

Amy poured some baby oil on her hand and lightly stroked my cock. Her touch was much lighter than Sue's. I think she was afraid that Sue would be mad at her if she let me cum.

Admittedly, the sight of my stepdaughter stroking my cock aroused me even more. Thinking about both of them deciding when to let me come aroused me too. I knew how selfish Amy could be. It might be a long time before they let me cum. I was pretty sure it wasn't going to be today.

Amy stroked me for a while, and took her hand away.

"Did you feel the throbbing?" Sue asked.

"No. I was afraid he was too close to cumming," Amy answered sheepishly.

Sue smiled. "Don't worry. It will take some practice before you can feel the throbbing through your fingertips. In the mean time, just stop when you want.

Sue and Amy took turns stroking my cock. Sue brought me to the brink of orgasm a dozen times. Amy giggled watching me twitch helplessly. She got a little more comfortable stroking me, but she didn't bring me near an orgasm.

After the last time, Sue looked at Amy and said; "I think we've teased him enough. Get me a washcloth, some liquid soap, and a bowl of warm water. I'm going to clean him up before we lock him back in his cock cage."

Amy got up and brought back the washcloth and water. She watched Sue carefully clean the baby oil from my cock and balls with the washcloth. After Sue put the soap and water on the floor, she looked at Amy and said, "Ok, now we'll talk about his cum details."

Amy smiled and touched her pussy with her hand. "I still like that idea about me cumming 25 times before he cums once."

"Ok, if that's what you want. He has to help you cum 25 times before we consider letting him cum. You'll need to tell me how he's doing when we tease him." Sue grinned. "Before I unlock him from the bed, do you want to cum again?"

Sue didn't have to ask twice before Amy straddled me and commanded, "Eat me."

Amy was really horny now, after helping Sue tease my cock for over 2 hours. I lapped pussy juices and sucked and nibbled on her clit for quite a while before she climbed off of my face.

Sue looked at Amy sitting on the side of the bed, resting. "How was it?"

Amy looked dreamily at Sue. "It was better this time. I was more relaxed, and he took his time. I came 3 times.

Sue grinned. "So, he's helped you with 3. Only 22 more to go before he can cum."

Amy looked puzzled. "What about the 2 orgasms I had earlier."

Sue grinned. "That's his tough luck. We hadn't worked out the details then. They don't count."

Amy laughed. "You're right. They don't count. Mom, this teasing is so much fun. I'm so glad you told me about your arrangement and included me."

Sue hugged Amy. "I'm so glad you want to help me tease him. It'll be twice the fun and half the work."

Eventually, Sue unlocked me from the bed. I stretched while Sue and Amy made dinner. All Amy could talk about while we ate was how much she was going to tease me. After dinner, Amy had me lie on the living room floor. She straddled my chest and arms, pulled down her dress, and played with her breasts. It was the first time I'd seen them since she matured. They were almost as large as Sue's breasts, and much perkier. Her nipples were stiff.

Amy got on her hands, her breasts hovering a couple of inches over my face, and held that position for a while. I'm pretty sure she was hoping I'd lick her nipples, so she could put me on the punishment chair.

Afterwards, Sue and I went upstairs to bed. After helping her have a couple of orgasms, we cuddled for a while before she rolled over to go to sleep. As I drifted off to sleep, I happily thought about my wife and my stepdaughter teaming up to tease me.

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