tagIncest/TabooTeaching the Family

Teaching the Family


The four of them had just finished dinner and were comfortably tucked up in the recliners & couch in the drawing room watching the primetime shows.

Prachi was visiting with her sister in Jamshedpur for a few days since her husband had to attend a convention in Geneva & her children were both out studying for their graduation – her daughter in Delhi & Son in Pune. She had decided to make the trip from Hyderabad knowing she would be bored stiff for a fortnight if she stayed back.

Prachi's visit suited Swathi just fine. Having her children stay home for the whole day even during short holidays was enough to drive her up the wall. She just hated these times when Tina & Mayank were either perennially at war or up to some teenage pranks when at home. Either contend with that, or keep worrying where the brats were. Having Prachi over for a few days would ensure that there were two brains to share the pain. It was good to catch up with old times too.

Now after a couple of days of extended conversations, they were enjoying each other's company quietly as they watched television shows. Swathi's husband Dinesh was also out on tour meeting his sales teams in various parts of the country. Having her husband out for a week every month worked both ways for her, good & bad. These were bad times when she had her children home the whole day & not her husband. But then, her sister more than made up for that with this visit.

Lying back comfortably in the couch, Prachi's thoughts wandered away from the reality show on television. Her sister's daughter Tina, sitting from across her on the couch in tight fitting shorts had grown up into quite a woman even at 18. She wasn't reed thin like the girls these days tended to prefer; in fact, she was well filled out & her shorts were riding high & tightly stretched around her plump wheatish thighs. With her legs stretched out & heels resting on the tea-table, her shapely legs were a sight to behold. The girl was really unaware of the picture she presented...the fly on her shorts was stretched taut & the buttons were strained hard as the fabric pulled at them. The T-Shirt she was wearing pulled upwards from her back where it was trapped against the couch rest as she slid downwards into the couch to get comfortable. This accentuated her full breasts and Prachi could see a hint of nipples jutting out. She was probably wearing one of those flimsy stretch bras. This girl was going to make some guy real happy one day! "I guess she takes after her mother," Prachi mused as she shifted her glance to the night-gown clad Swathi.

The years had been really kind to her sister and Dinesh was one hell of a lucky guy. Prachi sometimes thought that it was a waste of a fantastic body as Swathi tended to act like a prude most of the time. As for herself, she would have killed to have a body like her sister's. With her height, her generous breasts & flaring hips, Swathi was made to epitomize the beauty of sari clad women in India. All she needed to do was wear her sari a bit lower & her blouse a bit higher – she would have qualified as a sex bomb.

Glancing over to the last person in the room, she found Mayank deeply engrossed in the television show. He was not what one could call muscular, but at 17, he seemed to have potential. The bone structure was just right to have a Greek-god like body. He only had to put in some hard work in the gym to start driving women crazy. He too was wearing shorts like Tina & though he had the thigh closest to Prachi raised up & covering his crotch, she knew he probably was hung like his father seemed to be.

Though she had not seen Dinesh in the nude, there had been a time when she had been obsessed with throwing glances at Dinesh's crotch to gauge his size. Prachi was always the more aware in sexual matters compared to her sister. She had difficulty controlling her thoughts most of the time. It used to be a nightmare earlier, but the years of parenting had somewhat dulled the urges & she seemed to do fine these days. Only now, she was alone at home most of the time and those thoughts seemed to be on the rise again.

She had of late begun to allow herself to indulge in these thoughts every now & then. In fact it had become something of a pastime to build in her imagination, the extent of peoples' sex lives. She built day-time fantasies ever so often these days, imagining persons in the nude & indulging in sexual acts.

It was a disappointment for Prachi to find Dinesh missing during this trip. Still she found her thoughts now roving around the three others in the room. For all the opportunity she had while earlier living with Swathi at their parent's place, she had never once seen her sister in the nude. Swathi being the older by 2 years, Prachi never had a real opportunity as Swathi acted big-sisterly most of the time. Having got entangled in a love affair at a young age herself, Prachi had to get married earlier than Swathi & she had left home when she was just 19.

Now sitting across from Swathi, Prachi was finding her old drive bubbling up as she looked at all of them in the room. Just imagining them in the nude was getting her hot in the neck, Imagining Tina with a shaved pussy with her pussy lips parted just a bit as she sprawled in the couch sent a thrill through her spine. How she would love to bury her nose in that glen, gently breathing in the scent of her privates & planting soft kisses on the pouting lips. She wondered if either of the mother & daughter really shaved their pussies. One thing she could say for sure... Swathi was somewhat of a prude and she would never have gotten to talking with Tina about anything remotely sexual. While there was enough of a support structure to explain the mechanics of menstruation to young girls coming of age in India, Prachi doubted it would have been Swathi who explained these things to Tina.

Even though girls got to know of these things very early in life these days even in India, it was still a necessity to have that one talk with someone and there were many to volunteer in the social system in India. Unfortunately, Prachi had not been at hand to give Tina that lesson when she needed it. How she would have loved to do that!!! What better opportunity than that to get up and close to her niece's pussy!

All she could do now was sit there looking at the girl, rue the lost opportunity, and build fantasies in her mind. She was really going to have a good time this night, playing with herself! Now that she was at it, she took the opportunity to study Swathi in detail to store up some more erotic images. A picture of Swathi as she reclined in the couch presented itself in her mind. She had her legs stretched out and parted slightly just like now, but with her night gown lifted up above her waist showing her panty clad mound. In her mind's eye, Prachi Imagined Swathi sitting there holding up her gown as if to expose herself to those seated around. She imagined a damp spot spreading from where Prachi's pouting lips were faintly visible atop the mound. Going a step further.... Swathi let go of the gown and hooking her thumbs into the panty waistline even as her children and sister watched, sliding the bitsy piece of clothing downwards. Lifting her hip slightly to allow the garment to slide down to her knees, she bent her knees to slide the panty further down to her ankles & off her feet. Prachi could imagine at this moment how her pussy lips would look, squeezed between her thighs and visible pouting between the back of her thighs as her knees pointed towards the ceiling.

Prachi was getting hot now imagining her sister nude. She imagined herself picking up the discarded panty and finally doing he thing she had only dreamed of earlier......sniff at Swathi's soiled panty crotch. She almost jumped out of her seat when her mind conjured up a distinct smell of stained panties. The sensation was so real that the hairs in her neck stood up and chills ran down her spine.

"Hey! what's with you? You nearly fell off the recliner" Swathi said from across. Prachi just wished that the guilt did not flash across her face as she said, "Oh I just drifted off daydreaming."

"Aunty, sometimes you really act weird! You were staring into thin air!" ... God! how often had she drifted off like this? And how often did Tina catch her at it?

"Nah rae! It's just that I have gotten into a habit of day dreaming lately... I get bored at home all alone you see whenever your uncle goes out for these conventions."

"Hmm...must be good dreams, seeing how you end up smiling every time!"

"Don't be Silly!"

Now this really shook Prachi. Tina did not seem all innocent as she had thought! Prachi was finding it difficult to decide if Tina had a knowing twinkle in her eye! .....now she was really getting paranoid. There was no way Tina could fathom out her thoughts. For one she looked very innocent most of the times, Prachi really doubted she knew all that much about the birds & the bees. But then children these days kept surprising you. They seemed to know such things from ridiculously low classes in school. One could never gauge how early a child was exposed to sex through the internet.

She would just have to be careful now on.

Sitting across from her sister, Swathi was really getting agitated. Her suspicion that Prachi was having lewd thoughts about her seemed to be getting confirmed. She had lately caught Prachi in such seeming trances very often. It seemed to happen just anywhere, the dining table, the car, the garden...just about anywhere. The startling thing that got her really flustered was that quite often, Prachi seemed to generally look in the direction of her sister's chest or waistline when she went off into these trances. Swathi just did not know what to do about the tingles that went up her spine every time Prachi did this. But she had to admit that it really made her feel good & desirable! Only, it was weird coming from here sister. The very thought of her sister seeing her nude had her heartbeat triple up. She knew that this was a road best not followed, but her errant mind would not sit still most of the time. She had to exercise some control on her thoughts. This was getting too much now. With some effort, she drew her thoughts back to the television programme.

The reality show had just gotten over & Mayank had switched to an information channel. Of all topics under the sun, the host was discussing "Sex education for children in India – Does it happen? & when should it happen?"

This perked up the interest visibly in the room. The host was just introducing the topic to a panel of eminent persons in various fields seated in front of an audience. She was talking of the fast pace of development economic development in India & the related change in culture that was witnessed, with what is termed as westernization taking centre-stage. She led the audience & panel through specific instances in lives of a few persons where the need for sex education was a focal point. Cases were being discussed of children doing harm to themselves & others through hasty & uninformed actions that led to disasters in lives of those involved. This led to a heated discussion and subsequent arguments from both the so called 'liberals' and the 'conservatives'. in general however, the liberals seemed to be making a strong case, while the conservatives were painting themselves in poor light by being ultra sensitive to what they maintained were 'Indian values'

To Prachi this was getting real interesting now. Her mind was definitely on overdrive. She could see from the expressions of all the other three in the room that they were well & truly hooked to the subject. Tina & Mayank were getting fidgety and throwing covert glances at their mother & aunt. Swathi was positively squirming in her couch seat and fidgeting with her fingers.

The moment Prachi gauged that Mayank was close to switching channels out of embarrassment, she butted in "You know Swathi, I totally agree with Prof. Sharma there... children need to be taught in advance all the aspects of sexual life and this must be done in a safe environment at home or school. The pitfall in not doing this is that children are thrown into the deep end of a pool and are expected to swim out." "It is just impractical you know, almost idiotic to increase their chances of coming out of their first exploration with sexual matters in a tattered state of mind."

Prachi now had the attention of all three of them. "I know of cases where the children just did not know what to expect and got carried away with carnal desires. I have seen positively brilliant children lose their way and becoming obsessed with sex. Unable to control desires, I have seen girls getting pregnant/ having abortions, getting confused with homosexuality, jumping in with multiple partners & many ending up either contracting AIDs or having their minds screwed up."

The television was forgotten now. Swathi's eyes skipped from her children to her sister. She was totally uncomfortable with the turn of events. Prachi knew that her sister would rather brush the topic under the carpet – like all Indian mothers. But she would do her best to keep this topic alive. She knew she had the children's attention. They were sitting at the edge of their seats unable to decide which way this discussion should go.

Swathi knew that her sister was rather open-minded. She often wished she had her courage- she'd than have had a much better sex life. Not that she lacked greatly in that, but she often wished she had been more adventurous. Now she knew Prachi would not back off; that actually excited her. Her mind was telling her two things now-"Stop this just now!" and "Let's see where this goes!"

"Look Swathi, We are all at home among ourselves. What safer environment to discuss this? Just think, we are increasing the chances that our children have a bad experience with sexual matters if we allow them to experiment & find out things for themselves. Their curiosity will leave them easy targets for sex hounds; and believe me, there are many of those around waiting to prey on innocents."

Swathi was getting hot in her neck. She was squirming & couldn't meet her children's eyes. Tina & Mayank couldn't believe what they were hearing. This was getting damn interesting. Mayank had known about sex since the seventh grade when his friends had shown him pictures of naked women. While Tina had not been introduced to pictures till her 10th grade, she and her friends had discussed the topic at length in slumber parties. She knew how an erect cock looked and what it was used for. Having her aunt speak so openly however was increasing the rate of her heartbeat.

Prachi knew she had all three hooked. When Swathi made a move to protest, Prachi just forged on, not giving her a chance- "Swathi just think of it. Would you not want Tina & Mayank to be safe from possible bad experiences that could scar them for life? Come on sis, you owe it to them."

Put like this, Swathi could not bring herself to refuse. She looked at Tina & Mayank pleadingly, but knew that Prachi had her cornered. She just would have to go along. Her children were sitting there wide eyed & expectant and put like Prachi had done, she could not bring herself to stop this now.

Swathi was well and truly cornered and Prachi enjoyed the look on her face. Now that she had them on a line, she said, "Well for starters, Tina, Mayank, do you know how babies are made?"

Tina did not know if she wanted to talk in front of her brother, but knew she had no way out. After all, he was her brother. She looked at aunt Prachi & said, "Aunty, Dr. Susheela had explained to me when I had my first periods that I was now capable of bearing a child & that my mother would tell me more later. I never got around to asking mummy then, but some of my friends told me that when men have sex with women, women get pregnant unless they use condoms. Is that true?"

Swathi again squirmed in her seat, but she knew Prachi would not relent, even though she had to be happy that Prachi was at least dealing with the stuff. She only wished she were not present there.

Prachi was getting excited now. This was a great opportunity. "Tina that is correct to an extent, but sex every time does not lead to children, even if it is unprotected. I'll come to that later, but you Mayank, what do you know?"

"Well..." he hesitated, then decided to forge ahead "... we did learn in biology that boys have to put their penises into girls' vaginas when they have sex and the sperm from the male fertilizes with the ovum from the female to produce a baby."

"Again, it is not always that a baby will be started whenever a couple has sex. You know, the sexual act is one which gives great pleasure to both men & women and most of the time it is done not from the point of view of having babies. That is one of the biggest gifts given to man by god. He has given us many means of giving each other pleasure."

Prachi was now on a roll, she did not know where this was going to lead to and she damn well was going to enjoy the whole episode!

"Also," she continued, "the sexual act is not limited to actually putting the penis into the woman's vagina – or 'cunt' as it is popularly known."

There was a gasp from Swathi when Prachi uttered the 'c' word, but Prachi looked at her and said, "Relax Swathi, they are grown up now and will get to using these words soon, why not speak openly to them?"

She looked at the two wide eyed pupils now. They were really hungry for more, she was sure they knew more than they were admitting, but who was she to complain? all this talk was getting her wet at her crotch. She would never have imagined that such a scene was possible where she was mouthing such words in the presence of her sister, nephew & niece. And hell, she would do her best to take this as far as it goes!

All of them were now at the edge of their seats listening intently to Prachi.

"God has made our bodies in such a way that there are many parts where you derive great pleasure. Mainly it is the genital areas, but men & women have many other areas where they like their partners to stimulate them. Again, God would not have made these if He did not intend for man to enjoy life through sexual relationships."

She was now in full flow-"All these pleasurable zones serve a purpose you know. When a man or woman is stimulated at these zones, they become equipped to have the ultimate act of copulation – what Mayank called as putting the cock into the cunt"

"Tina, I'm sure you have seen a penis before?"

"Uh, only on small boys aunty."

"Well then, knowing how your cunt is, I'm sure you wondered how men can put their penises into it."

"Uh....yes, but I guess they grow when boys become older?"

"Yeah! of course they do grow....thank god! otherwise they would be useless to us girls!! But that's not the right answer."

"See, it's like this: you would have seen in your biology books that the male penis looks like a curved shaft around 3 inches long and hanging pointing downwards. Well they would be absolutely useless to us like that!"

"What happens is that when men are excited, the shaft grows hard, long & strong and begins to point straight out, either horizontally or even upwards when the men are really excited." "Mayank, you would have experienced this? – it's called an erection"

While she knew she was taking this very far, Prachi did not allow any second thought come in between her intent to have her fantasy fulfilled and just plunged ahead. "See Mayank's crotch Tina, you can already see a bulge there!" She knew she had shocked them, but she also knew that they were powerless to stop her now. While mother & daughter gazed at Mayank's crotch, he immediately tried to shield his shame from them with cupped hands & putting one thigh over another. But Prachi would have none of it. "Come on Mayank! Be a sport, your sister must learn you know that there is nothing to hide....we are all family & trust each other you know....come on, spread your legs & take off your hands like a good boy!"

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