tagGroup SexTeaching Susie

Teaching Susie


Susie and I were chatting over coffee. I wouldn't say she's my best friend, but she and I are very close. Perhaps because she's my next door neighbor and she sort of looks up to me, I sometimes share things with her that would normally not be discussed by two women.

Susie is much younger than I, perhaps ten or so years, I don't know exactly. But even with the age difference, or perhaps, because of the age difference, she comes to me whenever she needs to confide in someone.

Susie is a small rather petite girl with brunette hair and a killer smile and body. Her breasts are small, but she pads them up to a large C. I think she's probably a B, or thats what she tells me.

So anyway, we were looking thru a womans catalog together, trying to decide if there was anything in it that we would consider buying, when Rick, my boyfriend knocked on the back door.

I had never introduced him to Susie, so when he came in, I did the usual, Rick, this is Sue, Sue, this is Rick, sort of thing.

Anyway, he sat down with us and shared a cup of coffee. He had come over to replace a washer in my bathroom sink and, finishing his coffee, asked where the bathroom was. I took a moment to show him and returned.

Susie was bubbling over. "Where did you get him? He's delicious. Oh god have you? You know, been to bed together yet?"

I wanted to lie and say yes, but admitted that we had just met and gone out only once, but I also told her that tonight was the night.

She was almost as excited as I was and made me promise to tell her what happened.

The next morning Susie was over at eight. Rick had just left and I hadn't even had a chance to get dressed, so I threw on a robe and opened the door.

She was almost panting. "Want some coffee," I asked.

"Yeah, sure," she answered. "So was he good. I mean, tell me what happened. Is he... you know, good in bed? Tell me about him. What was it like, Barbara?"

I couldn't control myself either. I had to tell her. So I began: "He is a dream, Sue. There's not anything he wouldn't do. I mean he was all over me once I got him started. And I was sort of frightened once I got him hard. He's huge and I almost gagged once or twice. But that was just until I figured out how to do it."

"Go on, she panted, was he fast? I mean, you know some guys are too quick and don't last very long. At least that's what I've heard. How did he do it? I mean what did he like to do?"

I went on. "Everything. I never had a man make love to me like that. I was cumming all over the place and over and over again, and when I thought I was done, he would have me kneel, or bend over or lay on my back and he would fuck me like a damn jack rabbit. I thought he would never finish. And Susie, he sure can last. I was huffing and puffing like a locomotive train. But the best was last. Thats when he went down on me."

Sue was clutching my hand and staring at me as she urged, "Go on, then what? Was it good? Did you cum that way too? Did he do everything? I mean even up the back way?"

I stared at her before answering. She seemed to be getting off just by my telling her about it.

"Yes, I answered, He sucked my clit and then he used his fingers to fuck my pussy until I came.

Susie, I think I actually ejaculated in his mouth. I couldn't help myself, he had me frantic and he even had his finger in my ass. I think that made me cum too. I don't know, everything happened all at once."

"Wow," she commented. "I heard you making a hell of a lot of noise last night, but I didn't realize what he was doing. It must have gone on for a couple of hours.

I even tried to see in your window but the drapes were closed. God Barb, I would love to have seen the two of you in action. Actually, just listening to you moaning and sobbing, got me so hot I masturbated right under your window last night."

I stared at her. "Susie, are you a virgin? I mean haven't you ever been laid? Hell your almost twenty now."

She tried to defend herself. "Well I masturbate a lot, but actually, no, I've never done it. I wouldn't even know how. I mean suck a guy off or do those things."

Thats when I went to my bedroom and returned with my special catalog, and slid it across the kitchen table. "Sue, we're going to have to bring you up to speed. I think you need a little instruction in the fine are of fucking."

Another cup of coffee, and we were on page seven of my little mail order book, trying to deciding which vibrating dildo would be closest in size to Rick's cock.

We decided on two. One was a large cyberskin rabbit toy. It measured about what I thought Ricks cock was. The other I suggested was just a realistic dildo that was nearly the same size as him. I had decided that Sue would be my pupil and that I was going to be her teacher.

The next three days we met each morning and looked at videos of couples fucking. I was learning a lot too. Then the package arrived and now we experimented with the toys.

Sue learned to have multi-orgasms using the rabbit and I practiced along with her using the dildo to deep throat. We both got pretty good at it and neither of us gagged when we took it down our throat like the first time. Now we just had to find her a guy.

That's when she suggested Rick. I wasn't too fond of the idea. But I did agree to let her watch. That led to my rearranging my bedroom so she could watch from in my walk-in closet. I had to put my bed at an angle so she could watch us, and yet not be seen.

Rick came over Friday night and I had Susie sneak in while I busied myself sucking on Rick in the living room. It was fantastic. I took a full seven inches of warm slippery cock deep down my throat without choking.

He didn't lose control until I started sucking on his balls and I slid my index finger into his butt. Then he gasped for me to stop, but when I returned his cock to my mouth, it was too late. He shot streams of warm thick cum into my mouth. I swallowed.

Two drinks later we moved to my bedroom. He noticed the change and walked around the room. I was panicky when he went near the closet, but he returned to the bed when I called to him. "Come on baby this cunt needs that cock again."

Being distracted he came over, tossing his jeans and shirt aside before he knelt down and spread my legs wide. His finger slid across my ass and his finger snaked in as his mouth pressed over my clit.

His tongue fluttered across its swollen surface, and I was lost. I heaved up and down, moaned and gasped before finally squealing aloud.

"Cumming Rick. Yeah, I'm doin it. I'm fucking cumminggg for you. Lick my cunt baby. Suck me in. Yesss just like that."

I wrapped my legs around his head and locked him tightly against my pussy as I hunched against his face and pinched my nipples. I was over the top and dripping wet. I finally threw my arms wide and arched my back.

I was out of my mind as wave after wave of sensations ran thru my body. Then I relaxed and lay back watching him.

Sue must have gotten one hell of a view as his pendulous shaft wavered back and forth between my spread legs. He reached up and held my breast in one hand as his other directed his swollen cock to my waiting pussy. Then I felt the stretching sensation as it moved deep inside me.

I watched his face as he pumped in and out. I stared at him while I felt my pussy begin to throb and contract. I looked at his chest as it began to glisten in the warm room and I rode from one orgasm to the next.

Now he grabbed my hips and had me kneel. He stood on the floor behind me and the soft slapping Pat, pat, pat sound filled the room. His thighs were tapping against my ass each time he thrust that hot pole deep up inside me and I whinnied like a mare in heat. I was near exhaustion when he suddenly grasped my swaying hips and gasped.

"Take it Barb! Here it comes. Yeah, baby take all my cum baby!" He paused and his cock pulsed deep inside with each hard eruption.

Pulling out we lay side by side, our chests heaving and panting. Now I had to think of some way of getting him to leave. I couldn't have Susie locked up in the closet all night.

I finally got my breath and getting up, headed for the living room. Big mistake. Cum began to gush out and run down my thighs before dripping on the carpet.

I didn't give a damn at that point though, and went directly to the bar and made two drinks. Then I called to him to join me.

I positioned him so his back was towards the hallway and I watched Sue finally sneak out. I was a little upset that she had taken so long because I wanted to get back to the bedroom.

The next morning she was over at eight again. I had already dressed this time so the coffee was already hot. She came in and put her hand on my arm.

"Barbara, I have got to have him. I was cumming so much watching the two of you fuck,that I couldn't even stand up to leave. Then, when I got home,I used that damn rabbit thing until I nearly passed out. I'm a fucking wreck. You've got to talk him into a threesome. I may not know everything, but I do know the two of you can sure teach me."

I agreed to see if I could arrange it. When I explained about Sue and how she had the hots for him, he finally agreed. He had met Susie that one morning and thought she was cute, so he was on board. I neglected to tell him that she had watched us. I didn't want him to think I was some sort of pervert.

The weekend went by and Monday Rick had off so it was arranged that we would try it Monday afternoon. I made a pitcher of drinks and when Sue came over we sipped a few, waiting for Rick to arrive.

Sue hadn't worn panties or a bra,and had on only a pair of tight, tight, white tennis shorts and a soft green blouse opened down the front.

She was bigger than I had thought. Her nipples were pink and stood out like little pencil erasers. Rick couldn't resist this I thought, and quite frankly, she was turning me on too.

I was wearing the tightest blue jeans I had, but no bra. I had shaved my pussy earlier and the seam of the jeans was drawn up tight against my clit. I suspected that Susie was shaved too because she knew I was.

As we waited, the silence was deafening. Neither of us knew what to say. What can you say when your waiting for your instructor? Then came the knock on the door and we both took a deep breath as I opened it.

A man never looked better. And, as he walked into the center of the room, Susie came to him and handed him a drink.

She stared at him, seeming to devour him with her eyes. She was hungry and I was getting jealous. I wanted to be in charge and control them, but more than that, I wanted to be a part of this new experience and not just a spectator.

Susie was anxious and was trying to rush things. By that I mean she was becoming aggressive. She was sitting just to the left of Rick and took his free hand and moved it up under her blouse so he could cup her breast. Rick turned slightly towards her as she let her hand clutch the tent that had formed in his crotch.

She clenched the fabric around his shaft and tried to slide her hands up and down its length. Rick wasn't fighting it, and looked over at me almost as if seeking my approval. I was watching and getting more excited with each passing minute too.

Finally I nodded to him and he took his hand off her breast and stood. She actually tried to hold onto his shaft even though he was moving away from her, and turning towards me.

I guess it was at that point that I decided to teach her a lesson, but one that was well beyond what we had discussed. I just hoped that Rick would go along with me on this one.

I decided to play it safe and get him a little loaded. That way he would be a bit more agreeable to the things I wanted him to do.

It wasn't going to be just a first for Susie, it was going to be an orgy and I was going to reap the benefits as much as Rick and Susie did.

We headed for my bedroom. Susie undressed first, then began to strip Rick. I was left to undress myself.

Damn, I thought, she has a beautiful body. I just hope Rick doesn't make a choice between us. He was my man and I didn't want to really share him with anyone else after this afternoon.

I suppose I was a bit forceful and critical with Susie. I told Rick to lay on his back and told Susie to suck him off like we had practiced. She was doing it good, but I wanted more.

I sort of chastised her for not taking him down her throat far enough and had Rick hold her cheeks as he began to fuck his cock into her mouth. I put my hand behind her head and held her down long enough for her to start gagging.

"Come on Susie, suck that cock harder! Yeah baby he likes that. Do it faster. Yeah, that's it, take it all the way in. That's it baby. That way, yeah that's it honey."

I helped by taking her hand and putting it on his balls. Now that they were occupied, I decided to enjoy myself.

I got the vibrator from my nightstand and moved behind Susie. I wet it with my mouth and began to work it into her cunt.

She never missed a stroke as she sucked his cock, but began to wiggle her ass from side to side as I worked it in and out.

I didn't know if she was trying to avoid it or if she was enjoying it. It didn't matter either way. I just kept on pumping it deeper and faster.

Susie got wet. I mean really wet. And the way I was stroking that vibrator in and out of her, it churned that wetness into a thick creamy mass that coated the vibrator.

Then it happened. She pulled off his cock and lifted her head.

"Barbara, I'm cumming. Oh god it's good. Don't stop, please don't stop. Yeah oh yeah I am, ooh I am Barbs, I'm fucking cumming now."

Rick was quiet and reached up and began to pinch and roll her nipples with his fingers. She came like a crazy woman and pushed back on the vibrator, forcing it against her clit. Then she sagged down onto the bed.

"Oh no baby, not this way. Rick had something special for you. Come on Rick. Help me. I want her to sit on that hard cock of yours while you eat me."

I helped Susan straddle him and even held his cock upright as she slowly lowered herself. My god, I thought. She took it all without pausing. She is one hot lady.

Now she began to ride him. She lifted up and dropped. Again and again, she lifted up and dropped, forcing his shaft deep up inside her pussy. She was now panting with each stroke.

I tossed my leg over Ricks head and supporting myself on the wall above the headboard, lowered my pussy to his mouth. Within seconds he had my clit captured between his lips and his hands were wrapped over my thighs.

I'm fast. I mean really fast. And to make matters worse, I was so fucking hot from doing Susie, that it wasn't more than a minute or two before I came in his mouth.

Yeah sure, I get wet, and sure I sometimes do ejaculate a little, but I think Rick knew that because just as I came, he stabbed his tongue deep up into my pussy and began to wiggle it in and out.

I screamed, Susie screamed, and Rick began to bounce up and down trying to shove his cock deeper into her pulsing cunt. We both thought he would cum then, but he didn't.

I guess I was the first to lift off him. Susie was leaning sort of forward, gasping for air as I took her arm and lifted her up off his cock.

Then we both turned and looked at Rick. His balls and abdomen were covered with Susie's cum. His face was glistening from mine, and still he hadn't finished for us.

Now it was my turn. I wiggled my finger at Rick as I knelt on the bed and had him come up behind me. I felt his turgid shaft stretch me open as he slid deep inside.

He held my hips and pulled me back onto his cock each time he thrust forward. Susie had crawled under me and had her face up between my parted legs.

She was inches away from my cunt, watching Rick's cock driving in and out and my face was hovering over her pussy.

It was sort of a sixty nine position, but with Rick fucking me and Susie trying to lick his balls as they swung back and forth over her open mouth.

I was trying not to let myself cum while I lowered my face and began to suck Susie's cunt.

I couldn't do it.

When she came, I lost my control and looked over my shoulder at Rick.

"Fuck me! Gonna cum baby! Wanna cum for you Rick. NOW! CUMMING NOW Rick, gimmeee it now!"

He began to move as if he were shuddering. His cock drove in and out faster and faster, but now taking shorter strokes. His thighs smacked against my ass with a staccato of slapping sounds and he suddenly moaned.

"Take it! Barb, I'm gonna shoot baby."

He slowed to a stop and I felt his cock bolting deep inside my pussy. He was filling me and his hands held me fast as he erupted again and again.

I looked under me and watched Susie lift her head just as he pulled out. First she pulled his cock down and forced it into her mouth. Sucking for several seconds as she emptied what remained.

Then she drew my ass down so my pussy was against her mouth and her tongue delved deep inside. She was drawing his cum from deep inside my cunt.

I was too exhausted to move even though her tongue was making me crazy.

The girl was insatiable. I couldn't believe it.

I rolled off her and watched as she quickly turned and knelt at the edge of the bed. She had taken my position and waited, her ass swaying before his still rigid cock.

He thrust forward, plunging deep into her cunt. She looked over her shoulder and gasped.

"Rick, my ass, Fuck my ass. I want it that way. I want to feel you in there. Do it there!"

He looked at me questioningly and I nodded. Then he held his cock up slightly and slowly swiveled his hips forward, moving his shaft in.

I sat there, my eyes glazed as I watched him ravish her ass. She supported herself on one arm as her right hand reached under her and she began to stroke her clit.

She came. I mean she came and came over and over again. It was like a string of firecrackers exploding.

I have never seen a woman orgasm like that, not even in those X rated videos. She was beyond belief, and Rick and I had done it.

Rick did finally cum again in her ass, before we called it quits and showered together.

Rick, Susie, and I are now a team. We meet several times a week and enjoy each other's bodies.

We experiment doing things in ways you could never imagine. So I wasn't just a teacher, I was learning too. I highly recommend training sessions when they are this enjoyable for all.

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