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Team Building or Seduction?



This my second submission is self edited as I have struggled to find an editor with the time to help me with it. I know it's not perfect and if there is any editors out there who would like to help with future projects please do contact me I would be very grateful to hear from you!

Otherwise enjoy the story and its always nice to hear from anyone with comments or feedback whether by email or on the comments section


It's always nice to be recognized and rewarded for a good job well done but when I was told about my reward I had no idea just how great it was going be!

I had been flat out for months dealing with some problems that looked at one point to be likely to cost the firm I work for a major client and a lot of money. It would be boring to explain exactly what the work was, but between me and one of my colleagues, Rachael, based in the London head office things got sorted and all was well.

The business was more than happy with the work we had done and as well as a tidy bonus they had another surprise.

Recently approached by a training company the company had been offered a couple of places on a weekend "team building" course at a nice hotel in Cornwall. I wasn't really bothered by the idea but hey it was a freebie so I thought why not!

I had never actually met Rachael face to face but we had always got on well over the phone and swapped jokey emails and I thought it would be nice to put a face to a name. I spoke to her about it and she was really excited about it, so that was decided, a long weekend away on the companies buck was on the cards.

A few weeks later on a bright and crisp February morning I follow the signs to mullion cove and pulled up outside a great looking hotel perched right on the edge of Cornwall's south coast cliffs. The setting was truly stunning and I was looking forward to the hearty breakfast that had been promised as the start of the day's events.

I just finish checking in when Rachael arrives at the desk; on hearing her announce her name I quickly introduce myself saying how great it is to finally meet her.

After hours of talking and emailing it's not like we don't know each other and the short conversation flowed freely.

Of course at this point we obviously take the opportunity to size each other up. Rachael is not what I had imagined but looked great. I guessed she stood about 5'5 and while certainly not fat she carried enough weight to ensure she had plenty of curves in all the right places. Her dark hair was tied back and a permanent smile lit up her face.

The one thing about her that you couldn't fail to notice was that she had HUGE tits! While her chest certainly caught your eye it didn't look out of place on her and suited her well.

Our first day was spent doing daft but kind of amusing exercises involving moving barrels and climbing over things without touching the ground. Followed by a decent lunch and then a long hike across the cliffs along barely trodden pathways.

The scenery was nothing short of amazing but this was more excises than certainly I had done in a while and everyone's legs were feeling it already.

Throughout the day Rachael and I had got on like two old mates and were having a great time, admittedly often at the expense of some of the other people who either by choice or command were sharing the weekend with us. At least half of who had been given nicknames that may not have been the most complementary by us.

As the hike ended and darkness was falling we trudged back into the hotel grounds to be greeted by a blazing bonfire set in the gardens, the sea and backdrop of the cliffs still just visible in the fading light.

As the afternoon had worn into early evening the temperature had dropped and everyone crowded around the fire warming them through and gratefully taking the steaming mugs of hot chocolate that were being passed around.

It was a great end to the day, blankets had been laid out on the ground to sit on and more were piled around to wrap up in, the evening was cold but with the fire blazing it was perfect. Everyone sitting around in their groups chatting and laughing made for a pleasant atmosphere.

Rachael and me sat by ourselves putting the world to rights and just talking about all and everything learning more about each other.

Naturally when the staff came round asking if they could get us anything the drinks started flowing. A few drinks on and people started to drift off leaving just a handful sat outside with us, we covered off our life stories, her a year behind me at 35 years old, married with no kids, school, college, uni blah blah. Me not yet married but will be this time next year, doing well in my job blah blah blah. By now we were just chatting nonsense and having a laugh.

Although it was still fairly early dinner was not planned until quite late we were happy sat there with a good buzz going.

The wind had picked up and the fire died down some and we could feel the chill.

"That winds going straight through this blanket" says Rachael

"Move round and sit in front of me, I'll be the windbreak" I laughed

Rachael surprised me by doing just that, plonking herself down and leaning back against me, "You not sharing that bloody blanket?"She said.

So drawing the blanket back around us I held the edges together so we both stayed warm. There was nothing suggestive about it and we were both comfortable, carrying on chatting as we ordered another round.

Holding onto the blanket it wasn't long before I exclaimed "My hands are like ice blocks."

"Here put them underneath then" she said, grabbing my hands and tucking them beneath the blanket, "Jeez, their freezing" she laughed.

Still holding them in her hands she shocked me by quickly shoving them under her hoody "warm them up a bit" she said, again shocking herself as she placed my cold hands on her warm skin.

I knew she was just being kind but sitting there with my hands laid on the bare skin of her tummy I couldn't help but feel a slight stirring in my groin.

"Just don't go getting any ideas" she said laughing rudely bring my mind back from where it was wondering.

As my hands warmed through and the conversation continued I suddenly realised that I had started to let my fingers start moving just slightly gently caressing her, she said nothing so I just let it carry on.

She must have at least noticed and thought about it as she suddenly said, "Do you know what?"

"What?" I asked.

"You are the only person other than my hubby that has touched my tummy in over 15 years" she stated. "I'm not sure I should be letting you"

"Well it's not like I am groping your tits is it?" I laughed

"Oi, behave" she exclaimed giggling, "Mind doesn't feel like anyone is these days!"

"Really!" I said genuinely shocked, "You mean hubby doesn't play with them"

"Not often" she replied quietly.

"The mans a fool, if my girl had a pair anywhere near as nice as yours I wouldn't ever get bored of feeling them"

"Perv" she responded laughing

"Well that's just such a waste of a beautiful pair of boobs, well if they need a good touching up just let me know" I said laughing

"You just behave and keep your hands where they are please" she sternly replied.

Despite this statement she hadn't told me to take my hands out from under her top and still seemed quite comfortable so I left them where they were, however as we carried on chatting I was getting braver, moving my hands gently around her waist, lightly running my finger tips up and down her sides. Every now and then there was a slight shiver which I hoped was not from the cold.

It wasn't long before my hands were wondering from the middle of her stomach to her sides, dragging my nails gently up and down her sides and back over her ribs. Not really saying much now we were listening to a few of the others having a mild argument about something political, and rolled our eyes.

As my hands roamed I spread my fingers just a little further just brushing the underneath of her chest, "You are being naughty" she said

"What?" I exclaimed innocently, "I'm just warming my hands"

"Yeah, right" was the sarcastic reply

"Anyway, it feels nice doesn't it?"

"Well I guess" was all she said, still not making any attempt to move my hands off her body.

"And I haven't done that" I said smiling

"Done what?" she asked confused

"That" I said as I bravely moved and laid a hand over her left tit.

Shocked she quickly placed her hand on top of mine over her sweater, "We are in public you know"

"So, no one can see anything under these blankets" I smirked.

"Ermm and I am also married, not just anybody can play with my tits you know" she said.

"But your husband doesn't want to give them the attention they deserve; it's not fair on them to be neglected. They must be desperate for someone to pay them some attention"

"Do you really like them?" she asked me

"Are you crazy, they are beautiful"

She released my hand leaving it laid over the soft and full breast that I was loving the feel of, her bra felt like satin and in the palm of my hand I could feel a very hard nipple pushing through the fabric.

Taking the weight of her full breast I gentle squeezed it before running a finger right over the hard nub I could feel poking through.

"Shit, I can't believed that I am sat in public letting a stranger feel me up"

"Excited?" I asked her laughing

"Yes" she replied "Don't read anymore into this though, just while we are sat here and just my tits! Don't go thinking you're going to be getting into my knickers this weekend" she laughed

I told her to lean forward a bit and reached up her back unclasping her bra, she reached her arms up and after a bit of skilful maneuvering suddenly pulled it out from under her top. As I reached my arms back around her she sighed resignedly and lean back into me.

Not wasting any time my hands went straight for her breasts taking one in each hand, feeling the weight on these giant mounds of flesh.

Her nipples were like bullets poking into my palms. Spreading my fingers out then drawing them down her skin over the bumpy skin around the base of her nipples till I had each one held in my fingers, gently rolling them as I heard a sigh escape from Rachael's mouth.

"Nice?" I asked

"You have no idea" she quietly replied

I carried on my assault touching and feeling her orbs, running a finger lazily around each nipple, teasing them. Gently pulling on them before going back to cupping her whole breast.

My hands now free to roam, down her sides, back up and over her tits sometimes the flat of my palm, other times cupping her and squeezing and toying with them. The weird thing was we just fell back in to conversation, still talking about nothing important just now with my hands running freely all over the top half of her body.

Always one to push my luck as my hands wandered down back over her stomach I traced the line of her track suit trousers that had been deemed as suitable attire for our afternoon hike. Meeting no resistance next time I gently let my finger tips slip just under the elastic waist.

I felt her stomach tighten a bit at this and realised I needed to play this a bit smart.

This time as my hand went down I took one of her nipples in my fingers and twisted it just a little roughly, the gasp she let out was timed perfectly as my hand slid down into her trousers and glided smoothly across the satin of her panties.

Sat with her legs straight out in front of her and closed tightly together I know that's as far as I was getting at the time.

"You cheat" she gasped, but didn't take my hand out

With one hand still enjoying those amazing tits and my palm now laid across the top of her silky panties I could feel a light bush of hair underneath the material. Gently running my fingers across I could feel her twitching ever so slightly, knowing I was making her feel so good really put a smile on my face.

Still we carried on chatting as though it was perfectly normal for two people who barely know each other to be sat in public while one has his hand on the most amazing pair of tits and the other rubbing over her pubis.

Looking over her shoulder at me Rachael suddenly said "If I do something you have got to promise me two things"

"What I asked?"

"Promise me, over my knickers only and just stoking"

"Err OK" I promised not really sure what she planned

Rachael suddenly sat up and drew her legs up so she was sat crossed legged, again leaning back into me. My hand that had been sat resting on the front of her pubis had suddenly slid down and was now laid right over her pussy. The thin silky material doing nothing to hide the feel of her, her slit was prominent and my middle finger laid perfectly along its length. My fingers either side feeling the swell of her lips. Her panties were soaked!

"My! Someone's is a little wet" I laughed

"Are you surprised after what you have been doing to me?"

Sat there I cupped her pussy wishing I hadn't just promised to keep my hands out of her panties. Instead squeezing her before letting the pressure off and running my fingers up each side of the edge of her knickers and then back down her slit. Stoking her through the soaked satin, my middle finger laid along the length of her slit, then curling upwards dragging my finger tip from the very bottom tracing its line all the way to the top. Each time my finger tip reached near the top I would apply just a little more pressure feeling her puffy lips part just a little my finger sinking just enough to graze her clit.

Sat in silence I could her faint breaths deepen, feel her chest heaving, her panties getting even wetter than I thought possible.

"You've got to stop" Rachael suddenly said

"Why" I asked, thinking no chance to my self

"Because if you don't I'm going to cum all over your hand, and I really can't do that" she almost gasped

"You might want to tell that to your pussy" I chuckled "It doesn't feel like it wants me to stop"

"Shit, it doesn't, but my brain does"

Suddenly a voice called out "Hey guys, nice as it is out here I got to put the fire out and get a few jobs done"

Looking up we saw Stan, one of the activity leaders walking over towards us

"Heading towards dinner time too, you might want to think about getting a shower and chilling a bit" he exclaimed whilst waving off the last of the group other than us.

Reluctantly as he neared us I knew I had to pull my hands out from under Rachael's clothes, gutted at leaving the nicest tits that I had the pleasure to ever grope and pull my hand away from the wetness I could not seem to get enough off I knew I had no choice.

As we stood up, Rachael discreetly adjusted her clothes, and we headed back towards the hotel doors neither of us saying a word.

Just outside the door Rachael turned to me looking serious

"You really have no idea how good that felt, and I don't think I have ever done anything as exciting and naughty! But it's finished, I can't believe I did that and I don't regret it for a minute but we have to quit while we're ahead. I don't want to lead you on"

"But don't you want to at least get that orgasm that you were so rudely interrupted from?" I grinned

She laughed "Oh I will" she winked as she turned her back and headed off up the stairs, my cock turned solid immediately at the thought of what she had just indicated she would shortly be doing in the privacy of her own room. "See you at dinner" Rachael's voice drifted over her shoulder as she headed off to her room.

Sinking back onto the huge king size bed my mind replayed what had just happened, what was probably happening right now in Rachael's room. I wanted to just strip off and get naked, take a hold of my cock, which could only have been classed a still a raging hard on, and stoke it until I shot my load. I know doing this would bring instant relief but the buzz of the sexual tension was making me feel so hot that I hadn't want to lose the buzz. I checked the itinerary and realised that dinner really was being served late, there was still an hour and half till it was time to join the rest of the group and eat.

I thought I would grab a shower, probably best a cold one, and maybe watch some TV for a bit. I didn't really feel in the mood for being social and seeing if anyone was in the bar. I also knew it was unlikely that despite my best intentions that I would make it through till dinner without succumbing and enjoying a good wank.

Jumping in the shower I enjoyed a good soak, trying my best to ignore the unrelenting erection I seemed to have had since first getting my hands under Rachael's clothes. Getting out I dried off and wrapped a towel around me, kicked back surfing through the channels looking for something to watch for a bit before heading down.

I couldn't bear it any longer, reaching down I grabbed my cock slowly stroking it up and down, every touch seeming to make it harder and harder.

Suddenly a sharp rap on the door scared the life out of me, making me quickly jump up and wrap the towel back around me as though whoever it was at the door could see straight through it and could see exactly what I had been doing.

Chuckling to myself at the stupidity of the thought I padded across to the door, standing behind it to open it and peeking round I was surprised to see Rachael stood there.

"Oh, I'm sorry" she exclaimed "I was bored and thought I would see if you fancied heading down early and getting a drink in the bar before we eat?"

"Err sure" I replied "I'm not exactly ready though" I laughed. "Come in and give me a few minutes and I will chuck some clothes on"

She seemed to hesitate at this but agreed and walked by me heading down the short corridor into my room I couldn't help but notice the difference from her hiking clothes this afternoon to the fairly classic little black dress she was now wearing.

Closing the door I enjoyed the view from behind, Rachael's arse wasn't what you would call small but it had certainly looked good and I have always loved a women with good size booty to get hold of.

Rachael walked over to the one of the soft chairs and turned around as she sat down. If I thought her arse looked good in the dress her chest was unbelievable. Her large breasts clearly straining just a little on the fabric with a good cleavage on show, I could feel the blood rushing just too where I didn't need it with only a towel wrapped around my waist.

Rachael showed no sign of noticing and just started rabbiting on in the free and easy manner we had been talking all day, giving no indication of the events of earlier and seeming totally at ease. Soon we were just chatting away, talking about the afternoon hike, about how spectacular the cliff views had been and the amazing beaches we had seen looked.

"I hope tomorrow is not quite so strenuous" Rachael exclaimed "I think I have found muscles I didn't even know I had, my legs are killing and so is my back"

Without missing a beat I said "You should get a massage"

"Yeah, you're right. The spa here is suppose to be great, I love a good massage" she enthusiastically exclaimed

"That's not going to help you right now" I laughed

"What will?" she asked

Sitting across from her I reached down and lifted her leg, resting her foot on my knee as she looked a little dubiously at me.

"Trust me I'm good at this" I laughed, "Honestly no funny business" I told her knowing to myself that given the slightest opportunity that wouldn't be true.

Rachael relaxed as I wrapped my hands around her shin digging my fingers gentle into her calves, feeling the tension and knots and easing them outwards, massaging up her leg stopping at the knee and back down.

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